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Rumour: Nintendo Preparing Dual Analogue 3DS Revamp

Posted by James Newton

Add-on for current consoles too

French site 01net has sparked up another intense round of rumour milling with its latest rumour that Nintendo is currently preparing to unveil a new design of the Nintendo 3DS.

01net's anonymous source claims the company will show off a new version of the console that downplays the 3D aspects and introduces a second analogue stick, reportedly for release in 2012.

For current owners, Nintendo engineers are allegedly developing an attachment for the 3DS that will add a second analogue stick or Circle Pad to the equation, apparently selling for around $10.

While 01net has good form in this regard — it was right about the Wii U controller after all — we also advise caution when dealing with rumours, so don't get too carried away.


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JayArr said:

Not cool.
I would like to see an Ambassador 2.0 program and receive 20 more games as compensation. n_n



19Robb92 said:

Would be a nice feature in the next redesign. Might be able to get more multiplat titles too since the Vita will have dual analog.

I'd rather buy a redesign than an add on though.



moomoo said:

This is totally false. Nintendo has stated that they are fine with the current 3DS model.



3DS said:

Well James not much is happening but it is all about too Change. I can't give away any info though sorry.



Sneaker13 said:

Curious about the add-on. Not buying a whole new system just for an extra stick. But the add-on sounds interesting. But since it's just a rumor, I'm not going to pay much attention to it for now.



Raptor78 said:

Hmmmmm, mabey the rumour is based on some bits of truths... rather than the full redesign Nintendo could mabey be working on an attachment that could work with specific games or add extra functions to exsisting games in a "wii-motion plus" kind of way. Then who knows when 3DS mk2 gets released and there are more games available with the dual analog stick functions they will release it with two pads instead of one just like they have done with the new wiimotes (where motion+ is built in)

I couldnt see Nintendo trying to annoy early adopters anymore than they have done after they have reduced to price so much and then try to apease them with free games.



JustAnotherUser said:

I think they are half correct.
My thought is that they are making an extension so they circle pad is on the right as an option for left handed controls on Kid Icarus uprising.



Grackler said:

I can't imagine something as major as an additional Circle Pad could be on the cards, and that 3rd party developers know and have keep it entirely under wraps (as is said in the 01net article). I certainly hope not, I didn't buy a launch 3DS to have it out-dated within the year!
EDIT: good point about Kid Icarus though @JarvanZheitk!



James said:

@3DS I'm sure you have solid information to back this up so I will totally believe that you are in the know. If you ever want to spread that enormous amount of top secret information you can use the Contact form.



ToneDeath said:

At least wait until we get past Christmas for this sort of thing, otherwise all the people that have resisted buying a 3DS so far will just hold off even longer. Nintendo must surely want to shift these consoles NOW, right?

A second circle pad thingy might be nice though, but whether you put it above or below the A,B,X & Y it could be a little more awkward than with the D-pad on the other side. But really, if they want two circle pads they should have included them in the first place; they must have considered it at some point during the design stages.

I just hope Nintendo aren't getting more and more like Apple and these mobile phone companies that seem to bring out slightly improved versions of their products every five minutes.

(If there is an add-on coming, perhaps they could let the 'ambassadors' get it for free, through Club Nintendo or something)



3DS said:

@James I have no idea what they are planning I only know it's going too be Good and as I have said BIG.



Mandoble said:

3DS needs that urgently if they expect to have some Vita games ported to 3DS in the future. 3DS needs also bigger screens, both of them are already smaller than DSi ones and way smaller than DSiXL, everything looks ridiculously small there. To be frank, they need to redesign the thing. But knowing how "smart" Nintendo designers are, probably they will wait 2 years before reacting, too late, as always.



timp29 said:

Definitely sceptical... I mean if one part of this rumour is false, it disproves the whole thing. So tell me, what the hell port is there on the 3DS for an analogue stick attachment?



Pokefanmum82 said:

i hope this isn't true. and i highly doubt it is true. Nintendo themselves have said they are happy with the design. And there's no way they would piss off early adopters. Just because they have a big announcement coming doesn't mean it's a redesign of the 3DS. They have to shift the 3DSes they've got out now and a redesign wouldn't accomplish that.



Corbs said:

Hmmm. Massive price drop of 3DS only 6 months after launch. All of these third party publishers delaying projects. Could be interesting.



Burning_Spear said:

Is this even possible? I'm sure you can stick a cap over the D-pad, but that still wouldn't give it the same range of functionality of an analog stick, would it?



NintyMan said:

A new model already? I don't think that after an early price drop that Nintendo would make an early model. The add-on sounds interesting, but I'll definitely be taking some salt to this.



Monsti said:

@11: Yep, I really hope so. I tried to play it last week at Gamescom and for me as a lefty it is basically unplayable.
I hope that's what it is I'm still calling be BS on this one though.



alLabouTandroiD said:

I find it hard to believe that rumor.
First of all how do you downplay 3D ? So far it was only obvious from the name 3DS and the slider imo. And since i don't think they will add any groundbreaking new features except for maybe that second Anlagoue i don't see how you can downplay 3D more than it is "downplayed" right now.
The second thing my doubt-radar comes up with is the add-on. Where would you plug it in and have it comfortably placed on the current 3DS ?

Yes, it's not unlikely that Nintendo will present a new model in early or mid 2012 but i doubt it will contain a second analogue pad. Only if they offer their recent 3DS owners a cheap switch to the new model ... which i don't see happening...



gamepopper said:

I don't see why the 3DS needs a second analogue stick, most games Nintendo makes are built with good cameras anyway, and that's the only real reason to have a second analogue stick.



thedanman64 said:

If Nintendo does release a new model, improving the battery life should be their top priority.



Kifa said:

This is bee-ess. Aside from the obvious fact that 3DS would look completely with such thing attached - how on earth would it even connect to the console? There is no expansion slot on the system and simply no way of plugging that in. The only thing I could think of is wireless connection and power drawn from the main unit via the charger slot, but then it would prevent you from playing online - 3DS's wireless chip can handle only one type of connection at the same time, as Nintendo stated already while saying that 3DS connected to Wii/WiiU will not be able to use Internet connectivity at the same time (and to be fair - Wii also disconnects from the net when it connects to the DS). So it's just plain impossible to do it.



littlebigplanet said:

This is bogus (no offence editor). Nintendo KNOWS that releasing a revamp after 3DS sales skyrocket is a dumb idea. The 3DS is now selling like hot cakes, so Nintendo wouldn't do something to mess up any potential sales.



Blaze said:

Could this be Nintendo's big announcement next month? I hope not...



Arthedain said:

It better be BS. Otherwise sales will drop again. And there'll be LOW sales on all the games they're releasing this fall/winter.



Highwinter said:

Absolutely not true. Any game in a 3D environment needs camera control, even Ocarina of Time felt somewhat dated because of the lack of it alone.

Can you imagine playing something like Monster Hunter on the thing? There's not even any way to crab like there was on the PSP. I'm not in favour of a redesign at all, but the thing should have had two analogue sticks/nubs to begin with.



greensacs1 said:

Slap another circle pad on it.
Make it an XL version with better battery technology and I will buy another one.



motang said:

Fake, it's too soon to give up on the 3DS or release a revamped version.



SilverBaretta said:

At first I said, "Oh come on.....", then I saw the plan for current owners. Not too bad, but I still don't really believe it.



KingH3nrry said:

actually on the site in did not say anything about a new redesign of the console, only an add-on.



caityful said:

Not gonna lie, that sounds awful... What purpose would a second circle pad serve?
I'm hoping its bogus.



Milkman-123 said:


what purpose does a second analog serve in a xbox, or a playstation? aiming the camera, dumba$$. this is good. aiming the camera is a problem. y'all have a problem with L-targeting being the camera in OOT3D. if updated, OoT3D could use a second c-pad for the camera. this could also help gamers with a home console. they can be more familiar with first-person shooters for the 3ds. great idea. if confirmed, gonna get that c-pad.



DrCruse said:

Definitely fake. How on earth would another analogue stick be attached to a previous 3DS? There's no kind of expansion port, or any place to add on something like this. Besides, this could REALLY upset early adopters of the 3DS.



Redmad said:

Ok. But they were right about Wii-U and PSP Vita.
it's a serious site despite the weird pirctures. = )



Milkman-123 said:

even though its obviously fake, i know this would be a good idea for people who like FPS games.



Jr-Joe said:

If the screen is a little bigger and I can transfer my current games, then I might trade my current one in for a dually(if/when it comes out).



Milkman-123 said:

@everyone AGAIN

nintendo is making an ATTACHMENT! i dont see why everyone is having a cyberfit over nothing. just buy the dAmn attachment



TKOWL said:

"The company will show off a new version of the console that downplays the 3D aspects"

NOW I know this is fake.



TheGreenSpiny said:

@Milkman: You need to get with the latest technology. The touch pad is used for aiming the camera on the DS/3DS. Dual analog is terrible on home consoles, and would be worse here.



Milkman-123 said:


well, most home console FPS games use a second stick (halo call of duty, battlefield,medal of honor, etc.)
plus, some games have crappy camera control. adding a second stick to improve camera angles is important(super mario 64 DS for example). with a second analog stick, players can move the camera to a precise angle that works for them.



Katernity said:

this sounds completely stupid to me if it is true. nintendo is releasing star fox, mario, pokemon, and kid icarus games for the holiday season. The plan seems to be get out all of these games with massive appeal before christmas which will in turn sell many 3ds consoles before christmas....if they announce a 3ds redesign is coming next year no one is going to buy a 3ds or the corresponding games as christmas presents-they will wait until the redesign.



AVahne said:

This sounds EXTREMELY fake. It hasn't even been a year yet and a redesign already? If they're doing this to make it match the Wii U controller, then why not design it to be like that in the first place?



bonesy91 said:

lol what is this? People thinking Nintendo is like Apple now? releasing a "better version" of the same thing a year after the original came out... I think that 01net is desperate for some views




Not cool.
I would like to see an Ambassador 2.0 program and receive 20 more games as compensation. n_n



Mandoble said:

Now if they release a BIG screens 3DS for the price I paid for the nano-screens one I will get very very irritated.



RonF said:

I would love a redesign with dual analogs, a bigger screen without 3D, and a significantly better battery life. However, I don't believe this will happen as Nintendo would have to admit that the basic concept of the 3DS was flawed and they would loose a lot of confidence from customers and investors.



Hardy83 said:

Just release an XL with the a bigger 3D screen and two joypads as 169 next winter.



iphys said:

This is the least believable rumour ever, which almost makes me wonder if it might be true, lol.



DogNut327 said:

I cant see a redesign already, unless its a southpaw version. As for an add-on, IDK how that would work.



Kirk said:

I swear to God if they do this it will just piss me off because they should have had that second stick from the beginning.

Just what we need, another blimmin useless attachment peripheral that will no doubt see very little support.



LittleIrves said:

This site's track record is too good to pass this up as pure BS speculation. What Corbie said... huge price drop, delayed games, pressure from developers, Vita ports = 2nd analog stick coming. I'm uncertain how the add-on would attach, too, but if anyone can figure out a solution, it's the folks that figured out a way to have your controller rumble.



LittleIrves said:

Also: My french is okay, but I'd love to see an english translation of that article. Anyone know if/where it might be available?



gojiguy said:

So... Monster Hunter would actually be fantastic on 3DS? instead of using a "claw"?

I'm in. Just announce MH3D, Capcom.



TeeJay said:

Step 1: Drill a 2 cm hole in the front of your 3DS system.
Step 2: Insert extra circle pad into hole.
Step 3: Tadaa!

Anyway, still don't believe it. It's just too crazy and unreal sounding.



Monkeh said:

Sorry to say this, but I have to agree with people that if Nintendo screws me over by suddenly releasing a 3DS with dual analogue and leave the original buyers in the cold... well, I'd be done with Nintendo.



Mandoble said:

@96, very true, but in the other hand 3DS has no other way to control the camera (please, dont tell me that I can move the console around and the gyros will do the work), and there will be many games that will be hardly playable without that feature. As a desperate workaround Konami decided to use axyb buttons as camera controls, but I bet once Vita is out they will not waste more time with unfinished console prototypes. They should fix the device and replace all the former sold ones with new ones for free and not just compensate again with more downloadable trash.



MasterGraveheart said:

Well, now, let's think of it like this, guys... if this IS true (and the attachment isn't too bulky), this could be a lead-up to 3DS/Wii U intigration... but then we'd need two extra shoulder buttons, woudln't we?



Slapshot said:

If this analogue stick isn't comfortable and I can't trade up my console for less than the cost of a game, I'll probably just sell off my system. I'm tired of spending my money on updated systems/peripherals and getting one or two first party games a year for all the money I have to spend to play these few games.

I'm sure this is true, but it doesn't make me the least bit happy. This isn't the way to treat your fans who pay top dollar for your systems at launch. It's past time for Nintendo to start making better business decisions!



shinobi88 said:

This is 2011. Dual analog sticks are a MUST. Reason 1, I'm left handed, and to account for me, developers have to spend a LOT of time programming left handed controls on the 3DS. Reason 2, face buttons are not as accurate controlling the camera as an analog.

Also, the 3DS is hideously designed. The top screen is too small. It gets scratched when you close it. And the battery life is a joke. Big N should be able to clean these up w/ a new system.



Nintendork said:

Jeez, it hasn't even been a year since the 3DS launched, and they're (maybe) unveiling a redesign?

Who do they think they are? Capcom?



Ristar42 said:

A 3DS that downplays the '3D' aspect, sounds fake to me. I dont care about another analogue slider (I'd prefer an improved d-pad) but I see the point for left handed people, was one thing the Atari Lynx got right with its flip over design.



Chozo85 said:

Sorry, but I really hope this isn't true. I bought my 3DS on launch day and have already had to watch it lose a third of its value. If they bring out a new version of the console (making the old one obsolete) so close to the release of the original then I think it would be disgraceful frankly. The people that suffer are the early adopters and hence the most loyal customers.



Raylax said:

I doubt it. For one, 3DS lacks an extension port. So it would have to go in the cart port and wrap around the console. which would also mean it would need an extension cart port. So it'd be hideous, complicated, fragile and cost way more than $10.



Mandoble said:

@103, do you see all the useless black area surrounding the upper screen? No smaller than that, and the lower screen no smaller than the DSi one.

Something like this:



default12345 said:

I've just performed a factory reset on my Cosmos Black Nintendo 3DS and have wiped all of my games.

I just can't take this anymore. This has been my first and last foray into the world of Nintendo handhelds.

This has nothing to do with the rumours and has everything to do with the facts. Early adopters have been abused.

I'm going to go back to playing on my Wii. Xenoblade Chronicles, Metroid Prime Trilogy, Super Paper Mario, Metroid: Other M, Super Mario All Stars and a whole load of virtual console games that I haven't played .. this does not include all of the great games coming out this year and next year.

What a waste of money and time. This will make be think twice about buying a WiiU at launch.

Rant over.



Tasuki said:

Truthfully it wont surprise me I mean since the original DS has come out all they did was redesign it over and over and over. First it was the Original DS than it was DS lite that DSi than DSiXL than 3DS and supposedly now 3DS with dual analog sticks. What a joke Nintendo should just take a break from the handheld market for a few years and release a handheld that has everything that they want that technology can provide at the time. Of course they do it this way cause of the all the people that buy the new model every single time.



TeeJay said:

@107 Where would the speakers go? And also, that would eat up more battery than it already does.



AZZA0204 said:

Nintendo need to make up ther minds then again there is one little upside in this dilemma.......It's FAKE!!! Otherwise why would it be an ANONYMESS! source of information.



DarkKirby said:

I would LOVE for this to be true, but how the HECK would you have a 2nd analog attachment? Where would it be... attached? I see now way of implementing this, even with opening up the console.



Mandoble said:

Speakers would go anywhere, who cares about speakers placement??? And yes, they already would need to replace all the batteries, the life is too short for a handheld and the recharging time is extreme. The design is so bad that I believe original DS designers were not involved into this one.



SuperLink said:

This is exactly why I didn't get a 3DS at launch, this is the reason why I was going to wait to get a 3DS. BUT, the ambassador deal came up, at the same time as the Wal-mart deal, then I bought one.

P.S. The "attachment" is going to be a piece of garbage...that is...IF THIS IS REALLY GOING TO EXIST!



OldBoy said:

FFS!! Hope this isn't true, if it is though, and this being Nintendo I can quite believe it is, I will never buy another of their handheld's at launch again. Every time I seem to get shafted somehow yet I keep doing it, damn you Ninty and your awesome games!!



Tate24 said:

Whats point tonning down 3D? system called 3DS god's sake!!

as for a re-design am not a happy bunny we better get something really nice if this happens!!!

attach thing sounds interesting ! and fact its only £10 sounds good to me:)

but at moment am not real sure what nintendo are thinking ??



LordTendoboy said:

No no no. I just bought a 3DS a few days ago. And the 3DS is selling pretty good now that the price is cheaper. We have a bunch of big games coming out this Christmas, so sales should improve even more.

What else do you need? The 3DS is an excellent value at $169 (ironically, it's the same price as a DSi XL). If anything, Nintendo needs to drop the prices of the DSi and XL, since they are too close to the 3DS' price now. Also, they should discontinue the DS Lite, since it's extremely outdated.

A new 3DS model would be overkill. Some consumers are already confused by all the different DS revisions out there, and a new model would make things even worse.



Henmii said:

This sounds extremely wrong! This sounds like messing around: Coming up with a new model sooo soon. Downplaying 3D (has Nintendo realized that 3D is fading out?). As far as I know nobody asked for a second analogue stick, people asked for a lower price (wich we have now) and better games! And about the 10 Dollar attachment: I get a SEGA vibe from this!

I REALLY hope this isn't true! This damages my Nintendo's fate a lot! And I thought they where going up again! I also think that developers and investors will hate this. And it's not even needed, the lower price was enough. Rest assured, I'll keep my money in my pocket for a while. I won't buy a 3DS soon! I first want to see what happens!



timp29 said:

As for a larger screen, isn't there a limit to how large you can make these glasses free stereoscopic screens before you lose the 3D effect?

If for whatever reason, they decide to make the 3DS BIGger, I hope Nintendo do some kind of swap program for Nintendo ambassadors.



wedgeredleader said:

well if your going to have two versions you might as well make these:
3DS Home edition
3DS FPS edition
3DS RPG edition
3DS Professional edition
3DS Ultimate edition
Sound like something another company would do?
I hope Nintendo would just stick with one model.
Also, could anyone think of how the second circle pad might interface with the 3DS? I don't think there is an ext. port... wireless?



LordTendoboy said:

The main thing that makes this rumor completely false is this:

"analog stick add-on for current 3DS systems"

Nintendo would never do that. It would split their userbase even worse than the Wii MotionPlus add-on. For one thing, where would you attach it? The 3DS doesn't have any expansion ports.

And a complete revamp of the system would be nice, but it's far too early. Nintendo should wait at least a year before bringing out a redesigned system.



Moco_Loco said:

I'm not too worried yet. Despite the website getting some things right, the rather violent reactions to the rumor hopefully point to it being completely false. If they want the 3DS to sell, they need to stick to their guns as far as the system's features go and just start releasing awesome games for it.

Now, if they find a way to add a second analog stick without it being ugly or awkward, I don't mind that at all. It doesn't sound plausible to me right now, but I'm all for dual-analog if they can make it work. If they release a dual-analog 3DS and leave early adopters with an awkward workaround, I won't be happy.



Slapshot said:

@tendoboy1984 It could be done. I'm guessing they could use the cartridge slot as an extension port and create a type of 'case' (think the Nerf exoskeleton) that has an alternate cartridge slot, and rest the bottom half of the 3DS itself inside it, thickening the bottom half of the system. The analoge slider extension could easily wrap around to sit in between the power button and the A,B,X,Y buttons. It could be done.

But, this contraption would have to be removed every single time you want to close your system. Could easily scratch the top screen if you accidentally closed the system without removing it, make the system much larger than it needs to be, etc. If this is indeed true, Nintendo could have some unhappy fans, there is just no way around it.



AutoSkip said:

I have extreme doubt over this rumour as while nintendo has done major redesigns to hand-helds in the past they have never added irreplaceable controls without classing it as a new console



wedgeredleader said:

Nintendo could also offer an upgrade where you mail in your console and they make add the upgraded part or parts or they could send an upgrade kit (much less likely).



Will-75 said:

I don't understand why so many people would be upset with Nintendo if it is that they have up-graded the 3DS I think it would be awesome. I mean look at Sony's Vita it's getting released in two versions and I'm sure they will change it as time passes and offer different versions than what was offered at launch just like Apple's ipad, the PS3, the XBOX 360, so on and so forth it's called progress and they all seem to evolve for the purpose of being better. I am hopeful that Nintendo keeps perfecting the 3DS cause there really is nothing else like it, I also would like to say I got my 3DS at the full price and I don't feel ripped off or let down I love mine not to mention there are some really kick games getting ready to be released for it in the coming weeks... So here's to Nintendo and progress if the word around the campfire is true. I may just be the proud owner of two 3D systems.....



capitalism said:

They better not redesign the thing already, I will be pissed. I wouldn't mind an accessory for a second circle pad though.



wanderlustwarrior said:

Man, I wouldn't be surprised in the least. As I've been saying (adjusted for date) since the DSi XL was announced, Nintendo's released 8 handhelds the 11 years of this millennium so far.

I've been waiting for 2 or 3 revisions to pass before I consider getting a new handheld. I've had a GBA, DS Lite, and DSi (only because the Lite had hinge and screen problems). I've never seriously considered getting a 3DS, and will likely only somewhat consider getting the first or second revision to it.



almostnacho said:

This is by far the most retarded rumor I've ever read. As for people backing the rumor because of "Vita" ports, that's even more retarded. The 3DS and Vita will never have ports of games intended for the other because they're way more different than "one has 1 circle pad, one has 2". The Vita has multitouch capacity and a touchpad, while the 3DS has, well, two screens.



alLabouTandroiD said:

@ the lefties: This is "only" a problem because you can't handle the stylus with your right hand, right ? Guess i couldn't handle it with my left hand either.
You can still play the home consoles and GameBoy's without a problem, can you ?



Mandoble said:

They consider the second analog stick mandatory for the WiiU, curious that they did miss it for the 3DS, which is few months will be the only active console without it. Nintendo again thinking only on max profit and min building costs.



kdognumba1 said:

They shouldn't of released the system without a second analog in the first place to be honest. It would of given them a lot more support however I think working on the online features would be a lot better then a second analog. You know foreign never before seen concepts like messaging your friends, using the mic for voice chat, fixing the lag in street fighter, and this strange strange never before heard of demo thing in the eShop could help game sales.



RyuZebian said:

This BS. WHY? Because the big N is all about backwards compatibility! Making the 3DS control scheme obsolete in less than a year from launch makes no sense! xD



MeloMan said:

I expect this to happen, but not until after the thunder of the WiiU settles down, i.e., 2013 as the soonest 3DS revision. I'm not waiting that long to get my replacement, too many good games that I'll need to be playing sooner than later, later, this year.



brandonbwii said:

Kinda unnessary now. Too little too late imo. They should've released it with the price drop.



Slapshot said:

@Magi If they want to retain the majority of their older loyal fans (who likely haven't been too thrilled with the company for past few years already), they better give us the thing for free and/or let us upgrade our systems for free, or they could permanently lose them over this kind of stunt.



Tare said:

I feel like only 3rd party developers would utilise this sort of thing.

The biggest question I have though is how it'll work. The only two slots this system has is the cartridge slot, and a charging port. Unless they plan to stick it in the memory stick space.



ueI said:

The analogue stick fits in the cartridge slot, of course. You won't be able to play any games while using it.



SuperSonic said:

If this is a completely new redesign, then why would they only add a second analogue stick? What about some more RAM or some more screen size? What about all of that crap that Vita added just to make it seem better than the 3DS? Add those things and with the best games, Nintendo will have another 50% added onto their 150% chance of beating Sony... again.



shinobi88 said:

could september 13th seem any farther away?

@150...As it stands now, Sony IS beating 3DS. There are only 6 3DS games over a 71% rating on Metacritic. 3DS is churning out cruddy games and the good ones are all ports right now. Very few original games on the horizon. Vita has a MUCH better line up. There are over 80 developers making games for Vita, they just haven't announced all the games yet. When the list does come out you'll see the MAJOR 3rd party titles that 3DS doesnt have (Call of Duty and Assassin's Creed) and some 3rd party titles that were thought to be 3DS exclusive (Resident Evil Revelations).

One of the things the 3DS touted was that it appeals to hardcore gamers. What is the #1 genre that appeals to hardcore gamers? 1st person shooters. ZERO have been announced for 3DS. Already several high quality ones in the works for Vita.

This announcement better be BIG or else Nintendo needs to pack up shop and become a 3rd party developer.



shinobi88 said:

I hate to bash Big N. When it comes to classic gaming, they got it covered. Mario, Sonic, Shinobi, GB, GBC, GBA. They've got their feet in the hardcore door they just need to dive in.



kyoya said:

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An oversight serious consequences
It may seem unlikely, but Nintendo pundits have come to realize, after the mass production and output of the console, they had one important omission: the right analog stick. Initially considered superfluous, it is now essential to offer a superior gaming experience, so much so that Nintendo is working hard to palliative.
According to our source, this major will be released soon forgotten as an additional device, sold separately at around 10 dollars. We do not know yet exactly what form it takes, but the mounting system will firmly secure the new appendix on the right side of the laptop. And will he take it off whenever you wish to close the console? One thing is certain: the engineers at Nintendo do not count their sleepless nights now.

This is obviously not the real future of the right stick 3DS.

The pressure on developers
Most recently, Nintendo has urged many of its key developers to create games specifically designed for two analog sticks ... even if it means an additional cost of 10 dollars per console and is incompatible (or less a compromise) with the current fleet machines. The discontent within the studios, although it is probably not relayed to the upper echelons of society, is evident to any employee of the Big N for relations with third-party studios.
Developers are lining up
Third studio holding a key to the success of 3DS. They, in fact, that can enrich the catalog, relatively limited new titles, the last Nintendo handheld. Few innovations are often a barrier to the probable success of a console. But in this case, Nintendo's policy vis-à-vis developers is even more difficult to understand.
The validation process by which a publisher submits a title to the approval of Nintendo, is universally described as expensive, excruciatingly long and often arbitrary. Worse, development kits are still readily available. Although they are no longer manufactured by Intelligent Systems, R & D division of Nintendo hardware, but by the companies Kyoto Electric and Marubeni, are still produced in dribs and drabs (300 per month) and sold at exorbitant prices.
Result: more than six months after the release of the console, the waiting list continues to grow, many studios are still waiting to be able to develop on 3DS. An erratic situation described by our source as symptomatic management problems within the Big N, rotting relationships with developers and slow the adoption of the console.

Mario, the mascot and star of the Nintendo universe.

An image problem
Also according to our source, Nintendo has failed to allay the concerns of many parents who are reluctant to buy the console for fear of the consequences for the eyes of their children. The display in 3D, the main selling point of the console, could be also be the main stumbling block.
Not to mention the serious communication problem: despite the widespread deployment of demonstration units on the point of sale, how to communicate about something that we can not show? In addition to the price drop and premature announcement of the "ambassadors 3DS" (20 free games on Virtual Console), Iwata recently stated that Nintendo would agree totally devoid of titles now feature the new 3D laptop. As the scent of surrender in the air ...
This information also corroborates some point, we have suggested various other sources [Update: we have not hitherto been able to verify the reliability]. To know that Nintendo was working on a new model for 3DS 2012. A new console that would abandon the 3D positioning, which would probably involve a new design and probably a new name. Therefore, the lower prices of 3DS current would be to sell stocks 3DS first name ...

The Optimus 3D, LG, plays the card of 3D without glasses, augmented reality and, of course, phone.

A brighter future?
Over time, some of the issues raised by our source and cited above may be absorbed. However, Nintendo is now feared competition from smartphones, more and more powerful. Some manufacturers, like LG with its 3D model Optimus, attacking even the "gimmick" of the console: the display in 3D without glasses.
If the predictions of John Carmack, the motives that go beyond "very soon" to power the current consoles, were to be realized, the future of 3DS seems highly uncertain ... but do not underestimate the power of Pokémon!
Our series on Nintendo continues until the end of the week. Find the second episode tomorrow, dedicated to the Wii and U throes of development Listen



shinobi88 said:

I found #154 to be pretty insightful, though somewhat indechipherable due to the authors unfamiliarity with English.



Sockymon said:

I wouldn't normally have given much credence to this, but if you look at the future release schedule on any of the online retailers (Amazon et al) they've all got diddly squat lined up for the 3DS in terms of games. Could it be killed off so soon...? I hope not.



Mandoble said:

While not in perfect English, kyoya's post is perfectly understandable, and there are no nonsenses inside, sadly. They key point there, and most intriguin, is having Nintendo forcing devs to focus on dual stick games for the near future.



iqbal said:

They should have made the 3ds with dual analogues in the first place whats the point now it doesnt have a slot 2.



kyoya said:

man there's no ponit of having a another anolog stick beside what ever one is saying think of how it would have to make it look they might have to change the dimensions which could boost or decrease the 3d or they could make the desgin way diffrent i hope i dosen't happen



Sam_Loser2 said:

20 more free games would be nice. Nintendo is losing quite a bit of trust from me, and this is not helping. I wouldn't mind too much if there is an attachment for us poor saps that truly support our Nintendo, but where the heck would it go?



shinobi88 said:

While Nintendo's current reaction to the 3DS's slow start has proven that they aren't the mythically perfect company we've viewed them as since the days of the original NES, I wouldn't recommend losing trust in them. They are clearly fighting desperately to make the 3DS the best portable system out. They def. made a mistake by releasing the 3DS before the hardware and software was ready. But let them get a few more months and major announcements under the 3DS's belt before we start to cry foul.

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