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Sat 26th Nov 2011

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RandomDSdevel commented on Nintendo Patent Reveals Wii U and Remote Inter...:


In the case of Zelda, the Wii U controller could be strapped onto the front of a shield accessory that also holds the Nunchuk in its handle on the back. You would plug the Nunchuk into the bottom of the Wii Remote Plus as is done for Skyward Sword, but the Wii U controller's onboard accelerometer and gyroscope would add to the shield's precision, while its screen would show the items in your bag for grabbing with the Wii Remote's B button similarly to the bag interface in Skyward Sword.



RandomDSdevel commented on Out Now: Nintendo 3DS Ambassador GBA Games:

Speaking of the Ambassador Program, I'll be downloading the GBA games I want after I get my 3DS back from my parents – it hurts to be a minor, those meddling overlord scum – after not doing something I should have done (heh, heh…), but I wish that they would update the Virtual Console shell to support Sleep Mode, background communications, wireless multiplayer, and (for the GBA games) wireless importing of save files via a local WiFi connection to an original DS or DS Lite.