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Wed 15th Apr 2009

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Katernity commented on BBC Warns Of Online Gaming Addiction, Uses Ima...:

I used to create graphics for a local news station's website. the web producer would send me a request like "i need a 250 x 250 pixel picture of someone playing video games" i'd give them a picture, having no idea what the story was even about. that's probably how this happened. it's just a lack of communication between the writer, producer, and graphic artist. nbd.



Katernity commented on Mysterious Trademark Appears for The Last Ranger:

@Jamouse "sounds rubbish"? they don't even know what it is. they know nothing about it whatsoever. they just know 3 words have been trademarked. how can you possibly come to a conclusion that something sounds terrible when you don't have the slightest idea what it is?



Katernity commented on Sakurai: Dual Analogue Control in Kid Icarus: ...:

i have gotten used to the controls and I like them now. however, the only way I can comfortably play it is by using the 3ds stand at my desk or dining room table, which seems a little ridiculous to me since 3ds is supposed to be a portable console.



Katernity commented on Review: The Hidden (3DS):

I got this game for my birthday-before i saw any reviews. the review is spot on. i actually thought the first level was fun, when i played in my house, but that's all you're allowed to play unless you take it to somewhere else with different wifi. worst idea ever.



Katernity commented on Review: The Hidden (3DS):

i got this game for my birthday. it wasn't even possible to play because i live in an apartment. it kept telling me to walk further away. since i don't have a yard and our neighborhood doesn't have sidewalks, i would have basically had to wander the streets while holding the 3ds in front of my face in order to play.



Katernity commented on The Hidden:

I thought this game sounded really interesting. got it for my birthday. if you don't live in a giant house, don't bother. you have to walk really far to find ghosts. I live in an apartment, and the game is not possible to play in an apartment. it keeps telling me to walk further. so, the only way i could possibly play the game is to wander around the street with the 3ds in front of my face.



Katernity commented on Mutant Mudds:

this game is not just retro looking, it's ugly. most SNES games from 20 years ago beat the graphics on this one......still, looks aren't everything, and the gameplay does sound interesting and unique.



Katernity commented on Rumour: Nintendo Preparing Dual Analogue 3DS R...:

this sounds completely stupid to me if it is true. nintendo is releasing star fox, mario, pokemon, and kid icarus games for the holiday season. The plan seems to be get out all of these games with massive appeal before christmas which will in turn sell many 3ds consoles before christmas....if they announce a 3ds redesign is coming next year no one is going to buy a 3ds or the corresponding games as christmas presents-they will wait until the redesign.



Katernity commented on FAQ: Nintendo Ambassador Program and Free eSho...:

@James the announcement from nintendo says this about the NES games: "Once the paid versions of the games are posted to the Nintendo eShop later in the year, the updated versions will be available to Ambassadors for download at no cost."
my question is: how will the ambassador versions be different from the paid versions? maybe at first we will get them in 2D but when they are made available they will be 3d classics?



Katernity commented on Review: The Magic Obelisk (WiiWare):

Is this the bizarro world version of lit?

instead of dark and gloomy its bright and cheery, instead of staying in the light you have to stay in the shadows, but it sounds like it is esentially the same game.