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Chozo85 commented on Talking Point: Fire Emblem: Awakening - The Bi...:

Casual mode for me. I've never had the patience to replay missions just to keep all my characters alive. I finished Sacred Stones but lost quite a few characters on the way and was only just able to finish the game with what I had left. It became more stressful than enjoyable because I thought I would have to restart the entire game. I don't understand the people who suggest that playing on casual mode is 'cheating' when they freely admit to reloading the system if one of their characters dies. This is no less cheating than playing on casual mode as far as I'm concerned. In battle there are no second chances.



Chozo85 commented on Molyneux: "I Struggle To See Anything Amazing ...:

As a successful games developer I think Peter Molyneux is entitled to his opinion as are we all. Frankly, I agree with much of what he says. His point about the Wii U not having the instant appeal that the Wii had I think is very true. I've seen nothing to convince me that the second screen is anything more than a gimmick. None of the games that Nintendo have announced inspire me.



Chozo85 commented on Miyamoto Puzzled As To Why Anyone Would Want A...:

@ShadJV I take your point about being sales having a lot to do with it, I'm aware the New Super Mario Bros series sells by the bucket load. Having said that, I'm pretty sure F-Zero GX sold reasonably well back when it was released. If the GBA games sold badly it was because they weren't very good. I maintain that a HD F-Zero would do pretty well sales wise. I'm afraid its things like this that are increasingly turning me away from Nintendo. Many of the franchises I used to like, such as F-Zero, 1080 snowboarding, Wave Race and even Starfox have been more or less cast aside.



Chozo85 commented on Miyamoto Puzzled As To Why Anyone Would Want A...:

Sorry but since when did Nintendo care about a franchise not being able to offer anything new? The New Super Mario Bros series is hardly innovative is it? They are basically churning out the same old game over and over again. A HD F-Zero would be very popular, I'm sure. I loved GX, I thought it was the best racing game of the previous generation. Frankly I think the Wii U will need games like F-Zero if it is to be successful.



Chozo85 commented on Review: Real Bout Fatal Fury 2: The Newcomers ...:

I had never played any of the Real Bout games before they were released on virtual console but I am enjoying them immensely. I'm not sure which I prefer this or special. They make the earlier Fatal Fury games (including Fatal Fury 3) seem quite primitive in comparison.



Chozo85 commented on Feature: Nintendo's Celebrity Commercials - Th...:

You didn't mention the time when the Nintendo marketing department decided to use Jedward for a brief period to promote their games! That could easily fall under a separate category all together which I would label 'excruciating'.



Chozo85 commented on Reaction: Wii U Preview Events:

A good article that sums of my own feelings about Thursdays press conferences. Personally, I'm still on the fence about whether to buy a Wii U at launch. I'm sure I will get one eventually but not necessarily at launch. On the plus side, I think the price is reasonable and I appreciate having the option of buying the standard or deluxe version. I'm yet to be convinced that the game pad is anything more than a gimmick, I think Nintendo needs to more to explain how this is going to alter our gaming experience. The launch line up is so so. New Super Mario Bros U and Nintendo Land aren't games that I would rush out to buy the system for. More worryingly, there isn't to much in the launch window that really interests me. I may wait till the big hitters like Smash Bros and Mario Kart arrive before I make the purchase.



Chozo85 commented on Kid Icarus: Uprising Won't be Available from G...:

This debate has been had already so I don't want to labour the point but for those of you are celebrating GAME's apparent imminent demise, you are misguided. I've had mixed experiences with GAME as customer and haven't always been impressed with their practices. However aside from the fact its going to put a lot of people out of work, this is bad news for gamers. There will be no specialist games retailers on a lot of UK high streets. This means less competition and means that more obscure games will only be available via the internet. If its only for the sake of the employees, I hope they find a buyer quickly.



Chozo85 commented on Nintendo Download: 8th March 2012 (Europe):

What a great week! I never thought I'd see two wii virtual console games released in one week ever again! Kid Icarus and Mega Man X are definite's and I'll give Dead or Alive a whirl as well.



Chozo85 commented on Review: Tekken 3D Prime Edition (3DS):

@BulbasaurusRex You partly answered your own question. SSF4 has a proper story mode unlike Tekken. Perhaps my perception is colored by the fact that SSF4 was the first 3DS fighting game and had no competition but Tekken comes at a time when we already have SSF4 and DOA (which also has a more comprehensive single player).



Chozo85 commented on Review: Tekken 3D Prime Edition (3DS):

I was tempted to pick this one up but the apparent limited single player is making me have second thoughts. I already have Super Street Fighter IV which seems to be more fleshed out in terms of game modes if not characters.

For the record, Nintendolife is one of my most trusted sights as far as reviews are concerned.



Chozo85 commented on King of Fighters '97 Strikes Wii VC in Europe ...:

@Bass_X0. The KoF collection was available from an Amazon marketplace seller in the UK for some time priced at £12.99. Its definitely the English version (with the green triangle) and all games run in glorious 60hz. For that reason I will have to pass on KoF 97. Still I'm hoping for more Neo Geo games. Didn't Japan just get Garou: Mark of the wolves? I'd be overjoyed to see that get a VC release.



Chozo85 commented on SEGA Confirms No WiiWare Outing for Sonic 4: E...:

This is no great loss. The first one was decent but nothing spectacular. The fact remains that Sega continues to churn out Sonic games every year but still can't make anything that comes close to matching the megadrive/genesis versions. I wonder if the poor hedgehog shouldn't be put out to pasture. I didn't like the fact that the game was separated into different 'episodes' anyway. The idea that you are getting only half the game and paying a premium (as far as downloads go) just didn't make sense from a consumers point of view.



Chozo85 commented on Review: Metroid Fusion ( / Game Boy Advance):

Its funny, I played this game on the GBA and didn't really care for it much, but playing it through again on the 3DS I'm enjoying it a whole lot more. It is a much briefer experience than Super Metroid but I would say the in game clock is very slow and it doesn't account for deaths and restarts. My 3DS calculates that I've spent twice as much time on the game as the in game clock suggests.



Chozo85 commented on 3DS Ambassador Game Boy Advance Games Revealed:

This list has exceeded my expectations. Although the first 5 games announced were all great games I had played all of them comprehensively. F-Zero, Fire Emblem, Wario Land 4 and Zelda give me an opportunity to play some games that I previously missed on the GBA.



Chozo85 commented on Feature: Castlevania - The Terrifying Ten:

An enjoyable read but I don't understand why you would think Dawn of Sorrow would be a controversial choice. Imo its one of the best Castlevania games and if anything should have been higher on the list. I'd maybe rank it second behind Super Castlevania IV. The anime style has absolutely no effect on the gameplay and its probably the best metroidvania apart from (maybe) SOTN.



Chozo85 commented on Review: GoldenEye 007 (Nintendo 64):

I don't think you can review Goldeneye objectively in 2011. When it was released it was probably the best FPS ever made, certainly the best on a games console and in many ways revolutionised the genre. Nowadays it feels very dated but the impact it had in 1997 shouldn't be underestimated. A true classic.



Chozo85 commented on Review: Mickey's Speedway USA (Nintendo 64):

I still own this game and I think its better than the reviewer makes out. The sensation of speed is fantastic, much better than in Mario Kart 64. The track design is decent and on the later tracks it gets surprisingly difficult. The main downside was the weapons which were a bit rubbish. I'm not a particular fan of the disney franchise but I didn't find it to obtrusive here. One of the more underrated games on the N64, 8/10 for me.



Chozo85 commented on Zelda: Four Swords is Out Now in Europe:

I've played a little bit of the single player and actually found it to be quite enjoyable, obviously the game is geared more towards multiplayer but for a free game this is pretty good.



Chozo85 commented on Nintendo Download: 8th September 2011 (Europe):

Sorry but Nintendo of Europe needs to pull their finger out. There is no reason not to have a 3DS VC game every week. This is the second week without one. How can they expect people to be interested in a service if they don't support it properly?



Chozo85 commented on Round Table: Looking Back at the Star Fox Series:

I'm really looking forward to the 3DS rerelease of Star Fox 64. Its actually one of my favorite games of all time. Its just unfortunate that the subsequent games have so abjectly failed to live up to the standards set by this and the SNES version. I really hope if this sells well then Nintendo will consider a proper sequel, developed in-house or by Retro Studio's.



Chozo85 commented on These Are The 10 NES Ambassador Games in Japan:

I don't really think its fair to dismiss disgruntled early 3DS adopters as 'whiners'. A sense of balance is needed. As someone who purchased the 3DS on launch day I was dismayed by the price drop but felt somewhat placated by the Ambassador scheme. I totally understand why a lot of people are still not happy. The net loss of £80 (or dollars or whatever...) cannot in many peoples eyes be compensated by a set of old games many of which will have already been played and completed by loyal Nintendo fans. Many of these will have been the same loyal fans who purchased the 3DS at launch. I agree with the sentiment that a free retail game or two would have felt like a more genuine apology. As it stands, I think people have a right to feel aggrieved and I have no problem with them expressing such opinions. To the people who say that Nintendo were not obliged to have offered anything, this is true. However, slashing the price of the 3DS and offering nothing to people who had already purchased one would have alienated their most loyal customers. Companies which do that don't tend to stay in business for very long.



Chozo85 commented on New Wii is No Smaller Than Before:

Bizarre. I suppose the reason is to reduce build costs but the fact remains this version of the console is inferior to the one thats been out for five years!



Chozo85 commented on Rumour: Nintendo Preparing Dual Analogue 3DS R...:

Sorry, but I really hope this isn't true. I bought my 3DS on launch day and have already had to watch it lose a third of its value. If they bring out a new version of the console (making the old one obsolete) so close to the release of the original then I think it would be disgraceful frankly. The people that suffer are the early adopters and hence the most loyal customers.



Chozo85 commented on UK Retail Pegs 3DS for New £140 Price Point:

This is probably what it should have cost in the first place. I hope this helps give the 3DS a much needed boost. Thanks to being tied to a GAME pre-order I paid £220 for mine on launch day which was far far to much. At least the ambassador scheme provides some compensation for loosing so much money on my purchase.



Chozo85 commented on Review: 3D Classics: Xevious (3DSWare):

I have been really impressed with this. It gives an aging shooter a new lease of life and I think the 3D works much better than in Excitebike. I look forward to the next 3D classics game.



Chozo85 commented on Europe, Expect Star Fox 64 3D on 9th September:

This is great news. Europe seems to be getting most of the major releases at the same time as our US counterparts rather than having to wait months which was the case in the past. I hope this continues.



Chozo85 commented on Regional eShops Will Continue to Offer Differe...:

I don't buy into the idea of 'region targeted content'. I can't think of to many games which are popular in the US and not popular in Europe and vice-versa. This seems to be an excuse for laziness. I think Nintendo of Europe have made good strides recently in terms of release dates and not having to wait for months after the US for games but clearly there is still work to be done.



Chozo85 commented on Guides: 3DS eShop Update FAQ:

I still think it sucks that you can only add funds in multiples of £10. If I want to buy Shantae I have to spend £20 to get it . This system is actually worse and more expensive than the old Nintendo points system.



Chozo85 commented on Wii U Uses 25GB Discs and Lacks GameCube Compa...:

I own about 30 gamecube games so sympathise with madgears argument. However, i'm not sure its reasonable to expect a new console to be able to play the original discs of a console that was two generations its predecessor. Gamecube games are no longer commercially sold and apart from us strident Nintendo fans, I'm not sure how widely played Gamecube games are.



Chozo85 commented on Get Fired Up Over This Conduit 2 Weapons Preview:

This is the one Wii game i'm looking forward to. The first Conduit wasn't terrible but it failed to live up to the massive hype which was in part created by the developers and publisher. It looks like there have been a few lessons learnt and I'm hopeful this will live up to expectations.



Chozo85 commented on Review: Ridge Racer 3D (3DS):

I won't be getting this. Namco have got very lazy with portable Ridge Racer. The first game on the PSP was a best of compilation which recycled old tracks but generally worked well. The second game was practically the same game as the first one but with a few extra tracks. This 3DS version looks very similar to the PSP games (with many of the tracks recycled) but with 3D and maybe a few different tracks.



Chozo85 commented on Kirby Casts On a Disappointing UK Chart Debut:

No doubting that the delay has harmed sales. It really should have been released for the holiday season last year when it would have fared much better. I was looking forward to this game last year but now its European release has finally come around I've really lost interest. With the 3DS out in just a month I've had to set money aside for the console and a couple of games, which means no money for Kirby. Hopefully Nintendo will take note and not delay another European release by that long again.