The rumour that Nintendo may unveil a new console at E3 has sprouted legs and run away with the Internet rumour mill today, with reports of various levels of believability hitting the web.

French site has allegedly leaked the system's specifications. According to the site (which scooped the specs on Sony's NGP before its official reveal) the system will be comparable in power to the Xbox 360, with a three-core custom IBM chip running things behind the scenes.

It's the controller that will raise the most eyebrows however, with the site claiming it contains a six-inch touch-sensitive screen, a camera and can function as a Wii sensor bar. It's got the standard D-Pad and other buttons too, of course, making it a cross between a tablet and a control pad, an intriguing proposition indeed.

Other sources are also claiming the machine will make use of a Blu-ray disc drive, allowing far greater storage capacity than the current DVDs. If this particular rumour were true, it would all-but confirm the console's ability to output HD resolution images too.

As always we advise you to take these rumours with as much salt as you like while we try to get to the bottom of this situation.