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Super Mario Galaxy 2 Review

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

Absolutely spectacular!

Where do you begin when talking about the Super Mario franchise and what it's brought to video gaming over the years? The series has single-handedly defined Nintendo and its consoles over the past 25 years and is showing no signs of slowing down at this point. The original Super Mario Galaxy introduced so many new gameplay facets to the series and found ways to make use of the Wii's unique controls that perfectly exemplified what Nintendo's entire gameplay system was all about.

Now Nintendo has taken that basic formula and attempted to squeeze in as many new gameplay iterations as possible to form a worthy sequel to their original Wii hit. Gamers that thought they'd seen it all in the original Super Mario Galaxy are about to find out just how many stops the developers at Nintendo can pull out when they set out to create the ultimate sequel.

At first glance, the actual construction of Super Mario Galaxy 2 very closely resembles that of the first Wii release. Many of Mario's moves remain intact, but rather than just toss in a few token new moves to mix things up, the developers have inserted an absolutely staggering number of new gameplay twists for our fiery plumber to use, as diverse as the ability to create and climb a series of clouds to the power to turn Mario into a thundering boulder capable of smashing his way through areas not normally accessible. And the moves themselves are only the beginning of the surprises Nintendo has in store for you, as the mechanics strung throughout the levels themselves are every bit as unique and playable, maybe even more so than its stellar predecessor in some cases.

Of course, fans of Mario's green dinosaur sidekick are in for a treat as well, as Nintendo has not only introduced Yoshi into the Super Mario Galaxy universe, its also created quite a few unique gameplay moves and special powers for him as well. Everything from using his trademark tongue to grab items and enemies to using it to swing to previously unreachable areas throughout the various levels created specifically for him. The controls even manage to take on a different feel when you're aboard Yoshi and, when combined with the unique challenges of his levels, you've got a very nice change of pace that will continue to keep on popping up throughout the game.

The basic goal is to collect the Power Stars located somewhere in each of the game's levels, or galaxies. Many galaxies even have multiple stars that you can go back and retrieve after you've nabbed the initial star. You'll need certain numbers of stars in order to progress on to the next galaxy in most cases, so there will be times when you'll be forced to go back to previously played galaxies in order to pick up additional Power Stars. Instead of the large hub world of the first game, Nintendo has chosen to go with a more streamlined world map reminiscent of the Mario games of old; while a lack of this hub might seem like a bit of a sad omission at first, you'll soon come to appreciate the quick and intuitive feel of the world map. It also tends to make going back for other Power Stars a lot faster and easier for those looking to jump into levels with the least amount of hassle.

As you progress through the game, you'll learn new techniques around every corner. At times it feels like there is no end to the sheer number of control finesses the developers have been able to squeeze into the game. If you thought the level designs in Super Mario Galaxy were a bit too predictable and lacking in challenge, you're going to love the far more intricate level layouts and higher degree of difficulty found here. Not only that, but there are more enemies, more bosses and in general a much more intense pace to this sequel that will challenge even the most seasoned platformer fans. And if you thought the boss fights in Galaxy 1 were fun, you haven't seen anything like the ones in this adventure.

Like the first go-round, Nintendo has found a way to include a second player in all of the fun by allowing them to take control of a Luma Star using a second Wii Remote. While the second player won't be able to actively move the Luma around, they will be able to use its cursor powers to gather up Star Bits, not to mention stun and defeat enemies as a means of helping Mario out along the way. New for the sequel is the ability for the second player to grab pickups (coins, for instance) from around the stage and pull them to Mario. It might seem like a rather trivial inclusion, but it's still a nice way to involve another player without taking too much away from the single-player experience at hand.

To say that the actual controls of Super Mario Galaxy are smooth and responsive would be a gross understatement. Not only is executing the basic set of Mario's moves a breeze, but the developers have managed to give Yoshi a feel all his own and somehow find an extremely enjoyable way of using his trademark tongue to take the game's already solid gameplay engine to new heights. It's certainly nice to see that they didn't try to force his gameplay variances into the system without taking the time to get it right. When you combine these spot-on controls with the higher degree of challenge and far more devious level layouts, you get a game that's absolutely overflowing with playabilty and it just seems to get better and better the further in you delve. It's easily one of, if not the most playable first-party Nintendo titles ever created and one that will keep you glued to your television for weeks.

As if it weren't enough to fill Super Mario Galaxy 2 with loads of new gameplay ideas, the developers didn't exactly skimp when it came time to put the visuals together for the game. It still retains much of the look the original featured, but there seems to be a lot more polish to the levels, especially the scenery in the backgrounds. The enemies and characters themselves are also equally impressive, and it's nice to see many familiar faces from Super Mario releases of old strung throughout the game. While there will inevitably be those who still complain about the game not featuring HD visuals, you can't deny the overwhelming graphical charm and detail marinated into the game, and its quite clear that Nintendo know just how to squeeze every single inch of visual processing power out of the Wii console and put it to good use.

The musical score has long been a trademark aspect of the Super Mario series and this release is no exception to that rule. You'll find not only many of the classic tunes of past Super Mario releases, but a staggering number of new ones to enjoy as well. Everything from big band swing to tracks with a slight country twang to them, they all work in harmony to set the mood for each of the various themes throughout the game's many levels. Even many of the sound effects harken back to the 8- and 16-bit era Super Mario Bros. games and have never sounded better being played through the Wii console's Dolby Pro-Logic II surround sound capabilities. As solid as some of Nintendo's first-party offerings have been from an audio standpoint, you won't find a better show-off title than this one. It's even better than many of the audio presentations found on competing consoles.


It's abundantly clear that the team behind Super Mario Galaxy 2 weren't trying to re-invent the wheel when it came time to put this sequel together. Instead they basically took everything that was great about the original Super Mario Galaxy and made it even bigger and better. Truth be told, it's nearly impossible to find even one small thing to gripe about, and believe us, we tried. Every once in a while a video game comes along that's just so spectacular that it ends up defining the very system it's released on and raises the bar by which all other games in the series and genre will be judged. It's safe to say that game has now arrived on the Wii console. Consider the bar officially raised.

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User Comments (177)



TingLz said:

ANOTHER 10/10?!!!!!!

How much is Nintendo paying you all for these reviews?!!

But seriously, I'm gonna get this game Sunday!!



Sockapal said:

Man, I cannot contain my excitement!
Sidenote: How much outrage do you think there would have been if Corbie gave this game a 9. Even before people played it? Haha.



LordJumpMad said:

SMG2 is Getting 10/10 Every were.
I don't know if Nintendo Paid anyone who Review this Game.
Or its going to be one of those Games I'm going to be Telling my Future Grand Kids about for Years to come.

Well Thats Mr. Nintendo for you



WolfRamHeart said:

Great review Corbie! It sounds like you had tons of fun reviewing this gem of a game. You lucky guy!

This sounds like a definite contender for Game of the Year. I can't wait to play it this Sunday!



MasterGraveheart said:

Oh yeah... between this and Monster Hunter Tri, I may not have my social life back again for the next few weeks. @.@ Awesome!



dolabla said:

Crap, all these 10's do is make the wait even longer. My copy won't ship out until May 28th. Definitely GOTY.



Metroid133 said:

Less then 24 hours! Hopefully Walmart will let me have a copy at midnight just like they did with New Super Mario Bros. Wii! Also good review...all these 10/10s....could it eventually tie Ocarina of Time on Metacritic? Hmmm....



BulbasaurusRex said:

Does the camera still often appear at odd angles depending on where you go on the planets like in Galaxy 1?



Corbs said:

The camera worked great. In fact, I don't think I moved it the entire game.



Ricardo91 said:

2 10/10s!? As if the wait for this game couldn't get any more excruciating! I'm definitely heading down to Gamestop this Sunday as soon as my graduation party is over!



Deviant_Mugen said:

Man, Corbie, your review was definitely worth waiting for. Great job, man...

Sucks that I probably won't get to play this masterpiece for a while, though, but I'm glad it's getting the scores it deserves...



skywake said:

I know everyone hates metacritic but.... damn. This game is going well beyond what I have expected critically. I mean I expected it to be good but this is nuts! Nothing on metacritic is bellow 9 and there are HEAPS of 10s. Crazy good for a sequel.



Dazza said:

Great review Corbie, I really enjoyed my hands on with this at Nintendo's media summit and guessed it would be a 10/10. I'm pleased to see it lived up to expectations



BulbasaurusRex said:

You didn't exactly answer my question. Does the camera often make it so that you're running sideways and/or upside down like in Galaxy 1?



Corbs said:

Well due to the way the game uses gravity and flipping around, there are times when you'll find yourself in all sorts of odd angles and movements. So I guess the short answer is yes. But it's not as bothersome as I found a few sections of SMG1. In some ways, however, due to the very intricate movements of the levels and stuff, if this is something that you're rather touchy about, I would approach this game with caution. You're going to get flipped around every way imaginable in this game, as will the levels in many cases. LOL.



Akio said:

10/10 on both IGN, Gamespot, NintendoLife - 3 best game sites that I visit daily. Omg, i'm playing now !!!!!!!!!!!!!



outrun2sp said:

So predictable that youd give it a 10/10.

I dont think many games deserve that and Ive been playing games for 20 years.



Corbs said:

I've been playing games for 31 years and I think if any game in the history of video gaming deserves a 10, it's this one.



JamieO said:

Oh yeah, a superb review to evaluate this spectacular game! I say "Yippee for Yoshi" and I like that the new hub makes this game snappy and accessible.

Excuse my retro leanings, but I can't wait to play along to a Super Mario World tune in this, and I am looking forward to when Super Mario Galaxy 2 switches to a traditional 2D perspective like it did in the first game. This is simply awesome all round. Right round planets baby, right round!

Cheers, @Corbie



Corbs said:

Due to Nintendo's lovely embargo sheet, I'm afraid you'll have to find out if there are any bubble levels for yourself Aviator. LOL.



Corbs said:

Yeah, it's 8.5" x 11" and white. It has a bunch of typed words on it. Pretty little Super Mario Galaxy 2 logo on the top too. Overall a nice little embargo sheet.



TheKingOfTown said:

Yeah, I expected a 10. Seeing how the first Super Mario Galaxy got a 10 on this site, and how IGN and Gamespot, the two biggest gaming sites, (I think) gave it a 10.



WaveBoy said:

I absolutely loved Super Mario Galaxy. Yet the only problems I had with it were the 'too easy' Bosses and the annoying Hub World. Thank god SMG2 brings back the Retro-like Map from the old, which makes the experience quicker and easier to navigate. And the fact that this is a tad more challenging is a nice welcome. I'm SOOOOO pumped to get this hehe, but who isn't?

And Corbie, were the bosses more challenging this time around?



Corbs said:

The entire game as a whole (including the bosses) was more challenging this time around. And I'll admit, the boss fights are honestly the highlight of the game, in my opinion. Some of them were absolutely insane!



James said:

What score would you give the embargo sheet? To me it sounds like another same-old tired entry into the genre but perhaps I'm missing some important details.



WaveBoy said:

Now you've gotten me even more excited
Bouldergeist from SMG had to of been my favorite Boss battle. Then again, they were all fantastic for the most part.



3DS said:

i dont agree with 10/10 i would say it should be 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000/10



Corbs said:

I'd probably give the embargo sheet an 8. I'd like to have seen more color in the page and the huge list of indents was a bit hard to stare at. Nice weight and texture of paper though. Nintendo doesn't skimp on quality paper products. Gotta love that.



FonistofCruxis said:

I knew this would get a 10. I'm really looking forward to 11th June. I haven't 100% competed the first one so I'll try to do that before SMG2 comes out.



James said:

You're right, Nintendo always uses quality stock.

Great review man and enjoy all the thousands of dollars Nintendo paid you for the score, because there's no way it could be that good.



Corbs said:

It could be that good, but I didn't play it so I have no idea. They sent the review already pre-written with the thousands of dollars.



JoeDiddley said:

As I have to wait until June to get this I'm gonna replay Super Mario Galaxy in anticipation.



Scottie said:

Roll on the 11th June, i have pre-ordered already and cannot wait. Great review Corbie by the way!



Scottie said:

I got all 152 stars on the first game and i am up for the challenge on this one. How many stars are there to get do we know in SMG2? I hope we don't have to play through the whole game again as Lugi to get extra stars/levels because that did annoy me a bit in SMG.



Rensch said:

Judging from all these early reviews this game is even better than part 1.

I'm definitely curious how Nintendo manages to top the greatest 3D platformer and their greatet Mario game.



MrWout said:

I'm just now imagining a Zelda with the same amount of awesomeness.......



RayTheSkypirate said:

Even the embargo sheet got a good score! This game is so fantastic that everything about it can't be anything but great.
Looks like this time around a sequel totally outdoes its predecessor, and, given that it was his majesty SMG, that wasn't easy at all!



Kyloctopus said:

That was probably the best speech for a video game I ever seen. Maybe I shouldn't have bought WW d.i,y



DiggerandIndy said:

"I've been playing games for 31 years and I think if any game in the history of video gaming deserves a 10, it's this one."

That's a long time, Corbie. I've been playing games for almost 20 years! I know a good game when I see and play one. This game looks good!



SuperMarioFan96 said:

This wait pains me!!! I can make it to tomorrow, I can make it to tomorrow......

@Scotie Multiple reviews have said something to the effect of "There's a super special treat for hardcore Mario players after 120 stars." And I have also read that there are actually 240 stars in the game. I'm not sure what it all means, but, it has to mean something! Is it Sunday yet!??!!?!?!?!?



theblackdragon said:

damn, i was going to ask how much Nintendo paid you off for this score, but i see i've already been beaten to the punch. sorry lz, i have failed you D:



TingLz said:

You shall be dealt with later dragon

Well, tomorrow's the big day!



Chunky_Droid said:

Wow awesome!

Corbie actually had to pay Nintendo to give this game a 10, as Miyamoto said it's a load of crap and Wii Party will be waaaay better



Min said:

Great review Corbs.

Can't wait until Monday to pick it up.



turtlelink said:

Looks and sounds way better than the original! Might even be the Super Mario Bros. 3 of this generation.



Shiryu said:

Gotta wait for Euro release. Until then, playing "Monster Hunter Tri", "Sin & Punishment 2", "Prince of Persia Forgotten Sands" and the original "Super Mario Galaxy" will have to do.



The_Fox said:

Will this be game of the year? Maybe. Wii game of the year? Without a doubt. Picking this one up when I get the cash.



MrPanic said:


Just 3 more weeks to be excited for a game to come out, just reading all these great reviews about one game makes me SO HAPPY.



BobberyFan98 said:

Yes! Yet again a perfect 10! So can't wait now to pick up my copy on Sunday! Glad I pre-ordered it!




Mik said:

I still dislike the name. It should've been called Super Mario Universe, in my opinion.



SuperMarioFan1995 said:

Wow! I'm really surprised this has another 10/10 score (for a Mario game).

Fantastic. These Mario games are still getting 10/10s all over, and that's making the world better than usual. I will be getting this game in June, looking forward to playing the Mario 64 level.

Great review, Corbie.



Odnetnin said:

Since you gave both games 10/10s, how would you compare Galaxy 2 and NSMB Wii, Corbie?



Crystalking18 said:

I've just gone back to playing SMG1, and beat Luigi's Purple Coins. Are there any parts of the game EVEN HARDER than that?



warioswoods said:

I'm a little concerned (from all the screenshots / videos I've seen) that the levels may be even more linear than in the last game. Are there still some levels in which you have a larger area to explore a bit more freely, or is there always a particular path you'll be guided along to the next star?



Raylax said:

Another 10/10, woot. Given all the 10s this game's receiving, I wouldn't be too suprised if Nintendo quickly recalled it to rename it Super Mario Galaxy Awesome



Gogata said:

Must... Get... Wii! I will never forgive my dad for forcing me to get a PS3 instead of a Wii and DS... I am missing all the AWESOME stuff!



naut said:

Nintendo Life, GameSpot, and even IGN. And I can't afford the game right now.



Objection said:

Same here. But I am looking at it more than before. Glad it's not a "here's your sequel" kind of game. Not that I necessarily thought that but I need a lot of convincing to get another Galaxy.



nothankyou said:

Yes! 10/10! (a little low, though)
I've been saving for this game since it was announced, and it's only 1 day away! Hooray!
I sure wish I had pre-ordered it though.



Slapshot said:

Ive been gaming for 25 years and Galaxy was one of the most over rated games I've ever played. After beating the game I couldn't even force through the full coin collection. Camera, control, difficulty (lack of), etc were way to many to grant the high reviews. Tons of originality but little replay value. (Ive 120 stared Mario 64 prob 10 times)

I might get this down the road, Tri, Klonoa and Sin and Punishment 2 have me perfectly happy right now. I will def give it a rental.



Sylverstone said:

This comes out 4 days before my birthday.

CONSIDER THIS BIRTHDAY GIFT MATERIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If Other M and Zelda Wii are able to replicate SMG2's success, Nintendo will own 2010.

And they have something good under their belt to brag at E3!



Paperclip said:

We should tell Roger Ebert to play this game.

He'll feel like a giant douche about what he said =D



Kid_A said:

Nah man, this isn't that kind of game. This isn't an example of videogames as an artform--this is a videogame that prides itself on unbridled creativity and entertainment.
Shadow of Colossus, however...that mind change his mind.



James said:

Unbridled creativity is a rather artistic quality though, wouldn't you say?

I thought the original SMG was a masterpiece and I can't wait to be amazed all over again.





ONM 97% (highest mark for a Wii game);
N-Gamer 98% (highest ever mark for any Nintendo game in history);
NL 10/10 (best reviewers of the lot obviously);
IGN 10/10 (they dislike the Wii);
Gamespot 10/10 (6th game ever to get 10)
Edge Magazine 100% (and they are a very wierd bunch)

.....that's good enough for me!!!!

Another all time great video game? Perhaps the greatest of all time? We'll see eh.

Could've predicted this would get a 10/10; how could they get it wrong really!? The level designs and everything else sound outstanding.

Good review!



Egg_miester said:

why even bother reviewing the game all you needed to put was a 10 because thats what everyone is giving it




Because Nintendo Life are the premier reviewing site on the internet and indeed nintendo video games media in general....



Starkiller said:

"ONM 97% (highest mark for a Wii game);
N-Gamer 98% (highest ever mark for any Nintendo game in history);
NL 10/10 (best reviewers of the lot obviously);
IGN 10/10 (they dislike the Wii);
Gamespot 10/10 (6th game ever to get 10)
Edge Magazine 100% (and they are a very wierd bunch)"

Wow, Galaxy 2 is really that good? In that case, there is NO excuse NOT to get this for my birthday. This looks just too awesome to be true.



Slapshot said:

@Sylverstone.... we almost have the same birthday Happy Birthday a few days early, hope you have fun with the game.

I decided on Monster Hunter Tri instead lol



WAM2 said:

@Corbie: So...was Sonic in it?

Sewiously, though. I'ma gonna get this-a game sometime (Duh). Ata least, when I-a can. I got-a no money to get it-a with.



Feld0 said:

Thank gawd I pre-ordered this! I'm only gonna have to wait out the line at my local EB Games!

But I have to wait out another night first... sadfaec



nice_shirt said:

Great review Mr. Corbie. I'm picking this up as soon as I can. The original is my favorite wii game if not my favorite game of all time. I cant think of game that I played more than the original. I would like to see more behind the scenes for this game. Who made it, what was their thought pattern? So psyched!



SilverBaretta said:

I am seriously going to be living in a cardboard box on a curb, with only my Wii, DS and a TV to my name, siphoning some random company's electricity by the end of this year. There are so many great games coming out, and ones that are out, this year than any year this generation.



chadthegamer said:

Hard to believe it's coming tommorrow; this excitment is killing me. I've been playing the first one again to try and hold my excitment. Definately buying it as soon as the store doors open.



WildPidgeyAppears said:

@114: Yeah, really, this has been the Year of the Awesome Wii Games. 2009 had some good ones near the end, and now they're really kicking it into high gear!

And what do we have to look forward to on the 360 front? More space marines and post-apocalypses. Joy...thank goodness for Nintendo!



FonistofCruxis said:

@corbie Please could you answer my question about the purple coin missions and I also have another question. ONM said that because of it's difficulty its best to complete the first game before this and I have around 80 stars at the moment and I'm not sure if I'll have them all by the time the sequel comes out. Do you think it would still be alright to get it on the day it comes out.



Nintendude92 said:

Whenever you see the phrase

"Super Mario" in the title; Assume its a 10- Nintendo takes those titles seriously.



jazzydude said:

could this be... better than brawl and EVEN MELEE???!!!(those are my two favourite games of all the time )



Collinhall said:

i am not gonna be able to get off of the couch for awhile, with this masterpiece shipping yesterday, and set to arrive tommorow, an Modnation racers on tuesday, I'm gonna be ovewhelmed with video game awesomeness!



smithers said:

The first Mario galaxy was pretty good...but far too easy for any moderate gamer which was a big letdown for me...hopefully this will be harder



plankton88 said:

Haven't played it yet. I am sure its worthy of a 10 though. Perfect example of what I said earlier. Bit Trip great=platformer, but no where near a 10 like Mario Galaxy.



Klapaucius said:

Is the assist on every level? How many hours to complete?
I have very little time in which to play Wii games this summer, so not sure if I should take the plunge or not...



Funky_Gamer said:

Already my favorite game with less then 5 hours of play time!
Definitly a 10/10.
Yoshi is soooooooo awesome.
If there is anything I don't like about the game, its that they took the ice power up out. But thats ok since the new power ups are awesome.



theblackdragon said:

am liking it so far, the music is awesome. i keep dying thanks to stupid crap because i'm so intent on exploring every inch of every level, lol



MetalMario said:

This game is the best thing ever. (Besides Super Mario 64.) I can't wait to get to the throwback galaxy.



Aenaida said:

50 stars in and lovin' every second. Excellent game, and much better than its prequel.



NassaDane said:

This has to be very very different from the first one if it is any good. I don't see how they can change it that much to make it fun. The first had little to no fun in it. I will not get cheated out of my money again nintendo.



Klapaucius said:

"N-Gamer 98% (highest ever mark for any Nintendo game in history); "
Actually they gave Ocarina of Time 98% back in their N64 Magazine days.



SuperMarioFan1995 said:

You Americans can still enjoy the game, though. I will be getting this on June 11th. This is my last comment until that day of release in EU. Thanks and many regards.




WiiPS2Guy said:

Not for sure if I should get New Super Mario Bros. or Galaxy 2. New is 15 bucks cheaper though............... But this looks great like the first one... Life is full of tough decisions.



mushroomer said:

I will rent from library, save 50$ and avoid another dust collector. That is what happens with all my games. I never replay them. I win get all stars and have not interest in them. Renting from library is the way to go.!!! and if you dont finish, just rent again later or from a video rental for 3$.
Also, my favorite 3D mario is Sunshine. Not the whole game though. Those levels called "The Secret of" Levels. oh ..those were awesome. Just platforming in its purist. I have always been longing for Mario "The Secret of" game with level editor/ sharing!!! that would be 10/10 for me!!!



IAmNotWill said:

I wish my mother would pay me back the money she owes so I can get this and some points. The first was amazing, and I must have this!



lex0plex said:

Man i wish the past few days weren't so beautiful cause ive been inside playing this game most of the time. at least it's supposed to thunderstorm tomorrow so at least i wont feel guilty about missing another gorgeous day.



she_gamer said:

Fantastic, that review was spot on. I can't believe I just spent half my holiday monday glued to the wii. I even had my husband make me dinner and bring me water. He had just as much fun being "player 2"!



sonic_brawler95 said:

I was just at my friend's house, and I brought Galaxy 2. He was player 1, and I was the 2nd. Wow, the co-op is much more improved, and its actually fun, unlike the co-op in the first.



StarDust4Ever said:

I've been playing nearly every day for the past week. Most awesome Mario game ever! If you haven't already, go out and buy this game NOW!!!

The enhanced difficulty level doesn't really seem unfair at all, and my game has improved considerably as a result. If you don't believe me, try replaying the original Mario Galaxy after having mastered the second. My only complaint is some of the timed levels (example: Chimp and Gearmo challenges) just don't seem to be possible to do in the amount of time given. Because you now have to stop to collect clocks on the speed-run missions, the absolute fastest speed-paths through a level are often now impractical if they require bypassing key routes which contain time-clocks. But the time-limited levels of the first Galaxy were some of the hardest for me along with the purple star coin missions.

But my own shortcomings are no excuse to bash what is by far the best Mario game ever. You owe it to yourself to buy this game!!! 15 stars out of 10!!!



YoshiSage said:

Better than the prequel, from what I hear. Nice job Nintendo.

...Now to actually buy and play this... FILL YOU STUPID WALLET



SuperMarioFan1995 said:

Just wanted to stop by for a quick post. This game really does look and sound better than the original.

10/10 is well deserved for this game. Although I wouldn't bother with Nintendo Power's score, 9.7? Seriously? If this game has no flaws, why a 9.7 score?

Anyways, I must go and do something else before I get this game on June 11th. I'll be back here 'til the EU release of SMG2. Thanks and bye for now.




nice_shirt said:

Best game I have EVER played!
BUT I wish those long winded dialogues were shippable!
Right? You hear it once, why subjugate you to the same 4 panel dialog over and over when you just want to transfer your starbitts to the next player?



SuperMarioFan1995 said:

I'm back.

Got the game and I must say, it's wonderful. More better than the first one, that's for sure.

It looks as though the game is already starting to get more difficult than I expected it to be. Well good, I'm glad it is.

Oh yeah, and screw all the Yoshi haters out there. He's awesome.

Galaxy 2 (for me) - 10/10.



WonderboY101 said:

If memory recalls I read an article (published on this site, I think) where Miyamoto was reported as saying, earlier in the development phase, that the sequel would have 90% new ideas, or some thing like that. And I thought it was a joke. Or maybe even over-confidence. Didn't seem like a very modest or Japanese-like thing to say at the time. But he was right. I'll never doubt him again.

This game is absolutely awesome, full of new ideas and impeccable design; the intuitive controls have been expanded and controlling Yoshi feels great . I'm only about six hours in, but I can safely say that this is the best platform game I've ever played; the best sequel I've ever played; hopefully when I've completed it the best game I've ever played.

I know finding time to eat and sleep is gonna be problematic this weekend!



RetroNL said:

What surprises me is that in this review (not looking at the game in general) that technical audio sound is mentioned, mostly I read things about how good the music is etc. But what many people forget is the sound itsself that is based on Home Cinema experiences. Nintendo may have many critics about the least best console in many options, but it is the best when you look at sound experience, Dolby Pro Logic II is fully integrated with games since the Cube, while other consoles arent fully Dolby optimised (ofcourse you can play the sounds on your home cinema system 5.1 or higher, but the consoles arent optimised to the true Dolby Pro Logic tech. instead they are based on normal Dolby Digital) On that part Nintendo has its better parts.
I play my games mostly in 5.1 since I bought a good 5.1 set (no not one of those retail or Bose sets) I mean a real set of speakers and woofer. It realy shows how Nintendo is pointing on sound.



scooter2659 said:

I know this comment is going to be like dessert to all the haters out there but I thought the first one was better.



gaminguy said:

WHYYYYYYYYYYY!?!? It was a 97 on metacritic then a 98 then a 97!
Not the best wii game anymore




Quite simply, the best video game of all time IMHO and probably in the opinion of many others (?)

Better than the 1st in nearly every way, not taking anything away from that awesome all time great.



Hokori said:

I still need to get this, this is probably the 1st major game from Nintendo that I didnt buy on day I in a long long long time I mean by Mario Zelda Metroid. Still will get it though and hopefully I can get other M right away.



Dragonite87 said:

I would give Super Mario Galaxy 2 a 100/10 even though that is impossible. It is my favourite game of all time and I have entered every competition I could find to try and win this game. In one of the comps I came 2nd and only 1st place won Super Mario Galaxy 2. I was crushed.



CaptainDingo said:

I guess I'll mostly just echo what everyone else in the entire universe says: Mario Galaxy is epic win.

I would rate it a 9.5/10. I gleefully shave 0.5 off just for the insultingly easy Bowser battle at the end. I felt like there was so much amazing buildup (and a couple really hard bosses) and it culminated into one boring 5-minute battle and a second stage to the battle that didn't last more than 60 seconds. Why Bowser has become such an inconsequential fight lately is beyond me (though he sure was a big jerk in New SMB Wii!).

Still, despite that blemish... best game on the Wii (that I've played). And while the Bowser battle is insultingly easy, world S is disturbingly difficult. I still haven't been able to beat all the levels in it yet.



grumblebuzzz said:

My only two tiny complaints about SMG2 would be the lack of a story -- I'm one of those ginormous nerds who got chills when the airships attacked the castle in the original -- and the fact that some of the comet challenges were frustratingly difficult, to the point of not being fun at all to me. Other than that, it is a fantastic, innovative game that I still enjoy picking back up from time to time (from a new save file, of course).



RetroNL said:

@ badmouth, Thats because Mario is and always will be a pure platformer to begin with, storyline isnt the magical ingrediënt of this genre. Though I know there are Mario games that have some more advanced story in it, but I never saw the use of it, because you mostly already knew what would happen also it was mostly akward and not interesting most at the time. I think that many people need to see that Mario is all about mega fun, collecting and puzzle to get that highest 'score' and satisfaction by beating the most difficult missions. If I have to give a score for the genre I would give it a fat 10 if I look as a game like any other 9,5, In my opinion one of the best games if not the best.



King_Boo said:

didn't really like the change from hub world, or design, controls and camera gave me issues, and some areas drove me crazy since they needed a second player to help.



InsanityPika said:

I thought it was a wonderful game. It kept me really excited through out the whole time. I really didn't take long for me to beat it, and I don't think I had any troubles with any of the galaxies. Maybe a little. But overall. This game get's the ratings it deserves.



Lan said:

throwback galaxy is the coolest. the talk with the thwomp king made me want a 3d mario with a paper mario type story/dialogue



Jono97 said:

Best game in the world! Well, I'm not really that a gamer myself, so, I doubt I'm even half-way yet



Varia01 said:

Man is this awesome. On Metacritic, the lowest review was 90/100 showing that this game is gaming history's legends. 10/10. Best Mario Game yet.



Giygas_95 said:

I'm gonna be the one to say it, but this game doesn't deserve a 10. This, Galaxy 1, and Mario 64 are overrated in my opinion.



Fandabidozi said:

Just got this today as an early Xmas present. Between this and Mario Kart 8 I'm gonna be pretty busy

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