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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Pegasus commented on Dig Into Cave Story 3DS on 28th June:

I still don't see the point of this. I somehow get the feeling the game will just lose its charm once it's 3D-fied. To me the DSiWare version is the best of the bunch and it'll remain that way.



Pegasus commented on 3DS Hits North America on March 27 for $249.99:

Just put my preorder in at Amazon, now that they're finally taking them. It'll be interesting to see when mine will be shipping out. I don't expect to get it around launch, but a few months down the road is fine either way. Standing in line for anything video-game related just seems silly to me.



Pegasus commented on Twilight Princess with High Res Textures Looks...:

Better graphics don't make a good game, but they sure do enhance an already good game's experience. I don't care what the naysayers have to say, I like the game.

I do hope that Skyward Sword will have a greater difficulty level though. Bar that... it still boggles my mind that Nintendo hasn't figured out how to implement several difficulty options in their games. Seriously, it can't be that hard. Everybody else is doing it. Silly Big N.



Pegasus commented on Nintendo President Wants Gamers to be Surprise...:

If they're going to keep motion controls they better vastly improve on them. Even with Motion Plus I'm still not sold. And for pete's sake get rid of them frakking friend codes!

I wonder how it will compare processing-wise with the PS3/Xbox 360. Then again, by the time the Wii's successor will arrive I would expect to see their competitors' new iterations to release shortly thereafter.



Pegasus commented on Review: Giana Sisters DS (DS):

@wolfcoyote You aren't too far off there. Shortly after Giana Sisters originally released on the C64, Nintendo complained about copyright infringement and the game quickly got pulled off the shelves. In that case, you really only could get it as a cracked game.

Since the new game never saw a DS release in NA, I simply went with the iPod Touch version, and it is one of the best platformers available there (a little on the easy side though). A nice little game for 5 bucks.



Pegasus commented on Review: Retro Atari Classics (DS):

I wondered what this one was like since I kept seeing a few copies in Target's budget game section. I guess it was a good thing I never was tempted enough to buy it.



Pegasus commented on Netflix Launching in Canada This Fall:

@jangonov That usually has to do with licensing issues and other legal crap. Though I am curious why it took this long to get it up there.

Is it only streaming? Nowhere does it say anything about actual DVDs. That'd be kind of lame. Netflix's streaming service is great and all, but without any real discs included it may not be that worth it. There's a lot of content that simply isn't available via streaming.



Pegasus commented on Exclusive Mecho Wars WiiWare Screenshots:

Got it on my iPod Touch long ago. A really poor man's AW clone is all that it is. Don't expect anything great.

IMO, as great as some of Luc Bernard's concepts may be all of his games lack proper execution. He should just stick to comics or something.



Pegasus commented on Get Physical Next Friday with Toribash: Violen...:

@iAmThetot Great video link you posted there. Now that's some serious skill. I don't even want to know how much practice you need to have to become that good.

I've tried Toribash on my Mac a while back, but I just couldn't get into it. You certainly can't expect to get any great results right off the bat as it can be a bit complex, and it has a considerable learning curve through a lot of trial and error.



Pegasus commented on 3DS Design May Still be Tweaked, Expected to L...:

@Mars11 If anything I would expect even bigger supply shortages, unless Nintendo puts more forethought into such.

In any case, now we'll just need a new "It Prints Money" animation for the 3DS. I'm definitely going to pre-order one as soon as online retailers start taking them.

@Caliko It has a front-facing camera just above the top screen.



Pegasus commented on You Can Play the Tron Wii Game with this Tron ...:

Shucks. Apparently, those controllers come with drawbacks. I might pass after all, after reading the following:
The PS3 and 360 controllers are corded with precision parts and vibration support, and the Wii controller is wireless, but lacks the vibration support. All three models will retail for $49.99.
Via IGN.



Pegasus commented on E3 2010: Star Fox 64 3D for 3DS:

@opeter"So, the Wii is almost dead? Now Nintendo is concentrating all it's power on the 3DS? Sad thing."

Someone must not have bothered looking at Wii's E3 game line-up. Lots of good games coming out. Seriously, calling the Wii almost dead is just a silly thing to do.



Pegasus commented on Rumour: Retro Bringing Back Donkey Kong:

Hm. A DK FPS? Not sure I could handle all that poo-flinging. =P

Seeing how Retro has been quiet for almost three years now they better have something (anything) to show soon.



Pegasus commented on Lords of Shadow to Feature Classic Nintendo Ca...:

I find Damo's comment about it being non-canon quite amusing. From all the various Castlevania games I've played, I found that their stories are laughable at best. So to worry about that aspect seems rather silly to me. You want me to kill Dracula yet again? Why didn't you say so? =P

I'm definitely curious in seeing how this one will turn out. Just because it may not be that Metroidvania so many people have become comfortable with doesn't mean it's going to be bad game. Hell, take the Castlevania backdrop with its werewolfs, ghouls, ghosts, and other assortments of beasties and it could end up quite a fun action romp.



Pegasus commented on Lifting the Bonnet on TrackMania's Track Editor:

I've got TMNU on my Windows partition on my Mac, and I love it. Sadly, it hasn't seen much play lately, since rebooting a lot can be quite the hassle. Editing tracks should be easy as pie with the Wiimote.

I'm actually surprised there's no PS3/Xbox360 release as they're definitely better as far as online communities go. Still, it looks very enticing and I may just nab it because I love Trackmania so much - I have the DS game, too.

4-player splitscreen is definitely a completely new feature in the franchise and could be quite fun. I hope the online experience isn't too gimped and that it'll let you share tracks fairly easily without having to resort to the mess that is Wii/friend codes.



Pegasus commented on Sid Meier's Pirates! Pillaging Its Way Onto Wii:

Yay! Pirates! One of my favorite franchises ever. Loved it on my Amiga, on my PC as Pirates! Gold, and the remake that finally made its way onto the Mac a couple of years ago. Not sure whether I'll bother with this one then, but it'll be nice for others to enjoy such a great game.

I highly doubt it'll be a WiiWare game because even if it is downgraded it'd be still much larger than the 40MB size limit. If they release it as VC title it better be the Genesis one, since I doubt the NES original will hold up favorably.



Pegasus commented on Hands On: Netflix Wii:

It does look rather decent. It surely performs a lot better than I was expecting it to. I really only requested a disc out of curiosity. My PS3 still boasts a bit sharper image even when displaying 480p content; the HDMI cable may have something to do with that. One advantage the Wii does have though is the interface. It just feels much more natural and easy to browse the interface via Wiimote than the continuous left/right up/down d-pad presses on my PS controller.

That said, it could come quite handy once I move into my own place, as I've still got my old TV sitting in the closet for now. Definitely good for bedroom viewing.



Pegasus commented on Nintendo Download: 22nd March 2010 (North Amer...:

I'm not all that big on "supporting the developer... just because", but it was worth it to me. I actually ended up liking the updated music better than I thought I would. Oh, and I think the game handles better with a controller, too. It's funny how I never really bothered to finish the game before, but just this afternoon I've already gone past the furthest part I've been in my three-hour stint - just comes to show how little I've actually played it before.

All in all, it's still a very fun game, and I was surprised by how good it actually looks on my 40" HDTV. Very nice. =)



Pegasus commented on Cave Story to Cost 1200 Wii Points:

1200 points is a-okay by me. Hell, I still have some 2000 points sitting on my Wii that I have bought before last Christmas in anticipation of the game. Yeah, shows how little I've bought from the store since then.



Pegasus commented on Reggie: Innovation Is Still Nintendo's Priority:

Innovate how? Another awkward way to play games? I don't even want to bother thinking about the idiocy of the vitality sensor. I actually didn't buy my Wii because of its motion controls, but because it was the most affordable console at the time. Having been made by Nintendo did help a bit, too. I've yet to be won over by any gimmicky control scheme, so I very much see Sony's Move and MS's Natal going down the very same road.

At the same time, I find it funny that Nintendo sparsely uses what is its own marketing gimmick in its own games. A good thing, too. Though the pointer ability can work wonders for a game.

I wouldn't mind an HD upgrade for Wii. If people can upscale Wii games well on a PC I'm pretty sure that shouldn't be out of the realm of possibility when it would come to a Wii successor with more proper and efficient code. Right now my games have a tendency to look a bit rough on my new HDTV. Surprisingly, all VC games look pretty great, especially the N64 ones that have received a slight graphical enhancement when Nintendo brought them over. That's not to say the games are any less fun, though. Once I do get into a game I may not notice as much.

Let's not forget that an HD upgrade wouldn't just simply mean better graphics. It would also afford the console more actual processing power so it could do more things than before. That's one thing that is most notable about the Wii's competitors, and it really shows how limited the Wii is in what can be done in the games it has.

As for the DS, it can stay just the way it is.



Pegasus commented on Nintendo Download: 22nd February 2010 (North A...:

So where the heck is Cave Story? As far as I remember the project was completed well over two months ago. I've got plenty of other games to play, so that's not my worry. It just seems ridiculous to me that a completed game keeps getting delayed like that.



Pegasus commented on Review: Geometry Wars Galaxies (DS):

Even at less than $10 used I wasn't tempted to pick up a copy this past weekend due to its shortcomings. The Wii version on the other hand is always a blast to play.



Pegasus commented on Hands On: Yobo FC-16 Go Portable SNES:

I have been thinking about picking up an old SNES console one of these days, but if this does get the job done just as well it might be worth consideration. Kinda cool that it does come with two wireless controllers. Not bad at all for fifty bucks.



Pegasus commented on Review: Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Sta...:

I'm still unsure about those Tatsunoko characters, but it does look like it could be quite fun.

I'm not all that into fighting games, but I thought I might make a small investment again this year... the question for me is: this or the upcoming release of Super Street Fighter IV for my PS3? Hmmm.



Pegasus commented on WiiWare Devs Call for More Advertising From Ni...:

Even if only 20% of the installed user base are connected that would still consist of a few million people. Unfortunately, the number of people who are interested in actually buying VC/WiiWare games is probably another fraction of that.

Anyway, I do agree though that Nintendo ought to put a bit more emphasis on its Wii's online shop just to make people aware it exists; I wonder though how people can gloss over its existence since it's a permanent fixture on everybody's Wii home menu.



Pegasus commented on Nintendo Download: 18th January 2010 (North Am...:

More DSiWare goods. Yay! Still pondering whether to pick up Muscle March. It simply looks too wacky to just pass on it.

I hope Cave Story won't take too much longer now. I have no problem waiting, though. I still have a good-sized backlog to slog through.



Pegasus commented on Nintendo No Longer Publishing Metroid Prime Tr...:

Frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if Nintendo decided to completely stop making the trilogy. They did a very similar thing to Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn after a relatively short time.

Anyway, I only played it very little after I picked this pack up. After reading about this tidbit earlier today on Kotaku I ended up diving into MP1 this afternoon, and I somehow managed to play for five hours straight. Still a damn good game! So the graphics are a bit dated.