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Mon 31st Mar 2008

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Smileoscar commented on More Last Story Artwork Emerges, Looks Suitabl...:

Anyone think this game is going to be like pre-Final Fantasy VII?
It sounds like it could be,I mean we have the guy that made FFI-VI,the name is kinda similar and it's on a Nintendo console...
Oh well, as long as it kicks ass I'm happy



Smileoscar commented on Hanabi Festival 5 to Happen Soon?:

No Final Fantasy I see...I guess that means I'll buy the iPhone version after all.
Adamant,don't reply on this comment and tell me that the NES version is the best one,k?



Smileoscar commented on DS2 Rumour Is Rumour No More:

I just got a PS3 last christmas. Don´t make me want to wish for a new handheld now Nintendo. I want to be able to wish for something else than just videogames for once!! >:C



Smileoscar commented on Rumored Zelda Wii Details Spill Online:

"The 2chan source also suggested that the Master Sword isn't even in the game, instead replaced by a weapon with unlockable abilities that is also used to communicate with Adelle/Adella/Aderu"

Funny how I thought about something very similar like this could be there reason why Link doesn't have his Master sword,and now it might be true!