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Mon 31st March, 2008

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Smileoscar commented on More Last Story Artwork Emerges, Looks Suitabl...:

Anyone think this game is going to be like pre-Final Fantasy VII?
It sounds like it could be,I mean we have the guy that made FFI-VI,the name is kinda similar and it's on a Nintendo console...
Oh well, as long as it kicks ass I'm happy :D



Smileoscar commented on Hanabi Festival 5 to Happen Soon?:

No Final Fantasy I see...I guess that means I'll buy the iPhone version after all.
Adamant,don't reply on this comment and tell me that the NES version is the best one,k? :P



Smileoscar commented on DS2 Rumour Is Rumour No More:

I just got a PS3 last christmas. Don´t make me want to wish for a new handheld now Nintendo. I want to be able to wish for something else than just videogames for once!! >:C



Smileoscar commented on Rumored Zelda Wii Details Spill Online:

"The 2chan source also suggested that the Master Sword isn't even in the game, instead replaced by a weapon with unlockable abilities that is also used to communicate with Adelle/Adella/Aderu"

Funny how I thought about something very similar like this could be there reason why Link doesn't have his Master sword,and now it might be true!