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Tue 16th Sep 2008

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Nintendude92 commented on Review: Paper Mario: Sticker Star (3DS):

I honestly can't believe the ammount of people saying 8 is a bad score. It's as if because they want to buy it, it must have a 9 or they get insecure. Because if it recieves 10, it's ludicrous and compared to everything.

Please pay more attention to the writing and use that to gauge your mileage.

This game is great by any scale.



Nintendude92 commented on More Fire Emblem DLC On Its Way To Japan This ...:

I want more details on the dlc, really.. From what I've been reading they charge you nearly $5 each map, unit (normally bundled with a map).

I also hope this game and its additional content doesn't get censored or modified for "the audience in the states", because alot of games like this do. It's still traditionally fire emblem but features like marriage or interaction is geared towards them and the onslaught of games like that on 3DS over at Japan.

We'll see I guess



Nintendude92 commented on Guide: Nintendo 3DS System Update v. 4.0.0-7:

@Bass_X0 I'm nearly certain they'll leave it. It's down two entire expansions and alot of the costumes that were paid for the other consoles are free here.

Now one thing they SHOULD fix is charge moves on lite mode.

Mighty Switch force update is great, and now I know NoA is full of crap for saying the Mario kart bugs couldn't be fixed without revised retail copies.



Nintendude92 commented on Review: Kid Icarus: Uprising (3DS):

@SkywardLink98 12 hours isn't too bad, I'm really looking for at least a Mario 3D Land length. Not long at all, but a healthy amount of fresh content

I don't know that I'll enjoy multiplayer and the bulk of unlockable content seems to be oriented for showing off to other players. So I'm on the fence in terms of overall length of the campaign.



Nintendude92 commented on Review: Kid Icarus: Uprising (3DS):

How long is this game? I feel like it would have a star fox length and live off of replay value through the Cauldron feature. No review seems to mention length of the campaign, but that it is stuffed with tons of unlockables



Nintendude92 commented on Hands On: Analogue Interactive CMVS Slim and A...:

Waitwait-- as a fighting game player, why this as opposed to a Madcatz tournament edition stick? Especially when catz has the 8 button layout.

You get the sanwa parts there so I don't see 500 more dollars being justified. If it's the wood or finish aesthetic, I see that, but it's easy to fix up a TE with those guts too



Nintendude92 commented on Rayman Origins 3DS Has No Multiplayer:

If this had multiplayer, it would be local and none of you would use it anyway

I'll say that it does take away from some of the wacky charm-- but this tough as nails platformer is NOT to be played multiplayer towards the latter half, I'll tell you that much



Nintendude92 commented on Review: Mutant Mudds (3DSWare):

How long is it exactly? You mention bonus levels in any given stage-- but how many stages overall? I'll probably pick it up regardless but still, would be nice to know

And @15. They've already stated it's not going to be there and the reasons why. They say it's costly and a time consuming process for a small team-- but they want it on there as soon as possible.



Nintendude92 commented on Game of the Year: Nintendo Life Staff Awards 2011:

This was a good year for Nintendo games, even if it took them forever to come out. Every game on this list is deserving of praise!

@2. Rayman's controls are fantastic. Once you get in the groove of hopping and bopping on enemies, you can move more fluently than you could in any platformer-- save super meatboy. Have you seen the par time clears? The way everything just flows together perfectly? The game is an underrated gem. The points you make are that of brand recognition. Man, I sure like Kirby. Man, co-workers sure do like Mario more than Rayman.

Rayman is a roaring good time with friends, the level design is something to marvel at and the aesthetic is simply wonderful. I'd rather drive innovation with something so lovingly crafted than to play it safe like Kirby did.

Say Rayman didn't make 3rd on this list, I doubt kirby would have been next up. I liked Kirby, I 100%'d it, but it isn't anything spectacular.

@44. "It should at least make up for the disappointment of Epic Yarn once I get my hands on it."

"once I get my hands on it."

^So it deserves a spot in your opinion having not played it?



Nintendude92 commented on The Binding of Isaac Seeking Approval from Nin...:

I have this and Super Meat boy.

I would buy this again on the eshop no problem, and might even enjoy it on that format more. I just doubt Nintendo would take it with how crude and offensive some of the things in isaac can seem. Major points to Nintendo if it gets a green light



Nintendude92 commented on Guide: Mario Kart 7 Top Tips:

You have 3,000 coins and all parts? I'm nearing 3.5k and still need ~3 parts

@45. it's based on the duration of your drift, and turning inwards reduces the time needed to build the boost



Nintendude92 commented on Review: Mario Kart 7 (3DS):

Since some people wanted to know,

According to Kotaku, here are the item options:
All Items
Coins Only
Bananas Only
Mushrooms Only
Bob-ombs Only
No Items at all

You cannot disable a specific item. No axeing blue shells.

However, I saw in footage that you can get a mushroom in first place.. so there's that if you have a convincing lead



Nintendude92 commented on Preview: Mutant Mudds:

I saw the trailer on the eshop. It looks really retro, but it also looks really slow.. I'm not big on slow platformers



Nintendude92 commented on Review: Mario Kart 7 (3DS):

Say Corbie, I read in the game informer review that you could disable blue shells via the community features. But what I read on IGN was that you can set a specific item to be the only item used in the race, and that you couldn't cherry pick a roster of items.

Is there a way to turn off blue shells via the community feature without axeing the rest of the roster?

Yes, I hate them



Nintendude92 commented on Miyamoto Not a Huge Fan of Mario Kart 7 Custom...:

Eh if it's anything like the other entries in the series there will be a best character/kart combination.

Unless the terrain makes a substantial difference, for the best time trials "traditionally" there is a best kart. So I never took too much interest in this feature

So I agree with Miyamoto's initial hesitation but for different reasons..



Nintendude92 commented on Review: Freakyforms: Your Creations, Alive! (3...:

Honestly I'm taking a pass on this because creating characters or customizing a world is what I want Animal crossing for. I thought this would be a decent platformer but I guess not. From what I've read in a few reviews the controls are strange to suit the creatures created-- and that doesn't appeal to me. I can see why it could be fun but I have never been one for creation tools-- save the stellar Warioware: DIY.

Good review



Nintendude92 commented on Review: Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure (3DS):

An interesting concept that is ultimately too pricey. They did a pretty good job of trying to mask Activision's love for DLC.

I'll wait until they run this into the ground before buying any version if at all, I'm sorry

Good review, just can't stomach paying for additional on-cart content



Nintendude92 commented on Review: Kirby's Return to Dream Land (Wii):

The reviews that are down on this game are because Kirby has been in some very good experimental titles recently-- but it has been too long since his last traditional outing. This is the Donkey kong country returns of 2011



Nintendude92 commented on Mario Kart 7 Art Shows DK, Peach and Big Blue ...:


In Mario kart 64, the blue shell traveled up the middle and hit anyone in it's wake right up until first place.

This is much better, I felt flying blue shells were utterly pointless to players in the back; they aren't any closer to the lead after using it.

But really, Bullet bill fills the role and doesn't ruin the winners lead



Nintendude92 commented on Talking Point: Should Nintendo Regularly Offer...:

The problem with that is there are virtually no good free games on the iOS.. Sales are an okay idea, but I like Nintendo's firm stance on price. But the 3rd party not maintaining value, often having their games on both platforms with the iOS better and cheaper is troubling. Cut the rope and plants vs zombies being prime examples. Retail is a bigger issue. If you want $40 off me, you're really going to have to bring the bells and whistles these days-- there's incredible value on things like steam and other platforms that make it easy to ignore mediocre 3DS outings



Nintendude92 commented on Review: Star Fox 64 3D (3DS):

What is it with the comments here? "Oh it got an 8, I was expecting a 9.. I'll buy it anyway though"

8's a good score. And at the end of the day, this game is very light on content if you're not a high score type of person.



Nintendude92 commented on Ocarina of Time 3D was Second Best-Selling Gam...:

@24. on a summer month on a new platform? Those copies of Zelda all went to starved users. Myself included. It pulled in 7.9 mil on n64, they haven't sold that many systems yet.

It's also a remake. Fantastic game and I'm glad it's doing well, but I don't expect record numbers from anything on 3DS for quite some time



Nintendude92 commented on Nintendo Download: 23rd June 2011 (North America):

@16. Yes I have.. Mario Land is only 4 worlds long, Link's Awakening short, beaten ocarina time and time again and plowed through donkey kong on a plane ride..

Japan very far ahead.. and since every region has their own manager, it looks like this could be a trend :/

Might buy Shantae since I bought an eshop card

@22. With other titles (and 3D xevious too right?) out, that's poor reasoning. The shop has been out for a few weeks after being months late and the pace is slow. I think everyone has a right to be upset.