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Sun 4th Apr 2010

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paulesungnomo commented on Nintendo Unlikely to Invite Apple to Parties A...:

@stardust: that's a good point. the iphone may be a real neat device (and some of it's games are alright) but i think what is more important to us as gamers (and what will put nintendo a head and shoulders above apple for the foreseeable future) is the support that developers put behind a handheld system. Even if the ipad and iphone and ipod and all the damn 'i' devices have better hardware and more processing power than nintendo's devices, the fact remains that developers like gameloft (shudder) are the main source of throw away games for apple's devices. if and when the serious handheld game developers that currently back the ds family get behind apple, then nintendo will have something to worry about.



paulesungnomo commented on Hey Now, Kirby Wii Might Actually Be Happening...:

sounds good... although instead of speculating, you guys should snap up some of kirbys awesome older games: the amazing mirror, canvas curse, nightmare in dreamland and squeak squad are all there for the taking on ebay! those should hold us over until nintendo finally gets around to releasing this mythical new kirby.



paulesungnomo commented on BBC Study Suggests Brain Training Games are In...:

hehe that's funny. i got those brain age games free with my dsi xl and erased them that same day. It's stupid to presume that a game made up of simple exercises will make you any smarter than any other game. I mean, were people really dumb enough to think that those games were any more challenging to your brain that say, professor layton or the art style games? who says a puzzle in spirit tracks is any less effective for keeping your mind alert than kawashima's boring games? most video games involve problem solving in one way or another, and like Earendel68 said: we don't play games to get smarter, that's what books are for.



paulesungnomo commented on Review: Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels (Vi...:

wow... i think ill pick this up again just to play through all those enfuriatingly hard levels... it took me forever to beat it back when i had all-stars. what a great game. and anyone who would lower the game's score based soley on the fact that they are a klutz who can't handle some serious platforming is not hating on the game becasue the game sucks, they are hating on the game because THEY suck.



paulesungnomo commented on Mr. Driller: Drill Till You Drop:

yaaaay! got this game last night as soon as i remembered the 5th was the release date... the game is classic mr driller with a few new features and characters and the music is HILARIOUS!