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CaptainDingo commented on Review: Call of Duty: Black Ops (Wii):

I don't remember who it was, but someone earlier in the comments said you can't customize Goldeneye's controls. Just to set the record straight, that's completely untrue. You can customize dead zones, turn sensitivities on both axes, cursor sensitivity, etc. just like in The Conduit and Red Steel 2. Must not have looked around the options enough, but they're there.



CaptainDingo commented on Review: Super Scribblenauts (DS):

While the level editor is improved over the original game, it's still not much. Making something unique or complex isn't really possible. Half the cool levels you play in the game you can't actually make using the level editor or even come close to making, so that definitely hurts the replay. Your level ideas have to be very strictly constrained in the rules for the game type you're making.

Probably 50% of the levels aren't particularly fun; they're often matching games using adjectives rather than platforming and improvising. Most of the fun you'll have is probably in the premade levels that are fun and can be done multiple ways, and in coming up with wacky stuff to create in the sandbox mode (like a giant crying fat short undead panda, or whatever).

I'd say the same about Super Scribblenauts as I did about Scribblenauts, it's a seriously awesome idea that needs some better execution behind it.



CaptainDingo commented on Review: GoldenEye 007 (Wii):

I'm sure not seeing the correlation between the written review and the score given. In all honesty, I had suspicions that anyone who reviewed this game would bump it up by 1 or 2 points just because of the fog of nostalgia clouding their judgment, and in my opinion, that's just what happened.

What I'm gathering is that the AI is bad (then it's said that the gunfights are fun, which seems conflicting), the scripted sequences were developed lazily, there is no way to communicate with people in online matches, and there's this constant line being drawn to Call of Duty (a franchise that is basically a plague, so I consider that a bad thing), a mention of blandness, etc.

I guess what I'm getting at is that aside from a few paragraphs talking about Rare's game being superior to this one, I didn't notice a lot of positivity in this review mentioning what makes THIS game so good (or an 8 out of 10, if you will). Or is it really for no reason but the split-screen multiplayer?

I guess I may be alone here in my thinkings anyways (aside from Guybrush_Threepwood, but he has a Grim Fandango avatar so we're probably secret soul mates anyways... lol).



CaptainDingo commented on WiiWare Demos Launch This Week with Four New D...:

I definitely see the frustration here. I've really never touched a 360 except for a few times, but it seemed instantly more accessible. The second you boot up the 360, it presents you with trailers and demos you might be interested in downloading. Meanwhile, Nintendo hides everything they're doing inside the Wii Shop Channel and Nintendo Channel and offers you obscure "chances" to get demos before time runs out (but only if you happen to check this stuff yourself every day, because Nintendo never seems to try contacting you about anything). It doesn't make any sense, and Nintendo seems to make an actual conscious effort to hide streaming/downloadable content from Wii owners, hoping they won't find it and use precious bandwidth.

When the Wii was announced and Miyamoto was telling us about how we'd just wake up in the morning and see the disc slot glowing blue and it'd be like Christmas as you look at all the news and content Nintendo has delivered to you, I expected to turn my Wii on and instantly be bombarded with demos, videos, maybe even articles or even just pretty pictures. But no... because the channel menu is always so dead and disconnected from the channels that inhabit it.

I honestly don't care about online multiplayer, but I do care about content delivery. Whether Nintendo decides to up their game with online multiplayer in the next generation, I really don't care, but they absolutely have to start delivering content to our consoles without time limits and without hiding them in obscure channels that we have to scout out ourselves every day.

As it is, you can own a 360 and not actually own a single game and still get several days of gameplay out of it just by perusing demos. Can't say the same for the Wii.



CaptainDingo commented on Review: Wii Party (Wii):

Is there a way to disable playing the minigames where you hide the wii remote/place it flat on surfaces/etc.? My house has very little available furniture in the room where my Wii is, and virtually no tables save for the one in the dining room. I'd prefer to just play the game-games, if that makes any sense.



CaptainDingo commented on Wii Remote Plus is Real, Coming in Four Colours:

Oh well. Like others have said, it doesn't really change the fact that there's probably 1... maybe 2 quality games that even use Motion Plus right now.

And I guess Miyamoto had a hell of a time with the interference during the Skyward Sword demo so we barely got a good look at it, but it hardly looked like that PS3 tech demo we saw with the 1:1 sword and shield combat. Makes me wonder why they bother with Motion Plus at all...

I guess I'm just upset that the only game I own that utilizes the dongle well is Red Steel 2, and even then, you're still just triggering pre-animated swings with gestures.



CaptainDingo commented on Review: Grill-Off with Ultra Hand! (WiiWare):

I just recently accumulated the 350 coins required to order my set of 3 Mario posters. I'd say that is probably the best way to spend your coins, currently... definitely don't blow 80 on this, as tempting as it might be. The folders would be cute for kids, but I can't think of any time in my adult life that I need Mario folders, and the Wii remote bucket is useless since many of us probably keep our Wii remotes on a charge station.

If Nintendo started putting figurines in the Club Nintendo shop, I'd leap on those like a rabid dog.



CaptainDingo commented on Hands On: PlayOn:

What couldn't you guys find on Hulu, just out of curiosity? They tend to have all the shows worth watching. And by that, I mean awesome crime dramas.

I agree with the fee being a turn-off. I can go on my computer and look at Hulu for free. Why on Earth would I pay to do it on my Wii? It sounds like the appeal for this sort of thing is extremely limited to people who both don't have TV, and also don't have a PC. I don't know anyone who doesn't have either one or the other.



CaptainDingo commented on Review: Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest (Virtual C...:

Not only is this still a genuinely decent game, but it remains to be one of the few JRPGs that don't make me roll my eyes, and also remains to be the only Final Fantasy game I like, period. There's some serious merit in that!

Although I do have a bit of a liking for Crystal Chronicles, but that's really a spin-off.



CaptainDingo commented on Review: Triple Throwing Sports (WiiWare):

Don't give up on WiiWare. The quality releases are few, but they show up from time to time, it's just difficult to know when they'll arrive. My Life as a King, Retro City Rampage, LostWinds, Defend Your Castle, numerous successful puzzle games, etc.

Though... I myself run a small development team consisting of two people. I think we take great care in making good games, but according to Nintendo's criteria, they've preferred to shoot our game down rather than agree to serve it over WiiWare, while at the same time selling atrocious garbage like this. I can't help but take it personally if only because I don't understand what qualifies and doesn't qualify a game, if not based on its quality.

This is why I recently have given up (as a developer) on WiiWare (as a player, I still have hope!). Valve however has been more than happy to discuss having our latest game put on the Steam platform, so that's where we're headed and why.

Guess I'd just give some insight, though I suppose it doesn't answer any questions as to why so much garbage gets through the filter.



CaptainDingo commented on Review: Defend Your Castle (WiiWare):

I really enjoyed this game. It was the first WiiWare title I got.

The only problem I had with it was that the unlimited levels thing was very poorly implemented. After a while, I had so many archers that I could literally start playing a level, go to make a sandwich, come back and win. I did this for like 10 levels. Start the level, leave the room, and win without any input from me whatsoever.

But to get to that point in the first place, you do have to sink a good 10 hours in.



CaptainDingo commented on Robox:

Does look quite generic. Jumping... walking... crouching... picking things up... the epic music contrasts so much with what's actually going on that it's almost silly.

I don't know. I love slow games, but watching the trailer for this game makes me feel so bored. I see a 6 star rating in its future, though I would like to be wrong about that.



CaptainDingo commented on Interview: Brian Provinciano - Retro City Rampage:

To those upset with the price, look at it this way: This is not the WiiWare you're used to getting. You know the type; you play it for about 5-8 hours and you're done. And that's a stretch. That's wringing it dry.

I think WiiWare has something like a 50 megabyte limitation (someone correct me if I'm wrong). When you're dealing in 8-bit graphics, that means you can pack in as many hours of gameplay as you want. And based on this interview, some of the more obsessed of us may be spending 30+ hours on this game. Which, need I remind you, is easily more than twice as much as we spend playing the average $40 game these days.

$15 is a great price for what we're being promised. Now it's just a matter of whether they will deliver...

This is what WiiWare should always be, to me. Games with older-style graphics but huge longevity. Not stuff that pushes the system and wastes all of its allotted disk space on graphics assets. I've programmed games with graphics that were literally just Windows buttons and a lot of text, and they only take up a few megabytes, but they easily can contain tens of hours of gameplay or more if you play your cards right.



CaptainDingo commented on FlingSmash Shows off a New Wii Remote with Mot...:

I never take off my MotionPlus so it's not really an issue for me.

But I think they should have done this earlier. Saves on plastic at any rate, so having it built into the controller must automatically be cheaper than buying a $40 remote and then a $25 dongle-mabob.

Guess I lucked out anyways, I got my MotionPlus for free with a $40 copy of Red Steel 2...



CaptainDingo commented on The Latest GoldenEye Vignette Shows a Lot of C...:

Yeah, looks pretty bumpy. I concur about the graphics. A few of the still shots look nice, but most of the gameplay videos look quite jagged and messy. I'm seeing blurry textures, no shadows under the characters (does a hell of a job to your depth perception, pause at 7 seconds in the first video) and a very lazy job in the graphics department all-around. True, pretty graphics don't make a good game, but ugly graphics can help make a bad game. If that makes sense.

Hopefully they will be making some sort of actual effort before the game ships. I'm not asking for a visual spectacle the likes of Mario Galaxy (though it would be nice if they aimed that high), but something that at least looks like it was made for the Wii. It looks like Agent Under Fire. Except slightly worse...



CaptainDingo commented on New Super Mario Bros. Wii Named Game of the Ye...:

This is actually kind of surprising. While I had several weeks of solid enjoyment out of this game, and playing with my brother was a lot of fun, I never really thought of this game as being game of the year material at all. I felt like perhaps not enough was different or fresh about the game to warrant such a high merit.

I almost felt like I was playing a simultaneous 2-player version of SMB3. Which is definitely not a bad thing, but still, for my point I'm trying to make...

I would gladly let it take #2, right behind a better game though.



CaptainDingo commented on Review: Monster Hunter 3 (Tri~) (Wii):

Very good game. Unabashedly hardcore though, so there are a few things newcomers might want to take notice of: No difficulty options, and the requisite of having quite a lot of controller dexterity. If you're being repeatedly thwomped by a monster, 90% of the time it's because you suck, not because your gear sucks.

It's very harsh, but the rewards are often great.

Also, I must be the only person who had no problem using the Wii remote + nunchuck to play this game. I thought adjusting the camera with the directional pad was pretty easy, even underwater.

I usually hate console RPGs, but I've logged 60 hours into this game so far. ...And I still haven't even beaten the darn single player story yet. Granted, I like to stop and smell the flowers sometimes, but make no mistake, this is a game for people with serious time on their hands. Hehe.



CaptainDingo commented on Review: Red Steel 2 (Wii):

Red Steel 2 is a great game. I recommend it to all Wii owners.

There are only two main issues I had with the game.

1: There's this bug that plagued me on 2 different occasions where I would enter combat, but there weren't any enemies to fight. And since the game blocks you off from leaving the area when you're in combat, I was completely stuck and could not progress. I had to quit the game and try doing things differently until it didn't happen anymore. Again, this happened twice. It was very, very annoying, but hopefully it doesn't happen to anyone else.

2: When you get to the end of the game, it's no longer possible to go back and buy upgrades. You're stuck in front of the final boss. This means that, if in theory you were saving your money and didn't buy a lot of your upgrades, and happened to get to the end of the game and didn't have enough upgrades under your belt to reasonably beat the final boss, too bad. Guess you need to start the game all over again. D:

Besides those two pitfalls, great game. Was almost everything it was promised to be.



CaptainDingo commented on Review: Rune Factory: Frontier (Wii):

Rune Factory Frontier is a surprisingly good game.

I've always liked Harvest Moon games, and really, Rune Factory isn't far behind Harvest Moon DS in longevity (I loved how Harvest Moon DS let you level up everything and anything, and let you build and place any buildings you wanted, etc. I still think it's better than Harvest Moon 64, even...).

As for Runeys, I know a lot of people have been struggling with the system.

I've done so much research about them that it's a bit embarrassing, but I can tell you all these few quicktips:

Runeys always grow and don't eat each other at Homestead. When a sector is in prosperity (35+ of all types), the food chain halts and 2 grass Runeys are lost each day. "Grass farms" can be made by having some grass runeys alone with a massive amount of water runeys. Skim grass runeys off, and feed your prosperity zones. Skim water runeys off your prosperous zones to feed the grass farm. If you don't have enough grass to feed every area in prosperity, don't. I have 2 "dead" areas and my crops still grow very fast. I only have to manage my runeys maybe once or twice a week.

Best way to start (in my opinion, some may agree) is to go around and suck up every runey (effectively killing every sector). Redistribute them (if you have enough) to pick and choose a few prosperous areas. Feed them, skim runeys off the top as well as from Homestead, and gradually add more prosperous areas.



CaptainDingo commented on Review: Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Wii):

I guess I'll mostly just echo what everyone else in the entire universe says: Mario Galaxy is epic win.

I would rate it a 9.5/10. I gleefully shave 0.5 off just for the insultingly easy Bowser battle at the end. I felt like there was so much amazing buildup (and a couple really hard bosses) and it culminated into one boring 5-minute battle and a second stage to the battle that didn't last more than 60 seconds. Why Bowser has become such an inconsequential fight lately is beyond me (though he sure was a big jerk in New SMB Wii!).

Still, despite that blemish... best game on the Wii (that I've played). And while the Bowser battle is insultingly easy, world S is disturbingly difficult. I still haven't been able to beat all the levels in it yet.



CaptainDingo commented on Review: Despicable Me: The Game (Wii):

But Goldeneye was also made by Rare, who are frankly above mortal men like you and I in every way.

Well, they used to be, anyways.

Anyways, I didn't even really like the movie much, just for how predictable it was. Before I even watched it, I guessed the entire plot and the ending and got it right.