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Thu 15th Apr 2010
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NuYu commented on More Kid Icarus: Uprising Gameplay Videos:

The design is really meh and the gameplay looks kind of mediocre. Not convinced. And PSICOffee, not in any way other than the railshoting formula does this look like SAP 2. Too bad it doesn't.



NuYu commented on The Latest Lost in Shadow Trailer Materialises:

The short cut-scene-things just destroys the game. The pace gets completely ruined when you have to watch the same things move all the time, just because you stand on a switch. The first time it's okay, but if a game can't even show what's being changed in the world without the use of cut-scenes and the like, the game developers isn't just very good at making games. IMO.

Anyway, the platforming and puzzle elements looks interesting, but the stage-design is a bit overwhelming. It's just to much i think. And all this walking through gates, omg. I love a lot of slow-paced games, but this one just don't know how to do it. Disappointed.



NuYu commented on Everybody Do the Robot to this Robox Trailer:

Look like a game that tries to be special, but actually are plain dumb. Reminds me of Machinarium, but I think that may be because the developers want it to look like that game. But they lack the feeling that Machinarium has, and I actually find it kind of repelling.

But, this is just a early video. I hope it will prove to be a nice game when released.