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Fri 23rd Oct 2009

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smithers commented on Angry Birds Making Their Nest on WiiWare:

@sean no its not really boom blox . its played on a 2D scale for starters and its similar to those games where you and a friend both have castles on either side of a map and you use your cannon to shoot the other one



smithers commented on Super Mario Galaxy 2 Players Already Super-Ski...:

its almost definately not a glitch because each jump isnt the same length as the last one...they deteriorate over time which makes me think that the developers put this in the game on purpose for those skilled/lucky enough to find it



smithers commented on New Super Mario Galaxy 2 Trailer:

im LOVINg the side scrolling part that we saw....although to be honest im not sure i like the tradition mario type map cause i thought the last game was cool cause it was something different in that respect



smithers commented on First Impressions: Super Meat Boy - Part 2:

this game is the only game that i can honestly say is an instabuy...i love the feature of watching all the people that you died with go at the same time....hilarious...i need this game!!



smithers commented on Review: Chrono Trigger (DS):

this game is so good...i had it for a while and never got into it...but all of a suden in picked it up again and now im hooked...its AWESOEM



smithers commented on Army Defender:

WOOWOWOWOW omg i was expecting 500 points too and i easily wouldve payed it glad its 200 INSTADOWNLOAD



smithers commented on Review: Pokémon Rumble (WiiWare):

dont hate on pokemon the card game....i played it in tourneys back in the know when the cards were awesome and not just the OP knock-off lame ones....the cards have gone waaay down-hill



smithers commented on Review: Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition (Wii):

i played this at my cousins house....we decided to stop after 4 hours cause once a guy with a bag over his head and a chainsaw erupted from a door at 2:00 in the morning and scared the daylights out of us



smithers commented on Review: Chibi-Robo (GameCube):

heard all about this game when it first came out but never actually looked at it....seems pretty good obviously but since i have to have a gamecube i cant play the game haha



smithers commented on PES 2010 (Wii) Trailer: first haha looks fairly good though but i think im gonna get fifa 10 for the PS3 once i get it this christmas