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Mon 17th Aug 2009

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Useless_Account commented on 3DS Could Cause Eye Problems in Later Life:

I sdont care im still ganna play it, besies I NEED glasses to see 3d so it would be strain my eyes using glasses, not naked Duo eyes. Whatever anyone says I'm playing it. I'm probably gonna die blind anyway, if I die at all... : l i kid.



Useless_Account commented on Another Analyst Suggests Wii 1.5 On the Way:

All i want is a better nnchuck that is wireless, has better motion control than a tilt sensor, rechargable, a wii remote with built in m+, rechargable, and a better built in speaker. Thios would solve everything(i think) in the remote area of things. In the console part though, the Wii is already as small as can be unless they want to majke it the size of a DVD case(literally), but on HD, 3D, graphics, and harddrive, thats the only improvments I can see coming to a new Nintendo console, called 3WiiHDii, jk, but seriously, something like that.



Useless_Account commented on Review: F-Zero GX (GameCube):

Man this game was awesome as f***. I was able to complete it all the way besides beating it on master with all the characters and getting all their mini videos(I only got half of them and thats just because it got boring, but maybe time has made it a fun challenge again), but yes, I did complete story on the hardest difficulty, and unlock all the arcade modes which was difficult and very fun. I never learned how to snake though.



Useless_Account commented on Charles Martinet Shares Your Pain, Waluigi:

Wario and Waluigi: Coins of the Forgotten... haha. And ya it would be an RPG
also, maybe a 3d adventure where Waluigi fights his own Nemesis, a Bowser like charcter. Maybe a land where the populus is Dandelion people, instead of bean or mushroom.



Useless_Account commented on Nintendo of Australia Sends DS to School But D...:

Man... thats cool I guess, but this is like a last resort which is probably ho Nintendo looked at this. She should have gotten at least a B because obviously she got more than she bargained for in response to the letter. Did gher teacher correct it before she sent it? Did they send the letter back with the DS?



Useless_Account commented on Super Mario Galaxy 2 Players Already Super-Ski...:

How do you do this on Mario World? And yes I'm not a cheater like people say above because I've already beaten the crap out of the game. I'm just curious... It's funny how you can't even see Mario's eyes because he's just moving forward and not looking back in the pic. Has anyone modded thier game so that if you drop Yoshi he screams in pain, Mario dies, or Yoshi becomes you're enemy by jumping back up and beats the crap out of Mario?



Useless_Account commented on Nintendo Trademarks 3DSWare, DSMovie and Other...:

Sounds good. Hopefully a gamertag type system, online chat along with pictochat, mp3 returns(hopefully), and everything awesome anyone can ever think of I hoping for.
@ GonzoMontana
Hopefully you're right with your list. And better resolution too.



Useless_Account commented on New Zelda Aims for Easier Controls, Big Surprises:

Zelda isn't even complicated, if anythingit's gotten too easy(only hard parts are finding heart peices in MM and OoT, basically the sidequests).
I think that there should be certain directions that you have to swing the sword in order to hurt the opponent, and an "easier" setting would be to NOT have direction recognition. All I want is better fights, cool items, a huge realistic world, possibly better graphics, better pointing controls, better puzzles, differnt clothes for Link, possibly DLC, a fairy would be nice again, IDK about masks, something to collect that can afect the main story but isn't required.



Useless_Account commented on Nintendo DS Now Best-Selling Handheld:

Jeez. Nintendo better release a free game with 3DS, proably a Wii Sports ttype thing. Crazy sales, I have like 11 of those with my family combined, even though traded mine in every 2 years at best buy, but I think those still count as sales...