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WAM2 commented on Weirdness: Worlds Of Power Is To Rise From The...:

I wonder if I'd find time to do one of these. Unfortunately, the only story concepts related to a Nintendo game I've thought up are for Starfox and Pokémon; nothing from NES era. I'm no retro-gamer, so I don't know which one I'd do...



WAM2 commented on Monolith Soft's X (Tentative Title):

I guess I'd have to have played Xenoblade to get what everyone's so excited about. Or maybe have seen the other trailer. The E3 one was mostly just...walking. And flying around in a robot...very serenely. I dunno, I guess I'd be more interested if I saw something explode...



WAM2 commented on Miyamoto Focuses on New Gameplay Experiences B...:

Isn't Wonderful 101 their game?

Anyways, I don't think the main issue is no new IPs. It's that they aren't using very many of IPs when they have a vast library of IPs that they hardly use (Star Fox, F-Zero, Earthbound (especially Earthbound), Chibi-Robo, etc.). They do rely too heavily on Mario and Zelda, and some of the more recent offerings of those series have been rather disappointing to me.

I don't see how Miyamoto's argument explains games like Super Mario Galaxy 2 (which seemed to be more of an expansion pack with minimal new features (Yoshi and a couple of new power-ups) than a full-fledged sequel) and Skyward Sword (IMHO, a complete and utter disaster that was boring, had lame gadgets (a vacuum cleaner? Really?), awful plot and characters (except for Groose), and only introduced features which detracted from the experience rather than adding (shield gauge. That is all)). And then there was Other M. Yeah, that style sure fit the IP. Just like Star Fox Adventures.

Sorry, I like complaining too much. This just came across as making excuses to me.



WAM2 commented on Poll: Which Wii U E3 Game Has Impressed You th...:

Smash Bros., duh. Brawl is like me and my bros' favorite game ever! I hope Sonic the Hedgehog returns, then we can have Sonic and Mega Man cross-over in an actual video game instead of just a comic!

@timp29 It's Smash Bros. You can beat people up as Mega Man. And a Wii Fit Trainer. Seems pretty clear to me.

Not to say anything about the game, but the trailer for "X" was unbelievably boring. All it showed was the main character walking! And then he got into a robot...and walked in that. I guess if you already have an idea of what kind of game it is it might be better but if that's your first impression of the game (which for me it was) then it makes it look like it will be the year's number-one walk'em up.

Nice visuals, though.



WAM2 commented on Video: A Young Person Plays Super Metroid:

Y'know...this is kinda juvenile. And also kinda...I guess there isn't a word for it. "Agist."
"Age-ist." Like...racist or sexist...only ages. The name says it all. "A young person plays Super Metroid." C'mon, you guys are stuck on this. It's just a video game. An OLD video game. Those things are actually pretty hard!

Sorry, it's just I've seen a lot of internet stupidity. Not being able to play Super Metroid is pretty mild.



WAM2 commented on Talking Point: Wii U vs Xbox One - Online Requ...:

@Yamagushi You're taking a nice thing that friends and family have done for each other for years (share their belongings with one another) and trying to make it into something evil just so you can feel more righteous than the rest of us "brats." Of course no one likes what you're saying.

I have no idea why I'm posting this. You're still going to think we're all scum. I guess I just get really ticked by people like you...



WAM2 commented on Video: Sonic Lost World Debut Trailer Blasts A...:

@CrabGats Yeah, they dropped the pseudo-serious tone in Colors. It was a bit surprising, but welcome. Colors was a funny game. Eggman was witty (and, let's face it, the life of the party. He'd give GlaDos a run for her money), Sonic's personality was amusing, and Tails...uh, actually they need to try again with Tails. None of the Tails-related jokes were really that funny.



WAM2 commented on Talking Point: Wii U vs Xbox One - Online Requ...:

@Yamagushi Currently I'm replaying several games I've already played. SEVERAL TIMES (man, Freedom Force is such a great game. Too bad the series was discontinued when they made Bioshock...). If I had given them away, I would be incapable of doing this. Your "experience" argument is invalid.

Please, you're not convincing anyone. And unless you work in the game industry, it really doesn't affect you if you're against used games. Just don't buy games used.



WAM2 commented on Talking Point: Wii U vs Xbox One - Online Requ...:

@theblackdragon About what you said about lending: exactly! Piracy you can download it off the internet from people you don't know. Lending games you have to actually know someone who owns the game. And used games were new games once.

And back when games were almost always "physical copies," someone would actually have had to have bought the game. And generally, when I lend a game, I'm gonna want it back, so they can't use my copy indefinitely (especially some of my friends, who don't exactly...take the best care of games).

And used retailers require a customer who wasn't interested in keeping the game. For every used copy, somebody would have to have bought a new copy. How is this comparable to piracy, where you can just generate a "free" copy practically from thin air? And besides, the claim that they don't suffer wear and tear is stupid. Missing manuals and shabby boxes, anyone? Honestly, I've turned down several used games for those very reasons. And by the way, sometimes a scratched disc will only play part of the game. It's happened from time to time that I'd play through a large portion of the game before it crashed, then I'd look at the disc and go, "Holy crap! How long has THAT been there?" Oh, and it would help sales for a franchise, if not that particular game. Several series I've bought the earlier games used because one of the newer entries looked interesting. Which brings me to another issue: what the heck will this accomplish when the game goes out of print, the number one reason I get a used game?! Plus, this is how it's always been in the past. Has the gaming industry collapsed yet?

Microsoft needs to realize that DRM is for stopping pirates, not customers. I can be a bit forgiving for a lot of DRM mishaps (it's really the pirates' fault, anyway. Without them, there wouldn't be a reason for DRM), but ones that seem deliberately targeting used game retailers? They aren't stealing. They are buying your product. This is like if book publishers used DRM to make sure only the person who bought the book read it. Honestly, if the book is still in readable condition, it's the same thing.

Y'know, when the Wii U was announced, I had little interest because it was, in my opinion, unspectacular (and appealed to an audience they didn't have). I remember all the doomsayers saying that Nintendo had really blown it this time. It seems their competition is trying to save them; Wii U will be the console that "doesn't suck." I guess we'll have to wait and see if Sony understands competitiveness better than Microsoft...



WAM2 commented on Miiverse: Super Metroid - Too Taxing For Today...:

I get annoyed when people seem to forget that games are meant to be entertainment, and in the end it makes little difference if you can beat Metroid. These people aren't inferior or dumb because they can't play some game. I always thought that old games took forever to realize that once they got out of arcades, they could just They weren't getting a quarter every time the player lost anymore. Some of these old, almost anything before the mid-nineties is a no-go for me. Like the original NES Metroid. How the heck did anyone EVER win that game?!

Anyways, I guess I was just getting ticked by some people sounding kinda like hipsters to me...



WAM2 commented on Kevin Conroy Inadvertently Confirms Role in Fu...:

Glad to hear he'll be back next time. It's really cool and somewhat surreal hearing Arkham Batman speak in the same voice as Animated Series Batman.

I also think it's really cool that for Arkham Origins Batman will be voiced by Sonic the Hedgehog. Being a big fan of both Batman and Sonic, there's just something really awesome about that.



WAM2 commented on Interview: Meet Antony Del Rio - Voice Actor f...:

I looked him up on IMDb to see who he played in Super Hero Squad. He played Reptil, the new kid with dinosaur powers. After seeing that, I noticed they do sound a lot alike.

I still need to get this game. Its trailer is the reason I wanted a 3DS from the day it was announced at E3 a couple of years ago. When I saw that it was a handheld game I was blown away and was immediately thinking, "I want one!"

Didn't even come close to replicating that feeling with the Wii U. More of a, "Huh. Okay."



WAM2 commented on Review: Babel Rising (WiiWare):

I think it's kind of cool many of you are outraged by the game's idiotic and insensitive treatment of a Biblical story. Most websites wouldn't care, sadly...



WAM2 commented on Activision: New Skylanders Portal Of Power Dow...:

@Nibelilt "Wow. What the heck are people so upset about buying the concept of a new Portal for?! It'll probably only make the game cost the same Spyro's Adventure and the Giants Starter did."

They only had to buy one starter at first. Giants could just be bought as an upgrade. They're upset because they don't like the strain this would put on their wallets. This stuff is already expensive WITHOUT a new portal. I wonder how far they'll push this exuberantly expensive franchise, and if they'll push it too far?



WAM2 commented on Masahiro Sakurai: Stories in Video Games Can b...:

@AcesHigh Alright! I'm sorry I misunderstood. I interpreted it as you writing off storytelling in games completely unimportant and optional, and any game with a huge emphasis on it is doomed to be terrible. If my interpretation was wrong, I apologize. Really. I shouldn't have jumped to conclusions.

Let me reiterate, simpler and more appropriately. I think you could sell a game on its story, and it could be a good game that many people would enjoy. But other people won't care two cents for the plot. That doesn't mean the company is terrible for promoting the story. It's part of the GAME like everything else in it. The problem comes when it gets treated seperately...



WAM2 commented on Activision Hopes That Your Spider Sense Will B...:

@WhiteTrashGuy "Connor's Condolences" was the only one I didn't quite see why it was removed. I thought the "plot holes" may be sequel hooks. As noted in the ending, he still has a lot of unanswered questions, perfect material for the next movie. I honestly thought the deleted scenes focusing on the Oscorp guy would have just made things more confusing. I didn't notice any pacing issues.



WAM2 commented on Masahiro Sakurai: Stories in Video Games Can b...:

@AcesHigh: It wasn't that Metroid: Other M had a story that made it was the fact that it had a horrible story is what made it terrible!

Please realize that your opinion is subjective. I personally enjoy a game most when there are engaging characters and even better when there's an engaging story! It gives me more incentive to stick with a game. Some games with no plot I get, play a little, and even if I think "Hey! This is really fun!" I'll most likely forget about it and never play it again. A recent example of story providing incentive for me would be Psychonauts. Sure, it had great gameplay (that's a must; if gameplay's bad, a good story would just make it worse when it becomes a chore to see how it ends), but its story and characters were some of the main reasons I stuck with that game so well, while Skyward Sword honestly had annoying characters and a boring plot. I was bored to tears (not literally, but almost)! I don't think I will ever finish that game...

Certainly not all games need to put emphasise on plot. But when you can put a good plot that goes well with the game, it could be an excellent driving force for players like me. Certainly, the early video games didn't have much for a plot. That doesn't mean it's a strength. They also weren't 3D, had very low graphics, and very limited computing power, meaning they couldn't do as much.



WAM2 commented on Activision Hopes That Your Spider Sense Will B...:

I already got the Steam version during their holiday sale. Too slow, Wii U.

On a side note, why do so many people diss the movie this is based on? It seems all the geeks and nerds hate it! Why?! It's way more true to the character than the Sam Raimi ones! None of their reasons for hating it make any sense! Did we watch the same movie?

Sorry, I just wanted to get that out. I just don't understand people sometimes...



WAM2 commented on Disney Confirms That Junction Point Has Been C...:

That's sad, if not surprising. If Epic Mickey 2 did as bad as you say, it seems they can't make a profitable gaming franchise. One success does not a good franchise make.
Oh, I got first comment. That's a first for me.



WAM2 commented on Feature: The Confusing World of Mega Man Spin-...:

Heh, I've only been a fan for a few months and I already knew about all these. I can't believe that I got into the Mega Man series when I usually hate games that are really hard. I wonder how much easier the Anniversary Collection's Easy mode makes the game?

Oh, and just some thoughts on MML3...Honestly, I can see how a game with THAT much input from the fans could end up crashing and burning. I'm sure many Mega Man fans had good ideas, but I'm sure many more...didn't. And besides, how could they have possibly agreed on anything? I mean, look here on this page...some think the ZX series was awful, while others love it.

And some even think anything past the first few games in the series is garbage...

Anyways, just my $0.02...



WAM2 commented on Project X Zone Rocking Over 45 Music Tracks:

Okay, let me get this straight...Capcom, Sega, and Namco are having a massive crossover game...AND SONIC HASN'T BEEN CONFIRMED YET?! Come on, Sega! He's like, one of the most popular characters in gaming and you haven't announced him for this game yet?! Even a Megaman is making it into this game! Sorry, guys, but this ain't no dream crossover without Sonic the freakin' Hedgehog in it.

(...then again, maybe they thought he'd overshadow the other characters, but Capcom doesn't seem to be worrying about that...)



WAM2 commented on Tomb Raider Not Coming to Wii U:

I've never really been into Tomb Raider, but I have to say this didn't seem appealing. I haven't looked at the trailer on Youtube because it asked me to sign in because of "inappropriate content." I checked the Wikipedia article, and according to it it already has a PEGI rating of 18. Yes, I figured that the Tomb Raider franchise would go M-rated, and being Tomb Raider, I'll bet it won't be for violence...

Plus, speaking of the Wikipedia article, if it's accurate, this sounds nothing like Tomb Raider. Most noticeably, looking over the plot description (which sounds needlessly dark, gritty, and disgusting) I was thinking, "When do we get to the part where we raid tombs?" Also, doesn't sound like they've kept the supernatural elements, either. Or wait, I take that back. The supernatural elements weren't apparent in the original until it went on, but the way this sounds I don't think I want to know what it turns out is going on...



WAM2 commented on Injustice Is a DC Comics Fighting Game for Wii U:

@Capt_N: Yes, agreed about the "dark and edgy" thing being dumb. These are the DC heroes for crying out loud. No one likes DC tarnishing these characters, making them fight each other and being only "sort of heroes" or something dumb like that. Look at Marvel's movie series. They know why people like superheroes. It's because they are heroes, not jerks with superpowers.

DC's characters just cannot be dark and gritty, at least not to the extent they try to play them. Superman is the hero who always wants to use his powers to do the right thing, and that's why people like him. They don't want him as an angsty demigod who struggles to keep himself in check. Even Batman, IMO, while he should be considerably darker than most other DC heroes, should still be a beacon of order and hope in a city otherwise gone to blazes.

DC needs to get their act together, because Marvel is leaving them in the dust (and I'm getting kind of sick of Batmania).



WAM2 commented on Sakurai: Smash Bros. to 'Change Direction a Li...:

About the Skylanders-esque idea, I'm pretty sure that goes against that policy they talked about recently (regarding the new Animal Crossing). And good thing too. If they do something like that, I think it should definitely not be part of the core game (if it was fighters, that would be horrible). I mean, I haven't played it, but wasn't Kid Icarus: Uprising's AR cards more of a bonus mode?

@Doma: Aw, come on! It'd be funny, at least!



WAM2 commented on Mega Man Legends 3 Campaign Hits 100,000 Strong:

Well, if Capcom are REALLY through with Megaman period, maybe they should sell the franchise to someone else. If they never do anything else with the franchise anyway, I'd doubt they'd lose anything, and the Blue Bomber would net them a few last millions to boot. Then the new company makes new games.

Sure, we may have the terrible luck of an idiot getting the rights (at least we know it would at least have to be a large company to even afford it), but it's a better chance than the series simply ending.

I dunno, maybe that's just wishful thinking...



WAM2 commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda (3DS eShop / NES):

The thing with these retro 3DS re-release reviews is, it's obviously written by someone who grew up with this game. I don't mean to offend anyone, but honestly, very few people who didn't grow up playing retro games are going to find them that appealing, me thinks. For me, a really tough and frustrating game just...frustrates me, and I don't associate that feeling with pleasure.

That said, I think this is much more reasonable than the Metroid review. I can't even play Metroid. This game, my main problem isn't difficulty, it's the aforementioned aimlessness. I'm not saying that you should walk people thru every step of the game, but I think there should be some middle ground between excessive hand-holding and complete aimlessness.

Establish some loose patterns early on, to where the player can figure things out without being told directly. Like, have hidden entrances have some subtle recurring tells. Don't make them so subtle only the most eagle-eyed and persistent players will spot them, but don't have a flashing neon sign pointing to them either. Stuff like that.

I've been playing the game Jedi Outcast recently, and I think it has a good balance. Sometimes I'll get clueless about what I should do next, but I have never needed a walkthrough (I have used one, but I always berate myself when the answer turns out to be stupidly obvious). Previous games in the series (and some other unrelated games) I see the walkthrough and go "Good grief! How much time do these people think I have to spend playing VIDEO GAMES?!"

Not sure how well I stayed on subject. Oh, well. This seemed relevant when I started.



WAM2 commented on Disney Epic Mickey 2 is Built For Wii:

Oh. When my brother told me about this I was thinking, "Oh, so it's not just a port with downgraded graphics and no networking features. It's one of those 'exclusively built version for the Wii' games. Which...don't get much effort put into them and usually end up disasters anyway, don't they?"

And then I find out Warren Specter is the one developing the Wii version. Oh. Okay. Nevermind, the original creator is working on the Wii version and having someone else develop the HD versions. That shouldn't be too bad.

@baukster_about_new_features: I like the sound of that!

Oh, and about the Wii-U? Erhm...I heard that some people were excited about it, but...really? HD graphics, okay, cool, but what about that ridiculous controller? I really can't think of how that would enhance the kind of games I like to play. It just seems like a gimmick, and not even that great a gimmick, at least not how it was shown off last E3. It needs major improvements and more games that aren't just ports of "hardcore" M-rated dark n' gritty games (they seem to be audience-confused here. They're Nintendo, for crying out loud, and they're emphasising dark n' gritty hardcore?!). I guess Epic Mickey 2 would be that kind of game, but it won't make a bit of difference if it's the only one.



WAM2 commented on Capcom Admits It Can't 'Sugarcoat' Its Revelai...:

That "Revelaitons typo" link just sends me to the 404'd page.

EDIT: Yeah, it sends me to: "
Speaking of typos...




WAM2 commented on Review: Metroid (3DS eShop / NES):

I think this review is a bit old-school biased. Sure, it was fantastic back in the day, but I've tried playing this game repeatedly and can't even come close to winning it (even if I cheat for everything and invincibility! I get lost!). I know some of you will probably just say I'm a wuss, but really, I need to find better things to do with my life then let some 20+ year old video game kick my butt. Repeatedly.

And really, I think if this were some other game, the reviewer wouldn't have been as forgiving of its faults. I think this is an important game, historically, but by today's standards, it has been improved upon by its sequels in every way and aged horribly.



WAM2 commented on Review: Sonic Adventure 2: Battle (GameCube):

And this is the game that got me into Sonic...period! MY FAVORITE VIDEO GAME CHARACTER! RAH! HOW DARE YOU GIVE IT A SIX!!! YOU...cough, hack, okay...Everyone's inclined to their own opinion.

But this game is still awesome.



WAM2 commented on Fee Fi Fo Fum, Activision Announces Skylanders...:

Sigh...whatever. Well, you can use the old stuff. That's good at least. I'm still just gonna play games that, you know, give me the whole game for one (compared to this, at least) low price.

EDIT: Hey, Spyro doesn't even get in the name now!



WAM2 commented on Are Bowser and Dr. Eggman in Disney's New Film?:

@RevolverLink: Okay. I just think it's weird (and sometimes a little annoying) how most video game fans object to the localized changes, yet not the Sonic fans, especially when Dr. Eggman made more sense than Robotnik anyway, because as I said, the egg motif is just bizarre without his real name (well, more so than with it). If they hadn't made that change, we could've assumed that Eggman was simply his last name, but nooo, they had to change it. I guess in America, he's crazy.

Anyway, on the movie: I'm not sure. If this was any other company (or even another department of Disney) I'd be completely uninterested, but Disney's animation department have been making some pretty great movies lately.

Oh, and another thing, @RevolverLink: actually, at this point, I think Disney Animation basically are Pixar, as I believe a lot of Pixar's best guys are now working for them (which might explain the steady decline in the quality of Pixar films. Have you seen the latest trailers for Brave? >shudder< It looks like a...DREAMWORKS movie. Worse, actually. Their stuff is okay).



WAM2 commented on Review: Maru's Mission (Game Boy):

Guys, I think Bass_X0 was joking about the Kirby thing.

As for the You'd think someone would have said something or done something or...SOMETHING before they released this. They couldn't even program the jump right!