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Wed 6th Jan 2010

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MrWout commented on Movemodo is Officially Open for Business!:

Good Luck with the site guys ! Will surely check it out when I get my ps3, somewhere after the, hopefully not that far away, next price-drop. But I've got to agree with what some other chaps have said in the comments, a Move-dedicated website ? that's like weird, I know Nintendolife has always been about niche-things like Wiiware, DSiware and VC, but Move ? that's just weird was expecting more something in the line of Playstation Network games



MrWout commented on Latest Pokemon Titles Top One Million Preorder...:

lol did some counting. That's more than the best selling game that was released in that period (lot's more) oh and it's also more than the best selling game this year (up until now)....those japanese and theire pokemons....



MrWout commented on Rumour: Wii 2 to Feature Blu-ray Drive, Out Ne...:

Are we talking true Wii successor rumours or Wii 1.5 rumours ?

Because when it's a supposedly 1.5 it would be total bollocks since they won't need the capacity of a blu-ray without a major update to the hardware (wich won't be the case with a 1.5 update) and both of these things prohibit the new games to be compatible with the "old" Wii, wich would be something Ninty never would do.

When we are talking fully fledged successor well blu-ray seems plausible, but next year ? meh maybe christmas next year, but I doubt it, since they more or less have to stay in sync with the competition and I really don't see Sony nor Microsoft releasing a new Console in a year.



MrWout commented on Don't Expect Lefty Link in Zelda: Skyward Sword:

I am a lefty and it's not really a problem to me, as mentioned before using the analog stick in the right hands feels super weird. I tried to get used to it, but it was just too irritating and I figured it would mess up my regular controller gameplay experience.



MrWout commented on Secret of Mana On the Way to iPhone, Not DSi:

I love my ipod touch for turn based games and puzzle games, but when the action starts to heat up it just falls short miserably (but I still love that thing ) A great example of this is tertris for iPhone/iPod Touch at first it feels great, with intuitive touch controls and great overall polish but when you get in the higher levels and the blocks go faster it just doesn't work and you end up wishing a good old d-pad !!!



MrWout commented on E3 2010: First Impressions: The Legend of Zeld...:

About the graphics well they don't look super, but in the presentation when they went really high with the "remotecontrol" bug and you could see the whole landscape, it looked awesome. And I've heard in a few places that flying is going to be part of the experience in this game (rumours ofcourse) and Myamoto kind off stressed the fact that there was a big view. So maybe this al fits right in gameplaywise.



MrWout commented on E3 2010: Ocarina of Time for 3DS:

E3 just got another 30% more awesome
But this means I'll have to stop replaying it on my N64 and save the awesomeness for when this arrives



MrWout commented on E3 2010: Nintendo 3DS:

The screen they are supposed to be using has a "3D viewing angle" of 45 degrees I heard (or somewhere around that number) so that must be possible I guess



MrWout commented on E3 2010: Editorial: Nintendo's Competition:

Microsoft made one huge decent launch titles....
And actually another one too in my opinion, no buttons this might seem strange and rather conservative but all this "hands-off" controlling achieves is taking the link between the player and the game away, you get no physical response to your actions, no rumble nu button press, for me this already presents as a major problem on my iPod Touch so I didn't just make this up



MrWout commented on E3 2010: Wii Predictions:

Lol new Wii HD rumour surfaced and it's the most ridiculous one yet... just google Wii HiFi. Yeah that's what it is supposedly going to be called....



MrWout commented on New Nintendo Video Reminds You Wii has Great G...:

I think it's great they put Muramasa in this montage, I think it is by far the oldest title in here, it sold reeaaally bad. But it was AWESOME so this seems as nintendo does really see which the good third party titles are despite the slim profits



MrWout commented on Nintendo Swashes Even More Pirates' Buckles:

One down...millions to go....
At least it does send a warning to other sites like that. We need other ways to fight piracy, not one by one that'll never have enough impact......and no not ninjas either



MrWout commented on Software Pirates Beware: No 3DS Booty For You:

Mmmm I sure hope they didn't spend allot of money and resources on it, because it is going to be useless.....Ofcourse there are still things that arent hacked or cracked like the PS3 and DsiWare I guess but I still think DRM is useless....



MrWout commented on 3DS Will Let You Play in 2D Too, If You Want:

Well i just meant that some games use don't use the new technologies on the wii and ds because they just don't work with them. And I think that doesn't mean the inclusion of these new technologies isn't worthwhile. I think its is better to have the games that just don't work with in 2D.

I do get your concerns about getting a library full of crap for the the 3ds as we have for the Wii, but sadly I think this is the future of gaming and one we can't change....It is the burden of a media getting more and more mainstream attention, the same happened to music, the same happened to cinema, the same is happening to games. It is not Nintendo's fault they just were 'smart' enough to cash in on the development when it showed.



MrWout commented on DSiWare to get Hacked and Slashed by Zenonia:

I also think the iPhone version is overrated. At first you get really anoyed by really awkward controls, which will probably be better since the DS has buttons, and when you overcome these it is just boring repetitive etc.
It is by far one of the best RPGs on the iPhone, which makes it look like a better game than it really is. On the DS which is home to more full featured RPGs than any other portable system, this game is going to be what it really is a mediocre traditional RPG.



MrWout commented on Interviews: Shin'en Multimedia - Jett Rocket:

Oooh these are the same developers as Art of Balance, now I'm really looking forward for this game. Art of balance really is my favourite Wiiware game at the moment, pity I'm already halfway through, would love some new levels (hint ). But anyway looking forward to this, I hope it will have the same amount of polish and creativity that made Art of Balance so great and from the looks it does certainly look like it has.



MrWout commented on BBC Study Suggests Brain Training Games are In...:

@ edhe
It is just as you say, it helps to keep the brain active which doesn't mean you get smarter. The BBC study didn't say it doesn't keep the brain active.

They didn't test on the BBC if it helps the brain from deteriorating with age. For example if old people keep their brain active with brain training, puzzles or crosswords if this helps them retain their "brain power". And I think this is one of the areas where it does show its premise, because all it is is just a fun way to keep your brain active.



MrWout commented on Talking Point: The Virtual Console's PAL Problem:

"ll subsequent SNES titles and a handful of N64 titles were recoded to remove the borders and make them run in full screen, if not full speed. "

I don't know if I'm getting this right, but does this mean (almost) all SNES VC games run like they should (like their NTSC counterparts) or does this only apply to Nintendo first party games ?

Funny thing really I was just about to check the forums about this because I knew there were some PAL problems but I didn't really knew how they really showed up on screen and with what games So spot-on timing



MrWout commented on Review: Rune Factory: Frontier (Wii):

I would really love to go out and buy this game this instant, but something is telling me I better save up some cash because there is quite alot of awesomeness coming this way the next few months



MrWout commented on Review: No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle (Wii):

@retro: well just curious why you are complaining about blood and gore, since you live in Britain you should've got the censored version I guess (maybe Britain got a different version than the rest of the Europe but don't really think so)

Well on the question of maturity, I think it's really simple: maturity is not about the fact that there is gore and sex and violence the whole point is how does the game handle it. A great example is the PC game The Witcher, it has drugs, drinking, sex, nudity and has violent gameplay with gore, but it has the story and the setting that supports these things, for example when having sex there are consequences and responsibilities, you might end up feeling a bastard afterwards etc.

I think according to what I've just said No More Heroes is somewhere in a grey area, it doesn't demand responsibility for your acts and there aren't really consequences (haven't finished the first one yet still at number 3 so maybe I'm wrong) but there are signs of maturity nonetheless somewhere between the lines there clearly is some philosophy about violence and death going on, that's something you can't deny, and at the same time it clearly shows it doesn't take itself serious. Which is a weird combination I know, but that's maybe what makes this game so appealing to some of us and also a bit "borderline mature-immature gorefest".

Edit: Silly me, didn't notice the discussion was already over



MrWout commented on Project Needlemouse Stories Come and Go:

I think it's kinda weird that they "silenced" the rumors, if they were true well then it doesn't really matter if they leaked, if they aren't then just say they are false....



MrWout commented on DS Follow-Up to Feature Motion Sensor?:

I kinda like how u hid that bit of news in the end of an other article. Wasn't expecting to read that at all

I'm pretty interested in what they 're gonna do with the "next" DS because they can't really just drop the touchscreen. But they cant really stop being inovative, just looking at what their last two very inovative consoles did for them.



MrWout commented on F1 2009:

I guess its your best choice for a racing game on the wii (excluding mario kart etc. ). I think the graphics are really great even on an hdtv without a component cable, mostly because you dont have time to watch arouind They also added alot of graphical effects that really improve the immersion in the game , like when you get the sun in your eyes etc. (although F1 drivers got tinted visors but whatever ).

Gameplaywise its just what you can expect from an F1 game, you get al the tracks wich you can race in quick race or race weekend mode. You can also play the full 2009 season or just 3 seasons and try to make it to the top. The cars handle pretty decent, although not very realistic but i think thats for the better in this game. You also have some options for driving aids wich might prove helpfull.

It's not really a realistic game seeing that every car has kers wich kinda isnt the case in the real 2009 season, wich kinda defeats the purpose of not equiping it in real life because of some of the disadvantages. So if you dont use kers, like i do, you are kinda in a disadvantage. The handling is, as said before, not very realistic, but loads of fun. It can be hard to adapt to the handling if you are used to race sims, as I am, but once you get the hang of it its great fun. It's also great that the AI drivers finish in believable positions.

Multiplayer is great fun although the graphics take quite a hit when and its 2 player only.

If you are looking for a decent semi-realistic racing game on the wii i guess this is the best choice you've got. Since there is absolutely no competition, but its still a good game in its own right.

Hope this was helpfull for you.