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Wed 31st Mar 2010

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Akio commented on 3DS Unlikely to Feature Achievements System:

Achievement is a very nice feature to keep players on the game even they have already finished it. I think achievement is the must-have one for modern game design. Many online game portals have already implemented and got great success!



Akio commented on Rumour: Wii 2 to Feature Blu-ray Drive, Out Ne...:

If they should have released the next generation of Wii, they must have prepared it to last for a life-span of more than 5 years. Hence, the capacity of current DVD is surely not enough. So in my opinion, Bluray or any higher capacity device is a must. So I think a Nintendo-modified version of Bluray (like Wii Optical Disc) is used. The live-streaming media is still very limited. Not many country can achieve the affordable speed to download games with next-gen graphic.



Akio commented on Nintendo Posts 43 Percent Revenue Drop:

Nintendo must have already known that they announced 3DS too early before the release date and that must certainly lead to the sharp drop of DS sales. And also, I am dying for Wii HD. All games on xbox 360 and ps3 seem to have a deep preparation and serious investment and the majority games on Wii are shovelwares. Plz Nintendo, the next generation of Wii should be in your R&D Department !!!!!!!!