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Mon 9th Nov 2009

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metaknave commented on Review: Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Sta...:

I'm loving this game! Chun-Li is a great comboer and you can't go wrong with Ryu. For Tatsunoko, both Yatterman are good and Ken is good, too. Hopefully, MvC3 will be just as accessible as this is. Switching characters is an annoyance for me on MvC2 compared to this simple single button press.



metaknave commented on Review: Super Mario 64 DS (DS):

I don't know about a seven. The controls were just enough to do everything you could on the 64, and walljumping seemed easier here, too. It also has a longer playtime, especially those who missed out on the original. I'd put it around a 8.2. (By the way, the original would get a 9.4)



metaknave commented on Sega Wheels Out Sonic All-Stars Racing Pack:

I liked the subtitle! I already have 2 Wii Wheels (I had to rebuy MKWii and they didn't have any used), so this will not be purchased by me unless there is an option of buying it without the wheel, kinda like Wii Fit + was or wasn't bundled with the Balance Board.