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Wed 29th Apr 2009

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Gogata commented on Review: Petit Computer (DSiWare):

I just remembered about this game and as a professional game developer and programmer I think I should pinch in...

I doubt you can start from scratch and learn programming well easily if you start with this app.

Becoming an advanced programmer takes years of experience.

Maybe you could learn some basic stuff, but you would just be doing lots of things by-heart and not really understanding it.

I haven't tried this app, but would love to some day.
I don't really use Basic anymore but it's the first language I learned(In the form of Visual Basic).



Gogata commented on Sony President Not Impressed With 3D Handhelds...:

He isn't impressed? What a , he sucks! And he copied Nintendo yet again! First with the complete Wii remote rip off, his crappy PS Move and now just when Nintendo announced the 3DS he announces 3D gaming! Sony sucks ! I hope Nintendo sues!



Gogata commented on E3 2010: Your Questions: Day 3:

I wish I could have been at E3, but the only things I really cared about this year were the 3DS and Mortal Kombat 9 which sadly isn't for wii...



Gogata commented on Review: Art Style: Penta Tentacles (WiiWare):

Actually, this is really really really horrible! It is so cheap! It is my habit to 100% games and this is really an unenjoyable experience! It is really horrible! Really cheap game. I would give this horrible game a 7! Unless you just wanna go through it using retarded cyclones and get hit all the time then yeah sure buy it!!!



Gogata commented on Music On: Electronic Keyboard:

Got this, it is really really awesome! Give this a 10!!! It's only 200 points and it has so many instruments and multiple recording saving and some other tweaks. Really great, especially if you like playing the piano like myself XD.



Gogata commented on Get Heard on the Nintendo Life Podcast!:

I really want the 3DS to be revealed and everything it can do. Also I wanna know the launch titles and backwards compatibility... I wish that you can transfer your DSi Ware games on it...



Gogata commented on Discolight:

Finally, the sequel we've been waiting so hard for! lool!



Gogata commented on You're Probably Not Good Enough to Beat Sin an...:

Harder than beating Ninja Gaiden Sigma on all Difficulties and beating all missions on all difficulties? And Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 on all difficulties twice without UT on Master Ninja and beating all missions? And beating Devil May Cry 3 on Dante Must die with all SSS ranks? And beating Battletoads? lol



Gogata commented on Review: Art Style: NEMREM (DSiWare):

@dirty.martini Hmm... I haven't noticed that, but I don't think so. Go to the 500 points category and then search by genre-puzzle if you don't find it there... Maybe a server glitch lol.



Gogata commented on Review: Chronos Twins (DSiWare):

I got it and it can be really annoying to look at both screens! I respect their idea, but I would honestly rather have the majority of the levels be on 1 screen. As a bonus it would be fine to play on 2...



Gogata commented on Review: AiRace (DSiWare):

Got this today. It is really awesome and the EU price drop was perfect for me . With the price drop I would give this an 8.5 from what I've played so far and for 800 points I agree with the score you gave it.



Gogata commented on Review: Sujin Taisen Number Battles (DSiWare):

This is awesome, I will start playing it again in a new save file, gotta learn again . The only problem I am having with this, though, is that on some bigger boards you can barely see what you place and it looks really small(On DSi).



Gogata commented on Review: DodoGo! (DSiWare):

The score is just way too low... The graphics are so good, one of the best on DSi Ware, gameplay is great too, along with the extras and features... I would have given this a 9.3/10... This might top Mario vs Donkey Kong Minis March again for me, so it might become my very favourite DSi Ware Game.