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Sun 9th May 2010

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WildPidgeyAppears commented on E3 2010: Wii Predictions:

Prepares to draw hate I don't really care about Pikmin, because the series never interested me at all. I am looking forward to new Zelda information, and I concur with several others that the Wii truly needs either Star Fox or F-Zero.

I was not aware that it is confirmed a new Kirby is coming. Where'd NL hear about this for sure?



WildPidgeyAppears commented on Kingdom Hearts Returns to DS with Re:coded:

I can't say I have any interest in this series these days, especially if what people here are saying is true that the spinoffs usually feature retreads of old levels. What started off as an interesting pet project is now just a milkable cow and it seems fans don't care how many times they have to replay the same levels.



WildPidgeyAppears commented on New Nintendo Video Reminds You Wii has Great G...:

@15: since when do graphics make a game good or bad?

Also, nice to see the titles the real gamers play getting some recognition...even if it's only in the UK. I'm surprised they mentioned Muramasa because Nintendo kinda buried that game in the US without any promotion or love.

Also, shame on me for not having heard of Rune Factory before this video, but again, not promoted at all here. I might have to look into it, thanks to this vid!



WildPidgeyAppears commented on Golden Sun DS:

Could be interesting. The first GBA game didn't take with me, but I might give it a shot.

Also, what I assume are summon monsters there in the beginning look very FFish -- right down to the dragon's Mega Flare clone. Copy from the best, no?



WildPidgeyAppears commented on First Sonic Colours Details Emerge:

Other than the sonic cycle, there IS the rinse cycle and the spin cycle.

But we all know by now that the Wii is the dumping ground for third-party shovelware. So don't get TOO excited, people.



WildPidgeyAppears commented on The Nintendo Era is Over, Tweets Former Final ...:

That's one of the things about iPad that bugs me -- no buttons. I have a compulsive need for buttons on my electronics, even touch screen -- which is why I went with the Droid (with buttons and sliding keyboard) over the almost-exclusively touch Droid Eris. Also, as gamers we are conditioned to use some kind of button as an input or confirmation for our games, which is a reason I don't think Natal will take off, either.

I'm sure some people do like the iPad, but there are less expensive and less awkward-to-hold alternatives that do many of the same things. And unless a system is designed as a video game system, it will never live up to its potential as a gaming device, since that was not the intended purpose (remember the schizophrenic N-Gage that wanted to be a phone AND a game system at the same time?).



WildPidgeyAppears commented on The Nintendo Era is Over, Tweets Former Final ...:

On another note, I don't understand why so many game business people have such an air of self-importance and egotism -- why can't they follow the example of Miyamoto and develop awesome concepts while being excited for their company's future yet being very down-to-Earth about it?



WildPidgeyAppears commented on The Nintendo Era is Over, Tweets Former Final ...:

Nintendo's specialty has always been gaming, and unlike a certain company with an S at the start of their name which consists of four letters and ends in Y, the gaming systems don't have schizophrenia over what they're supposed to do.

Apple has always been good at making overpriced toys that cause their hardcore fanboys to line up in droves to shell out for their wares. Sure Apple products do different things, but gaming's an afterthought on the systems -- I don't need an iWhatever to play games, I have VIDEO GAME CONSOLES which -- gasp! -- play video games.

Really, there is no comparison.



WildPidgeyAppears commented on The Nintendo Era is Over, Tweets Former Final ...:

Lest we've forgotten already, he gifted us with Chrono Cross, one of the most disappointing, bland, pretentious, and uncharismatic sequels ever, and which pretty much ruined the Chrono series. And Xenogears was pretty bad, too.

Yeah, this guy doesn't have much room to talk.



WildPidgeyAppears commented on NHL Slapshot Includes Wii's First Dinky Hockey...:

I want the Wii that doesn't need power cords or AV cables, then the system will be truly wireless. As for the kids, they look confused and/or mortified, while Wayne looks a bit TOO eager to be there.

To the people questioning the hating on this: it truly seems pointless, because you could do as much without the useless piece of plastic. You certainly don't need those weird boxing glove attachments, for example, to have a blast with Punch-Out Wii.

Also, insert inappropriate Puck jokes here



WildPidgeyAppears commented on NHL Slapshot Includes Wii's First Dinky Hockey...:

But I wonder if this'll be a hit with the Canadians... ;D

Seriously, though, this reminds me of this silly little set of attachments for the remote I saw that looked like a tennis racket, etc. I don't think that's really necessary to enjoy this kind of game. Now granted, I'm not a sports fan at all, real or otherwise, but if companies keep making lame gimmicks like this, the Wii will continue to be labeled as a novelty or a glorified toy, etc. It's a shame because these companies don't know how much they're hurting the image when it comes to gamers who matter (i.e., the ones who bought the Wii for Mario and company).



WildPidgeyAppears commented on Foxconn's High Suicide Rate to be Investigated...:

@21: I agree. Death isn't a funny business, and suicide is horrible. You people should be ashamed for stooping so low as to make fun of something awful that's forced these people to do such a thing.

Sadly, the reason we outsource to China is the relatively inexpensive labor wages, enormous work force and etc. It's all economics. Unfortunately, most companies cannot control the working conditions in China, which are deplorable.



WildPidgeyAppears commented on Nintendo is Clearly Not in Greenpeace's Good B...:

I didn't mean to start a political conversation here; I simply loathe the left-wing interest groups for their purported "love" of certain things when in reality they're hypocrites and liars. I just think aiming at Nintendo is pretty low.

But the Earth Day comment made me laugh, because Earth Day is the lamest thing ever

Edit: at the recent comment above mine, I was indeed implying that wanting more control by a central governing body was a leftist ideal, but again, I don't like getting into politics. It was merely meant as a snide comment at an organization I dislike.



WildPidgeyAppears commented on Nintendo of Australia Sends DS to School But D...:

"Dear Sega,

I am truly heartbroken that your last few Sonic games have blown chunks. Would you be so kind as to make one that truly lives up to the Genesis era stuff? I'd really really really love you for that and just please make it sooooooooo good I'll even buy two copies on release day! You guys rock and I'm sure your next Sonic game will be great.

Love, Little Johnny

P.S. If the game is terrible, you will pay in blood."