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Fri 6th Feb 2009

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Mik commented on The Definitive Guide To Wii U:

I just pre-ordered the premium pack from Amazon for £199.99. Game lists the same pack as £310. Letting retailers choose their pricing is going render dodgy results like this. I snapped up the Amazon price, but it'll most likely go up meaning I will have to pay the new price (no contract is formed until dispatch).

I keep refreshing the page and it's gone up to £279.99, then £284.99, and now nothing. Rather strange indeed.



Mik commented on Feature: The Desire for Physical Media:

Yes, it's traditional - but tradition often holds people back. This is a seamlessly executed example of a situation in which tradition has been abandoned in favour of cost-effectiveness and modernity. It's the result of an evolutionary process.



Mik commented on Talking Point: Your Nintendo Christmas Presents:

@theblackdragon oh, I'm not jealous. I'm just VERY anti-consumerist Christmas culture. I just feel that if this guy wasn't so blazé about that, others wouldn't feel the need to bash him. But I guess this comes from the fact I live in South Africa where I see people in squalor on a daily basis and get angry that I can do so little to rectify the situation. It's me being 50% curmudgeonly, 50% saintly.



Mik commented on Got Move or Kinect? Then Check Out Our Other S...:

It's a real pity: Kinect had so much potential but has failed to live up to expectations. The reviews of it have been terrible and, based on personal experience, it is a shocking way to play a game.

Thoroughly unimpressed by Microsoft here.



Mik commented on Review: Heavy Fire: Special Operations (WiiWare):


Your definition of 'good rails shooter' is pretty rubbish:

The House of the Dead: Overkill is an okay game, as is Umbrella Chronicles. House of the Dead 2/3 is just distinctly average, defining 80/100 or more as a good/great/class game.

Oh, and on a footnote, if you want a SUPERB rail-shooter then:

You evidently haven't played it.

I think you need to get your gaming sense back, dude. ALSO, I can't believe you want waste your (parents') hard-earned money on a game so frightfully disgraceful that it puts (most) other games to shame!



Mik commented on E3 2010: 3DS Could be Region-Locked:


I (and most other people) DO care if it's region locked. I bought my DS when it came out in America (a 6 month back between that and its European release date - I was the king of cool at school) and obviously bought American games.

Almost 6 years later, I now own 17 American DS games and no European ones. I now can't buy a European DSi and have to import one from America. Due to this issue, and the furore surrounding DSiWare and whether or not I'd be able to download games etc. I decided against importing one.

This is an emotional appeal to all those at Nintendo who read NintendoLife: Please don't region-lock the 3DS.



Mik commented on Super Mario Galaxy 2 is the Second Highest Rat...:


I'm not sure if you know of how Metacritic calculates their scores, but they provide a weighted average. For example, if Nintendolife gave a game 9/10 and IGN gave it 10/10, then its "Metascore" would be 97 or so. Metacritic assigns more established publications with a better weighted average, and I believe IGN currently has the largest weighting. Seen as how IGN (UK, US and AUS) gave Super Mario Galaxy 2 10/10, the weighting of the Metascore will be significantly higher.

Pertaining to your saying that "It is literally 6th": Metacritic ranks games higher if they have more reviews (providing the games in question have the same Metascore). By the time the Australian launch comes, there will be about 80-90 reviews of the game on Metacritic, meaning that it will actually be second on the list (providing it still has the same Metascore of 98).

I hope this provides a clearer view on Metacritic.



Mik commented on Super Mario Galaxy 2 is the Second Highest Rat...:

@Iz2010: Even by today's standards, it'd still rank OoT as number 1 for me. Moreover, on the Metacritic list, many of those games are pre-2006. It just shows the decline in videogaming standards over the past few years. Developers rush to get their game out as soon as they can in order to capitalise on the sudden uptake of videogaming (granted, the Wii has somewhat caused this uptake).



Mik commented on Interviews: High Voltage Software - Conduit 2:

I'd like to buy the first, in spite of its decidedly average reviews. It's VERY cheap, and that's the main selling point. It's probably sold more in the last few months than it did at launch.



Mik commented on Review: Jambo! Safari (DS):

Another South African at Nintendolife? Never thought I'd see another one!

(I'm South African, just so we're clear)



Mik commented on Nintendo Shifted A Boatload Of Hardware Last W...:

"If you want to get all micro, that's more than 150 systems every minute for a week. Even more microscopic measurements put that at one sold every 2.5 seconds."

No, based on the figures given, that's 2.5 consoles per second, not the other way 'round.



Mik commented on Britain's Best Nintendo Gamer 2009 - Report!:

I just thought I'd say that I competed in this at the Oxford Street branch of Game. I got on the leaderboard for all four events, but didn't really do much. However, I met Josh Stevens as he was behind me in the queue, so we got talking. I had no idea he went on to win it!