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Thu 26th Nov 2009

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Min commented on Nintendo Power Magazine Looks Set to Shut Down:

I grew up reading this, so it's really a shock to the system to see it going away. I guess there's no more waiting anxiously by the mailbox for the new issue of NINTENDO POWER to excitedly show my brother and proceed to giddily talk about the new Zelda or Mario or whatever. Not that I've done that in a while, since my brother lost interest in video games and moved out a few years ago. I guess what I'm trying to say is that it was a really wondrous thing to see all these new and interesting things about video games when you were young, and it's sad that it's not going to be around so other kids like myself (hopefully not overly like me, I'm kind of a mess) can get into a world as special as Hyrule or the Mushroom Kingdom.

That was a bit lengthy and it's not likely anyone will read it, but hey, why not right?



Min commented on Level-5 CEO Raises Possibility of Inazuma Elev...:

I don't really want to add fuel to the flame here but... She did ask, but you're making the assumption that she meant it in a sexual manner, which she did not, as she's made abundantly clear... Just saying.



Min commented on Feature: Nintendo’s Biggest Blunders:

You mean "Only current-gen [insert series here] on the Wii" right?
Because (A) NSMBW is not the only side-scrolling Mario on the Wii, (B) Skyward and Twilight Princess are not the only Zeldas on the Wii, and (C) Mario Kart Wii is not the only Mario Kart on the Wii.

And really, it doesn't really depend on the companies, they're still selling tons, regardless of the series.



Min commented on Welcome to the New Look Nintendo Life!:

Emerges from behind a couch
SURPRIiiiiiiiize... oh. I've been sitting here for.. two years... and HOW many months? FIVE?!
Can we still have a party? o__o



Min commented on Nintendo Download: 19th July 2010 (North America):

I wouldn't say the B-K series will never come out on VC. Rare stated on their website, "'s ultimately Nintendo's decision what gets released (on VC). Beyond the DKC games, we don’t have anything in the pipeline at the moment, but that doesn't mean it won't happen in future."

We can dream, can't we? :3



Min commented on And Here's Your 2010 Club Nintendo Awards, Nor...:

It says I'm not eligible for this reward, even though I made it well over Platinum... This sucks.

EDIT: Gee, thanks Kid_A for reminding me about that :/ That would have been totally awesome it they put that in there.