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Thu 23rd Jul 2009

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RayTheSkypirate commented on E3 2010: Reader Questions - Day Two:

***ahem*** I'm RayTheSKYpirate ***cough*** BTW, thank you Corbie!
I hope that $249-$299 won't mean €249-€299... You know, that usually happens with certain games, but I think a console should have an equal value all over the world.



RayTheSkypirate commented on Review: Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Wii):

Even the embargo sheet got a good score! This game is so fantastic that everything about it can't be anything but great.
Looks like this time around a sequel totally outdoes its predecessor, and, given that it was his majesty SMG, that wasn't easy at all!



RayTheSkypirate commented on Sonic Playable in Super Mario Galaxy 2?:

This would be absurd. I'd prefer to see other great characters from Mario's universe who have never appeared in the plumber's major 3D platform series, such as Wario (excluding his appearance in SM64DS), Waluigi, Daisy or Donkey Kong.
... and there's no place for hedgehogs!



RayTheSkypirate commented on Part 3 - Gameplay Loop:

Man, you're making me want this game so badly. It looks so crazy... I mean, extremely FUNNY! The gameplay seems to be simple but absolutely exciting, and that's how the gameplay of the best games works. Hope next posts will reveal more interesting features about this game, so my hunger of rabbidness won't cease.
Oh, and hurry to reveal the EU release date!