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Sat 28th Nov 2009

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WonderboY101 commented on Review: Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Wii):

If memory recalls I read an article (published on this site, I think) where Miyamoto was reported as saying, earlier in the development phase, that the sequel would have 90% new ideas, or some thing like that. And I thought it was a joke. Or maybe even over-confidence. Didn't seem like a very modest or Japanese-like thing to say at the time. But he was right. I'll never doubt him again.

This game is absolutely awesome, full of new ideas and impeccable design; the intuitive controls have been expanded and controlling Yoshi feels great . I'm only about six hours in, but I can safely say that this is the best platform game I've ever played; the best sequel I've ever played; hopefully when I've completed it the best game I've ever played.

I know finding time to eat and sleep is gonna be problematic this weekend!



WonderboY101 commented on Review: Sin and Punishment: Star Successor (Wii):

Just bought this. I can't believe just how polished this is. Loved the original on VC. This sequel is like the most amazing Space Harrier type game that you could imagine.It flips between on-rails 3D and into scrolling 2D and back again and has great set-piece boss battles.

I don't usually pay full price for many of my games I usually wait until they come down in price a bit, but this I made an exception. This is well worth the £35 I paid for it and then some!



WonderboY101 commented on Review: New Play Control! Donkey Kong Jungle B...:

This game is awesome. Thanks to Nintendo Life's review I bought this game and I'm so happy I did. I completely overlooked this on the Gamecube - shame on me - but I'm making up for lost time now. I can't recommend this game highly enough.



WonderboY101 commented on Galaga '90:

Nearly always the last game I play before I go to bed at night, even if only for five minutes or so. Can't give any higher recommendation than that.



WonderboY101 commented on Dead Moon:

I downloaded this game as I love shoot 'em ups and wanted to give this a try. Everything's so bland and trite about this game: the levels, power ups, enemy attack patterns. It's not worth bothering with in my opinion. I should have read the review first and kept my points, but I'm alway in search of another great shmup on the VC. Bring on Ironclad!



WonderboY101 commented on Review: Dragon Spirit (Virtual Console / Turbo...:

This is a good game to own if - like me - you like shoot'em ups. I've never played the arcade version, and I was apprehensive about downloading this after reading the review but I was pleasantly surprised by its playability. I like the way your dragon gets bigger as you obtain more power ups which means you have to fly more skilfully in order to avoid the projectiles. The graphics are fairly plain but the game's quite tough and the music is really catchy on some levels.

It's certainly not the best shmup on the VC - but it's worth considering if you already have the best ones like Gate of Thunder, the Soldier series etc...



WonderboY101 commented on Review: Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap (Vir...:

I think there's a glass ceiling when it comes to rating Master System games on Nintendo Life. Eight is the maximum any reviewer will give. This should be a nine in my book. SMS R-Type was underrated too.

It's like what someone said above - knock one point off if the game wasn't originally on a Nintendo console.



WonderboY101 commented on Talking Point: Are Rereleases Killing the Retr...:

I haven't got around to playing Chrono Trigger DS yet. I bought it on release in the UK and it's still sealed along with the music disc. That does not mean I'm a collector though. I just can't devote enough uninterrupted time to play a lengthy RPG just yet, but I'll get to it eventually! I've heard a lot of great things about the game so I'll make it one of my New Year resolutions to play it this year!



WonderboY101 commented on Talking Point: Are Rereleases Killing the Retr...:

If there's a retro game that's not available (or little prospect of being available) for download that I really want and I own the original machine then I may consider buying the cart or whatever as long as it's not silly money. I'd prefer having a download though.



WonderboY101 commented on Talking Point: Are Rereleases Killing the Retr...:

@madgear. I agree with you there should be more classics that are re-released as downloads. Unfortunately, at least on the VC, the trend is going the other way. In some ways I was a bit apprehensive about the list of games for sale on the Megadrive when I first heard about it. There seems less impetus to release new VC games and sales may not help unless somehow it sparks an interest in people buying more VC games at full price as well. I really don't know how profitable the VC is for Nintendo; they seem to concentrating more on DSiware/Wiiware releases.

Hopefully something can be done alongside the sales to generate more interest. It seems to me like the VC's being dying a slow death for quite some time now. There's been no new releases in Europe for the last two weeks since the sale's been up and running.



WonderboY101 commented on Talking Point: Are Rereleases Killing the Retr...:

I can understand the prices dropping for classic retro releases after they've been released as downlaods. I've sold practically every boxed game I that I now have on the VC. For the space and financial reasons.

Collectors aren't really interested in downloads, boxed originals in really good conditon is what they're looking for, so there's still a market there even if it's been eroded somewhat with downloads. Most buyers would go for a download of a rare game than hunt down originals. Some hard-to-find boxed games cost really silly money nowadays. The condition is critical for some of the collectors. On ebay I've taken and sent pictures of edges and corners of my gameboxes on request several times.

Also, I live in a small flat. Every cubic square foot of boxed games that becomes available as downloads means I can sell them and clear the space.

Having said that I really do hope and pray my Wii has the same reliability and lifespan of my retro consoles. Even if the disc drive goes wrong I hope the memory and SD card operation remains intact so I can play my VC games.



WonderboY101 commented on Strider:

@ parallax scroll. You're right re the differences in backgrounds. But personally any Strider is better than no Strider on the VC (except perhaps the NES one, haven't played that one yet to judge). I have 1,2 & 4 on your list. Even considered getting 5 once, but was put off it.

It would be nice to have the MD (or maybe even Arcade, if possible) Strider on VC. If just because I'm lazy and don't like inserting the discs or the cart into my machines.



WonderboY101 commented on Castlevania: Rondo of Blood Getting Long Overd...:

Wonder when us Europeans will get Castlevania: Rondo of Blood. Classification/Ratings don't mean a whole lot to me anymore. Konami still haven't given us Life Force. Heck, we still don't have Axelay yet and that's been rated on PEGI's website for absolutely ages.



WonderboY101 commented on Celebrate The Holidays With Cheaper Sega Virtu...:

Yes, Gunstar Heroes is really great. Too bad I recently bought it for 800 points.

As said above the component cable situation regarding some of the early games that came on VC is still annoying. Having to change to RGB Scart when I want to play something like Gunstar Heroes on my LCD TV can be a bit of a pain. Still I did know the situation beforehand so I can't complain too much.

I'll pick up four of these games - Puyo Puyo 2, Sonic 3, SoR2, Shining Force - before the New Year. It would have been Golden Axe and Toe Jam & Earl as well, but these don't have component cable interlace mode incorporated, so I' ll pass. While both are decent games they aren't as good as Gunstar Heroes IMO so not really worth me changing cables to play.

@ Raylax. The code used on the operations guide should be on here:

It does not work with the majority of the first 30 or 40 games that were released on the VC, I think. Could be even more than this, I'm not sure, have not counted.



WonderboY101 commented on Review: R-Type (Virtual Console / Master System):

Personally I would have give this a 7. It's still really playable with no vertical scrolling and a secret level. The sprite flicker is not an issue to me. It's never affected the gameplay for me, anyway. The TG-16 is obviously the to go for, but if you have a spare 500 points it's certainly worth considering.



WonderboY101 commented on Magician Lord:

I'm new to posting on Nintendo Life, but I can't understand what some people see in this game. I own on it on the 'SNK Arcade Classics Volume1' collection, not the VC, so maybe I'm missing something. It seems a very poor platform & ladders game to me. Admittely, I haven't got very far because it's so tedious and annoying trying to avoid some of the seemingly unavoidable projectiles. I'm sticking with the Ghouls 'N Ghost games on the VC and not downloading this. Even G&G is fairer than this game.



WonderboY101 commented on Review: Galaxy Force II (Virtual Console / Seg...:

This game does not look too good on the video. If I remember rightly this got a poor review in Mean Machines Magazine back in the day. Hopefully, Galaxy Force on the Master System will arrive on the VC. I have it on cart and it's quite playable. Looks to play better than this game judging by the video.



WonderboY101 commented on Review: Super Mario Kart (Virtual Console / Su...:

Personally, Super Mario Kart is my favourite version of the game. I've own every version or format of Mario Kart except the DS one. I have played the DS one and it's very good.

Back in in the 90's it was either this or Streetfighter 2 for two player games. Only trouble is I doubt I'll get anyone to play SMK with me now. I'm still getting it regardless when it comes to the EU.

I'll persevere with Mario Kart Wii online until then!