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Feature: 10 Sega Titles We'd Like To See Reborn As 3D Classics

Posted by Damien McFerran

M2, please take note

Sega's range of 3D Classics has finally hit the west, and with the likes of Sonic the Hedgehog, Space Harrier, Super Hang-On and Galaxy Force II already thrilling 3DS owners, this fine selection of reheated vintage legends proves beyond all doubt that good, old-fashioned gameplay never goes out of style — and when it was at the top of its game, Sega simply couldn't be beaten.

Thankfully, we've got more gems on the way — Streets of Rage, After Burner II and Shinobi III to name just three — but this taste of solid-gold retro gaming has us wanting more. Below are ten games we'd love to see get a new lease of life on the 3DS eShop; let us know your own personal choices — and whether or not you concur with our list — by leaving a comment at the end.

Golden Axe: Revenge of Death Adder (1992)

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Golden Axe II on the Mega Drive / Genesis was little more than a wholesale rehash of the original game, but the coin-op only successor — released in the following year — was superior in every single regard. Running on Sega's System 32 arcade board, Revenge of Death Adder boasts massive, smoothly-animated sprites, a wide range of detailed environments and four distinct playable characters.

To this day, no domestic port has ever been released, which is borderline criminal as Revenge of Death Adder is unquestionably one of the best scrolling fighters ever made. A 3D Classics version of the game would remedy this situation perfectly; the 3D effect could be used to excellent effect during the games "into the screen" scrolling sections.

Alien Storm (1990)

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Although Alien Storm was granted a home conversion on the Mega Drive, like so many of Sega's ports at the time, it wasn't a totally accurate replication of the arcade original. While the 16-bit edition is a perfectly enjoyable game, the coin-op iteration is the one that truly impresses. It features simultaneous three-player co-op, more detailed sprites and many other additional embellishments — most of which simply couldn't be crammed into the domestic port.

Build on the same foundations as Golden Axe, Alien Storm replaces the fantasy setting with an xenomorph-packed near-future. The show is stolen by Scooter, a playable robot who uses his limbs as laser cannons and explodes when you trigger his special move — an event which causes a replacement body to dash onto the screen and pick up the previously detonated droid's head. Bursting with originality and jolly good fun to boot, the game's first-person Operation Wolf-style bonus stages would transfer especially well to the 3DS console's unique screen.

Power Drift (1988)

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Often seen as Yu Suzuki's forgotten arcade racer, Power Drift used the same System Y board as Galaxy Force II and as a result looks quite similar. Instead of polygons, the track is constructed from loads of individual sprites, and each is scaled smoothly to give the impression of speed. It actually works better than you might expect (as you'll know if you've downloaded 3D Galaxy Force II, which uses the same technique) and as a result Power Drift is one of Sega's most visually exciting "Super Scaler" racers.

The tracks in the game are more akin to funfair rides than race circuits, and the large, cartoon-like characters and chunky vehicles add to the level of knockabout fun. It's not as deep as it could be, and the game's penchant for undulating, twisting courses results in your kart falling off the edge quite a bit, but as a showcase of just how far Sega was able to take 2D visuals, it's a must. The 3DS could potentially host the perfect conversion as well, thanks to its auto-stereoscopic display.

Super Monaco GP (1989)

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Sega's Formula One arcade racer may be more famous for its highly rated Mega Drive edition, but while the domestic port is unquestionably a fine technical achievement, it simply doesn't come close to the coin-op on which it is based. Smooth scaling grants an effective impression of speed, and the first-person perspective adds immeasurably to the sense of realism.

The 16-bit conversion has more depth thanks to the inclusion of a World Championship mode, but its arcade parent is slicker. With the famous Monaco circuit racing past in the background, this would be absolutely ideal for a 3D Classics makeover.

Arabian Fight (1993)

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We have to admit this title is something of a guilty pleasure. Regarded by many as an attractive curiosity rather than a certified classic, Arabian Fight is best described as Final Fight meets Aladdin. The action is pretty basic and it's often hard to make out what's going on due to the large sprites and generally chaotic action, but in terms of pure visuals, you'll have to go a long way to find a better-looking brawler.

Arabian Fight's chief gimmick is its aforementioned characters, which scale smoothly when they move in and out of each environment. During special attacks and other key moments, the fighters actually leap into the foreground and appear as pin-sharp, anime-style animations. While Arabian Fight can't compare to genre legends like Streets of Rage and Golden Axe: Revenge of Death Adder, it would still be an interesting title to rediscover — especially when you take into account that it never received a domestic conversion.

A.B. Cop (1990)

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Coded by the now-defunct Aicom — who would later find fame thanks to the highly-rated Neo Geo blasters Viewpoint and PulstarA.B. Cop takes the drive-and-shunt gameplay of Taito's Chase H.Q. and dresses it up in futuristic clothing. You assume the role of the titular police officer (A.B. stands for Air Bike) who is charged with taking down several criminal masterminds.

To actually gain access to each boss, you have to ram a series of henchmen — something which becomes a little repetitive after a while. Still, as a short-burst arcade experience this is one of the forgotten gems of Sega's back catalogue, and was never given the home port it perhaps deserved.

Racing Hero (1989)

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A Hang-On sequel in all but name, Racing Hero uses the System X board to take the concept to the next level. Thanks to its lower-down camera perspective, the game delivers a more impressive sensation of pace, and the branching levels — shamelessly lifted from stable-mate OutRun — bestow considerable replay value.

On the downside, the lack of a turbo mode — such a key part of Super Hang-On — means it's not quite as exciting as it could be. Still, the fantastic visuals and addition of road traffic ensure that Racing Hero keeps you interested regardless.

Gunstar Heroes (1993)

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Created by Treasure but published by Sega, Gunstar Heroes is perhaps one of the Mega Drive's finest action titles. A dazzlingly showcase of just how far Sega's 16-bit home console could be pushed when in the right hands, it delights in throwing countless sprites around the screen and generally failing to give the player a moment's respite.

Interestingly, M2 ported the game to the Game Gear, which means the company is sure to have a soft spot for the title — and that could perhaps make Gunstar Heroes a pretty solid choice for a future 3D Classic. Keep those fingers crossed.

ESWAT (1989)

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Blatantly inspired by Paul Verhoeven's RoboCop, ESWAT (Enhanced Special Weapons and Tactics) is hardly the most original game — aside from stealing Hollywood's ideas, it borrows gameplay elements from Shinobi — but it's one of those titles that looked amazing in arcades back in 1989. Detailed side-scrolling levels and outlandish enemies combine to lift what would otherwise be a fairly humdrum action outing, and the ESWAT battle armour is a neat twist.

ESWAT's biggest failing is that it would be comprehensively bettered by the 16-bit Mega Drive edition, which is drastically different from its arcade forerunner. Although home computers like the Commodore Amiga and Atari ST received direct ports of the coin-op version, they were predictably lacking and we'd personally love to see this forgotten series get a revival on the 3DS.

D.D. Crew (1992)

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Back in the early '90s, side-scrolling fighters were the games of choice when it came to arcades, and Sega was very active in this genre. However, while Golden Axe and Alien Storm achieved widespread acclaim, D.D. Crew — Sega's attempt to best Capcom's Final Fight — has sadly been forgotten.

While it's arguably not as inventive as Sega's other fighters and lacks the spark that made Streets of Rage so compelling, D.D. Crew is a classic example of the kind of experience that thrilled arcade goers during the 16-bit era. The large, bold sprites and varied environments were way beyond the home technology of the period, which is one of the reasons why D.D. Crew never graced the Mega Drive. The other reason is that it didn't really perform that well in arcades, and remains an under-appreciated gem in Sega's coin-op catalogue.

Screenshots courtesy of Hardcore Gaming 101.

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ECMIM said:

Alien Storm and ESWAT have virtually no parallax in either their Genesis or arcade incarnations--what exactly do you think would make them work well in 3D? The bonus stages are a tiny fraction of Alien Storm and the game isn't even particularity good to begin with, certainly not remotely on par with a game like Streets of Rage 2 (or 3) which would be infinitely better choices as games, than the 30-second 3D shooting gallery mini-games in AS.

Games that take advantage of 3D:

*Ranger X: line scrolling and parallax everywhere, pseudo-scaling effects. etc.
*MUSHA: I'm not sure who owns the rights to his at this point (and i'm too lazy to check the Wii VC) but again, gobs of parallax, and the canyon level--acres of parallax and scaling enemies--would be so mind-numbingly amazing in 3D that I'd need clean pants after viewing it.
*Sonic 2/3/K: parallax as far as the eye can see.
The Adventures of Batman & Robin: *the technical showpiece for Genesis, with gobs of FX that would work amazingly well w/ depth attached to them. (Will never happen due to licensing concerns.)
*Landstalker: this won't happen, but if there is any game made where being able to judge the depth of jumps would benefit immensely from 3D, this is it.
*Vectorman: again, gobs and gobs of parallax, and that lens flare effect would look amazing with depth applied to its various layers.

Aaaand, not a SEGA title, but:

*Night Striker (arcade): in my dreams, but...
*Assault (arcade): in my dreams, but...

I should note that the reason we got the Genesis rev of Altered Beast was, beause unlike the arcade rev, it actually had some parallax, whereas games lik ESWAT, Alien Storm, and, yes, Shining Force have almost zero, so the odds of them porting games that don't at least somewhat show-off the 3D effect are very low. (Which isn't to say I wouldn't love both SF1 and 2, but 'wasting' the effect on the battle scenes seems kinda pointless.)



Reala said:

If they ever turn their attention to the master system as well arcade and megadrive, then I'd love to see Phantasy Star the dungeons would look great anyway



MikeLove said:

Comix Zone


A 3D artists hand and 3D comic book frames would look fantastic. I'm shocked this one wasn't mentioned.



SuperKMx said:

Power Drift, Super Monaco GP, Gunstar Heroes - if all three of those hit, then no amount of money would be too much.



DRL said:

@Damo - What a great list! Gunstar Heroes, Alien Storm, Power Drift, and even A.B. Cop would be great!



Technosphile said:

Virtua Fighter
Virtua Fighter 2
Laser Ghost
Alien Soldier
Planet Harriers
Star Wars Trilogy Arcade

Please, Santa



Windy said:

Bring it! All of it! Foams at mouth Bringem! If I had to choose it would be Super manaco and Power Drift. I Say get greedy Sega! Bring it all! Bring it fast! LOL



majinx07 said:

This list needs more Vectorman 1 & 2, Streets of Rage 2, Ristar, and many more.



Windy said:

@efaulk84 I would love to see them do Phantasy Star 1 and Shining in the Darkness as 3D classics. would be awesome! A Phantasy Star Online 3d release would be awesome too!



Zeldalover said:

Just want Sonic 3 & Knuckles and the two Konami games - Castlevania: Bloodlines and Contra: Hard Corps. Maybe even some Sonic 2.



Expa0 said:

Phantasy Star 4 and Sonic CD

The Shining Force games would be cool too, but the first two are the only Aega games that really matter.



SparkOfSpirit said:

OutRun and Comix Zone are glaring omissions, in my eyes. Those are definitely necessary.

But Gunstar Heroes, Death Adder, and Super Monaco are definitely appreciated. As for E-Swat, I heard the Genesis version is the superior version, though I've never played the arcade one. It would be nice to get the Genesis version, since we never get it on the VC in NA.

If they would bring the Phantasy Star games I would hope they bring the Sega AGES versions for the PS2 with the old translations in place if necessary. The PS2 versions are supposedly definitive.



SheldonRandoms said:

I bet nobody will ever guess the game I want Sega to make into a 3D classic.

(And it's not Dynamite Headdy btw)



DarkKirby said:




Nintenjoe64 said:

I think the Saturn/Dreamcast era needs more love on Nintendo VC:
Sega Rally
Panzer Dragoon
Nights in Dreams
Crazy Taxi
18 Wheeler



Windy said:

@KnightRider666 I say This......Sega Get Greedy and Bring everything you ever made to the 3DS! LOL "Make the 3DS your Little ......Home!" What did ya think I was going To say



sinalefa said:

Boy, I only know Gunstar Heroes, and Golden Axe 2 rings a bell because it is a sequel.


I agree. As with Capcom, they already have some of those games in HD for the PS360, it should not be that hard to port them.



sleepinglion said:

Great article!
SEGA is kicking some serious butt with these releases and I try to support them each week by buying at least one of their offerings.
I'd be supportive of ANY arcade port, but I find it very important that the arcade port, not the Genesis port, is what they use. I would have picked up the lackluster Altered Beast had it been the arcade version (nostalgia, one of my 1st arcade experiences), but SEGA went with the Genesis rom instead. Weird.
Alien Storm would be a blast as well as the arcade rom of Golden Axe II. I was able to try it via MAME a while back and was blown away by its quality.
Of course, the Sonic sequels would be a hoot as well as Castle of Ilusion if the rights could be had. It would also be nice to see a US release of the MegaDrive's Mega Man: The Wily Wars compilation, as I don't believe if it ever got to America.
Again, great to see folks excited about this new line. SEGA is giving each title plenty of care.



ACK said:

@ECMIM Perfect. Exactly what I was thinking. Those two choices (Alien Storm and ESWAT) are beyond me, as well.

M.U.S.H.A. would be incredible. Rights might be an issue, but a 3D classics version would be worth owning a 3DS for, in my opinion. I'm not joking. It's the single game I beg for every single time the topic comes up.

I hadn't even thought of Landstalker, but now that you mention it I'm fully on board. Probably the most time I spent with a single Genesis game as a kid and those jumping sections were a significant contributor. If they would rebuild it in 3D it could make a huge difference. I tend to think the circle pad would help as well (anything is better than the Genesis dpad).

Of course Batman and Robin would rival M.U.S.H.A in appeal and impact. Couldn't ask for anything more than a 3D Classics version. I'm sure Sega would love to do a straight VC release, to be honest. Ain't happening because the license holders don't know how to handle vintage game properties.

I'm not as enthusiastic about Vector man, but it makes a lot of sense. Certainly would be a spectacle to behold.

If they are going to re-release games in 3D classics form, I really would prefer they stick to entities greatly impacted by the effect. Otherwise, it's sort of bothersome when a VC version would serve just as well.



ACK said:

To be clear, I'd also go bat-doggiepoopleoopsie crazy if they released Revenge of Death Adder, Super Monaco GP, Racing Hero, Power Drift, A.B. Cop, or D.D. Crew via the 3D classics line.

I fear that is reaching a little too high, sadly, considering the circumstances of Sega's previous VC support.

EDIT: Maybe I should Kickstart a marketing campaign for Sega's 3D classics... As in donate your all money and you will receive a sparkling series of commercials designed to pop your friends' eyeballs clean out of their sockets. Think anyone would bite...? ...?

Watch the language -LZ



EpicMegaman64 said:

Contra: Hard Corps would also be pretty awesome, but that might be a bit of a stretch considering the low amount of VC support for even the entries on Nintendo systems.



Shiryu said:

Excellent choices. Id pick most of these up day 1! Let's hope Sega is taking notes.



Mommar said:

Also, better use of 3D on the side-scrollers. Sonic was sloppy and near pointless.



blackknight77 said:

When will Sega ever release Super Monaco GP? its such a shame its never saw the light of day again



ACK said:

@FutureAlphaMale I don't know, man. To me Comix Zone is one of those games you beat once or twice and never really want to think about again. Sure was a cool novelty as a kid, though.



MeWario said:

Gosh darn it Nintendolife! Where is Wonderboy 3??? I need a portable version of Wonderboy 3! Alien Storm isn't even good



Damo said:

And regarding the lack of OutRun, I did think about including it, but it seemed like too obvious a choice

Besides, the licencing issues which have caused the recent OutRun games to be pulled from current gen consoles might block such a realise - even though in the original arcade version, the car wasn't officially licenced by Ferrari.

And did someone honestly recommend OutRun 2019? That's not even a real OutRun game!



unrandomsam said:

MUSHA is the only none arcade game I would want redone. (The Wii release is spoilt by that stupid filter.)

I would probably get Gunstar Heroes again but I am pretty much done with it. I am still enjoying Alien Soldier.

They could have used Arcade Altered Beast and added parallax to it. (Mobile Sonic 2 has the hidden palace zone added and extra layers.)



Damo said:

@MeWario Wash your mouth out!

To be fair, this list could have been three times as big and we still wouldn't have covered all the classics.



KeeperBvK said:

I'm always confused to see people actually liking Vectorman 1&2. Those are among the most boring, mediocre games I know. Plus, add in the far too zoomed in camera, and you've got two of the worst Sega published games on the Mega Drive.



Dave24 said:

Sonic CD? Or is it a bad game? This game would be perfect VC material, I think



Windy said:

@ricklongo YES! That Too! There are so many games they could just rule the Eshop! I Wouldn't mind if they did. Would be sweet to see Castle of illusion get the 3D treatment



jhuhn said:

What about Out Run & Enduro Racer? Out Run was a hit classic when it came out in 1986.



ACK said:

Forgot about Ranger X in my first post. I'd be giddy if they ironed out the sprite flicker and maybe improved the controls a smidgen... Otherwise I'm not so sure. Takes a little more tolerance than I'm comfortable with, if my memory serves.



Damo said:

@ACK It was really built around the 6 button pad, too - while the 3DS has 6 buttons, the layout would annoy me, I think. I'd still love to see it, though!



Kirk said:

Sega has some great classic 2D games.

I miss the days when Sega was at it's peak.



Ootfan98 said:

Powerdrift, Gunstar Heroes, would be fantastic, as would Super Monaco GP, I remember the arcade version having a 3D Screen (or something that gave the illusion of 3D)

Daytona, Outrun, Sega Rally would also be fantastic. or Virtua Cop with stylus shooting



DreamOn said:

I was sure that @Damo was not going to list the obvious outrun and instead slot in something we haven't read a zillion times from the good sega fans here

And I think it's all good. Can't wait to hear what M2 cooking up next!



ACK said:

@Damo Oh, yeah. That's right... Ranger X without a proper controller would be less than ideal. Even though it'd be visually impressive, there are many other candidates I'd rather see. There are just so many gems from this incredible era, and only one M2, after all...



Weedy said:

Streets of Rage II for me, I want to beat-up thugs as that kid with the roller blades.



IceClimbers said:

We know they are doing a second batch, so I would definitely like to see Gunstar Heroes, the other Sonic games, Phantasy Star, OutRun, Golden Axe, etc. Take your time and do them right, M2. Use the arcade versions when you can.



unrandomsam said:

Virtual On
32X Star Wars Arcade (They managed Castle of Illusion).

Stuff that hasn't been rereleased before (ideally arcade)



Spectator said:

Gunstar Heroes
Shining Force 1 and 2
Shining in the Darkness
Comix Zone
Toejam and Earl
Road Rash+
Phantasy Star 4
Streets of Rage 2



Nomad said:

I'd like to see all the Golden Axe games including Golden Axe the Duel. And all games from WonderBoy, Panzer Dragoon, Alex Kidd, might as well chuck in NiGHTS, Phantasy star and Skies of Arcadia. O.K. Look, maybe it would be easier to just to bring out the entire back catalogue SEGA as you have too many classics to choose from.



segasonicsteve said:

daytona usa 1 and 2, scud race, jet set radio, manx tt and fighting vipers as 3d classics or on vc,
i would be pretty happy if they would happen to find themselves on a nintendo platform!



Yanchamaru said:

D.D. Crew is a HORRIBLE game. Read the Hardcore Gaming 101 online article if you wanna know how much this game sucks!



chiptoon said:

what a surprising list. I've not actually played many of those. Gunstar Heroes is the only one I really expected to see. It would be even more incredible in 3D.

I always thought the Mega Drive version of ESWAT was vastly superior to the arcade, which I find pretty dull.



ogo79 said:

golden axe revenge of death adder doesnt need a small screen re-release.
it was an arcade game, lets get this on wii u vc so we can all play it on our flat screen home tv.



willsargent said:

Great feature, and great site (that's 2 sites I can trust for review scores now, alongside 'teletext', I mean Metro) - thanks for all your work and merry chrimbo. I'm loving these Sega games and I'd definitely be up for a bit of golden axe, or any other lush 2D beat-em-up of that nature, but my head tells me the Sega/Ninny publishing execs think only the 3D wobble-spritey stuff will make it to market. With that in mind I'd take Power Drift next as I actually played it for real many (many!) years ago. I also wonder if Nintendo considers some old arcade games to be too good and might therefore tread on the toes of their own juicy releases. Conspiracy alert...



WanderingPB said:

How about Mystic Defender? Or the original Ghostbuster? Or how about Earthworm Jim?…hmmm so many possibilities



FritzFrapp said:

Planet Harriers definitely needs to be experienced by a wider audience and would be a perfect fit for 3DS.



Damo said:

@Yanchamaru It's not great, but I have a soft spot for it. I fondly recall playing the arcade version in my local leisure centre and wishing it would come to a home console.



Kolzig said:

I really hope the 3D Classics teams focuses especially on bringing arcade classic games to 3DS. Sega has a ton of great arcade games that deserve a new life on 3DS.

Of course Megadrive classics like Streets of Rage 1&2 are deserving release also and tomorrow we will finally get SoR1.



Tekken179 said:

List seems...WHAT?!?! Where's

Sonic 3 & Knuckles (they always forget about 3 and Knuckles when it comes to ports sonic 2 is a no doubt confirm)
Shining Force
Alex Kidd
Comix Zone
Sunset Riders
Wiz N Liz



Deathgaze said:

The only ones I need is Strider, Phantasy Star 4 and Gunstar Heroes! Oh and maybe Castlevania: The New Generation



redoschi said:

Comix Zone
Toejam & Earl
Sonic 2/3/Knuckles/3D Blast!
Castle of Illusion (if they don't give us the remastered version, then give us the 3D version!)
World of Illusion
Quackshot (gotta love Donald!)



sevex said:

Aside from Gunstar Heroes I think the Genesis game I'd wanna see most in 3D is Landstalker! It'd make so many parts of the game less confusing.



EdwardCORE said:

haha now I see what you meant to wait a few days for something you had in store! I really hope Sega and Nintendo listen to us and read all of our posts and that these amazing games come as fast as they can to the 3DS eshop. And yes, Outrun is like an obvious addition, but I'm affraid some licensing issues can hold it back, but let's hope not.

And I'm with those who want nice Model 1 ports like Virtua Racing and Virtua Fighter. I hope Sega sees there's a Strong market for all these games and don't stop at 3DS ports only, HD ports of Model 2 and 3 games would be awesome on the Wii U!



daggdroppen said:

this list reminds me that the SNES had like 100X better games than the GENESIS had but there were some cool side scrolling shooters on the GENESIS though..



sdelfin said:

I really like Golden Axe 2 on the Genesis. It was a lot like the first game, but that was because Sega got so much right the first time around. Part two refined the game enough, adding a controllable magic system and directional throws as well as tougher AI. It also looked much closer to a System 16 game than the first Genesis port did. As for Revenge of Death Adder, I am very familiar with it. I may be in the minority, but I don't think it's that good. It looks great and is quite a tech demo for the System 32 board, but I don't think it's designed well. To me, it is the worst kind of quarter eater. There are many other beat em ups that I would rank higher than that game. I wanted to like it so it was quite a disappointment. As for Arabian Fight, I think that game is terrible and should remain forgotten.

I would be happy to see them bring over Bare Knuckle 3, the Japanese version of Streets of Rage 3. The changes Sega of America made in localizing were not for the better.



Relias said:

Yeah we need to get some others on here.. and some from Saturn too. Let's be honest 3D Panzer Dragoon(Especially a remake of Saga) The Oasis (Beyond Oasis if I remember correctly??) and Shining The Holy Ark along with a complete remake of Shining Force 3 (I mean all 3 discs) would be wonderful.



Ootfan98 said:

@Damo Re. potential Outrun Licencing Issue.

I think on the Dreamcast version of Outrun, they completely changed the car. I think the Saturn was the last Arcade Perfect version



Damo said:

@Relias Shining the Holy Ark would make my decade, but the Saturn is a real pain to emulate. There's no way the 3DS could handle it, short of completely recoding it from the ground up.



EpicMegaman64 said:

@Damo Yeah, I realized that later once I re-read the article. Since it would be up to Capcom, it would be a pretty unpredictable coin flip. On one hand, Capcom is an idiot. On the other, there is a new Strider coming up, so this could be a nice advertising opportunity.



Damo said:

@ECMIM Streets of Rage has little to no parallax scrolling, and that has just arrived on the 3DS eShop as a 3D Classic.



sleepinglion said:

Not that it would be in high demand
but I think 'Dick Tracy' would be an amazing 3D title.
It was a SEGA original, tied into the movie at the time, and utilized perspective (foreground and background shooting) as a crucial mechanic.
It would look stunning in 3D.
Ya never know!



KnightRider666 said:

@Windy: Exactly. Look how nice they did with all the Game Gear releases. All the screen options, custom button mapping, etc. Sega does the VC right in every way!



EJzelda said:

I definitely agree with Shining Force games, Comix Zone and Dick Tracy, that others mentioned.



Seanmyster6 said:

@MikeLove Not to mention Comix Zone would benefit from an added Easy Mode. Fun game, but way too hard as it is.
(as long as they don't make Easy Mode too easy, like 3D Ecco The Dolphin)

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