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Wed 1st Apr 2009

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jhuhn commented on Namco Museum:

This was one of the first games I purchased back when I bought a Game Boy Advance back in June 2001. I like the retro style arcades.



jhuhn commented on One Piece Romance Dawn:

Game will get a North America release after all, as their website has confirmed a release of the retail game and a downloadable version from the 3DS eShop for Q1 2014.



jhuhn commented on 50 Classic Games 3D:

Got it for $4.99 plus tax. What an incredible deal for 50 games with 3D effects.



jhuhn commented on THQ Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy:

What will be the fate of WWE, Wheel of Fortune & Jeopardy!? I hope a publisher out there can bail them out and make sales again, or take over the company.



jhuhn commented on escapeVektor:

Nintendo of America 3DS eShop had the game release date for December 27, but thanks to Facebook and knowing the price and having Nnooo contact Nintendo of America about the error posted, they hope to fix it to the December 20 release date. Nnooo will now compensate me by giving me the downloadable game for free.....and it's also on my birthday. SCORE!!!



jhuhn commented on Fractured Soul:

They set their price at a whopping $11.99 + tax which is quite pricey.



jhuhn commented on Marvel Pinball 3D:

Fantastic Four doesn't get the ball in play after Negative Zone Ball Saved.



jhuhn commented on Marvel Pinball 3D:

Totally frustrated that I get a high score in Fantastic Four, but it goes to waste....



jhuhn commented on Super Hang-On:

Should mention that the US region is also priced at 900 Wii points, not 800 as I downloaded the game from the Wii Shop. Loved the original arcade when playing it at a Chuck E. Cheese's location in the GTA back in 1987. Now if only SEGA can get Out Run to follow suit.....



jhuhn commented on Colors! 3D:

This is a must have! I've made a few art drawings in 3D and they all turned out great.



jhuhn commented on European Virtual Console Set for Bumper March ...:

I hope Reggie is taking notes if any of these games that are yet to be released in the US region will be available to download. They are behind in the number of 3DS VC games compared to the PAL region right now. Nintendo needs to find a way to get 8 Wii VC games added to reach the 400 plateau.



jhuhn commented on Review: TNT Racers (WiiWare):

T N T Racers are dynamite.....DYNAMITE! From a commercial in the 1980s on TNT Racers which are toy cars like these ones I believe.



jhuhn commented on Anne's Doll Studio:

These dolls are cute. But I would like to create a goth doll type character, but she is to appear as a puppet. I am working on some unique lady doller puppet characters.



jhuhn commented on Rumour: New App Store in Development for Wii U:

Would like to see apps on checkers, chess, reversi and backgammon. The WiiU trailer had reversi on the WiiU control tablet and with the pieces slide off with the movement of the tablet. One question Wii fans will be asking before the E3 2012 event, is will it be able to transfer current data and system files from the Wii to the WiiU (like the DSi data to 3DS), since a select few cannot be copied to a SD(HC) card.



jhuhn commented on Horizon Riders:

Looks good, the US region gets this on October 6, 2011 for 800 Wii points.



jhuhn commented on More Official Details of 3DS Ambassador Scheme...:

This also pops the question on when the Wii U comes out, if Nintendo will update the Wii system, where anyone can transfer their save data and purchased WiiWare & VC games from the Wii to the Wii U system. I ask that because of the probability of having the flash drive starting to tire out from moving data from the SD card to the flash drive hundreds of times over, where the Wii U won't be as painful to it, thanks to a bigger flash drive and the ability to have either a SD card and/or an external hard drive. (Will the Wii U USB ports accept laptop, desktop or both external drives?)