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Wed 18th Dec 2013

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willsargent commented on Tech Site The Verge Thinks The Wii U's Failure...:

This article typifies why people 'in the media' are working in the media and not designing and producing the most imaginative games on the planet. How dare this bozo acuse Ninendo of any kind of 'me to' hardware of software development - this company has both Sony and MS chasing their tails from top to bottom, outshining them on both fronts for many years. The 3DS XL is possibly the most exciting console I have ever owned (and I'm 43) and it's barely at the start of its lifecycle. So what if the Wi U is used as a trojan horse to keep brand nintendo gently in the mainstream while Sony and MS blow zillions securing exclusives for violent games aimed at spoilt 13 year-olds. I've never been interested in the Wii U, as I'm still working through a back catalogue of wii games (and DS!), but there's nothing wrong in a company having one world-leading product out of two is there?



willsargent commented on Feature: 10 Sega Titles We'd Like To See Rebor...:

Great feature, and great site (that's 2 sites I can trust for review scores now, alongside 'teletext', I mean Metro) - thanks for all your work and merry chrimbo. I'm loving these Sega games and I'd definitely be up for a bit of golden axe, or any other lush 2D beat-em-up of that nature, but my head tells me the Sega/Ninny publishing execs think only the 3D wobble-spritey stuff will make it to market. With that in mind I'd take Power Drift next as I actually played it for real many (many!) years ago. I also wonder if Nintendo considers some old arcade games to be too good and might therefore tread on the toes of their own juicy releases. Conspiracy alert...