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Talking Point: Nintendo's Resilience Against Wii U Criticism Emphasizes Its Longevity

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

As the critics attack, Satoru Iwata simply looks ahead

It's been, overall, a tough couple of weeks for the Wii U's image in the online land of gaming enthusiasts. The focused attention of many outlets is, unsurprisingly and quite correctly, on the upcoming launches of the PS4 and the Xbox One, with Super Mario 3D World just about grabbing some coverage as the most significant upcoming release on Nintendo's system. That's all normal, though there have been a number of particularly negative reports in recent days that some may have seen around the web, so we think a relatively brief counterpoint and call for sanity is in order.

We're very aware, in the Nintendo Life team, of some views in the community — for the editorial team does read comments and forum posts — that state we often report "negatively" on the Wii U. Anyone is welcome to that opinion and can share it — constructively, in an ideal world — and we'll reserve the right to disagree. We're all enthusiasts for Nintendo, which naturally leads to accusations of excessive bias — there's no way to satisfy every viewpoint, as we're sure you appreciate. We devote so much of our lives to writing about Nintendo because we're passionate about its systems and games, but rather than slip on rose-tinted spectacles and pretend everything is 100% perfect, we'll cover legitimate and reasonable news that's critical of the company, and we'll certainly write editorials to call-out areas where the big N could do better. It's not to bash Nintendo but actually to try and, in our own small way, contribute; sometimes honest and critical opinion is more valuable to a business than simply saying "worry not, everything is hunky dory".

We are picky in terms of what we report, too, and have recently declined to post some articles that have circulated widely elsewhere. One in particular suggested that Nintendo may be forced to discontinue the Wii U in 2014 — a bold claim to put it lightly — while well-known industry website included the Wii U in a video list of the five "worst Holiday tech gifts", delivered with a suggestion that people only want one of two consoles this year, and Nintendo's is not one of them. It's becoming common fare for Nintendo to be covered in such a manner, but that doesn't mean a logical response can't point out flaws when these reports surface.

A welcome counterpoint has recently been published by Games (via its sister-site, which makes some valid points to highlight just why the "Nintendo is doomed" rhetoric is perhaps rather narrow and short-sighted. Some key games industry facts are cited in that article, summarised below:

1985 - Retail sales of around $100 million ($213 million in inflation-adjusted dollars)
1990 - Retail sales about $5 billion (close to $9 billion adjusted for inflation) — Nintendo accounts for roughly 90% of those sales
2013 - The Gartner Group projects total worldwide revenue for games at $93 billion for all of 2013. Nintendo is projecting its revenue for the current fiscal year (ending in March 2014) at 920 billion yen, or about $9.3 billion dollars. Nintendo this year represents about 10 percent of the game industry.

Any use of such large-scale and broad figures can be debated on some level, but the overall trends bear out. Consider the 1990 percentage alongside the projections at the time that Nintendo faced trouble — of course it did, because the marketplace was being invaded by a determined, strong competitor in the form of SEGA. Nintendo's market share subsequently fell as a result, but it was the share of an increasingly lucrative industry, as highlighted by the 2013 estimated worldwide revenue of $93 billion in 2013. In the current day Nintendo's business is challenged by phones, tablets, the Vita and others in the portable space, while in the living room we have Microsoft and Sony's systems joined by young microconsoles and, to a degree, some tech-savvy consumers that are hooking tablets up to Smart TVs for large screen gaming; Steam Machines from Valve are also on the way. It's a bigger pie with an ever-increasing collection of corporations eager for a slice, so Nintendo has grown since those days of a borderline monopoly, which ultimately accounts for a lesser overall impact on the market.

We'd also like to reiterate a point that we've made frequently in the past about Nintendo's audience and the issue of third-party support. In an ideal world we'd love Nintendo to be brawling with Microsoft and Sony over all of the biggest third-party games while still delivering that distinct first-party library, but that's not the reality. We're pleased when big multi-platform games make it to Wii U, and frustrated if any of them turn out to be sub-par in execution, but self-awareness as Nintendo enthusiasts surely dictates that we consider this state of affairs in context. Nintendo, after GameCube failed to prosper in a technological arms race — lest we forget — has changed tack and focused on innovation, accessibility and enjoyable gaming experience; it's a strategy that's flourished with DS, Wii and, increasingly, 3DS.

That's how things are, and there's an audience of Xbox and PlayStation gamers that are either lost to those brands or, in some cases, will invest in a Nintendo system in addition to another, especially as the Wii U is the second home console in a row to prioritise a new gameplay approach over raw horsepower. We can look back to the arm-wrestling bit-wars of the SNES vs Mega Drive / Genesis with fondness, but that's a strategy that Nintendo's left behind, with the GameCube teaching it that a three-way tech-war allied with a "kiddie" image isn't a route to success.

It's often the case that Nintendo and the Wii U, particularly, are in an odd no-man's land in media coverage. The latest system is sometimes left out of "next-gen" coverage and thinking, yet can often be considered part of the battleground when assessing sales potential and the upcoming "console wars". The console's thoroughly disappointing first year of sales have contributed to a largely negative perspective — not always unreasonably — around its chances, yet when mapping out its Holiday prospects it's arguably superfluous to say it'll lose out to PS4 and Xbox One in terms of emptying shelves. For one thing, both of those systems are likely to be pre-order / launch window sell-outs, or close to it — as was the Wii U in its first month, racking up over three million sales in quick order. As we've observed many times and Games Industry's piece also articulated, we're also talking about different target audiences, with families and enthusiasts that favour Nintendo's approach being the focus — Nintendo's worldwide Holiday period results will truly be clear in its next financial reports at the end of January 2014.

And we're not suggesting that Nintendo's getting everything right. We stand by our record for being critical of the company when we feel there's cause, and there's no guarantee that the Wii U will secure a large audience beginning in this Holiday season. Perhaps the console, its bundles and titles such as Super Mario 3D World will do the trick, or perhaps it'll fall to the likes of Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. in 2014. We think it's a strong possibility, as suggested during our financial results coverage, that the home console will miss its yearly target of nine million units sold, and without being able to see the future it's hard to predict whether the system will ultimately surpass lifetime sales of the GameCube, Nintendo 64 or beyond — perhaps big future releases and inevitable further price cuts will be integral to that fate.

Ultimately, however, even if it's a fact that scuppers doom-sayers and those that want to see Nintendo ditch hardware, the company is on sound footing to have modest performance and continue regardless. The 3DS has secured a firm place in the market for now, while the latest financial accounts show cash and deposits of 463,187 million Yen (around $4.6 billion) and total net assets of 1,233,906 million Yen (over $12 billion). Despite struggling to hit its targets the company is still making small profits and sticking to its projections for this year, while looking to the future Nintendo can, in theory, have a system that struggles — it's been there before — and simply go again with new hardware.

Naturally, the future is full of doubt and major challenges. As suggested earlier, the market's never been so competitive or crowded, and Nintendo must find its place to succeed in the industry. It's done so before, however, and with strong convictions and years of profits to use as crutches in tough times, predicting short-term disaster that'll fundamentally change the company seems frivolous. Nintendo has and will keep making mistakes, like every company, and for our part we'll share critical opinion when it's merited. Yet we won't say Nintendo is doomed, because it's a long way from that.

Perhaps the company benefits from aspects of its corporate culture in Japan when it comes to staying on course, and perhaps its biggest strength right now is a belief in its roadmap. You may not agree with it or think it will succeed, but in an industry where some technology companies scramble from one policy to the next to try and please everyone, Nintendo primarily focuses on game consoles that provide fun experiences.

The closing word should perhaps go to Satoru Iwata, who said the following when addressing a question about cutting costs and the size of Nintendo's workforce at the recent investor Q & A:

If you believe that there is no possibility of Nintendo’s results improving, then you would be right about it being necessary to review the structure of the workforce and the company itself to match the scale of the business. However, I believe that there are upward and downward swings in the video game business, that Nintendo has the potential to be a larger-scale business, and that in order to achieve that potential, good developers, localization capability and the ability to sell overseas are necessary. We need a company with a lot of muscle, but a company that also has no excess fat – one that makes smart spending decisions. Restructuring the workforce is not the first option we consider even when cost cutting is required. I would like you to understand that this is because we do not see a dark future for Nintendo.

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Blast said:

The Wii U will be fine. 2014 holds many great games and Legend of Zelda: Wii U will land in 2015. Its gonna get really good in the future.



Radbot42 said:

I think Nintendo is doing great, and will be fine no matter what, they have a lot of great stuff on the way, and once sales pick, like I've heard they are more 3rd Party Titles will be on the way as well.



LztheQuack said:

I think Nintendo just needs to focus on developing great games for Wii U (as well as fix a few issues). Those who buy the Xbox One and PS4 will eventually buy the Wii U anyway for Nintendo's games. I suspect sales will go up after Mario Kart, Zelda and Smash Bros (among others) come out.



Volmun said:

@DarkwingLz as you sed i can see WiiU selling alot more when/after Smash Bros and Mario Kart come out when i see ppl talking about getting one thay are the games that get mentiond.



Blast said:

I also hate it when gaming media (especially don't consider the Wii U a next gen console. THAT REALLY TICKS ME OFF. Monolith's X is a great example of how the Wii U is a next gen console!!!!!!!!!!!!!



rjejr said:

TW - always appreciate your scholarly writing, that SAT test title required multiple readings for me to get the point. Did it just pop into your head like that?

As for Nintendo - not doomed, 3DS keeps them afloat, and they're sitting on cash, and some of the best known IP in the vidoegame business. And as bad as things are for the Wii U (slowly but painfully getting better) compared to that awful N64 controller and the Gamecube lunchbox the Wii U looks downright inviting. The only real challenge/problem Nintendo has is comparing Wii U sales to the fluke Wii. And yes it was a fluke compared to N64 and Gamecube sales. Lightning doesn't strike twice, but Nintendo has weathered this storm before. The Wii U will last a few more years. SM3DW, X, Bayonetta 2, MK8, SSB, Zelda whatever.

Oh, and Cnet is smoking crack, Wii U is a great holiday gift for kids, either Mario & Luigi bundle or Skylanders bundle, way better than PS4 or X1, what family friendly kids games do those systems offer?



Jayvir said:

I've said it before and I'll say it again, there is nothing wrong with another Gamecube. It wasn't the most popular console, but it was still profitable for the company and it had some of the best games of all time on it. Can anyone really argue with that?



MitchVogel said:

Wii U won't ever be a big hitting success, but I think in the coming years it'll carve out its own market. By the way, when the heck are they going to release that second speed update? Wasn't it supposed to be a fall release?



Fazermint said:

There are two problems with the media:
1. Conclusions are inadequate. First impressions and incomplete data are often used to support absolute conclusions. In general, the media is highly unprofessional.
2. Focus is often misplaced. The media tends to be overly simplistic, rarely considering all aspects of a case.

At least, these are the problems I've seen about media coverage of the Wii U. There are poor initial hardware sales, and the media immediately dooms the console. The focus tends to lie on technical specs. By that logic, the Wii U is inherently inferior to the PS4 and X1. With such a mindset, they fail to take other important factors into account, such as the quality of the games.



Fazermint said:

@Jayvir I agree. Who cares if the Wii U is not the best-selling console? It's not like Nintendo will go bankrupt, and we'll continue to get quality titles.



Blast said:

@Fazermint Agreed again. I just HATE how the Wii U and... Nintendo (in general) is the punching bag in the gaming media. The Wii U gets trashed repeatedly and made fun of all the time. The Wii U deserves criticism but it doesn't deserve a freaking double standard.



conman2012 said:

Good article. The net has definitely been full of bad news over the past week. Thanks for the pep talk



Darknyht said:

Much like with the Gamecube, as long as they have games that are fun I will not be disappointed. As for the "exclusives" and killer games on the other systems, they generally appear on the PC eventually.



rjejr said:

@EvisceratorX - "By the way, when the heck are they going to release that second speed update? Wasn't it supposed to be a fall release?"

I think it came out Oct 1st.

Improvements to system stability and usability:
Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience

And yes that was the 2nd update, the 1st update came out July.



Goginho said:

I have a funny belief that the company is cooking up something we're not even aware of, some sort of secret in a way. I mean, The only advertisement for the 'struggling' Wii U is coming from Super Mario 3D World and some from Wii Party U, whereas the 3DS is constantly getting tons of promotion. Observing all the comments on the internet in the past months, about how Nintendo should invest in advertising for the Wii U as they do for the 3DS, perhaps even more, and yet they continue to spread very little word of the console seems illogical to many, including myself at first. I always had a feeling the company could go all out and advertise like crazy, since they have the money to do so, but it appears they're waiting for something. Knowing how protective and subtle Nintendo is about releasing information, they probably have some sort of plan up their sleeve. I couldn't really say in what shape or form this plan might come across, but I just have a weird feeling they got something they haven't exposed yet. It could be a replacement console for the Wii U (although I completely doubt that..Wii U has such immense potential, everything is there), it could be a progressive ad campaign that they are waiting on the right phase to put forth (maybe after the hype of competitive consoles cools off), or some secret, new, killer game or 1st party franchise that might appeal to some more hardcore audiences. Knowing Nintendo, and having observed their ways of approaching these kinds of turbulent situations, anything is possible. Nintendo isn't in it to win it, to have the most sales than the rest at the end of a generation, I'm sure. That is not 'winning' for them, since they are mainly about providing consistent quality entertainment to a wide variety of audiences. Sure, having a certain sales number as a goal helps in motivation, but they don't focus on 'beating the others', as I'm sure other companies do, thus forgetting the true value of the entertainment business, pleasing the customer, providing qualitiy content and great experiences, and overall being a positive example (sometimes Nintendo can arguably take it a bit too far in playing the nanny though). If a company sticks to these codes, then all else falls automatically. The sales will naturally come, and who knows, in the end Nintendo might even 'win the race', but that's irrelevant. These aspects, coupled with a good amount of advertising will go a long way.

So, all I can say is, that the advertising part is missing for the Wii U, but I have a feeling it's coming, slowly but surely. The 3DS started to boom as soon as the advertisments for it started to amp up gradually.

Nintendo is about timing, we should be patient and enjoy the moment, enjoy the content we currently have, and continue to patiently wait and eagerly enjoy looking at the artworks and trailers for the amazing upcoming titles, like a kid waiting for Christmas Morning.



mostro328 said:

All wiiu had to do is a relaunch all new marketing campaign get people to play it i don't laugh when passing s game like cid out last of us, but when i playmario or nintendo land i laugh I'm happy its enjoyable, wiiu has super chance to really sell a lot of consoles they just gage to get people to play



sevex said:

After finally buying a Wii U I'm totally over the fact that it may not be truly "next-gen". The game graphics look fantastic in my opinion, especially when they've got Nintendo's signature polish, and the Gamepad works/feels much better than I had anticipated.

Any real issues I have with the console (lack of a universal account system, not enough classic games on the eshop) are things that could be easily fixed down the road.



FabioSMASH said:

As much as I love Nintendo, they brought this all on themselves with their weak (non-existent) marketing strategy, confusing system name, no killer launch titles, and nearly identical-looking new console.

The Wii U will eventually settle-in (after all the xbox1/PS4 hype subsides) and find a moderate audience beyond the die hard Nintendo fan base, but it certainly didn't launch with guns blazing.



Zaphod_Beeblebrox said:

I may express doubts about the Wii U from time to time but I've never been foolish enough to think that Nintendo is "doomed". Nintendo has the resources to learn from its mistakes. Whether the Wii U turns out to be successful or not, Nintendo will carry on.



Kirk said:

Nintendo as a company is not "doomed" in the slightest but by f**k does it need to get it's finger out or the Wii U might just be.

Some people are acting like all the Wii U's problems are not a big deal*, even people posting in here, but unless you are slightly deluded and believe a console with only a handful of good first party games, along with all the other issues listed below, is a truly satisfying console then it really is a big deal.

*Under powered, abysmal sales, terrible third party support, limited VC selection at too high prices, low controller battery time unless you buy a better battery, lack of unified eShop accounts, longer than necessary loading times, still a slightly gimped online or just none at all in many games, slightly high price for what it is and for most people to seriously consider buying one...



bizcuthammer said:

The thing is, if Nintendo had initially supported Wii U AT LAUNCH with big first party titles, it wouldnt be struggling. Now Wii U has an image problem for being a failing system with nothing to play on it. If Super Mario 3D World, Pikmin 3 and Wii Fit U had been the launch games instead of Nintendo Land and NSMBU, Wii U would be fine now. But they got delayed, and in case of Mario, Ninty went with the conservative/easy route and are now paying for it.



audiobrainiac said:

As bad as it can look sometimes, I have faith in Nintendo. They've mostly granted me, a die-hard fan of the company, just about everything i've ever wanted from a portable gaming system. Now if they would just grow Virtual Console and make some great Wii U games, I will be quite happy, and it looks like thats what they aim to do.



Mahe said:

Nintendo has made some mistakes recently - the 3D of 3DS doesn't add anything consequential to games, the Gamepad is mostly a useless waste of space and Wii Sports Club is so far a poor man's rehash of Wii Sports, but at a ridiculous premium price.

However, even despite their faults, Nintendo still produces better consoles than the competitors. 3DS is far beyond the Vita in user experience and game selection, and the Wii U is a much more appealing proposition now than the other next-gen consoles. You can't play games like Wii Party U, New SMB, Mighty Switch Force and Nano Assault outside Nintendo consoles, and they deliver the best experience for series like Just Dance. That game selection is further bolstered by the backwards compatibility to the excellent Wii and DS game libraries. Until that changes, the discerning gamer finds the best experience on Nintendo systems.



earthboundlink said:

I truly don't know what "next gen" means. I mean, the new Sony & MS systems have more powerful graphics hardware than Wii U, but I just feel like at 1080p and a certain amount of graphic detail, there are so many diminishing returns. Like, do realistic, individually swaying grass blades make the game more fun, or is it just a ton of money spent on development that drives up the cost of games and ensures that the only games that get made are the ones that will sell to the lowest common denominator?

If I want incredibly detailed computer-generated visuals with a compelling narrative, I'll watch a Pixar movie on blu-ray, not spend hundreds on a video game system for some bad writing and poor voice acting. When I'm done, I can pick up the Wii U controller and joyously bound through inventive levels and interact with my favorite characters in ways I never would have imagined before.



plunkettmonster said:

Nintendo is hitting the mark in my opinion. I do a lot to personally promote the Wii U in my opinion its the best system I have ever owned .



bouncer0304 said:

Next year the Wii U is looking great. The fact that games like Bayonetta 2 have some saying that it should be on their system goes to show that these games are wanted. The major problem is advertising. In the UK there are very few adverts for the Wii U- Windwaker had some which was great but other Wii U games had no adverts which is a bad thing. They need to start doing these adverts now. I don't know why Nintendo UK had their advertising budged cut, especially since they need it for the Wii U. They need to reduce the 3ds adverts since the 3ds is on a roll and put extra resources into the Wii U.
They also need a proper UK tour which doesn't consist of three English towns and cities like the Unleashed tour. I remember going to Cardiff one Christmas to play Mario Kart Wii and the second professor Layton which was brilliant. They need to do a showcase and a demonstration showing why the Wii U is the next console and reasons to upgrade. Offer money off vouchers and competitions to sweeten the deal. Really push it and explain to people that the Wii is no longer being produced and that all the latest games will be Wii U only but emphasise that the Wii U can play Wii games after a console update. Once people fully understand that the Wii is dead then they'll upgrade.



ungibbed said:

If there's one thing I must say to get out of the way it is this, I am a huge fan of the underdog. Nintendo finding themselves in that position once again with the Wii U. The previous generation was smoked by the original Wii which was underpowered, had no HD, and a sea of shovelware. Yet the old Wii prevailed, and sold on the most important virtue that some others would die for.

That being impulse system purchases of the Wii, even if these casual buyers never bought another game, the system remained profitable despite the laughs of "gamers" pointing at someone picking up a game or two for the Wii and just don't have the money to support more than one console ecosystem.

now my thoughts on topic

The Wii U I feel was never intended to be a "next gen' system in the common views of those who only look at the pictures and skip the text of gaming magazines and many websites unless that content is negative and yet more troll ammo.

They then take their one sided thoughts to YouTube, discussion forums, and any other means to feel like a "true hardcore gamer" when there really is no such thing. Does a next generation console require enough computing power to guide and fly a real fighter plane let alone adding more additional "fluff'?

I've always liked Nintendo as they always had the brass to try something different with each new game console even if it left them with a few black eyes and battle scars along the way over the years. Even at time with more powerful hardware than the competition.

In the end as we all know, it isn't only the hardware that sells systems, it's the games that can be played on it. I still love CoD: Black Ops 2 for the added features that no current system can provide and also some of the exclusive titles that will only be found on the Wii U.

Lego City Undercover is one amazing example but admit I do get frustrated by the short life of the battery in Game Pad which in turn affects my progress sadly to say. I do wish Nintendo and the developers give us all control options using the Pro Controller while the Game Pad sits in its recharge cradle still displaying vital information to the player.

As for big name third party releases, Game Pad or not, I would in every way possible, cater to game developers that we do need third party support but always provide a bonus for making use of the GamePad as a primary controller or even as a second screen while the Pro Controller is in use. Zen Pinball did this perfectly with the Game Pad still providing vital information while charging on its cradle (great pinball game on the system which really roped me in)!

We must have mainstream support, even for the underdog, it would be great to have the Wii U as the lead platform for eventual PS3 and 360 releases. Focusing on the strengths of the Wii U but also keeping the current systems busy, this is a real longshot but a hopeful one that we will see in the near future.

Finally as a bit off topic focus on next generation systems. Current consoles as they are (especially the PS3 and Heavy Rain) shows the potential of current systems and newer games as well like CoD: Ghosts and AC4: Black Flag (two potential purchases I wish to make for the Wii U instead of my PS3.

When it comes to the PS4 and XB1, how real is too real for a video game? I'm duly impressed with some of the visual enhancements, but current systems have already been shown that there is plenty of potential in them. Especially now that many developers are coding in assembly on the 360 and PS3 for the best possible performance in game. The ports of these games show just how much untapped power the Wii U really has when you consider that many of these multi-platform games show. I am well aware of a frame loss or two on the Wii U and willing to accept it as "growing pains" as more developers get familiar with the system.

Early on thanks to EA/Criterion, that extra difference was shown in what remains to be one of the best looking games on the Wii U. NFS: MW U was a major showpiece as were a few other launch window titles that really have the ability to show the true power of the system. This returns me back to my original question, how much more visual detail do we want in games to the point where Super Mario 3D World are shunned thanks to the latest on next generation consoles?



milojica said:

For me gaming is about fun. Not about graphics. My brother and i often play Timespliters on GameCube because it's fun. When i want fun, somehow i always turn to Nintendo console. My GBA and NDS are the jaggernauts of fun and joy. I was rarely as happy when i played on any other console. Halo was boring, God of war was boring, but Pokemon, Fire Emblem series, Star Fox, Metroid series, Chibi Robo, Castlevania ... etc., was experience of a lifetime. Fun will prevail in my opinion, just give it time. For me, the WiiU ZombieU was the bomb and Wonderful 101. And the Scram Kitty on rails



Cyberbotv2 said:

@EvisceratorX : I see future updates after the PS4 release this week, and after the Xbox one next week. When Mario arrives in 2 weeks, I'm thinking some sort of update and Nintendo Direct will arrive.



Pichubby said:

@milojica I agree, me and my bro just play for the ultimate gaming, not for so-called "Better graphics" that xbox is supposed to have. i like good games, not ripping out someone's guts on a dark, cloudy game.



gatorboi352 said:

This gen, unlike any other gen prior, I feel like Nintendo was in over their heads as a video game only company. It's almost as if they've held a blind eye to the industry around them as a whole the last 6 years and just now decided to open up their eyes and see what they're facing. Delaying Pikmin 3 due to "HD development reasons"? What?? In 2012-13 this is an issue for a video game only company?



Shiryu said:

It's almost the Wii U's first birthday and I'm already on my on my 37th game. I have no complaints. Sure, no console is perfect (unless it's a Game Boy, NES, or SNES) but Nitendo promised the smiles and I've been smiling all year long.



Cyberbotv2 said:

@ungibbed , interesting points. Right now, I am not that into so much what the games look like but how they play. I used my Wii primarily for gamecube games, because they have been the best experiences. With my PS3, the best games I played on the system were NBA 2k13, walking dead, and probably the Batman games. I think the Wii u already has a gamut of games like this. And that eshop has been so good.



unrandomsam said:

@Jayvir Difference is with the Gamecube there was good worthwhile 3rd party stuff as well. (Not medicre ports - proper games designed for the hardware at hand) and Nintendo were making some new things (Luigi's Mansion / Kirby's Air Ride / Warioworld / Pikmin for example). At the moment we have things that look better but have all the fun stripped from them by being too easy and nothing really new. (Bonsai Barber is the last I can think of).



ultrakatie64 said:

Nintendo just needs to stay on course and deliver the goods we've seen so far. And while they are at it, a patch would be nice for Wii Sports Tennis to improve the online multiplayer. I don't expect much out of online multiplayer when it first goes online regardless what the game is. But, a patch would be nice.



N64ever said:

If you ever watch American media you already know they don't know what they're talking about half the time. Thank you Nintendo Life for providing an alternative to other bias websites and media outlets who can't even pronounce 3ds right. Nintendo will do well and I think when you're considered the underdog you usually make better entertaining stuff than the top money maker dogs.



unrandomsam said:

@Blastoise-san What is next gen ? If the performance of the ipad keeps increasing at the rate it is then won't be very long before that is more powerful than either of the two new ones. (The devs make compromises I cannot accept - if it is not 1080p/60fps I don't want to play it).



viorse said:

Soy fan de Nintendo desde hace muchos años y nunca me ha decepcionado,sé q no es perfecta pero cual empresa lo es? Ahora con el Wii U no sé xq le dan tan malas críticas si es espectacular? ?!!!:-/



BestBuck15 said:

I certainly don't think Nintendo are doomed. I want Nintendo to make games for Nintendo consoles and nobody else and that is the way it is going to remain.

That said I do think the Wii U is a failure. Nintendo tried something new and it didn't work, it's as simple as that. The last 30 years has seen Nintendo be the most innovative console manufacturer bar none. Everything they have done has been copied by other companies ; Sony, M$ and Sega. I haven't seen Sony or M$ copy the new touch screen gamepad! I wonder why?



Mayleene said:

I've been gaming since the first Mario Bros. and the original Zelda gold cartridge days. I have only made Nintendo purchases. I've tried other consoles at other peoples' houses and was not impressed. Not into playing army or cowboys & Indians. Those other consoles just offer no games that are of any interest to me.

Looking forward to the future with Nintendo. X, Zelda, SM3dW, Smash, hopefully a Metroid or two, not to mention all the great games on my 3DSXL. Currently working on finishing Mario & Luigi Dream Team.




NintyMan said:

Wii U will be fine. I believe Super Mario 3D World will start the turnaround, and then next year Wii U will increasingly do better as games like Donkey Kong, Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros., and other big games come to the system. It won't be the success that Wii was, but did any of us really expect it to be? At worst, Wii U would perform like GameCube, but even at that Nintendo still made profit off of that console and there were several good games for it. However, I still believe this console will do pretty well as good games come, and they will come.



JimLad said:

Nice article, it was an interesting read.
In the media's defense, I think it's worth considering how much other news about Wii U there is to report right now. Nintendo are typically a very secretive company when it comes to annoucements, and third parties are not giving them the light of day. So of course the bad news is going to outweigh the good. If they had more games to show us the news reels wouldn't look half as bad.

As for the Wii U, I've talked a lot of trash about it so far but I still have faith in the games Nintendo will produce for it. The lack of power never bothered me, nor does the lack of third parties or online or virtual console or the kiddy image or any of that crap.
But I want them to admit that the tablet controller is not necessary and stop making it mandatory. By all means keep selling it, but as an optional extra.
If they do that they can cut another £100 off the price and suddenly the system becomes much more viable.

Nintendo make some of the best games in the world, but this console and it's price point are not helping them sell those games.



coreyerb said:

Nicely put. You can be a fan of something while still examining it objectively. Sometimes admitting you're predisposed based on past experience to like a company's products can improve your coverage.

But NintendoLife does suffer from inconsistency of message in that regard. Not all writing here is of this same clarity and much of it comes across as subjective - coming from a perspective of automatically praising anything X company does, or a perspective of "I heard this opinion at a bigger website so I'm going to go with it since it must be true."

There is an opportunity here for NL to just admit you're not industry experts and are covering things from a certain slant, but are trying to do so in as fair a way as possible. That takes writers who know that goal and can communicate it through their articles and not follow the trend of most gaming "journalists" being glorified PR reps who want to prove they know everything about the business.

Be honest and your readers will appreciate it.



BillyCupid said:

Nintendo certainly aren't doomed, but the Wii U might be. Nintendo haven't made enough of the year head start they had (they should have been marketing the hell out of the Wii U for 12 months straight) and now most gamers will be focusing on which of the Xbox/PS4 they want while the casual gamers don't even know the Wii U exists (when I bought mine from Argos in June, I was asked by the twenty-something man on the counter if it was an add-on for the Wii).

Having said that, once the 'next-gen' hype dies down and those systems are hit with software droughts of their own, I do believe there's the possibility gamers will turn to the Wii U for their fix (which will have a very decent catalogue of first party games at that point). However this all depends on whether or not Nintendo raise their game in marketing the Wii U to the general public and the gaming community at large, not just those who already know about it (and probably already own one).

I love Nintendo and I love my Wii U but, unless Nintendo change their strategy, I can't see the Wii U selling 9 million consoles by this time next year, let alone by the end of their financial year as they have projected.



Zael said:

The problems now are:
1) Only 5 games scheduled for 2014
Mario Kart
Xenoblade 2
and a generic fire emblem (2014??)
I think that quality is better than quantity but, if third parties will give up on conversion and multi (considering the graphic gap and the low sales) then I foresee a 2014 with about 7 or 8 games, great games but lack of variety.
2) 2015 zelda ?? and??
3)They are using too much the mario ip, 3d world will be ok but, after mario kart and ssb, I think that they need to change the music
4) on e3 2013 they showed most of the 2014 titles, can the 2015 be at the 2014 level? (without the support of platinum and monolith)
5) after one year we can say that the gamepad is only a cost, could they produce a smaller version of the gamepad to reduce the production cost and the weight?
6) at this point I think that the new zelda and xenoblade 2 will be the two killer app for this console, but can a killer app come out after 2 years from console's launch date?
Although I think that the wii u is a must buy, games like zelda or metroid or fire emblem are must buys, but it is sad to see nintendo in a corner.



Doma said:

Satoru Iwata simply looks ahead?......

No chance. This is Iwata's current status:




VoiceOfReason said:

My guess is that it's a little box that you plug into the Wii U's USB that increases the Wii U's power/graphics by 500%! It's a new technological breakthrough! It sure would surprise everybody!




I really do wish that Nintendo went private. A lot of the monkeys on their back would fall off with such a move.



Windy said:

Nintendo will be fine for sure. They really should have had Nintendoland Online so you could hookup with your buddys. They are still so far from Having a Viable online gaming service thats any good at all. I haven't bought a Wii-U for this reason. I was hoping Dragon Quest X would be localised. It's lack of RPG's also keeps me from buying. Something definately needs to be changed in regards to Wii-U for it to succeed. X (Xenoblade) Will tempt me to finally buy but if there isn't much else in RPG's I probably will weigh in at that time. The Wii Wasn't exactly an RPG powerhouse itself.



BillyCupid said:

@JimLad agreed! They need to start selling the console with the Pro Controller for £100 less and leave the Gamepad as an optional extra for those who want to play off screen (it's only worthwhile feature in my opinion).

Most people I know bought the original Wii because it was a cheap alternative or cheap second console. For the last 12 months the Wii U has been at least £100 more expensive than the two competing consoles - and only because of the bloody Gamepad (which gamers don't even want!).



majorgamer said:

Nintendo just needs to do one major update: a user-based account system. That will solve much of their perception issues.



coreyerb said:

@Zael Seven or eight games total in 2014? There were more than 20 in 2012 and 2013, and with more consoles sold this holiday, there's a greater market for sales enticing publishers. You really think seven or eight games total will be released for Wii U in 2014?

Yes, a "killer app" can come out two years after a console is released. Redefine killer app as "reason for more people to buy a console at its current price" and that has happened repeatedly. 2014 likely will see a further price drop, making it that much easier for someone to see a Mario Kart machine on the shelf for $250 or whatever and buy it. Consoles sales vastly improve as their software libraries increase and the price of the console decreases. Early adopters don't drive a console's success - it's the droves of people who pick them up a few years post-launch who make them profitable or not.



sr388survivor said:

The biggest problem I see has been people's instant dismissal of the Wii brand. The way the internet and retailers are buzzing about the PS4 and XBox One is crazy compared to the Wii U. GameStop didn't even have midnight openings for the Wii U. I think Nintendo definitely needs to work on marketing but a lot of people made up their minds about Wii U simply because it's Nintendo and "that's for kids and casuals" or whatever.
I don't really think there's one thing. I'm just waiting for when PS4 and XB1 come out and people realize it's not the huge jump in gaming they think it is.



BillyCupid said:

@skjia that's the thing - come Spring when everyone realises that their brand new £400 box isn't The Great Leap Forward they're being hyped up to be, Nintendo really have a chance to pull this back.

But they'll have to totally change their marketing strategy to do that, and nothing I've seen in the last 12 months suggests they're even willing to think about it unfortunately.



wordzzz said:

hey guys this is coming from all the gamers here in Belize City located in Central America, we''re from a small city and we all love the gaming industry xbox360 ps3 n wiiu is in our market i can say i grew up or most pplz here in my country grew up with nintendo the market has changed gamers have changed and we all have different opinions on other gaming consoles im a ps fan my lil bro luvs halo my other bro he's the mario king attacking a console bcz of sales dnt necessarily means it will fail nintendo has always and will always b the father of gaming and even if ps4 xbone comes in and take over the fact that nintendo started it all wont change i believe wiiu will be successful and its not doomed times are different now and the competition is growing but dats the idea to give gamers all possible aspect of gaming its for the gamers so sites trolling its doomed worst gift blahblahblah wont take wiiu out of this competion nintendo will always be here giving gaming service to world.



NinGamer85 said:

@majorgamer you are so right! It's been said and Nintendo is aware of it, and I think it's in the process. It's very delicate to change an account system and I think testing and tweaking it for an extended time will bring a smoother transition. From what I've been reading about the financials they're spending quite a bit in operating and R & D. My hopes are increasing the power of the Nintendo network and the account system.
New IP's would be great as long as they are solid. I've been playing Nintendo consoles since NES and saw a lot of great titles made for all ages to enjoy. It's quite a challenge imo to make something simple enough for young children while at the same time difficult enough for adults to enjoy. I'm curious to see what a game targeted at an older audience on Wii U, from Nintendo, would turn out to be?



KeatonTS said:

Just like me when my teachers and principle thought i wouldn't graduate high school.
I showed them, now im in college. Don't mind the feeble minded negative critics Nintendo and keep forward. Your time will come. Prove then wrong.



montrayjak said:

I hear a lot of people talk about how much they're failing. The thing is Nintendo makes the console AND the games. Sony and Microsoft don't make games in-house (and for a good reason). If they manage to sell one system the chances are pretty likely they're going to buy multiple Nintendo games. A family might buy Wii Sports Club and Nintendo Land, while a gamer might buy Zelda and Mario. MS/Sony sell the console and... their subscription service? Licensing?

This has to count for something, no?

Also, along the same lines, Nintendo is successful for the same reason Google is. They dog food their products. Nintendo makes a console to make their games better. It's not about meetings with multiple developers to make the ultimate "videogame console" (souped-up PC). Nintendo can literally sneaker-net their ideas between development houses to make a better future for themselves which is how Nintendo can incubate the best developers and end up delivering the best polished innovative products*. I guess you could say "Chrome is to Google Drive, as Wii U is to Mario".

I think people get concerned because they forget Nintendo has a toy company's genes. It focuses on the entire family/party/life rather than the average 16 year old kid fueled by mountain dew and florescent lights. They do miss out on a lot of software because of this, but I don't necessarily see it as having doom cast on them.

But, even with all of that said, Nintendo does really need to focus on their advertising. Even some of my gamer friends have been really confused about Wii U to Wii which is really sad... I still think they should have called it something more like Super Wii.

(*And as a side note, I'm an indie developer myself. Their choices on the structure of the Wii U's hardware are challenging but genius.)



Sceptic said:

Nintendo has completely lost it I'm afraid. It's the bridge of the Titanic. Complete denial.



wordzzz said:

Wii U wont fail its going tru some rough times critics are really bashing the console but with proper marketing strategies and making the awareness dat wii u will compete and will deliver, things will pick up and more consoles will start to sell super mario 3d world will show all those haters out there just how influential nintendo is to the gaming industry



Captain_Toad said:

Is Nintendo "Doomed" all because of a single console that "can't" stack up to the PS4/XB1?
Is the WiiU "Doomed" all because of some certain features and games not making it to the WiiU?
Is the WiiU, 3DS, and Nintendo "Doomed" all because of Iwata making "idiotic" decisions and not meeting sales projections?
Heh, worse things had happened.



SomeBitTripFan said:

Anyone who believes Nintendo is going to completely die if the Wii U fails honestly has no idea what their talking about, but even then, Nintendo could definitely put itself on the path to irrelevance if it isn't careful.



alrighthearthis said:

I honestly don't care what lifetime sales of the Wii U are as long as the system gets to a place where sales are profitable and we get a steady stream of first party Nintendo games. I play most third party games on PC so I want my Wii U for Nintendo games. Next year is looking great already with Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Mario Kart 8, and Super Smash Bros. There is also the Monolith Soft game, Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem, and a new Legend of Zelda at some point in the future along with the surprise games Nintendo always have up their sleeves.



Dezsi said:

If there was no Internet, which there is, people wouldn't be able to predict anything, look down on things, express their educated thoughts on things, spread rumors, hate, disbelief, fear etc. — at least the above wouldn't influence us as they do now. Duh.

Now I find myself being worried about Nintendo — because of the Internet! It's like re-gaining conscousness when I realize that there are games coming out on Nintendo consoles, which have been for the past 30 years, so what the hey? It never occured to me in the 90s that Nintendo may be in trouble, because I was happy playing their games. Not until there are no Nintendo products available commercially should we fear for its demise. It's not possible to avoid seeing news and comments predicting the impending doom of Nintendo, but it's silly to pay attention to it. It's like we're living in the future, which has a very deep-dark hue, whilst seemingly forgetting about the fact that we have our consoles, and are playing quality Nintendo titles, and there are more on the way.

Iwata has to say something, and I'm sure it's not easy for him, since, unless there are huge initial sales, accompanied by the sound of nuclear bombs, with the brand pouring from the taps, it is considered a failure, and is usually coupled with clairvoyance by, among others, smart-ass analysts, disgruntled children with competition-fixation, attention-loving people, and, not least, worried fans.

As a matter of fact, I'm glad that I've got a Wii U and, planning on getting a 3DS, ecstatic about the holidays, when I'll be playing Nintendo games just like 20 years ago.

Watch the language -Lz



Onett said:

Simply put, Nintendo got a little ahead of themselves with the release of the Wii U. Now it's just a matter of time for the games to catch up with it.



JuleyJules said:

@Blastoise-san I find that so irritating too. This past weekend here in Canada there was a great deal at Future Shop where you could trade in any game for PS3/360/Vita/3DS or Wii U for AC4, COD:Ghosts or BF4 (on PS3/360). The staff told me it was current gen systems only. When I asked why Wii games couldn't be traded they said it's only current gen. Uh, Wii is current gen - Wii U is next gen! I was irritated they didn't see it that way! So what Nintendo released two systems in one generation? That makes no sense!



DualWielding said:

The Wii U is and will remain a flop but Nintendo will come back strong in the Next Gen and the 3DS sales would be enough to make up for any Wii U losses



AJ_Lethal said:

Even if the Wii U flops completely (which at this stage is a bit too early to call off) Nintendo can just get up, dust off and try again. They went through worse.



armoredghor said:

yeah they'll make it but I'm not so sure about ouya and whatever amazon's console will be.



Fingeldor said:

Nintendo are optimists who've never strayed from making high quality entertainment products. They need to tweak their launches better in the future but I think the Wii U will find its footing next year. There are a LOT of gamers out there on the fence about getting a Wii U. Give them a few more solid titles and they'll pick it up because they can't resist missing those great games.



odd69 said:

Im my eyes they took and step ahead with the WiiU but a step behind ( or more like a leap) as far as the software goes.



SchlongkeyDong said:

The Wii U will have strong years of releases in 2014 and 2015, will sell decently in that time period, but then will start being phased out in 2016. Lifetime sales will land somewhere between 20 and 30 million units sold worldwide. That is my prediction.



n057828 said:

I f the facts hold out then Tendo is doing fine. Its a market ploy in that they PS and MS still make games for the non Next gen systems and are shooting themselves in the foot. Lets have a break down in say next gen inc Wii U and old gen. You will fine most players will still be using the old gen. Somply because they can and next cant play them!
Will this post be the same in 6 months I believe Wii U is the under dog and wii kick donkey mid 2014!



Rafie said:

Oh gosh some of you and your hate towards the other systems. Normally I would call most of you out, but there's no point in that right now.

I'll just direct you to @DarkwingLz post up top. He/she has THEE most sensible post here and sums up the fact of the matter. The Wii U isn't failing. A slow start doesn't equate to failure. Nintendo just needs to change their marketing avenues. More consumers will buy. For some us gamers, we already know that the Wii U exists and will have some super stellar titles coming it's way. I'm certainly waiting for one of them in a couple of weeks. I can't wait!!!



ungibbed said:


I still keep my classic Wii hooked up for the same reason. GameCube games and one other. The original Wii and it's huge number of classic games that I've invested so much into. From the NES to the N64 and every other console in between. My old favorites on the TurboGrafx / PC Engine and dozens of other games from the 16 bit era. Combined, I have over a pages full of game "channels" and love them in their pure form.

In addition to all the classic gaming I have on the old well kept system is a lovely treasure trove of Wii exclusive retail games (save for Marumasa which was ported to the PS Vita).

The Wii was my favorite system of the generation due to the new experiences with motion controls and the classic controller for kicking back.

I still have my PS3 as well and thankful for that as missing out on a technical marvel that GTA 5 is would be a crime. So well executed and polished that I have no idea how it was possible on current generation hardware as it looks much more like a true next generation game.

With the development time invested in it I can understand why it's not on the Wii U. On the other hand though, I wish more Wii U games got such a level of polish.

Having been a gamer most of my life and part of my career in the past, it was the perfect dream. If I had the chance to do it all over again, I would as I had that much passion for quality games and experiences that remaine entertaining to this day.



NaturalGus said:

the wii u is a great and powerful system with a unique approach to gaming. the current situation is only due to the lack of proper marketing for it. that is nintendos fault. instead of investing money into marketing and pushing software for the wii u, they are wasting money in marketing and pushing software for a system that doesnt need help, the 3DS. it doesnt need help, it is already a success. why not push the wii u? heck, i would do it for them. id do it for free. great marketing. how about a series of commercials joking about "how dumb you have to be to think the wii u is still a wii". a sarcastic line of condescending commercials to make people talk. in the style of smartdonkey 90s kids. whatever. thats just ONE idea, but come on, make some more wii u commercials instead of expecting it to push itself.



SCAR said:

Last time I checked, smartglass and PS Vita to PS4 connectivity exist.

I'm not worried. Whatever happens, happens.



JaxonH said:

I think too many people are focused on the wrong thing. If people would stop worrying about how well the Wii U is selling and start playing some Wii U games, the world would be a better place. I quit caring. Too busy playing my Wii U...



jorgem696 said:

Alot of people are talking so much crap about the Wii U at the end the PS4 and the Xbone are going to make much more bigger mistakes that the fanboys wont even be able to handle



unrandomsam said:

@alrighthearthis What surprise games have they been ? (Other than the Casual ones I am not bothered about on the Wii - Wii Fit / Wii Play etc) Bonsai Barber is all I can think of remotely recently.



Ichiban said:

The Wii U needs a console makeover (less wii like), rebranding, and THAT game which finally makes people sit up and pay attention. Which is pretty much what happened with the PS3 in 09: new console design, new image, and a game which got the entire gaming worlds attention in Uncharted 2.
I cant even compare the wii u to the gamecube atm. Despite struggling a bit, the gamecube still had 3rd party support from companies like EA, Capcom, Eidos, THQ, etc. Which meant the cube still got great games like Timesplitters, Hitman, WWE, Need for speed, etc. If only the Wii U were getting that kind of support, it wouldnt seem so bleak....



ikki5 said:

Nintendo will not die, Even if the Wii U fails completely, the 3DS will keep them profitable and keep them going strong until their next Handheld or console. People are bashing the Wii U so much just because the specs are better, but that never makes a system. watch in like a year, the three systems will probably be selling just as well as the other with some fluctuations of course.



booopn said:

i don't know what the talk about being critical on Nintendo from Nintendo Life is about. The people that say Nintendo Life is biased against seem like they don't read any sources besides NL.

In my opinion, if anything, they are biased for Nintendo. I come here for Nintendo news and they are great at delivering it, but i always read the site with the mind that they are likely biased for Nintendo especially when compared to sites that cover video game news from all manufacturers.

Maybe it's just because the site only reports on Nintendo products, but sometimes it seems NL is not very knowledgeable to what else is out there so they don't have a good point of reference. Perhaps its the nature of the site that is colouring my opinion, but perhaps I'll follow the writers on twitter (or listen to their podcast?) to see if it's true.



Will-75 said:

There are things that Nintendo could do better but the same can be said of every company out there - The Wii U is such a fun and Awesome system it's sad because there are so many missing out on the Next Gen., gaming that's been in front of them for almost a year the Wii U in my opinion still by far offers more to the Next Gen., gaming than xbox or ps4 - the Wii U's controller really is revolutionary it adds so much to the experience its such a sad thing that the only thing that seems to matter is Graphics in truth in no way does better graphics mean better system haven't we already learned that / and besides that the Wii U is capable of AMAZING GRAPHICS !



Yoshis_VGM said:

That whole Cnet video was totally biased. They presented no evidence whatsoever as to why we should avoid it. Isn't a price cut a good thing?! Besides, Nintendo slashed the 3DS price much sooner and much steeper than they slashed the Wii U's price, and look at the 3DS now. They'll be eating their words once Super Mario 3D World comes out, because I've honestly been hearing a LOT of people talking about getting a Wii U + 3D World.

And this whole thing about the Wii U not being "next gen" is ridiculous. Console generations are NOT based off of horsepower...they are based on release dates and succession. The Wii U succeeds the Wii, a 7th generation console, and it was released in 2012, during the 8th generation. Therefore it is a so-called "next generation" console. The console wars are ridiculous. If everybody wanted to have the oh-so powerful console, we'd all be PC gamers, right? Buy the console that has games that appeal to you the most; don't buy a console simply because it's "more powerful" than a competitor.

Finally, Nintendo Life, keep doing what you're doing. I love reading your articles because even though they're written by Nintendo fans, they're unbiased, and they don't, as you say, make it seem like everything Nintendo does is fine and dandy. Like you guys, I disagree with some of the choices Nintendo has made, but I am still faithful to them. Keep doing what you're doing; I enjoy reading your articles. It's my go-to place for the most recent Nintendo news.



GreenDream said:

It figures that the most logical and expansive analyses come from the likes of, Gamasutra, Digital Foundry, and Edge/Next Generation, because these sites are THE source to go to for industry specialists and employees. It's mind-boggling that so many tabloid sites like use inaccurate and shallow sources... I know they want money, but it's hitting below the belt to not use the full arsenal of information available. (And yes, CNET has practically become a tabloid site at this point. There are better places to find tech reviews and analyses...)

Nintendo Life has done well to work with and align themselves with THE sources of industry information on the Web. (At least for the Western continents.) (No sarcasm in this post, I'm quite serious.)



Cyberbotv2 said:

@ungibbed : oh man, that was a great post. That's what it's all about. All these great, great games that never get old. I just finished the REmake the other day. I don't think any game has matched that experience again.



GreenDream said:

There is a good short article related to this on the front page of GameFAQ's Top 10 Lists: "The Top 10 Things That The Next Generation Of Gamers Won't Get To Experience"

Notice the #1 and #2 spots... The raw graphics jumps between generations have gotten astronomically smaller since the 6th gen started, with this 8th gen culminating in the tiniest "noticeable at a glace" differences in graphics jumps yet.

The diminishing returns between each gen has gotten to the point where the once-superior price/performance ratio of consoles to PC's has shrank too much to be economically prudent- consoles used to outperform most PC's upon release, but now they're weaker than PC's upon release.

Leave the newfangled graphics to the PC, and focus on gameplay. PS4 and XB1 will be outdated 2 years from now, why bother trying to catch up to PC? Change the rules, don't play by them.



SneakyStyle said:

I personally think WiiU will do a lot better once it gets it's act together and releases some of the bigger games (Smash Bros, Mario Party, Mario Kart, New Zelda, ???Pokemon Snap???/Pokemon related game).

They really just released the console like a year to early nothing game wise was ready for it, and this is what happens when you have a awesome product that plays nothing awesome... gives it more time



GreenDream said:

@SneakyStyle The Wii U release kind of reminded me of the Sega Saturn release... Nintendo tried to one-up their competition, but in doing so, stumbled and lost a lot of ground by not having enough preparation. It seems whoever was in charge of moving forward didn't heed the ever-present lesson of Miyamoto... "A delayed product is eventually good , a rushed product is bad forever."



MAB said:

Maybe Nintendo should send their stormtroopers to Poland... Because you know, they really needed them for the Wii to be successful



Ed_Rod said:

I see the Wii U taking off soon. I heard like 3 people mentioning it at work that they where buying it for Xmas,



QuickSilver88 said:

I really think jany in the industry want to kill off Nintendo as a console manufacturer. Imagine how much Nintendo's great games and franchises would benefit Sony, Microsoft, Apple, or Google. WiiU has improved so much from launch. The system now operated much quicker and MiiVerse is so unique and appreciated by fans of the system. The eShop is much friendlier than PSN and Nintendo will get to unified accounts and even said they would support cross play/buy if devs (peimarily indie I assume) want it. People tha dog the gamepad most likely have never really played on it. I think it is a great device and playing OffTV is the feature so many people don't appreciate until they use it. I do a lot of handheld gaming at home and Gamepad has eaten into a lot of that time. Playing something like AC4, COD, Rayman, Zelda in your hands can't be matched on a true portable. Being sble yo just switch down from yoir hdtv to offTV is so handy for crowded households. Nintendo comtinues to have the most unique experiences. Whats wierd is Wii hardly got any multiplats and WiiU has already gotten a lot and people still whine and cry....2 batmans, cods, like me3, nfsmw, deus ex could never be on Wii. So lets all take a deep breath and see how the sales do thru xmas. I think the bundles, especially skylanders for kids will do very well. I get annoyed with those that want Nintendo to emulate the HD Twins.....why as those systems are essentially the same minus their exclusives and they are both essentially compact get any one of the 3 and a WiiU and you will be all set.



TechnoEA said:

Most of you spend so much time bashing other systems it's amazing how you get any gaming done. You sit down and constantly make up stories of owning other consoles and how it only has dude bro games, but in all honestly most of you probably never even owned or touched one.

Why are you so insecure about the choice of console you made, that you need to bash other companies ?

You can like Nintendo AND other companies. I enjoy both Nintendo and PlayStation products (I love PlayStation a bit more), but I won't sit around making up lies about Nintendo or Sony or Microsoft because it makes me feel better about my console of choice.

The Wii U is in a tough time at the moment, the name itself is what contributes to the problem. It sounds like an add-on to the Wii. Not to mention the poor advertising.

That said I doubt it will be in that place for long, it won't be the "Games" if it were up to the games it'd have sold by now. No what Nintendo needs is more advertising and give people more reasons to upgrade from Wii or to buy one.

I can't turn on my TV for a moment without seeing a commercial for PS4, I see 4 a day, Microsoft maybe one or two a day. Wii U ? Once in a week or so, the last one I saw was Saturday and before that last Tuesday.



donkeykong64 said:

I think nintendo needs to hit the restart button with the wii u. Keep the hardware, just redisign and rename the wii u along with a fresh marketing campaign. Re release it and it will seem fresh.



rjejr said:

Don't think it matters to you guys overseas but I got an email from Gamestop at 3:00 today that was all about the Wii U. It was focused on the Skylanders bundle for $299 - already have my Wii U but thought about getting it anyway as my kid is getting skyladers so it makes it abut $225 for the system.

Also under the headline:

The best holiday games for the whole family only on Wii U.

were pictures of SM3Dw, Wii Party U and Zelda.

So take that Cnet.



galetyler said:

@rjejr The other thing is sites like IGN, Kotaku, Gamespot, Cnet etc... all take themselves WAY TOO SERIOUSLY, the online gaming community by which mean people like you and I who browse these sites, read the articles and know the terminology is a very small part of the overall gaming populace, most families this christmas will walk into a store see SM 3D World, and a nice shiny Wii U bundled with multiple games and be like "Oh I like Mario and this seems like a nice value" and buy it, They don't give a crud about anything that so called "game journalist" sites report...

I put "game journalist" in quotes because I don't think there are many legitimate ones in the entire industry, bias runs through gaming media like blood through a body



galetyler said:

Look are Nintendo in a bad spot, NO! they have money to burn and a lot of it.

Is the Wii U in a bad spot, Yes, let's not sugar coat it, the Wii U up to this point has been a colossal failure however that will change before the end of the year.

If anyone has seen the new 3D World TV commercial for north america it focuses not only on the game but constantly says "Upgrade to Wii U", "A New Console from Nintendo", Yes it took far longer than it should have but this commercial which is in the style of the NSMB Wii commercial focus is on family and "Togetherness" will sell consoles, because people love Nintendo even those who bash it enjoy their games.



luckybreak said:

Honestly, the gamepad tech is pretty awesome and never gets enough praise. Its instantaneous! If they launched with smash bros 4 or had it out this year, EVERYONE I know would buy a wii u just to play it.

I for one got the WWHD bundle, so there are a TON of games I want to play!



marko said:

First of all great article guys, as usual.
I appreciate you guys taking a non bias approach and being critical in a positive sense I often hope that those who can make positive changes at Nintendo look at these articles and the comments and try to make changes which will please the user base.
I don't have any problem with the wii u to be honest i think it's a fantastic system which can compete with the ps4 and X1 for at least 3 or 4 years. At which point it will be time to release a newer more powerful console from Nintendo which they have no doubt already begun developing. The reality is that the Wii stayed in the marketplace for maybe 1 or 2 years too many. Think about how old the tech was and it was really fading towards the end the time to release the Wii U was 2 years ago somewhere closer to the mid cycle of PS3 and Xbox. Nintendo needs to change they;re timing a bit to reflect their own console cycle. The Wii U has max a 4 year life span Nintendo needs to focus all their resources on differentiating the Wii U from the rest, create Amazing unique games which showcase the system. And market those games accordingly. then maybe in those 4 years they can sell 30 to 40 million consoles which would more or less salvage the horrific start that they have had. Nintendo can do it they have the creativity and the resources... I would be very happy if in 4 years they create a PS4 equivelent with a kinect camera and motion controls but they no doubt have some unique ideas over there in Japan



Senario said:

@TechnoEA Well you do make assumptions about other people's gaming habits. Most Nintendo gamers either own another console or a vastly superior PC after getting nintendo handhelds/consoles. They don't take an active role in bashing other consoles but they are certainly not passive and won't stand for others throwing the first punch for insulting what they like.

Their criticisms are not unfounded as a certain type of game has taken over the industry and generally made everything feel like the same shades of grey, brown, and more brown. A lot of these games could have been very interesting in terms of introducing new ideas but most of them get bogged down in having to put in excessive FPS or third person shooting sequences. One game I had endless troubles with this is LA Noire, did we need all of the shooting sequences? No, we had an amazing and well thought out detective game with plenty of options for dialoge and problem solving gameplay. However what we got was a game that had too much shooting sequences that broke up the game's strengths. It is an absolute shame that games that adhere to the mantra "It must have shooting sequences" do well rather than games that explore different methods of gameplay like say Ace Attorney. A comical mystery/detective/court simulation game that doesn't get bogged down with the need for the player to participate in a shooting sequence that is found in over half of the video games nowadays.

If you honestly think that Nintendo fans are bad maybe you should look at Sony fans. Because they are the absolute worst. If it isn't made by sony then they hate it and spread misinformation. Maybe you should ask the insecurity question to those fans. I've actually been told that PS is absolutely better than PC even when I put forward legitimate facts with numbers like the overall cost for a console generation is more expensive for PS than it is for PC. I know I am quite happy with my gaming PC and the Wii U. I can do everything all the consoles do and more with those, all at a cheaper price point overall and with a great variety of games that are PC exclusive.

As for advertising, I really don't find either the PS or Xbox commercials compelling. Zero games shown in the commercials for both and only live action representations of unnamed games for PS(which by the way are really generic. Racer, Shooting, ect.) And again, to get me to buy either of those consoles I need exclusives. Otherwise I'd just get it on PC cheaper. Sadly, Kingdom Hearts has lost it's magic to me a long time ago and the same can be said about final fantasy.



NightmareXIV said:

My prediction: Sales will EXPLODE when super smash bros Wii U launches in 2014. I never think of insults as bad I take them as a chance to show that you're right, and they're wrong, but no one should be given a free ride to get something you need to get it yourself.



Artwark said:

Its waaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy to early to say that Nintendo is bankrupt. For one thing, the 3DS is the system seller out there. their old consoles and handhelds are still selling. And the fact that their consoles work better for their games, it just proves that Nintendo is beyond any other gaming company.

Now if Nintendo goes third party, it will make the gaming company even worse than it is now. Why? Just imagine it!



D3athBr1ng3r187 said:

@Senario BLAH BLAH BLAH La Noire is a 1950 POLICE detective game you had to shoot the bad guys if they was trying to kill you and for your personal bias opinion against the Sony fans you PC people are the WORST than any console fanbase ever with your immature "PC Master Race" BS also having your noses so far up the air and always talk down the consoles and players calling them "dirty peasents" but always the ones want to play the blame game on the rest and complain because of Nintendo failures and lot of other PC/Console related jealous reasons why I glad I didn't go the PC route this year. Regardless I hope Ninny does better next year for me to buy another Wii U but for right now I will be enjoying BF4 and PlanetSide 2 on my new PS4 until Nintendo shape up.



MAB said:

The main problem with our gaming industry these days is there's too much of this happening with developers and immature fanboys/websites ↓




KnightRider666 said:

I finally got to play my Wii U for the fast time last night, and I'm quite impressed. From a nay-sayer to a believer in a blink of an eye. As long as Nintendo keeps pumping out quality games, I think the Wii U will do just fine.



crazycrazydave said:

Nintendo due to their innovations are the most likely to survive compared to Microsoft and Sony. I think the interest in home consoles is waning as a whole (I personally think PCs and Steam Machines will begin to eat into Xbox and PS sales, as well as the increasingly popular tablet PCs.) Nintendo always has innovative features and First party titles that sell their systems. This plus the odd third party exclusive is why I buy Nintendo systems. They have a lot of work to do however, but overall I feel they are not in any position to be worried about compared to it's competitors (especially Sony).



D3athBr1ng3r187 said:

@crazycrazydave Explain.......Sony problems besides the Vita? Why is yall so up in arms against Sony and acting like Microsoft isn't at fault here and then try to sugarcoat the Wii U acting like it's "Grand Jewel" for this gen and try to use the PC bit (as usual) as a excuse to threaten the other competitors. I read and heard this BLAH BLAH last gen when the 360 and PS3 was launching nothing happened.........This gen probably nope as long as ALL 3 companies does they best and has loyal customers no company shouldn't "flop or fail" which some of yall wishing these companies to do.



Drewroxsox said:

I thought I'd want to get a Wii U this year, but I don't. Nintendo just hasn't sold it to me yet. Sure there are some games coming out for it that I want, but it's nothing that's going to make me run out and buy one at this moment in time. Maybe in another year or two I'll change my mind, but until then, I'll just focus on my 3ds library.



Caryslan said:

@Andrewroxsox I'm with you, there is nothing that has made me say I need a Wii U. There are some good games, but I have yet to see something that blows me away and shows off the Wii U's capabilities. Even Smash Bros is not a system seller for me this time since I can get it on the 3DS with the same roster.

Honestly, none of the next gen platforms have impressed me so far. There is nothing on the PS4, Xbox One, or Wii U that is compelling me to upgrade from my PS3 and other current systems.

There are good games, but nothing that is a must-have or a step beyond what is already out there. Its like there is no leap beyond nicer graphics or Nintendo taking their first steps into the realm of HD. I know there is the Wii U gamepad, but even I'm not sold on that the same way that I was with the Wiimote.

This new generation just seems to be bland. Its like none of the big three really know what their audience wants.



erv said:

Nintendo will be fine and we'll be gaming lots of nintendo stuff for a long time.

If the wii U turns out to be a success, we'll have the console around for another 5-6 years. If it turns out to be quite the cumbersome low-seller for nintendo, it'll be in 4-5 years.

Either way, we're getting great games. Let them worry about profit margins.



MADGAZ said:

Nintendo is going to be fine.

I can see it now, ( or if it isn't Ninty better read this and start planning)

Step 1 - A massive Zelda U Reveal on the Europe 22/29th Dec Launches to grab the press and send the internet bonkers.

Step 2 - A big thank you to supporting fans with a free demo download of Mario Kart or Tropical freeze to download and play over the holidays.

Step 3 - A simple add campaign of "X marks the spot" Screenshots of Truly next gen visual teasers all over social media.

Step 4 - A tease of something new Nintendo related advent calender every day of Dec.

And finally a very merry X - mas from Nintendo.

That should just about win it!

I am a one man marketing machine see Miiverse. Question is who will join?

However more work on retailers and advertising is certainly needed here in the UK.



crazycrazydave said:

@D3athBr1ng3r187 Sony have been having losing a lot of money over the years as a result of the PS3 (although they are profiting from it now) as well as the PS Vita (which seems to be on an upward trend in Japan). They only made a profit this year by selling off some of their assets(such as their headquarters in New York).

Although I didn't explain it well in my comment, I am impartial to Sony, and a fan of Nintendo and Valve. I actually dislike Microsoft at the moment despite being a PC gamer, they have made many horrible decisions over the past few years. If I had to choose between Microsoft or Sony this gen, I would choose Sony.

Valve's Steambox could become a legitimate threat to all the consoles due to being more open and having extremely cheap games (via Steam). With lots of marketing and deals with manufacturers, it could steal customers away from Sony and Microsoft and potentially Nintendo too.

I'm not saying the Wii U is the "Grand Jewel" of anything. I am interested in one, but I don't own one now precisely because of it's many problems (no unified account, 3rd parties abandoning it, utter lack of advertising, no games that interest me, etc). I am saying that Nintendo is far richer than Microsoft and Sony's gaming divisons, and they could easily survive at the moment. Microsoft and Sony generally make losses on their gaming divisons and are kept afloat by profits in other areas.

Finally, the environment was different back when the PS3 and Xbox 360 was a year or 2 in. Digital distribution on PC wasn't a big thing back then and so the consoles still seemed quite ideal at that point for the big name games. The Xbox One and PS4 however consoles to me seem like glorified PCs and because of their PC architecture, a lot of multiplatform games will make it to PC too. Plus they could end up competing with their earlier iterations too.



fluggy said:

Ninty will always be fine ... But what bout the fans. I'm an extremely disgruntled Nintendo fanatic who's enjoyed 2 Wii U games in a whole year. That's not enough for me!!! The 3rd party promise turned out to be BS ... the eshop is sparse!!! The titles at launch were average at best... Although I did enjoy Zombiu! Its pretty grim for me just now.



D3athBr1ng3r187 said:

@crazycrazydave Thanks for your opinion and fully agree but I don't see myself being a PC nor XBone gamer this gen probably SteamBox lol. I need Nintendo to push the Wii U more the same way they got the 3DS successful. So I can have a reason to buy another Wii U and being happy buying the console next year.



Slapshot said:

Thomas, I truly thought by the title of this piece alone that this would be a much different piece, but I think you've done a great job explaining both sides of the issue on this front. Thankfully, I've missed out on the "doom" articles, as I've been off the grid for a few days.

My thoughts: the Wii U's marketing has been very poor. The initial design of the console was primarily for a single player experience, yet the core Nintendo titles for the consoles have been nothing of the sort. This is the primary fault of the console/software and it will most likely be its Achilles' heel throughout its life cycle.

I think it's probable that the Wii U will be a stop-gap console and its next console will be more focused on the family gaming experiences that made the Wii such a fantastic console.

I think the bottom line, is that Nintendo should have never tried to go after the core/hardcore gamers with the Wii U in the first place. I've stated this many times over the past few years and I'm afraid I was correct in my assessments. Nintendo has simply lost too much third party support to keep core/hardcore gamers on board with its consoles and going forward it needs to focus on doing what it does best, which isn't appealing to these specific crowds. It needs to stay out of the console wars and focus on being a unique and tried-and-trusted company that produces fantastic games on budget friendly consoles for all ages; that is Nintendo and that is the only way that I can see it being a sustainable company as the technology wars rush ever forward.



SphericalCrusher said:

Great great writeup Thomas Whitehead!!! I bought the WiiU day one and have played it almost every single day. I feel what hurt WiiU earlier this year, was loss of momentum. Rayman Legends and Pikmin 3 were delayed, 007 Legends sucked, and the Aliens game sucked/cancelled... that was four big games on their road-map that did not hit, thus making months of delay between a new game. I think what will help now, is a true road-map, as you stated with a list of solid game launches (and no delays) including first, 2nd, and 3rd party games). This holiday season, WiiU is getting a ton of games. I've bought more games for my WiiU lately than anything else and very happy to do so. So only time will tell, but I don't see WiiU going anywhere for quite some time.



element187 said:

@JimLad you don't seem to understand how peripherals work in the market.

If Nintendo just made it a seperate accessory it would have never been implemented in any third party games whatsoever. A third party developer isn't going to spend money developing for a non standard accessory. It reduces the target userbase considerably. Why only develop for this tiny userbase that might own this peripheral, when you can target the entire userbase of the system by leaving it out?

Nintendo tried the whole making new control methods optional purchases for customers back in the 80's and 90's, and what was the result? Third parties didn't bother supporting these devices at all. The power glove, besides being clunky to use, was never embraced by third parties because how few people owned it. If Nintendo included a power glove standard in every NES bundle third parties would have attempted to support it much much more. Do you think the Wii remote would have been successful if they never included it in every bundle? Third parties would have ignored it because the user base that purchased the Wii remote option seperate would be much smaller than the full userbase. Would Wii sports really become the most played console game of all time without the Wii remote? No it would have been boring with a twin stick controller.

Why do you suppose Microsoft is including a kinect in every single xBone? Because they know they can't support the device all by themselves. They need third parties to develop games for it to be a huge success. But what did third parties do for the kinect on the 360? They ignored it for the most part except because not enough people owned the kinect peripheral. If you were a third party publisher which userbase would you rather target? The 70 million customers who purchased a 360? Or target the 20 million who purchased the kinect peripheral?

If a platform holder wants third parties to support a peripheral, it needs to be standard with every system. That's a lesson Nintendo learned back in the late 80's and a lesson Microsoft learned last gen.

It's too early to tell if the gamepad will be a net failure. The Wii U suffering from a massive lack of must play exclusives mixed in with a price tag slightly higher than the mass market is willing to pay at this time. Both of these issues will be solved over time. The hysteria over the sales of the Wii U is overblown. The media loves a good failure story of the biggest video game company and is running with it. Over time that will die down as more gamers pick up a Wii u to play _____ game they have been waiting for Nintendo to release.



KevTastic84 said:

If bundle offers like had yesterday start to occur regualrly. Systems will be snapped up. For one day only they were selling the Wii U 32gb model with Mario and Luigi Bros pack for only £199.99 Absolute steal



element187 said:

@Slapshot Nintendo would have been crazy not to target the core gamer..... If sales didn't collapse after last years Christmas, more third parties would have made a Wii u version of a chunk of their games (not all third parties would have been on board but I believe EA would have stayed on board had sales met their expectations)..... Once third parties saw the Wii U flopping around on the deck like a dead fish in January 2013, they didn't want any part in that.

The problem with sticking with just as a family game console is the casuals aren't going to purchase any console at $300. Even $250 was a bit of a stretch, but Nintendo caught lightning in a bottle with that Wiimote that so many people shelled out the $250 for the Wii... The Wii U will pick up casual impulse buys when the prices come down to the $200 range....... So in the interim while Nintendo waits for the price of the components and manufacturing comes down in price allowing them to sell the Wii u for $200, they need someone to buy the console. The only segment willing to plop down $350 for a console is the core market. Nintendo had a whole bunch of agreements with third parties as long as the console hit certain benchmarks in sales. The first two months looked promising but when the sales collapsed in January third parties ran for the hills which kept the core market from buying. Chicken and egg situation.

It's a tough situation, but over time sales of the system will go up, and once they sell X amount third parties will reevaluate the sales potential of their games and decide which games it will port over.



element187 said:

@Doma It certainly sounds like Iwata has his head in the sand when it comes to his targets for the fiscal year. But who knows what Nintendo has cooking behind the scenes that they haven't shared just yet........ Certainly the arrogance of Iwata either means he is completely delusional or they have some sort of ace up their sleeve.

For instance, Nintendo could have another hit on their hands if they make their own version of the Occulus Rift before Sony and Microsoft do. So anything is possible (no I don't think Nintendo is planning to sell one for the Wii U, but yes I think their R&D is experimenting with it, they would be crazy not to as their R&D is very forward thinking.... Next console perhaps?)



Senario said:

@D3athBr1ng3r187 You only go to prove my point that Sony fan boys are the most unreasonable in the industry. You refuse to listen to other opinions and immediately dismiss me for being a PC gamer. I never said the system was bad as it has a purpose for less tech savvy individuals yet you take it as a personal attack. Not only that, I point out a reasonable criticisms of LA noire that the detective part was great new game play but the third person shooting aspects turn you into a one man police army that has a kill count in the hundreds in a fairly short time as a police officer. And since when did I call anybody a dirty peasant. As I have said, Sony fan boys are the WORST. PC gamers like to stick to games and enjoy good ones and rarely resort to name calling, often presenting good reasons as to why they chose PC.



AJ_Lethal said:

@Senario: in every single fandom there's a bunch of hyper-vocal a-holes. I mean, I stumbled with PC fans who said "I rather be dead before touching a console", for example.



Marshi said:

Wow, alot of opinions on this! Heres my two cents. Try to think of nintendo like the old walt disney movies, snow white, lady and the tramp etc. Then think of sony/microsoft as dreamworks, so modern cgi like dispicable me, shrek etc. Dreamworks are much popular than disney right now and The cgi is (Technologically speaking) much prettier and more detailed. But there is NOTHING that can beat the timeless magic and animation and downright legendary skill involved in a disney movie. Much like there is nothing that can beat a big nintendo game like mario,zelda etc.
In short, Nintendo are fine



withoutdk said:

well... i just hope for a change for the wii u... if nothing happens... i think i will buy a ps4... or something

but hey... the power consumtion is doubled... and it is ugly like... **** :/

would really hope for some ads and such for the wii u... it is a great machine... with it obvious flaws... usb 3.0, ram, internal flash space etc.. :/



GC-161 said:

"In the current day Nintendo's business is challenged by phones, tablets, the Vita"

^^^ I had to stop reading right there and think about that one. The Vita is challenging Nintendo? In what market is that even close to being true?

I figured that since this article is about the Wii U (and not the 3DS, a system that is killing the Vita in every market), that the writer considers the Vita as a direct challenger to the Wii U. Which is something hard to grasp. Since I don't see how that could be so. Unless they're talking about the Vita TV thingy. And even then, its too early to tell if that will be the case.

Anyway, Nintendo has had trouble with their home consoles before. Its nothing new to them. They're mainly a handheld company and even with the challenges coming from smartphones and tablets, they're still doing mighty good business under those conditions with the 3DS.

It certainly could be better, but not to shabby. Hang on Ninty.



SwerdMurd said:

I woudln't say you report negatively. You report honestly.

The system isn't doing fantastically, and you're not sugar-coating that. I for one respect that - you're a Nintendo news source, not a Nintendo back-patting club. Good on you guys, imo.



Slapshot said:

@element187 "The only segment willing to plop down $350 for a console is the core market."

Whom aren't purchasing the console in enough quantities to justify full third party publisher support. But, you're also missing out on the point that I made in my previous post - the Wii U was initially designed as a core gaming console and one that was very much a single player focused console. A year later, this same console design was used to showcase it as a local multiplayer centred console. This created mass confusion within the core gaming community, not just the casual markets.

Today, the Wii U still has the initial appearance of a single player gaming device, yet it's games are primarily focused on local multiplayer gaming. Not only this, but the fact that Nintendo refuses to fully integrate its games online (Super Mario 3D World) only continues to challenge, or should I say, question the minds of core gamers - price isn't the issue here.

Marketing and advertising are two separate entities. The Wii U, by design, isn't a local multiplayer device. The Wii U's games, by design, are both marketed and advertised as local multiplayer centred video games. This is the fundamental issue the Wii U faces and this will continue going forward, because Nintendo's chances of recapturing the core gaming market with the Wii U is practically slim to none. This stems from, but not limited to, the near complete loss of third party support and the lack of full online integration with its games, as well as the games that it's producing for the console.

Where does price become an issue? While the Wii U might look cheaper upfront, the need for an HD upgrade for the console - something that core gamers are aware of - puts it basically equal to the investment in the upcoming consoles from Sony and Microsoft. Also, from a technology standpoint alone, the Wii U's price point pales in comparison to these other consoles, which finds the Wii U investment the less appealing choice for core gamers.

The Wii U will sell for the games that Nintendo produces for it though. This is its primary selling point. The Wii U's high investment price is either going to prove how valuable it's brand is to the gaming market as a whole, or it will prove itself to not be as in demand as many would like to believe it to be. Either way, the Wii U has already forced Nintendo to restructure its business strategies and unless things start looking up for the console, we will most likely see a much different type of console and marketing strategy coming from Nintendo over the next few years.

Every business makes mistakes, just like every person does. Nintendo has made mistakes in extremely critical areas with the Wii U and some that I fear will continue to keep the system from attaining mass market appeal. If so, Nintendo will learn from its mistakes and move forward; that's the nature of business.



GC-161 said:

The Wii U will do fine. It won't ever fare as well as the Wii did (no console will) and it won't be the most bought console of the next generation, but it will do well enough.

The key thing with the Wii U, is that it needs to have games that every gamer wants and that he/she cannot get anywhere else. Mario Kart 8, the new Zelda HD, Smash Bros. U . These games are going to sell a lot of systems by themselves.



Sceptic said:

WiiU stands little chance with those imbeciles currently running Nintendo.

I don't care where they go after this, because if they drop this console just to rid themself of the sting of their own failure I'm not spending another dollar on them. The WiiU failure is a failure of management. It would have done fine with an even moderately capable management team behind it.



R-L-A-George said:

@Fazermint You're right on spot. I can use this case and compare it to 3DS. My friend was complaining about how long his game was taking it to load. Using it as an excuse to say how inferior it is in comparison to Vita. His main complaint was a misconception — he didn't know you can let games download in the background.



MarioMan247 said:

GI has brainwashed the kids of today into 2 things:
1) Graphics make a game
2) If it's not new, it's garbage

Neither of the above are true at.

GI only praises Zelda.

I remember Novmeber 2011. Game Informer said that the Wii HD was a PERFECT idea. They were praising it like a god. But when Wii U was announced, it was treated like GARBAGE.
A Generation is WHEN something s released NOT its POWER.
I love the 80s but that doesn't mean I grew up in them.

PS. GI works to whoever pays them off the most.



R-L-A-George said:

@MarioMan247 Can't help but to agree. LOL. My reply was regarding how bad the media is and the buildup of old information that people tend to use it against it. G4 and GI are similar in that case. I'm glad Esquire bought the channel however I wish G$ gets their act together.



Drawdler said:

Excellent article. Thank you for writing this.

I agree with @Slapshot, @DarkwingLz and @Blastoise-san's posts.

I personally wish that Nintendo would put some more focus on reaching the standards of "next-gen": basically, more power and better online. I can live with it but it still baffles me how they are running their online services like the Miiverse- they took a step in the right direction when originally implementing it, but the way it's going to be integrated into the 3DS isn't moving forward very much on that front. I really think that the 3DS needs a better online service, especially since Swapnote is gone now. I also think that they should expand the eShop to include proper Club Nintendo integration.
Also, I don't want their next console to have a "gimmick" like the Wiimote and GamePad. I think that they should, instead, let those carry into the next gen (?) but focus on making a more powerful machine instead. It obviously wouldn't match the PS5 and XBox Whatever, I just think that they don't need another gimmick, and that extra power would be of far better benefit. I love the GamePad, but I feel like it just held back the Wii U. Then again, the 3D for th 3DS had a similar vibe. Still. (Edit: maybe they could go with an Oculous Rift esque gimmick as someone suggested earlier, I think that would be entertaining and attract more people)

Also, I think @Zael is kind of right about Nintendo's reliance on Mario lately. It doesn't seem to be attracting that many from the casual crowd at the moment, and I think even us Nintendo fans can agree it'd be nice to see him get a little break. Maybe it's just my imagination. Things with that seem as though they'll settle a bit after this year, though, thankfully.



Slapshot said:

@Nibelilt I have to disagree with you that Nintendo needs to try and get into the console wars with Sony and Microsoft - isn't that what it did with with Wii U, before it changed it's marketing strategy with casual/family games?

I think Nintendo needs to stay "Nintendo." Great core first party games that are cheap to own and fun for the entire family. And honestly, I think that both the PS4 and Xbox One are going to struggle and push the gaming industry down even farther than it already is. If so, that leaves Nintendo a critical opportunity to be the better opportunity for game developers.



Drawdler said:

@Slapshot Nah, that's not what I meant but more of an it would be great for devs. Then again, a lot of important devs seem to not care about Nintendo anyway, so ehhh. Plus, we've had gimmicks on Ninty consoles for the last two gens, and I think it would just be nice to have a little break from that, and give devs "breathing room" to really utilize those gimmicks on another console. Maybe it's just wishful thinking.



Slapshot said:

@Nibelilt It's just those gimmicks that make Nintendo's consoles appealing. Also, the issue that developers have now on home consoles is the high cost to produce AAA games, which stems from the increased specs of these new generation consoles, as well as consumer continuous demand for bigger and better.

Nintendo needs to keep on doing what it is doing, with the exception of its marketing, which in dire need of adjustment.

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