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Title says it all. Gamer since the 80's Massive Ninty fan and into just about anything - well within reason ha. Bring back Goldeneye 64!

Thu 10th Oct 2013

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MADGAZ commented on Xenoblade Director on What's Next for the Seri...:

Quite like the idea of 'Chronicles of the Blade' for a sequal.

Years later the planet has been saved and a new planet has been inhabited by humans and the like. Thinking along the lines of religion as a form of control. Who would govern it? What races or classes would claim that they saved the people? Was it the pathfinders? - Mapping their next move, or perhaps it was those that stood and fought the battles?

Think huge cities to explore with country sized borders ala fallout style wastelands and no go zones. The populous of each of these believing that they were the ones to save humanity and want others to join their fight. Sectors can work together or 'gang up' in massive on-line teams. What happens if you wanted a Skell - yet you can only get one by helping a rival sect? and potentially one that you do not agree with! - The possibilities are endless.

The story could also encompass flashbacks from the previous 2 games to really get the point across and to introduce newcomers to the world.

NLA - NYK - NLDN - NMEX - NAUS - NCHINA - NCANADA - NAFRICA are all going to have defend themselves against each-other!



MADGAZ commented on Talking Point: Nintendo is Right to Move On Fr...:

The Wii was a dead console at the end of its life. Then calling a sequal Wii again when you have already lost your core or 'hardcore' market is suicide. The biggie arised when 3rd party devs could not support Wii due to the lack of power. Then being told Wii 2 or U or whatever is coming still underpowered. They must have torn up those plans immediately. Ultimately Ninty needs to spend. I managed one of GAME larger uk stores and MS and Sony had the monopoly on the shop floor, taking an entire side each! If you want to show that you mean business, then then need more than a gondola end. Name wise; This NX needs to be something that is already a big part of a true gamer. Simply Nintendo Platinum! and give those guys all of your funds to create at least 5 launch titles including BAYO 3 and Madworld 2 It will sell millions. Oh and create an open world Mario Gta style game with fzero vehicles, xeno mechs, zelda dungeons, metroid weapons, and collectable Pokemon. There you go 30 million year one platinum boxes sold 😄



MADGAZ commented on New Details Discovered on Xenoblade Chronicles...:

@Tsurii897 The fanboy in me is hoping for an undiscovered civilization that has somehow befriended the beasts! I wanna ride one of them Can you imagine running through this incredibly detailed world on a giant prehistoric style emu?

Also for me the city part almost feels slightly detached from the fantasy realm that the rest of the game shows. there has to be more to it!



MADGAZ commented on New Details Discovered on Xenoblade Chronicles...:

Now we're talking! Just hurry and get this game to Europe! I'm calling it now game of the year for 2015!

One thing. Has anybody seen any information regarding any other towns? I mean there has to be people that do not live in a city right? I have checked through all the feeds that I can find and find no other civilisation. Then again - Monolith could be hiding these areas in the large swathes of darkness on that map. It looks very likely that there is certainly more to it.



MADGAZ commented on Nicalis Boss Tyrone Rodriguez Thinks The Wii U...:

Let me help you Developers out for Gamepad ideas :

1 Basic inventory
2 Map
3 Scanner
4 See things not shown on screen ie, Hidden doorways
5 On-line text chat whilst game on screen
6 In game hints, pics tutorials
7 Motion - but not over the top
8 Video of what happens next!
9 Avatar communication
10 Puzzles - Swipe, touch, prod, scrape, blow, shout erm...
11 Use the camera - Augment (See Bumpys Party)
12 Show our friends Gameplay when we get stuck
13 Let us design simple line games using the stylus. Imagine oldskool d&d millions of simple dungeons created in real time!
14 Move-able light sources using touch - Player 2 has to light(or not) the way for player 1.
15 Keypad - Hold the bad boy up as in game and prod away! We don't do buttons we have technology.
16 Xray vision
17 Interactive gaming - Draw on the game screen to show your on-line friends where you found that stash.

And Finally. Make some real games not shoddy half donkey ports. Use real decent engines and actually engage the true gamer. Don't rehash the same old boring stuff or graphically inferior things and expect them to sell. Nintendo fans are true gamers that have been since the beginning. the only difference is that we wont be conned with "add on" dlc, as we are more used to working HARD to unlock the next bit. - Rant Over!
Please watch the profanity — TBD



MADGAZ commented on Reggie Talks Up Wii U Blockbusters As Top 10 S...:

Reggie will announce Tomb Raider Reflections Wii U! OMG get excited. Can you imagine just how cool this bad boy is gonna be?

“It’s so hard to keep a secret these days,” the representative said. “We appreciate all of the enthusiasm, however we don’t have any details to share just yet. That said, we highly recommend you keep an eye on any major gaming events happening in early December.”

The early gaming event in December is the Spike Video Game Awards



MADGAZ commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Resilience Against W...:

Nintendo is going to be fine.

I can see it now, ( or if it isn't Ninty better read this and start planning)

Step 1 - A massive Zelda U Reveal on the Europe 22/29th Dec Launches to grab the press and send the internet bonkers.

Step 2 - A big thank you to supporting fans with a free demo download of Mario Kart or Tropical freeze to download and play over the holidays.

Step 3 - A simple add campaign of "X marks the spot" Screenshots of Truly next gen visual teasers all over social media.

Step 4 - A tease of something new Nintendo related advent calender every day of Dec.

And finally a very merry X - mas from Nintendo.

That should just about win it!

I am a one man marketing machine see Miiverse. Question is who will join?

However more work on retailers and advertising is certainly needed here in the UK.



MADGAZ commented on Nintendo Direct Broadcast Confirmed for 13th N...:

So Ninty is to flex its advertising muscle. Has anyone seen a Mario 3D World commercial in Europe yet? It's coming soon ya know Nintendo! Even Face book page is still showing Pokemon.

But wait they put a picture a cute cat goomba on twitter! yeah that's how you work it.. snore..

Competitive Multi-player
Game pad craziness
Speed Runs
Glorious HD Bosses

But no we get a flaming cat goomba!



MADGAZ commented on Call of Duty: Ghosts Wii U Performance Reporte...:

The video on EG with frame rate drops is highly inconsistent also. For some reason their frame rate counter seems to increase when more textures are being loaded in the foreground, rather than just the action bits.

Watch it closely and you will see all three formats dip drastically and then a huge frame increase just when the frenetic action stops!.



MADGAZ commented on Call of Duty: Ghosts Wii U Performance Reporte...:

Has anyone noticed that there is a crap ton of negative Wii U news in the week leading to Xbox release? All of a sudden all of these devs and companies are coming out with quotes, doctored videos etc.

I have even spotted a negative Mario 3D review already! and it was a measly 6/10 Not Possible. Mario gets 8's just for the box art lol

We have seen Microsoft staff at Wii U events. Would they really snoop this low?



MADGAZ commented on Eiji Aonuma Wants the Wii U Zelda's Hyrule to ...:

I just had the craziest thought! Zelda is to be based in a city that can be visited via "X" as in the trailer footage. Give it a bit more steam punk, a few mechs and other destinations and they could have a grown up, story driven Grand Theft!

Gangs have nothing on ogres and skeletons! Ha.