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Sat 13th July, 2013

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majorgamer commented on Silicon Knights Loses Appeal in Epic Games Law...:

I'm sad to see so many people on here commenting about how they didn't like Eternal Darkness that much. I understand and disagree. I thought it had way more going for it than the insanity effects. I thought the story was neat in how it unfolded through generations. I thought there were some genuinely creepy moments, especially in the mansion. The magic system was pretty cool, and the three (four) alignments made it so you had to approach the game different in each play-through. The controls were really tight, although I'm not the biggest fan of fixed camera angles. And for Nintendo to publish such an amazing mature title was awesome at the time it came out. If I compare it to the Resident Evil games that came out during that time, it compares really favorably in terms of graphics, story and control...not counting its unique elements of magic and sanity.

My intention here is not to counter anyone else's opinion on the game, but to also show that there are really great reasons why it is regarded so highly both by critics and gamers. There were some truly great moments in that game!



majorgamer commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda (Wii U eShop / NES):

I am amazed that I in the minority here. I think that this game has aged extremely well. Of course, this re-release misses some of the key features of the original store-bought package. There was a true experience to have in buying this gold box with a hole cut in it so you can see the gold cartridge inside. The game came out in a time where there were no in-game tutorials, so you had to read the guide to figure out what to do and there is so much info packed into that guide like ALL of the items and creatures you will face as well as an overworld map to the first dungeon and clues to the shapes of the maps of the other dungeons.

There are a couple of puzzles that are so devious but not impossible. This is a true quest, and if you use a bit of logic and explore every possible nook and cranny, you will find answers to everything you need to complete the game. It is an adventure of the purest form.

Games today have become so complex with dozens of items with new powers, that a game like this with its simple tool-set and relatively small overworld map it is easy to see why it was essential to make the puzzles so difficult and the clues so vague. This game came out in a time when guides were scarce and rarely came out with the game, so you had to talk to one another to get the answers if you couldn't figure out the solutions. It was a matter of pride to be the first one to figure out where dungeon level 6 was or what the heck Grumble, Grumble wanted.

That was the golden age of video games...when everyone realized that games could be so much more than just clearing enemies to get to the next stage. It is not true open-world gaming, but like metroid, it is a free-form guided tour that blossoms into an open world full of secrets and treasure in every corner.

It can be work at times, but ultimately it is that work that brings such pride to getting the next item realizing you have just opened more areas to explore and new ways to find treasure. Even today, nostalgia aside, it's the simplicity of the design that allows everything to work together so well.

In my humble opinion it is still one of the greatest games of all time, and I have played through both quests over 50 times just for the pure joy of the experience.



majorgamer commented on Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara For ...:

Thanks for the update, even though it doesn't tell us much. It's nice to hear that somebody else realizes that the release date has come and gone and the Nintendo site says that we can download it AND that the release date is TBD. So confusing.

I will be holding out for the Wii U release. I like the gamepad.