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    Review Ninja Usagimaru - The Mysterious Karakuri Castle

    Mysterious indeed

    Any American high school student who's owned a TI series calculator and endured hours of math classes has no doubt discovered Block Dude. The simple puzzle platformer was centered around escaping from rooms by moving around a limited number of blocks, and presented a wonderful escape from the dreariness of algebra. Evidently, the...

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    Review Dangerous Road

    Road worrier

    The history of video games where animals play in traffic is a very staggered one. Frogger hit the scene in 1981, then nary a croak was heard from any other property until 2014's Crossy Road gained mobile popularity. Dangerous Road on the 3DS eShop borrows a lot from its Crossy counterpart, but is unlikely to leave its splat on history...

  • News Nintendo To Hold Special eShop Sale During The Game Awards 2016

    Dazzling digital discounts?

    The Game Awards take place this week and host Geoff Keighley has revealed that Nintendo is going to hold a special eShop sale to mark the event. It's not known exactly which titles will be included in the sale but it would be fair to predict that all Nintendo-related Game Award nominees should be featured. Fire Emblem...

  • Nintendo Download 1st December (Europe)

    Super Mario Maker for 3DS! Picross 3D Round 2! Sonic discounts! More!

    Another week begins, and we have the European Nintendo Download Update details to get us ready for releases later this week. This time around there are multiple high profile 3DS retail releases, along with a mix of download-only titles across both systems. Let's get to it. Wii U...

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