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NightSky to Arrive in Europe on 21st February

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

We can stop asking now

So, remember NightSky, Europe? Yeah, it was that rather attractive, serene puzzle title that we awarded a perfect 10 in our NightSky review way back in October 2012, when lucky North Americans were downloading it with big smiles across their faces. Yep, that one.

The good news is that its publisher, Nicalis, has now confirmed its release date and price for arrival on the European 3DS eShop; it'll be available on 21st February for €9.99, which should translate to around £7.99 in the UK. Gamers in Australia and New Zealand should also be pleased to know that the release in their territory "shouldn't be far behind".

We couldn't have expressed our appreciation for this title any more than by awarding it the top score, and now those of us outside of North America will have the chance to see for ourselves. So, Europeans, are you planning to pick this up?


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TheInvisibleTor said:

Wow, you finally get it Europe? Dang i've bought and beat this game. Content wise, $10 is pretty pricy, though its really fun.



Doge said:

ITS REALLY FUN EVERY BODY SHOULD TRY. (though ten euros is preety pricy



RupeeClock said:

Okay Nicalis, that's cool.
Now, what about Cave Story+ and Ikachan? Please let those reach Europe too!



SuperCharlie78 said:

a 10 is a 10, I own the game on Steam but I'll pay the extra money just to support them, this was part of some HIB where I usually pay the average price, so I first stole it and now I'm gonna pay



Windy said:

I'm still not lifting my Boycott until our friends in Europe get Cave Story But this is a great Start Nightsky is beautiful

Just to get everyone caught up. I live in the US I'm boycotting buying any further games from Nicalis..meaning Ikachan until Europe gets Cave Story. I'm pretty sure I'm the only one doing this but I'm making my stand. So I miss out on Ikachan until You guys get Cave Story. It's my own personal Boycott I'm sure I'm not hurting Nicalis's sales LOL



Rizsparky said:

Isnt this $9.99, if so that should mean the conversion should be 7.50EUR...dissapointing



TOMBOY25 said:

wow id forgotten all about this i really wanted it but there are many better games coming now so wont be able th afford it.



TingLz said:

@Windy ...honestly I have to ask. What are you even achieving with your "boycott"? You only seem to be hurting yourself...



TingLz said:

@Rizsparky You're like the millionth person to say this. Companies rarely, if ever, simply use conversions to translate prices across regions. Other factors go into the price.



RedYoshi999 said:

Great, another delay for Australia! What is so hard about releasing games at the same time?



RR529 said:

It's a great title, and in my ten favorite eShop releases. Hope you guys in EU enjoy it



lebad said:

please give us cave story + it was released first and must come to europe first (but great I will finally get Nightsky )



SandMan said:

What? Nicalis publishing something other than Cave Story WITHOUT cancelling it? Shocking!



BakaKnight said:

Funny... In these days I was feeling like my 3DS was begging me to download something new and here come such an interesting news!

Perfect timing Nicalis XD
Seems I will have a download to take in big consideration the next week



TromaDogg said:

Woohoo! Been waiting ages for this to release in Europe, will definitely be downloading it



SirSmugleaf said:

YES! I'm gonna pick this up... When it comes out in Australia (and it BETTER not be too far off!)

Now the question is: what about Cave Story+?




YIPEEE! That's at least one 3DSware/wiiware title crossed off that I want that NA already have. Reckon there's around 20.



Garo said:

Ahh, finally. The price is a bit steep, plus I already have this on Steam, but it's just too good a game. Ambient, alluring and awesome.



Windy said:

@LordLzGlad you know sometimes you just gotta take a stand for whats right even if it means missing out. Its a very minor sacrifice on my part I really have plenty to play and dont feel as if it hurts me at all anyway. There have been some very good games in the Eshop. Back to the Boycott....Its just rediculous that Cave Story hasnt been released in Europe. The world is no longer a large place. If the game is not being released in Europe its a choice Nicalis is making and I have no clue why. So its just my own little band wagon. I would like to play Ikachan in the future and any upcoming Nicalis titles but I will not until Cave Story makes it to Europe



Windy said:

@Europe Do not pass on Nightsky. its such a wonderful game that I downloaded before my boycott started. I thought it was well worth the extra few bucks in comparison to lower priced titles. just different and a very good experience. although a short game I enjoyed it more than cave story anyway



lebad said:

Thanks @Windy But I don't think that the problem with cave story is in Nicalis hands, I think that is Nintendo which has the game but do not want to give it to us woe Europeans! I'm wrong? Hey Nicalis guys you are reading our comments please give us the response, or reply on your Facebook/Tweeter pages!! I'm patient I will wait cave story+ please give us some light for its release date in Europe -_-



Windy said:

@lebad Also as a good gesture I will buy Ikachan the day you guys get Cave Story. like I said Im not really doing any harm. just a 1 man crusade to try and bring the issue to the forefront. Im even pretty sure my little boycott will have nothing to do with you guys getting Cave Story. But I will continue each week when I see Europes update day with no Cave Story. Now Nicalis hurry up so I can buy Ikachan



Windy said:

I just thought of something. Why can Nicalis bring this game to Europe but not Cave Story? What's the story with that? Does anyone know?

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