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Rumour: eShop Developers No Longer Required To Have A Physical Office

Posted by Damien McFerran

Dan Adelman drops a hint on Twitter

One of the early rules put in place by Nintendo for developers on its digital platforms was the need for a physical office - a move which was no doubt intended to ensure a certain "quality" of developer.

However, since the days of WiiWare the playing field has shifted - the number of professional coders migrating to platforms such as iOS and Android has increased, and many of these talented people are simply working from home - and don't have a proper office, as such.

Thankfully, it would seem this archaic stumbling block is in the process of being removed - as you can see from Dan Adelman's not-so-cryptic tweet:

This is definitely a good move - you only have to look at the explosion of top-notch indie coders on mobile platforms to see that.

While we're here, have you checked out our exclusive interview with Adelman?

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soracloud28 said:

I've been working on a few concepts and emailed nintendo about releasing them on the eshop. I received an email back letting me know I needed a dedicated office space, so this I definitely good news



Omega said: only have to look at the explosion of top-notch indie coders...

That reminds me off Killer 7. That game with all the crazy and exploding people trying to hug you.



Windy said:

It did feel like Eshop developers were in some kind of Office club



rayword45 said:

This wasn't a limit during WiiWare/DSiWare IIRC. I know 2D Boy had no set office (made the game in coffee shops) and DSiWare had lots of one man teams (although Hugo somehow got a 3DS kit)



Morpheel said:

UGH after all that money I put into building an office.

<on the phone> Start the demolition plans!



XCWarrior said:

Whatever increases the number of titles released on the Wii U and 3DS' eshop is a good thing. Though I do want the quality to be high, not just the quantity.



ramstrong said:

"Ask again in a couple of weeks" does not mean the requirements is being dropped, but only that he will take the suggestion to the higher ups. I think it's a good idea that the requirement should be dropped, but it's possible that you have to connect with an established "gateway" developer instead.



StarDust4Ever said:

An office has a physical address.
A home has a physical address.

An office can occupy space in a larger building with other businesses, or occupy the entire lot. Ditto for apartment living vs individdual lots with houses.

What's the big freaking difference between a business address and a home address?

Does Nintendo actually look up the local zoning ordinance of the city in question to determine if the street address of the "office" is located in a residential or business district?

Nintendo must hire a lot of private sleuths to investigate potential developers and make sure their street address is kosher. Geeze, Nintendo, get a life...



Metal_Slugger said:

I think for the wii u the eshop could be the real game changer not necessarily the gamepad's new style of gameplay. We'll see I think were in for some crazy good times.

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