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  • Video Opening a Box of Mysteries from Ubisoft

    Mystery & Rabbids

    It's common knowledge that Ubisoft are the ones behind the ever-intriguing Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle on the Switch, so goodness only knows what could be inside a suspiciously blank box from their UK headquarters. Obviously we know, as we had to open it to record the video, but we wanted to keep it as much as a surprise...








  • Book Review Super Mario Adventures

    A wonderfully bizarre tour of the Mushroom Kingdom

    He's undoubtedly one of the most recognisable faces ever to grace the box art of a video game, but aside from his blue-collar occupation and a dislike for turtles, fans in the early '90s didn't know a whole lot about Super Mario himself. Beyond the pixels onscreen and information found buried within...







  • Random Football Fans Recreate Some Wario Magic

    Well, Wario playing like Mario...

    Nintendo may be in the process of attempting to up its game in order to keep its characters and franchises at the forefront of the public's consciousness, but its iconic mascots and classic games are never far away in popular culture. From extravagant half time shows at American Football matches to cosplay at every...

  • Random We Take the Plunge with these Super Mario Swimming Shorts

    Hard-wear review

    Mario's been plastered over near enough everything in his time, and now the moustachioed mushroom menace can add swimming shorts to that ever-growing list. We decided it was worth slipping a pair on ourselves and taking to a marginally anticlimactic English waterfront to see how they fare. You can catch all the Baywatch-style...

  • Anniversary New Super Mario Bros. is Now a Decade Old

    Forever 'New' thanks to clever (or not) branding

    When you put 'New' in the name of something, it's inevitable that around a decade later someone will smarmily say "it's not new any more", and you just have to accept that putting an adjective like that in a name isn't a long term solution. Yet, when New Super Mario Bros. was released on DS it was...

  • Random Get Ready For The Summer With Nintendo-Themed Swimming Shorts

    So hawt

    Yes, it's a bit of a slow news day! So what better time to take a look at this range of newly launched, officially licensed swimming shorts from Merchoid? The three sets of Mario swimming shorts feature characters from the game, with one of them having a funky NES Remix style, while the Zelda swimming shorts feature the Hylian Crest and...



  • Random Runner Injects Flappy Bird Code into Super Mario World

    An interesting work of sacrilege

    The ability to practically program code into Super Mario World through the use of glitches opens up all sorts of possibilities, some definitely more bizarre than others. Just look toward speedrunner and tinkerer Sethbling, who managed to turn Mario into a Flappy Bird clone. Sethbling injected the code using...

  • News Nintendo Seeks a Trademark for Mario Coin Sound

    Going for gold

    It's one of gaming's most iconic sounds, immediately recognisable to millions around the world. When Mario picks up a coin or bashes one out of a block there's a classic two-note jingle. You know the one. It's used very widely, but not just by Nintendo. It appears in pop culture in videos, podcasts and music, including our own...

  • Soapbox It's too Early to Judge Paper Mario: Color Splash

    Is there a colour for disappointment?

    Paper Mario: Color Splash has been grossly panned by many disappointed fans, and considering how mixed the response was to its predecessor Sticker Star, it's understandable that any hallmarks of that game would illicit this response. Nevertheless, this video maker feels it's far too early to be passing such...

  • Feature Nintendo Life's Favourite Mario Spin-Offs

    The mascot's about more than platforming

    This past week brought us Mario Day, or 'Mar10 Day' as Nintendo of America promotes it. Goofy campaign it may be, but it's nevertheless an excuse to celebrate the mascot and his many, many games. Having already extensively covered the series for its 30th Anniversary and having considered our favourites out...

  • Poll Which Is The Best Mario Spin-Off Series or Game?

    There are so many...

    Nintendo of America is keen for today to be 'Mar10 Day', a charming little spin on date conventions which doesn't have the same ring to it elsewhere - it's 10Mar day in the UK, for example, which isn't anywhere near as catchy. With a cute video to celebrate and some social media shenanigans afoot, it is at least an opportunity...

  • Video Today Is Officially Mar10 Day

    Mario goes marching on

    Today is Nintendo's equivalent to Star Wars' May 4th, in that March 10th marks the official day for its mascot, dubbed "Mar10 Day" (get it?

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