Revisiting Castlevania on the Nes 20110921005835944

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate is due to hit 3DS consoles this March, but it won't be the only chance for fans to get their fill of Dracula-slaying action - the original NES classic has recently been given an ESRB rating for the Nintendo 3DS, which means a Virtual Console download is in the offing.

Released in Japan as Akumajō Dracula in 1986, Castlevania hit North America the following year and became an instant classic. Its spooky gothic atmosphere, stern difficultly level and excellent music established a lineage that remains strong to this very day. While the NES version has clearly aged, it's still a wonderfully playable game - as you can see from our positive review of the Wii Virtual Console edition.

Are you a fan of the very first Belmont adventure? Will you be picking this up to remind you of the good old days, or is the Castlevania series relatively new to you? Grab some garlic and venture off in the direction of the comment section to let us know.