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Posted by Ron DelVillano

I think you’re a Contra

Originally released as an arcade game titled Super Contra, Super C — or Probotector II — is the NES-ported sequel to the now infamously difficult action game Contra. With the continuing story of alien invaders, and most of the same gameplay elements, Super C shares many similarities with its predecessor, but that doesn’t mean it’s not without its own charms. This is a game that dares to ask: if it isn’t broken, why fix it?

Like most Contra games, Super C is primarily a side-scrolling run and gun game — with a few top-down levels sprinkled in — that has you blasting your way through levels filled with enemy soldiers, aliens and robotic war machines. As you make your way through the eight stages and their respective bosses, you're able to shoot down flying pods that contain power ups such as gun enhancements and temporary shields. Unfortunately, the upgrades don’t stack and combine to create even more powerful weapons, but the available variety does add an element of strategy.

Though the series is well known for its punishing difficulty and one-hit kills, this entry tends to be a bit more forgiving and accessible to newcomers. Completing the game is still a challenge, and you will die countless times before reaching the end, but each death isn’t nearly as disheartening as expected as you progress further and further. Super C is a very difficult game to complete, but it’s unlikely that you’ll be throwing your 3DS at a nearby wall as quickly as you would while playing other series favourites.

A game this difficult requires precision movement and tight controls are a necessity. Thankfully, Super C’s controls are absolutely spot-on. The inputs are simple, consisting entirely of pressing A to jump, B to shoot, and using the D-Pad to move. Tapping on the 3DS’s touch screen opens the Virtual Console menu where you can reset the game, create a save state — sure to be a godsend for many — or enable download play so that a friend help you cooperatively on your adventure.

In moving from the arcade cabinet to NES, Super Contra did take quite a hit graphically, but that’s not to say that this version looks bad by any means — just drastically different. All of the characters and environments are scaled down to 8-bit designs that look pretty much identical to those in the first NES game. It can sometimes be difficult to differentiate a stray enemy bullet from a flashy backdrop, but there’s still enough detail here to provide variety and depth to each level. There’s also a fast-paced soundtrack to match the action and set the mood for battle.


Anyone who is a fan of the Contra series, or run and gun action games in general, should definitely download a copy of Super C. It’s a little on the short side with only eight levels, but it's definitely one that you’ll be replaying over and over again, especially when you have a friend nearby for download play co-op. The difficulty may be daunting for newcomers to the genre, but it can be overcome through practice and patience, and finally arriving at the end makes for a very rewarding feeling.

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User Comments (33)



Inev said:

Does download co-op play require only one person to have the game?



Birdman said:

Gonna third the Vampire Weekend tagline reference. Speaking of VW, their new album, Modern Vampires of the City, is out on May 6/7, in case anybody didn't know.



Hairmanban19 said:

Sure it has only 8 stages but the contra games are just so fun you will keep playing.Nice review by the way.



Takosuke said:

"I think you’re a Contra"

I thought this was a family-friendly site?

Anyway, I don't really agree that eight levels is too short for this game, the game has the most level out of the entire series (don't know about 4 and that Hard Corps "sequel") and the game is exhilarating enough that it doesn't exactly feel as long as it really is!

Way better than the original imo, levels feel more varied and the F weapon isn't rubbish this time.



Tasuki said:

@Undead_Terror: Problem is the Contra 4 unlockable doesnt have the co-op play

Going to pick that up this week when I get an eShop point card for Megaman II.



StarBoy91 said:

...and the award for most controversial tagline in a family-friendly website goes to: points to this review that!!!

But looking past that, I am very curious about this game and I really should get it some time (not sure why I haven't thought of buying it before, seeing as I heard super great things about it for years)! I really enjoyed Contra III: The Alien Wars, so I'm hoping Super C will be a good time as well!



Birdman said:

I don't see how referencing a Vampire Weekend song in a review tagline is controversial. Either you get the reference or you don't; no big deal if the latter. And before you counter, I did look up contra in Urban Dictionary and found nothing wrong with any of the definitions provided.



StarBoy91 said:

^ I was speaking in a joking tone at that point and was making a subtle parody/reference to a certain online reviewer (NC). I guess what caught my attention was the way the word was used, it almost sounded like that one inappropriate four-letter word (I never heard of that band, though). I was kidding, a little, but also showed my initial reaction in that post. This isn't something I would lose sleep over; my initial reaction was surprised that's all. That comment before was meant to be a joke, and it wasn't my intention to have it be taken seriously (this is what happens when the internet doesn't have facial and sound cues).



gojiguy said:

I already bought it. It's great. Way better than the version in Contra 4.

But where oh were is the ORIGINAL Contra, Konami?



Mahe said:

Also Known As:

Probotector II: Return of the Evil Forces

Most awesome subtitle ever.



oOo-Sega-oOo said:

Love all the contra games! So really hoping they'll get this on the European 3DS E-Shop soon.



Birdman said:

@RetroBrony91 - I see your point. I did ponder what would happen if someone else responded even more negatively to the tagline than I felt you did (I tend to do this a lot). I just tend to get defensive when people are closeminded about indie rock (even though I can honestly say I'm not that big of a Vampire Weekend fan) considering how people respond to certain elements of the indie culture. So, yeah. No sleep was lost over your comment.



grumblegrumble said:

I've beaten this once before, as a kid.. Not sure if I want to undertake that task again. I'll probably download it just to support the Virtual Console service, though, it's wonderful and I adore how its re-releasing these old classics for a new gaming generation to enjoy

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