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Gunman Clive Update Now Available For Download In North America

Posted by Andy Green

Ironing out some glitches

Over the weekend one man developer Bertil Hörberg confirmed that an update for Gunman Clive was available to download in from the European 3DS eShop. North America fans were told the update would be on its way to them soon.

Well, the North American 3DS eShop didn't have to wait very long for the update to grace it with its presence. It's now available to download, as confirmed by Hörberg on Twitter.

The update fixes the crashes found in stage 10 as well as other small issues found throughout the game.

We spoke to Bertil Hörberg recently about what its like to be a one-man eShop developer and it seems he's become quite fond of the 3DS — and why wouldn't he be, since the 3DS eShop version of Gunman Clive has already outsold the iOS release.

What are your thoughts on Gunman Clive? Would you like to see more from Bertil Hörberg in the future? Let is know in the comments section below.


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DaemonSword said:

Kudos to Horberg, for such a fun game at an insanely low price!! Can't wait to see what he does next. As long as he keeps the oldskool fun game play in tact, we'll be happy. Would def love for him to pay more homage to games from the C64/Amiga/NES/SNES era, but with 3DS technology.



bofis said:

yay, the first time I reached stage 10 my game totally locked up and crashed to the point that I had to hold the power button. The home button did not even respond! So glad they were quick with a patch, will be downloading tonight.



WindWakerLink said:

I experienced the glitch @ stage 10 several times but came up with a tactic to over the glitch. its simple: just beat the boss really fast!!! Thats how i overcame the glitch with Clive & Ms. Johnson. "Boy, it sure was fun & challenging I reckon!"



pyrodoggie said:

I never experienced the glitch, but just to be safe. I hope they release an expansion pack, like 30 more levels for a few dollars.



brandonbwii said:

I never experienced such glitches. Could someone tell me what the game's biggest glitch was?



EaZy_T said:

The only glitch/crash I've experienced was at the train engine boss, I had to hard reset the system.



duskao said:

wasnt interested at all till i read your article about his support for the 3ds and how it outsold its ios counterpart, then i bought it cause it was two bucks and cant put it down. attempting to beat it with duck. stuck by the bats lol. great developer.

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