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Code of Princess Is Going Digital On January 3rd

Posted by Damien McFerran

eShop release incoming for 3DS classic

Atlus' Code of Princess is getting a North American 3DS eShop release in January, as indicated by the game's eShop page.

The 2D fighter/RPG hybrid launched at North American retail in October, and met with a positive response from critics and consumers alike. The game still hasn't made its way to Europe.

As we said in our Code of Princess review: "This is the rare kind of game that seamlessly blends classic brawler gameplay with RPG elements while still managing to remain simple and fun, and is one of the most appealing games we've seen on the 3DS so far."

Pricing is still to be confirmed. Will you be picking this up as a digital download?


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KaiserGX said:

Now... bring the other game I don't know about... Kagura... Burst something...



Bucho said:

YES! it's hard to find these not-super-blown-out-popular 3DS titles here in México, and the ones that make it in retail stores take forever and are super expensive (at least MX$799, around 60USD, although that's what Nintendo games cost on the eShop, Paper Mario, Zelda, Mario Kart, etc) so the more they add to the eShop the better!



kjhg53 said:

This is great to hear. I asked for this game for Christmas, but if I don't get it this will be the best way for me to get it.



Spoony_Tech said:

Still haven't picked this up. Depending on the price I might get this day one on the eshop.



DarkEdi said:

#3 I´m agree. I´m from Mexico too and I hate how Nintendo give more expensive games to download than buy it in stores. The digital downloads are not option here.

Maybe could be good idea NL do an article about the countries that live this unfair situation.



Nintendawg said:

Worth purchasing for Solange's b00bs physics alone [LOL]. I laughed so hard when I saw that. I'm having a blast with this game, it's got all of the stuff that made the '90s brawlers so great.



HandheldGuru97 said:

This is great news! I still want it in physical form, but if I can't find it I may pick it up on the eShop



Skotski said:

I already have the physical copy, but I want it in digital as well (it's perfect for on and off playing, so it's a bit of a hassle to remove and put back in the cartridge).
I also have two copies of the game (one was for my gf so we could play VS and Co Op)... so I'll be giving one of them out to a friend.



SheldonRandoms said:

I was just gonna recommend this to my swapnote friends today, and then this happens, well if they can't find the game (and I didn't buy the game at the gamestop in town guys), then this would be a good alternative.



gojiguy said:

i'll buy depending on price. $20 seems reasonable to me. Otherwise I'll just buy a physical copy...



Tasuki said:

I still have to pick up this one in fact I just found out about it the other day in a thread on this site. I am going to pick it up when I get the money but I will get a physical copy as I cant stand buying digital unless I really have to.



Hokori said:

Now that this is coming, I want SMT DSO, Zero Escape, TotA, and KH DDD on eShop next



Hokori said:

Also I have to ask.... When does a game become a "classic"? Seriously this game is 8 months old at most (if you count original release in Japan) and I thought having the GOW collection named PS2 classics was bad..... :/



Hokori said:

@Windy I will, this is why I haven't got this game yet, it's like waiting for a game to get released twice :/ only downside to digital only future IMHO



slidecage said:

40 bucks online where you can never sell it off
or find it at a pawn shop for 10

i take the pawn shop everyday



shredmeister said:

This game was hard to find in stores. I have a copy, but no CD or artbook. Anyways, no matter. I have the physical copy to play on my 3DS and 3DSXL. But I also downloaded a copy so that I can play with a friend. We need more online players. I don't think a physical copy will go down in price much, new or used. Atlus games seem to hold their value longer due to their rarity. Just download the game, play it, and have fun.

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