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  • News Shin'en Multimedia Announces Spring eShop Sale In North America

    Get a 30% discount for a "limited time"

    Shin'en Multimedia has announced on Twitter that all of its eShop titles are now on sale at a reduced price in North America. [tweet 329246778643841026] All its eShop titles will be available with a 30% discount for "a limited time". Shin'en Multimedia hasn't given any indication as to when this sale will...

  • News Nintendo Has Plans to Deliver "New Offers" In Download Stores

    Free-to-play and subscription-based services are on the agenda

    Following last week's annual financial results and the President's Presentation, Satoru Iwata faced the music in an investor Q&A to address important issues for Nintendo's prospective return to substantial profits. This was published promptly in Japanese, but we now have the...

  • News Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures Is Coming To Nintendo Platforms

    Life imitates art

    The Angry Video Game Nerd made a name for himself by attacking NES games, but now he's come full circle. Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures is a pixel-heavy 2D platform adventure which stars everyone's favourite grumpy gamer, complete with Power Glove and Zapper. It's been confirmed that it will be coming to modern Nintendo consoles...

  • News Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D's Beastly Block Size Revealed

    Clear your fridge of any loose bananas

    Players looking to download Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D from the eShop in May should get a sizable SD card ready. We can confirm that the platformer, a remake of the Retro-developed Wii hit, weighs in at a hefty 17,693 blocks, making it one of the largest downloads in the eShop — for comparison Monster...

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    Review Puzzler World 2013

    Worldly goodness

    There’s a good chance that you already know whether or not you're going to purchase Puzzler World 2013. Whether it's because you’ve played a previous game in the series, you’ve read our review of the DS version – which is, for all intents and purposes, the same game – that released in Europe late last year, or if it’s...

  • Nintendo Download 2nd May 2013 (Europe)

    Virtual Console goodies, discounts, a game developer's dream and more

    So we're back to normal with our Monday morning Nintendo Download fix here in Europe. We're treated to a host of classics in the 3DS and Wii U Virtual Consoles this week, along with a small batch of new portable offerings and some discounted pinball on both platforms. Let's get to...

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    Review Puzzler Brain Games

    Brain candy

    Like Nintendo’s Brain Age series, Puzzler Brain Games is a collection of daily brain training activities designed to stimulate the mind and keep you mentally alert. Though instead of feeling like a curriculum of exercises you’d learn in school, Brain Games is presented in a game show-like format and is a more light-hearted affair...

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    3DS eShop / NES

    Review Mega Man 4

    The Blue Bomber vs The Red Menace

    In 1991 the world got a fourth entry in what had quickly shaped up to be one of the NES's most popular series. This game was Mega Man 4, and expectations were high. After all, the first game laid down a solid — if static — template that resonated very well with gamers, the second game refined the formula...

  • News New River City Ransom Sequel Confirmed

    A crowd-funding campaign is set to launch this Summer

    Combit Studios has announced it is currently developing a sequel to the popular sidescrolling fighter River City Ransom, which was released on the NES in 1989. According to its website, the Canada-based studio will be working with Million - the developer behind the Game Boy Advance remake River...

  • News Ikaruga Creator's Kokuga Blasting Its Way To The West

    The 3DS 'shmup' has been rated in Germany

    Hiroshi Iuchi the creator of the intense Dreamcast (and later, GameCube) top-down polarity shooter Ikaruga also developed a title for the 3DS called Kokuga with 'shmup' specialist G.Rev. The game was released in Japan last September and hopes of a Western adaptation appeared to be slim. However, there is...

  • Developer Interview Image & Form on SteamWorld Dig, 3DS Development and Working With Nintendo

    "3DS gamers are generally more experienced than mobile gamers"

    SteamWorld: Tower Defense arrived on DSiWare back in the summer of 2010, and represented the Nintendo debut of Swedish developer Image & Form. Its stylish approach was well received critically, and despite its brevity represented a solid offering worth consideration on the last-gen...

  • Rumour SpeedX 3D Sequel Driving Its Way to 3DS

    Going into hyper speed

    While we wouldn't say there's been a full-on invasion, we've seen some successful and — in various cases — high quality smartphone games making their way to the 3DS eShop. The trend is arguably a flattering one for Nintendo's platform, as some of the stronger iOS and Android titles out there are brought to the handheld...

  • News Armageddon Operation Dragon Is Bringing Sexy Swimsuit Elves To DSiWare

    And not before time, some might say

    EnjoyUp has announced a new title for Nintendo's DSiWare service called Armageddon Operation Dragon. Boasting "runner playability", "easy handling", "innovative graphics" and — wait for it — "local ranking" (like we used to have back in the '80s!), the game sees you assuming the role of a sexy cartoon elf in...

  • News Famicom Classic Recca Could Be Blasting To Western 3DS eShops

    Big in Japan

    Naxat Soft's Recca seems destined for a 3DS eShop release in the west. The game — which is a vertically-scrolling shooter from 1992 — has just been given a rating by the Australian Classification Board. Also known as Summer Carnival '92: Recca thanks to the fact that it was used in Naxat Soft's "Summer Carnival" shooting game...

  • News ATV Wild Ride 3D On Sale For One Week Only

    It's yours for just $5.99

    ATV Wild Ride 3D skidded into the North American 3DS eShop last month, giving thrill-seeking gamers the chance to race their way through various unique environments. Jools Watsham, co-founder of Renegade Kid, the game's developer, has revealed to us that it's now on sale at a reduced price, so if you haven't picked it up...

  • News Satoru Iwata Outlines Retail Download Strategies and a Future of NFC

    "Nintendo platforms’ digital business still has room to grow"

    If you're a traditionalist that doesn't like the idea of retail downloads, DLC and additional paid extras for games, look away now. As Nintendo seeks to maximise revenues and hit its 100 billion Yen operating profit target, it's going to offer us more games content to buy for both...

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    3DS eShop

    Review Crazy Construction

    More like Crazy FUN-struction

    On the surface, Crazy Construction sounds like the epitome of shovelware; a generic puzzle game that slaps together tired ideas and a dash of zany alliteration to garner enough sales to crank out the next one. Take a closer look, however, and you’ll discover a cleverly designed arcade-style title that boasts a fun,...

  • Nintendo Download 25th April 2013 (North America)

    Free Rayman, Mega Man, a colourful commando and more

    It's that time, Nintendo Download fans in North America, when you can cast your gaze over the downloadable treats coming your way. After last week's somewhat epic list, this week we have a much smaller range of options to chew over. One of them is a free part of a rather awesome looking Wii U...

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    3DS eShop

    Review Mystery Murders: Jack the Ripper

    Serial Filler

    Mystery Murders: Jack the Ripper is a hidden-object game that tasks you with solving the mystery that has puzzled the world for well over a century now — just who was Jack the Ripper? Here, you’ll be transported to the Whitechapel district of London during the Autumn of 1888 to attempt to stop the infamous serial killer before he...

  • News Shantae Set For 3DS Virtual Console This Summer

    Whip your hair back and forth

    Shantae is a Game Boy Color title, we suspect, with some very keen fans that are anxious to play it again. It's the debut title of one of WayForward Technologies best-loved IPs, with DSiWare follow-up Shantae: Risky's Revenge being critically acclaimed and, for a spell, regularly gracing the DSi Shop's chart when it...

  • News Nintendo Letter Box Update Now Live In Europe

    Take note

    Last week, we reported that North American 3DS owners could download an update for the Swapnote application which added a flood of cool new features. The European version of the app — known as Nintendo Letter Box — wasn't so lucky, however. Thankfully, Europe has now caught up with the US and if you're based in The Old World and you...

  • News Nintendo: 3DS eShop And App Store Comparison Is "Quality" Versus "Quantity"

    "3DS has a record of quality that's hard to challenge"

    Nintendo once stated that it wasn't competing with smartphones and didn't view them as gaming devices, but in recent months that stance has changed. The company's top brass is keenly aware that the 3DS is fighting against the likes of the iPhone and iPad for the attention of gamers, and we're...

  • Interview Marc Franklin - Nintendo of America

    We chat with Nintendo's head PR honcho about 3DS, Earthbound and Zelda

    Between test drives of a selection of Nintendo's 2013 line-up, including The Legend of Zelda 3DS, Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D and Animal Crossing: New Leaf, we had the chance to catch up with Nintendo of America's PR wizard Marc Franklin to talk about w

  • Nintendo Download 25th April 2013 (Europe)

    A legendary Rayman freebie, brawling gods, Mega Man and more

    A little later than normal this week, Nintendo of Europe has told us what to expect in this week's Nintendo Download update. No news of any Wii U Virtual Console games — though that doesn't necessarily mean they're not coming — but plenty of titles to choose from including some free,...

  • News Slick Entertainment Keen To Work On Nintendo Platforms

    Nintendo's indie appeal is growing

    Nintendo is clearly doing something right when it comes to convincing indie developers to support its machines, as Slick Entertainment founder Nick Waanders has taken to Twitter to state that he's super keen to develop for the company's hardware. The tweet was made following this year's Full Indie Summit, which...

  • News The Denpa Men 2: Beyond The Waves Penciled In For A May Release In North America

    Should be in the 3DS eShop in a couple of weeks

    The Denpa Men: They Came By The Wave is one of the more bizarre games to make it to the 3DS eShop, but we're very glad it did as it managed to captivate many a Western gamer. Naturally, Japanese 3DS owners enjoyed it quite a lot too so Genius Sonority quickly got to work on making a sequel. Due to...

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