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  • News Moving Player Bringing Tangram Style To The 3DS eShop This Summer

    Oppa Tangram Style

    Mobile developer Moving Games is bringing its first game to the 3DS eShop this August, and it's called Tangram Style. You'll discover the mysteries of the Mayan people and collect totems along the way in this "cult" puzzler game, which is set to feature over 600 mind-benders and four game modes, so there should be plenty to keep...

  • News Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers Discounted in North American eShop Until 14th July

    Can you summon up the funds?

    While Europeans patiently — or perhaps impatiently — wait for Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers to arrive on 13th September, North American 3DS owners have been enjoying the expanded reboot since April. Not only that, but the eShop download version is now available at a discount. Until 14th July it...

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    3DS eShop

    Review Aqua Moto Racing 3D

    Choppy waters

    When Zordix announced that it was bringing a smartphone jet-ski title to the 3DS eShop with Aqua Moto Racing 3D, we suspect that quite a few people immediately let their minds drift to certain iconic Nintendo 64 and GameCube games, and applied those expectations to this download title. That would be unfair, but this release still tries...

  • News Nintendo Preparing A New Chapter For eBooks On 3DS This Fall

    300 titles expected at Japanese launch

    According to a report by Japanese business publication Nikkei, Nintendo is getting ready to launch an eBook service on its 3DS console. The service will be limited to Japan initially, and is expected to cover around 300 titles — mainly aimed at children. There's no word on whether or not a similar approach...

  • News Club Nintendo Rewards Updated for July

    Do a barrel throw!

    A sky-climbing star, a rank-climbing boxer, barrel rollers and a barrel thrower are all up as Club Nintendo rewards this month in North America, if you have the coins. The following titles will be available until 4th August: Aura-Aura Climber — 100 Coins Donkey Kong ‘94 — 100 Coins Super Punch-Out!! — 150 Coins Star Fox...

  • Talking Point The Uncertain Collectible Future of Download-Only Game Libraries

    Servers will surely shut down, but what about the games?

    Just before the weekend, a number of Wii Channels were shut down. On 28th June most of the online enabled channels and services — such as Weather, News, Everyone Votes and Wii Connect 24 — went off air; low participation rates more than likely caused Nintendo to deem them an expense not...

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    3DS eShop / GG

    Review Sonic the Hedgehog 2

    Saving your Tails

    A year after the runaway success of Sonic the Hedgehog in 1991, SEGA followed up with a sequel that introduced Miles 'Tails' Prower and the iconic Casino Night Zone to the gaming world. This, however, is not that sequel. Rather than leaving its Master System and Game Gear-owning fans with a simple, downsized port of Sonic the...

  • Nintendo Download 4th July (Europe)

    Pilotwings returns, X Zone madness, Game Gear goodies and more

    It's Monday morning, and it's that time again for European download gamers. This week's download goodies are confirmed, including a Super NES title that we think will be popular, a chaotic retail release on 3DS and plenty more besides. Let's get down to the details, shall we? Wii U...

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    3DS eShop

    Review BUGS vs. TANKS!


    The Guild01 series brought 3DS owners three completely different, off-the-wall, and well-received games. The second iteration of this series, appropriately named Guild02, is already off to another fantastic start with the recent release of The Starship Damrey, a story-heavy science fiction adventure. Now, we’re lucky enough to experience...

  • News Kokuga Blasting Its Way To Europe On 11th July

    But Canada is still missing out

    Kokuga developer G.Rev has confirmed to us that the game will be hitting the European 3DS eShop on 11th July. The game launched in North America last week. Oddly, Canadian 3DS owners have missed out on Hiroshi "Ikaruga" Iuchi's action-packed title. Here's what G.Rev had to say about the matter: Unfortunately, the...



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    3DS eShop / GBC

    Review The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons

    Battle seasoned

    The central combat mechanics of The Legend of Zelda series has seen several iterations over the decades. The classic top-down gameplay of the original was morphed into a faster, action heavy side-scroller in Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, only to be abandoned itself for a return to form in A Link to the Past. While the promise of...

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    3DS eShop / GBC

    Review The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages

    A song for the ages

    Ever since The Legend of Zelda released on the NES, Nintendo has played the franchise relatively close to its chest. Series creator Shigeru Miyamoto has had a hand in almost every release to date, and before the new millennium, Nintendo EAD handled development of each and every Zelda title. But when Nintendo wanted an all-new...

  • News Flipnote Studio 3D Sketched In for 3rd July in Japan

    We doubt the Western release will be far behind

    Flipnote Studio 3D is, after a fair old wait, finally coming to the 3DS eShop this summer. Like its DSi predecessor it'll be a free app that'll also include some improved features, with short animations now having up to six colours, three layers for a 3D effect and will be easy to export as AVI or GIF...

  • News SEGA's 3D Classics Range Gets Closer to Western Release

    Sonic and Altered Beast join Space Harrier with ratings

    The SEGA series of 3D classics has been gracing the Japanese 3DS eShop this year, and if you follow our Nintendo Life YouTube page you'll have seen how keen we are for these releases, as we've been filming the Japanese versions for your pleasure. While the eventual Western arrival of 3D Space...

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    3DS eShop

    Review Gummy Bears Mini Golf

    Golfing here and there and everywhere

    When Gummy Bears Magical Medallion, the game so confident it doesn't need a properly punctuated title, was released earlier this month we weren't exactly left clamoring for a sequel or a spin-off. Its controls were stiff and aggravating, its level design bland and empty, its coding sloppy and its 3D effect was...

  • News Tribute Games Approved As Licensed Nintendo Developer

    Studio made of former Ubisoft staffers gains Wii U and 3DS approval

    Tribute Games has been given approved developer status by Nintendo, which means we should be seeing some software from the studio hitting either the Wii U or 3DS eShop. [tweet https://twitter.com/Emi1yRogers/status/340090460838182913] It's not known what games Tribute will be...

  • Nintendo Download 30th May (North America)

    Legendary Zelda, Mega Man X, free Project X, Denpa Men (X?) and more

    It's Nintendo Download time once again, North America, and this week we've got retro goodies for your newest console, some top-notch gaming for the 3DS and a lot of discounted dancing. Let's get right to it. Wii U Virtual Console: Mega Man X (Capcom, $7.99) — The first of the...

  • News The Hand Of Panda Is Looking To Slap The 3DS eShop Soon

    Kickstarter campaign for martial arts-inspired title opens

    “If you're a fan of the bonus rounds found in most fighting games, wouldn't it be awesome if there was a game based solely on that?” That’s the concept behind The Hand of Panda, which is being developed as an eShop title for 3DS. The developers behind the game are Isaias Martinez and...

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    3DS eShop

    Review Groove Heaven

    Some call me “The Human Metronome”

    It seems as though rhythm games have really taken off in the past few years, especially on the 3DS. Retail titles have popped up, such as Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy, and more recently the eShop has been receiving musical exclusives such as the wonderfully charming Harmoknight. Now Teyon, a publisher that's no...

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    3DS eShop / 3DS

    Review Crash City Mayhem

    Crash n’ burn

    When you read the words “crash” and “mayhem” in a game's title, it’s only natural to think that it will feature action-packed, frantic gameplay and a wholesome amount of wanton destruction. However, despite being suggestively destructive, Crash City Mayhem is a game that doesn't live up to its own name. While it certainly...

  • First Impressions 3D Altered Beast

    Wise fwom your gwave

    Altered Beast occupies a strange place in Sega's library; when it was first released it garnered a lukewarm response, and its choice as a pack-in title for the freshly-launched Mega Drive / Genesis was a curious one — although its large, bold sprites were impressive for the time, it certainly wasn't strong enough in terms of...

  • News Rex Rocket Smashes Through Its Kickstarter Target

    There are plans for a Wii U and 3DS adaptation

    At the end of last month a Kickstarter campaign started for the interesting looking 2D platformer Rex Rocket, which takes a leaf out of Metroid's book and combines it with a hint of Mega Man. Developer Rob Maher - who now runs the newly named studio Castle Pixel - confirmed with us that if the...

  • News Etrian Odyssey IV Reduced To 30 Bucks On The North American 3DS eShop

    $29.99 until June 10th

    The rather excellent Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan has had 25 percent slashed off its eShop price. The game is now available for just $29.99, and will remain at that price until June 10th. "A real sense of exploration and wonder, deeply customisable characters, engaging combat and the sublime satisfaction that comes...

  • News Korg M01D Music Synthesizer App Delayed in Japan

    Effect on Western summer release is unclear

    Not too long ago we told you about the KORG M01D Music Workstation coming to the 3DS eShop this summer, an expanded and improved sequel to a DS equivalent. KORG M01D promises to be a useful, powerful tool for music creation, including a library of 342 unique sounds, various sequencing tools and simple...

  • Nintendo Download 30th May (Europe)

    Classic Zelda, the Denpa Men return, hyper speed and more

    Due to a public Holiday in various countries, we didn't receive the Nintendo Download as early as normal. Thankfully we now have the translated line-up from Germany for your reading pleasure below. It's mostly about the Wii U and 3DS this week, with retro and new delights to enjoy, while the...

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    3DS eShop

    Review Bowling Bonanza 3D

    This is bowling. There are rules.

    Bowling as a sport has enjoyed a long and rich history, going as far back — in one form or another — to Ancient Egypt. The activity has become much more refined in recent years, and has been given similar treatment and media attention to that received by more popular sports, including several films on the...

  • News Crazy Taxi Wannabe Coming to the Japanese eShop

    Oh, if only it would come West

    While in many respects the West is better off than Japan on the eShop platforms — due to publishing rules in Nintendo's homeland — there are some releases exclusive to the region. One of these is the @Simple DL Series from D3 Publisher, which is a sequence of budget 3DS games that have followed on from an...

  • News EnjoyUp Games Has Some Unannounced Wii U And 3DS Titles In The Pipeline

    The developer also wants to make a game on a much grander scale

    EnjoyUp Games has been a big supporter of the download platform on Nintendo's systems and has many WiiWare and DSiWare titles in its catalogue including La-Mulana, Abyss and Armageddon Operation Dragon. In an interview with Spanish site Nintenderos, EnjoyUp revealed it has some unan

  • News Capcom USA Senior VP Responds to Ace Attorney Concerns

    Future unclear, but sales could prove a factor

    Ace Attorney fans outside of Japan have waited some time for the return of the series to their shores. The announcement of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies arriving in Europe and North America this fall brought out the confetti for the faithful, but concerns arose when it was also revealed...

  • News Fresh Details On Treasurenauts Have Been Excavated

    Interview with the developer unearths new information

    Back in March, we reported that developer Renegade Kid was working on a new title called Treasurenauts, as the trademark had been spotted on the USPTO website. Very little information was given about the game at the time, so all we could do was sit and twiddle our thumbs. Two months later, the...

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    3DS eShop

    Review The Denpa Men 2: Beyond The Waves

    Love is in the air

    The Denpa Men: They Came by Wave was a wonderful 3DS eShop surprise last year, combining elements of Dragon Quest and Pokémon with AR functionality and a delightfully bonkers style all its own, so we were definitely excited to spot The Denpa Men 2: Beyond the Waves washing up onto our shores as well. This sequel pulls out all the...

  • Nintendo Download 23rd May (North America)

    It's Kirby week, with some portable fun and reduced Denpa Men joining in

    So it's Nintendo Download time once again, North America, and what this week lacks in volume it makes up for with some quality and a lot of Kirby. Wii and DSi miss out, so you'll have to be rocking Nintendo's current hardware to enjoy some downloadable goodies. All of the...

  • News Japanese 3DS Owners Can Download Double Dragon II Next Week

    8-bit classic is punching its way to the 3DS eShop in Japan

    Nintendo has confirmed that the popular side-scrolling fighter Double Dragon II: The Revenge will be coming to the Japanese 3DS eShop on 29th May, priced at 500 Yen. Once again, the heroes of the hour are Billy & Jimmy Lee, who must avenge the brutal murder of Marian at the hands of...

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    3DS eShop / NES

    Review Mega Man 5

    Super fighting robot

    Capcom has been very fast with releasing the original Mega Man series on 3DS Virtual Console, and now we're already up to the fifth entry. As you might expect, Mega Man 5 is quite similar to the four games before it; eight new Robot Masters have appeared, and it's up to Mega Man to stop them and their leader, who appears to be...

  • News Flipnote Hatena Data to be Automatically Switched to Flipnote Studio 3D World Gallery

    Unless you opt out

    As announced earlier in this year, Flipnote Studio 3D is coming to the 3DS eShop as a free app this Summer, finally taking the place of the DSiWare title that's been non-transferable to the new hardware. As explained with that announcement, the new and free app will split the online sharing component of your creations into two...

  • News 3D Altered Beast is Ready to Kick Some Shins on the Japanese 3DS eShop

    Wise-ing Fwom Its Gwave

    While, admittedly, Japanese gamers currently suffer from comparatively empty eShop platforms — particularly on Wii U — due to tough publishing rules, as always there are some extras in the region that make us jealous. Notably, there's been a SEGA range of 3D Classics, including Sonic the Hedgehog and Space Harrier. Now...

  • News Gunman Clive Developer's Next 3DS Title "Heavily Inspired by the Early Zelda Games"

    Targeting "old-school" action adventure gameplay

    Bertil Hörberg is the one man development studio behind Gunman Clive, the budget action platformer with plenty of allusions to the Mega Man franchise, among others. That title has proven to be a notable success story, with the 3DS eShop version surpassing the sales of the iOS and Android versions...

  • News Shantae 3DS Virtual Console Release Confirmed for 20th June

    Hitting North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand

    After tweeting over the weekend to promise that the Shantae 3DS Virtual Console release was all set for confirmation, WayForward has posted a new blog entry (curiously dated 17th May) confirming that the title will land in all regions on 20th June. The news was confirmed in the studio's own...

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    3DS eShop

    Review Swords & Soldiers 3D

    Finally facing its Waterloo

    Four years ago, Swords & Soldiers made its debut. WiiWare has always been a mix of titles ranging from brilliant to terrible — with a thick middle section of "mediocre" — but Swords & Soldiers immediately established itself as a must-have. We awarded it a much deserved 9, taken as we were by its charm, its...

  • Nintendo Download 23rd May (Europe)

    Classic Kirby, battles, groovy rhythm, an X Zone demo and more

    It's Monday, which isn't necessarily nice, but we have the Nintendo Download news for Europe, which is nice. Brightening up our early week blues is a fresh batch of goodies, and this week it's all about Nintendo's current generation of hardware; sorry, DSi and Wii fans. There are some...

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    3DS eShop

    Review The Starship Damrey

    A short story adventure

    There's a reason that some gamers get excited at the news of Guild01 and Guild02 localisations in the West, as Level-5's collections gather some of the Japanese development community's finest names to produce small titles of, well, whatever genre they feel like trying out. The Starship Damrey is the first of the second...

  • News Shantae 3DS Virtual Console Release Date Creeps Ever Closer

    Check back on Monday, WayForward fans

    It says much for how highly some gamers regard Shantae on the Game Boy Color that its arrival on the 3DS Virtual Console can attract serious attention. One of WayForward's original IPs, it combines exploration with action platforming to keep a lot of gamers happy, with the subsequent DSiWare sequel and upcoming...

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    3DS eShop

    Review Dress To Play: Magic Bubbles!

    Mix and match-three

    Late last year, Coder Child's Dress to Play: Cute Witches! flew onto the 3DS eShop with a unique blend of dress-up and side-scrolling soaring, a promising premise that we felt it didn't quite live up to. Dress to Play: Magic Bubbles! follows the same format of combining character customisation with simple gameplay, this time...

  • News Zelda Oracle Titles To Have an Initial Discount on the 3DS Virtual Console in North America

    The quest begins on 30th May

    The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages and The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons were recently confirmed for the 3DS Virtual Console, certainly welcome news for fans of the Game Boy Color double-act. Nintendo had also confirmed that the link capability of the originals — which back in the day would have set gamers back...

  • Nintendo Direct Watch The North American Presentation Live

    Shot directly into your eyeballs

    Today at 10am Eastern and 7am Pacific time, Nintendo of America will be holding a Nintendo Direct broadcast which will contain information relating to its big summer titles for Wii U and 3DS. As always, you can watch the presentation live on this very site, and we'll be posting comments as events unfold. You can...

  • Nintendo Direct Watch The European Presentation Live

    The summer's big releases to be revealed

    At 3pm UK time / 4pm European time, Nintendo Europe will host a live Nintendo Direct presentation which will showcase forthcoming software for the Wii U and 3DS consoles. What's in store, you ask? Your guess is as good as ours at this point. Will the broadcast contain any shocks? Will we see solid release...