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Picdun 2: Witch’s Curse Heading For Europe

Posted by Andy Green

Buxom ladies ahoy

Back in August 2012, dungeon crawler Dungeon RPG Picdun 2 was released in Japan on DSiWare. It appears the game is heading to Europe under the guise of Picdun 2: Witch’s Curse, as it has received a PEGI rating, the European age rating system.

Picdun 2: Witch's Curse has three main characters: a magical girl, a whip-welding woman and a female archer who enjoys making people fall in love by shooting them in their hearts. Despite their different skill sets, they seem to share a common bond: the desire to thrust their ample cleavages in the faces of the enemies they come up against.

The upcoming game has 60 floors for you to navigate through, each one with an auto mapping system. Every five floors there is an elevator you can take back to the entrance. It should more or less be the same as the Japanese version as it has a similar age rating in Europe — PEGI 12.

We thought the original game was well worth a look, as we pointed out in our Picdun review, so this one is definitely worth watching out for.

Is this something you're looking forward to downloading? Let us know in the comments below.

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Djrr-ific said:

This is labeled as DSiWare but I thought Picdun 2 was 3DS only.. Or did they change it..



RR529 said:

I hope this makes its way over to NA. More eShop RPGs are always a good thing!



Reala said:

Looks pretty good might give the first one a go too, but for now I must be off I suddenly remembered I'm out of milk.



Zemus-DJ said:

Loved the 1st game, thou this is misleading as I thought the 2nd was an Eshop rather then dsiware...



Linkuini said:

I am so sick of these kinds of character designs. Not buying, even if it's good.



Zemus-DJ said:

Personally I want more breast in my games rather then killing people with guns....make love not war



Linkuini said:

That's the right attitude. When I see this kind of thing, though, it usually sends me a message that whoever made the game wasn't motivated to sell it on the merits of the gameplay, so they resorted to sex appeal to draw a little more attention from the adolescent male demographic. It may not bother everyone, but it bothers me.



accc said:

Will buy. I really wanted to buy the first PicDun but didn't because my 3DS doesn't have room for any more DSiware games.



Gen0neD said:

NA release please! This looks cool. And Bravely Default while we're at it.



BakaKnight said:

I hate to admit I got stuck in the first one, but I loved it, so the 2 is gonna be instant-buy for me!!!

The trailer even show they clearly updated the gameplay in what seems a lot of positive ways




@Linkuini Well a lot of anime style characters in games these days are attractive females with ahem large parts. If you look at the picture it only looks like the one on the left has an offensively large chest anyways. Unless the one in the back is hiding it Anyways. Looks worth the time as there are not enough First Person Dungeon crawlers to go around.



retro_player_22 said:

As an Etrian Odyssey fan, I may have to check this game out if it could somehow makes it to the 3DS eShop.



Sean_Aaron said:

I'm pretty sure I speak for everyone when I say an HD version is needed on the Wii U because we're lacking in dungeon crawlers (yeah, that's it...).



Morpheel said:

Oh wow what's wrong with the girl in pink? Using them as hand rests can't be good for them on the long run.



Mowzle said:

I was going to comment that I enjoyed the caption that goes with the first picture.
However, having scrolled down this far, I may refrain...... but then, maybe not.



Retro_on_theGo said:

I'm pretty sure this is 3DSware. But oh wow. I didn't notice the huge boobed chicks. Wow, what happened inbetween this and the first one. O.O Seems like quite the personality change.



Yulo303 said:

The first thing I thought of when I saw the battle system was "a witch's tale" which is exactly the same, you can't see your own character and you view the enemies kinda like this game.
Might check this out=)



Capt_N said:

@SMEXIZELDAMAN: "When I see this kind of thing, though, it usually sends me a message that whoever made the game wasn't motivated to sell it on the merits of the gameplay, so they resorted to sex appeal to draw a little more attention from the adolescent male demographic. It may not bother everyone, but it bothers me." Agreed. Or they were intending to target any of the male demograph.



theblackdragon said:

Another day, another reminder that females are apparently only good for two things — the ones attached to the front of our upper torso. Stay classy, guys.



GumbyX84 said:

Just to point out: The archer is pettanko (small chested). Also, not all of us are "BOOBIESSSS!!! : droool:"



scrubbyscum999 said:

Sex sells, notice how all their, assets, run at different sizes. They devs wouldn't do it if they A) didn't like it & B) knew it wouldn't sell more copies. I as much as any guy is a victim of such tactics. It works, whether you agree or not its right, because a lot of guys are just going to automatically be attracted. Heck, I came here and posted this comment.



k8sMum said:

lots of things in life work, but not all of them are right. some are downright offensive. others are merely stupid.

it's like in games where the males are dressed in fur robes, leggings, scarves, heavy armor whilst the females are dressed in the equivalent of medieval bikinis. or they look like12 yr olds with a glandular condition.

but hey! as long as guys get some fantasy fodder out of it it's all harmless fun.



ReaperX30 said:

Apart from the cleavage part which really doesn't bother me at all (sorry I'm a man and I love boobs), the levels and gameplay looks better than the first one. The Anime look is way better than the futuristic tron-like graphics of the first game. Hope it makes it in NA.



Shworange said:

Why is the one in pink resting her hands on her boobs at all times? That's a weird place to draw them in at. Very uncomfortable.
Yea, manga breasts get rediculously huge at times. It's pretty comical. Part of the reason is due to the strict crack down things like porn. As a loop hole to antiporn laws, manga porn was born. Yes it's really sad, but if a market has a certain demand that the government outlaws, a work around will be found to meet said demand. This sexualization then filters to all areas of manga art work. And voila, huge racked archer on your 3DS. I wonder if Japan had allowed porn, would manga have become as explicit as it is? Even if Japan opened the floodgates and relaxed these laws tomorrow, there would be no going back now as tradition has taken root.



Windy said:

WOW the game looks great and looks to improve on an already pretty decent game. North America release and they get my money! So many cool games so fast! Making my head spin!



Joygame51 said:

If this is actually for dsi as well I will be downloading it.... no money for a 3ds yet.



Windy said:

Um......This isn't a DSi game its in 3d and wont run on DSi. Unless they made it for DSi in europe but I don't think so. it's very much in 3D on my 3DS. I was very surprised when the 3d kicked in looks great

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