The 3DS eShop has evolved a fair bit in a little over a year and a half, with a fresh layout, demos, and retail downloads all arriving since its humble launch. It's the latter that's arguably the most intriguing, as it clashes with Nintendo's traditional support for high street retail partners, while prompting ire among some due to the high prices of the offerings.

Whether you're a fan of retail downloads on the 3DS eShop or not, it's an area of growth for Nintendo — particularly in North America and Japan — and the recent arrival of Unchained Blades as a download-only retail game only emphasises its increasing relevance. Various third-parties have been joining in and the most recent is a big one, Capcom; Senior Vice-President Christian Svensson said the following on Capcom Unity:

Many of our our other previously released 3DS titles will be coming to the eShop in the coming months. Details to follow when we're closer to release.

Many doesn't mean all, of course, but we'd eat our Mario hats if it doesn't include Resident Evil Revelations, while a return of Super Street Fighter IV 3D would make sense in terms of giving it a new lease of life. We may even be lucky enough to see a discounted price or two like Gaijin Games' BIT.TRIP SAGA enjoyed in North America, but that's probably crazy talk.