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Capcom Bringing Retail 3DS Games to the eShop

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

The collection grows

The 3DS eShop has evolved a fair bit in a little over a year and a half, with a fresh layout, demos, and retail downloads all arriving since its humble launch. It's the latter that's arguably the most intriguing, as it clashes with Nintendo's traditional support for high street retail partners, while prompting ire among some due to the high prices of the offerings.

Whether you're a fan of retail downloads on the 3DS eShop or not, it's an area of growth for Nintendo — particularly in North America and Japan — and the recent arrival of Unchained Blades as a download-only retail game only emphasises its increasing relevance. Various third-parties have been joining in and the most recent is a big one, Capcom; Senior Vice-President Christian Svensson said the following on Capcom Unity:

Many of our our other previously released 3DS titles will be coming to the eShop in the coming months. Details to follow when we're closer to release.

Many doesn't mean all, of course, but we'd eat our Mario hats if it doesn't include Resident Evil Revelations, while a return of Super Street Fighter IV 3D would make sense in terms of giving it a new lease of life. We may even be lucky enough to see a discounted price or two like Gaijin Games' BIT.TRIP SAGA enjoyed in North America, but that's probably crazy talk.


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Nardar said:

I wonder if MH3U will be digital. That probably be a massive game to download though.



Spoony_Tech said:

Monster hunter needs to be a download. I want it with me at all times!! Don't care how big the file gets. Gimme now!



cornishlee said:

High street retailers? Do we still have those in the UK?

Now then Capcom, about the Wii U....



PinkSpider said:

Would be interesting to see if the digital version of re:revelations has the bad lift loading glitch that irritated me to no end
Did anyone else have that problem or just me?



Sun said:

I already own Resident Evil Revelations (one of 3DS best games) but I'll be happy to download Super Street Fighter IV as I think it's a perfect game for short gaming periods. Same thing for RE The Mercenaries 3D. Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate would also be very handy in the SD. I can't wait for them.



MikeDanger said:

Ah yes.... I still remember the days when RE: Revelations had a retail price of $49.99. What a riot that was. Good thing they changed it to $39.99 before release, even better you can get it new for $14.99~ on Amazon.



EvilLucario said:

Amazing. Now if MGS 3D got onto the eShop as well, my eShop wallet will be plunging into the negatives.



russellohh said:

Just downloaded Code of Princess, and Mario Kart 7. I LOVE the downloads. One thing I always hate is when I think "Oh, I haven't beaten the previous game (Paper Mario, Fire Emblem DS, etc) and I'll hold off on buying it. That works for Skyrim, or Half-Life, or portal- eventually, those games will hit $15 on Steam sales, or even cheaper.I bought Half Life for Xbox for $5, a few years after its release. But then I'll hold off on Fire Emblem- and now it's $80 new. Or i'll hold off on 999- and oh my. I might not be ready to play Street Fighter 4 yet, but I'd much rather download it down the line, then blow my money now. Even if it is $20 at Best Buy.



pikku said:

I will probably buy Resident Evil Revelations if the price is discounted. if not I'll just buy from Amazon.



Sogeman said:

Wonder what Streefighter will be. If they charge more than 15€ they're mad because you can get it for that basically everywhere since last summer.



PinkSpider said:

The 3ds is soon becoming one of the best things ever to carry around, mine is continuously tethered to my phone when I'm not home.
So always online
Monster Hunter and animal crossing are going to suck my life away



Gold_Ranger said:

Any chance of being able to port over save data from Cartridge version of Revelations to Download Version?



Tsuchinoko said:

Just a little add-on to this information. Ex Troopers hits the download service on the 3DS in Japan next week.



Windy said:

Cant wait to see that Street Fighter Download @ 39.99 in the Eshop. I am so Buying that **loses his ever lovin mind** Oh wait I picked it up on Cartridge for 16.99



rayword45 said:

Revelations would be uncanny as a download, that's bigger then the majority of Wii Games. Hell, I'm pretty sure that's why Kid Icarus isn't a download and that's half the file size.



rayword45 said:

Mercenaries is smaller, I'd download that for a reasonable price (like Bit.Trip SAGA esque)



ToxieDogg said:

@PinkSpider The 3DS version of Monster Hunter doesn't have online multiplayer though, only local multiplayer. I'm still pretty sure it'll eat up a lot of our time though



gundam00 said:

I'm fully supportive of bring retail games to eShop. However, digital content is NEVER on sale! And I don't consider $2 off a sale. I've saved over $75 by buying retail games on sale!! Sales on retail games average around $10 off. I just don't see those kind of sales on the eShop. The major downside with retail games is not having them all on your 3DS at the same time. I don't get StreetPasses too often, but when I do, I get them for more than one game, and they're typically games I haven't had in my 3DS for awhile.

@rayword45 I think the reason Kid Icarus isn't on the eShop (yet) is because of the 3DS stand they included with the retail game.

@Red_Kinetic I would love to be able to download or transfer my retail games to my 3DS so I could have them with me all the time. I can definitely see the possibility of a Downloaded eShop game utilizing the Save data from a retail game if the save data were stored in the 3DS, but I think it's stored in the game card. The only data stored on the 3DS are the StreetPass privileges.



Marakuto said:

I wouldn't mind downloading MH3U but I'm still on the verge of thinking if I should getting downloadable retail games.



Gold_Ranger said:

Japanese 3DS owners have the ability to port save data from cartridge to download.
Why don't we?




The 3DS eShop has really surprised many at how it has developed from the time it was non-existent at the console's launch. Kudos to Nintendo for sure.



Windy said:

@gundam00 I couldn't agree with you more. Nintendo seems intent on not having any clearance sales on anything. **scratches head** old software is left there to die

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