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Vblank Entertainment: Nintendo is "Great To Work With"

Posted by Andy Green

Retro City Rampage developer says Nintendo is welcoming to small developers

Retro City Rampage will most likely be WiiWare's swansong when it finally becomes available for download on 28th February, and its developer Vblank Entertainment seems to have enjoyed working with Nintendo while making it.

Speaking on Twitter Brian Provinciano, the game's creator, said:

It's fair to say small developers had a bit of a difficult time creating games for WiiWare. However, since the Wii U emerged they seem to be finding the whole process much easier. It's not known if Vblank benefited from the removal of the various limitations that were imposed on WiiWare developers, but it appears any dealings it had with Nintendo were all positive.

Plenty of developers have praised Nintendo for its new approach towards indie developers. Shin'en Multimedia told us last year that the 3DS eShop is a "big step forward", while the Wii U eShop has seen praise from Chasing Aurora developer Broken Rules, which said the new system was more indie friendly than the Wii ever was.

Trine 2: Director's Cut developer Frozenbyte has also commented on how developers now have more control of how they operate when making games for the Wii U eShop, and more recently Gaijin Games, the studio behind the upcoming BIT.TRIP Presents: RUNNER 2, said though it's not perfect, Wii U is a vast improvement over Wii.

Having Nintendo relinquish more control over to small developers can only be a good thing for their creative freedom. Hopefully we'll see more improvements and ultimately more great games.

What are your thoughts on Nintendo's new-found welcoming nature towards indie developers? Let us know by dropping a comment below.


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Daz-brum said:

Nintendo know the market they understand what GAMES are about this is going to be a brilliant year for gamers...



cyrus_zuo said:

Nice to hear, unfortunate this game is going to WiiWare.
I wish him well, but that is a hard market.
Unfortunate it couldn't also be on the eShop on WiiU.



rayword45 said:

With recent praise, I can't wait to see how indie-friendly the PS4 is. Gotta stay ahead.



rayword45 said:

@justin6d Only in a special Wii mode, which basically acts as a higher-resolution emulator.

Why couldn't they do the same they did with the 3DS?



RoryLee said:

I've been looking forward to this game for a long time. I will be downloading this if it does come out tomorrow. That retro goodness looks way too good to pass up.



Neram said:

This is great to see, considering the kinds of alternative platforms looming on the horizon, I think it's fair to say that Nintendo needed to open up more to Independent developers looking for a home for their games.



Magikarp3 said:

@rayword , actually, DsiWare games are run in the 3ds's DS mode. That's why online functions and everything else are switched off when running Dsiware.

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