Zen Pinball 3D has been out for over a year in both North America and Europe, and the game's developer, Zen Studios, has been working on some additional DLC for it - however it hasn't been mentioned in a number of months.

Those worried that the DLC has been cancelled can now breathe a large sigh of relief, as Zen Studios has confirmed via Twitter that it is still in the works.

It looks as though we'll have a release date for Wii U eShop title Zen Pinball 2 soon as well. The game was originally meant to be released before New Year but was pushed back to a vague January 2013 release. Zen Pinball 2 will initially be free to download, with trials of tables to help you decide which ones you want to buy. We recently spoke to Zen Studios in detail about its pinball releases, if you'd like more details and insight from the studio.

Are you looking forward to seeing some DLC for Zen Pinball 3D, or will your money be put towards Zen Pinball 2? Let us know in the comments section below.

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