Renegade Kid may be the darling developer for some Nintendo download enthusiasts that like a bit of retro action-platforming — yep, Mutant Mudds — but it's easy to forget that it's an experienced studio that releases games in a variety of genres. One such example is ATV Wild Ride 3D — itself a revamp of a DS retail release from 2011 — which is coming to the 3DS eShop and promises plenty of stunts and high-speed action.

Jools Watsham has released a new trailer for the title, with the description stating that it'll "probably" arrive on the eShop in March. Always an active tweeter, Watsham has taken to the social network to quiz gamers about a fair price for the game, and in the process outlined some details on the amount of content that'll be included.

You can check out the trailer below. How do you think this is shaping up and, to answer the developer's question, what would you consider paying for this game on the eShop?