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  • News ​Nintendo Shares Original Design Documents from The Legend of Zelda

    It all started with some graph paper

    The original Legend of Zelda blazed many trails for gaming, arguably setting the standard for what would eventually become the open-world genre. Seeing as how this is the 30th anniversary for the series as a whole, Nintendo has opted for a blast from the past and dug up some of the original design documents from...

  • News The First NES Advertisement Has Been Successfully Preserved

    Chalk up another point for gaming historians

    Despite the gaming industry's relatively young age, it's interesting that much of its history is subject ot permanent loss. As standards have changed over the years, many games, advertisements, prototypes, and so on, have been lost due to poor efforts to future proof them. A great example of this can be...

  • News New NES game Dreamworld Pogie Finds Kickstarter Success

    Let's hope the Oliver Twins don't go dizzy

    Are you itching for something 'new' to play on your beloved NES? Then the Dreamworld Pogie Kickstarter might be the one for you. If you are British and of a certain age, you'll no doubt remember the Dizzy series of games by The Oliver Twins. While most of the Dizzy success story was on home computers,...

  • Video Remembering The Soggy Awesomeness Of Mega Man 2's Bubble Man Stage

    Water good level this is

    Mega Man 2 has to rank as one of the best action platformers in the NES library, if not the entire genre. Regarded by many as the pinnacle of the 8-bit series, it's the only Mega Man release to make it onto the NES Classic Mini, which speaks volumes about its quality. Our friends over at cl

  • Book Review 8-Bit Art Book

    A minimalist trip down memory lane

    We've seen lots of attractive coffee table art books aimed at retro gaming fans in recent times, which is no bad thing. Joining the ranks is a publication simply titled 8-Bit Art Book - by Ear Books - which pays homage to the visual quality of classic games spanning from 1975 to the early '90s. The author...

  • News Footage Of Unreleased Akira Game Boy Title Hits The Web

    Plus Heavy Weight Hockey on NES and Mall Rats on Mega Drive

    Remember back in October when someone found four prototype copies of Akira for the Game Boy? Well that someone - Patrick Scott Patterson - has recently released gameplay video of one of the prototype Akira carts being played on the Super Game Boy. The game looks promising despite its...

  • News Toys 'R' Us Expecting Fresh NES Classic Mini Stock This Weekend

    "They will sell very quickly"

    Retail giant Toys 'R' Us has revealed that it will be getting more stock of the NES Classic Edition in its North American stores this Sunday. The console has been incredibly hard to find all over the globe, with demand far outstripping supply. Nintendo has stated previously that a steady flow of machines is expected...

  • Video A Brief Interview with One of the Original Nintendo Power Line Counselors

    They were simpler times

    One of the most notable features of the days of the NES was the existence of the Nintendo Power Line. Seeing as it would be several years before the internet became usable to the world, obtaining information back in the day was mostly related to schoolyard discussions and advice from that one kid whose dad worked for...

  • News Check Out This Officially Licensed Famicom Stationary Collection

    Want a Famicom pen?

    With the recent launch of the NES/Famicom Mini, Nintendo's debut home console has seen something of a pop culture resurgence. It's always been an iconic piece of tech, so it's no surprise that Nintendo hasn't been afraid to dip into its past a bit to tap into nostalgia every now and then. Of course, the new microconsole has been...


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