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Nintendo Download: 21st February 2013 (North America)

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

F-Zero, demos to hunt, adventures, vikings and a famous green dinosaur

It's Thursday, and it's time for Nintendo Download news in North America. Continuing the recent trend also seen in Europe there are only offerings for Wii U and 3DS, with a variety of demos, download-only games and a retail release to test your resolve. Let's see what's on offer.

Wii U Virtual Console

F-Zero (Nintendo, $0.30) — The second game in the Family Computer 30th Anniversary Campaign, this classic SNES racer brings futuristic tracks and vehicles travelling at ludicrous speeds. It is, in our opinion, a stone-cold classic that can be yours for just 30 cents. You can check out our Wii Virtual Console F-Zero review to see how highly we think of it, and we'll race through this Wii U version for our upcoming review.

Wii U Retail Demo

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (Capcom, Free) — Arriving in North America soon, this enhanced and expanded version of the Wii title has a free sample on offer to tempt you into picking up the new iteration. This'll offer a chance to slay some monsters with some big weapons, to see whether the taste for the hunt makes the full release tough to ignore. We were able to hunt some beasts in December, so you can also check out our Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate first impressions if you want to know what we thought.

Wii U eShop Demo

Trine 2: Director's Cut (Frozenbyte, free) — One of the most attractive download-only titles on the Wii U eShop that also offers online co-op and voice chat, this demo should help you to decide whether it's worth your funds.

3DS eShop Downloads

Picdun 2: Witch's Curse (INTENSE CO., Ltd, $4.99) — This dungeon RPG sequel arrives on 3DS with a promise of 60 stages to conquer, while you can choose from one of three female partners to accompany you on your journey. Incorporating a first-person perspective and blending in the puzzle genre, we certainly rated its predecessor highly in our GO Series: Picdun review; we'll go questing in this one to let you know what we think soon.

Viking Invasion 2 - Tower Defense (Bigben Interactive, $7.99) — A sequel to 2009 DSiWare release Viking Invasion, this follows in the same footsteps of tower defense with a twist, with your task to set up weapons to repel enemies approaching via various routes. The first title was a solid entry on the DSi service, and we'll take on the invading viking hordes to see whether this carries an equally good fight.

3DS Virtual Console

Yoshi (Nintendo, $4.99) — This NES puzzler developed by Pokémon masters Game Freak took the popular Mario side-kick and put his name centre-stage, even if he is ultimately still being saved by Mario. It's all about catching and matching falling enemies or, if you can, catching a lot of them between two egg shells. Unfortunately the 3DS version is listed as single player only — meaning no split screen multiplayer — and we didn't rate this one particularly highly in our Wii Virtual Console review; as always a member of the team will review the 3DS release.

3DS Retail Download

Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan (Atlus, $39.99) — This latest entry in the RPG series will arrive on the 3DS eShop at the same time as the high street release on 26th February. A challenging and involving franchise, this seems likely to please its most committed fans, while those unsure can try out the free demo currently on the eShop; demo progress will be transferable to the retail game, too.

3DS Retail Demo

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (Capcom, free) — The handheld version of this demo will also be available. It's unlikely that cross-play will be possible with the Wii U demo, but we'll certainly give it a try.

Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed (SEGA, free) — A terrific title on Wii U, this 3DS version has already been available in North American stores for a little over a week. You can now sample a few races to see whether it's worthy of a podium place, and we'll also be bringing you a review very soon.

That's everything for this week. Lots of free samples being joined by a mix of the old and new on the eShop platforms; let us know what you'll be downloading in the poll and comments below.

What will you be downloading first this week? (373 votes)

F-Zero (Wii U Virtual Console Promotion)


Picdun 2: Witch's Curse (3DS eShop)


Viking Invasion 2 - Tower Defense (3DS eShop)


Yoshi (3DS Virtual Console)


Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan (3DS Retail Download)


Only freebie downloads for me


Nothing for me this week


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User Comments (155)



SkywardLink98 said:

Monster Hunter Demo!! I won't be getting the game, as I already own Tri but a little portable action is always welcome



Sonicfan11589 said:

Best Buy is having a sale on Wii U games, Buy 1 Get 1 50% off, that INCLUDES pre-orders. I already bought Monster Hunter Ultimate 3 and got Resident Evil: Revelations for $25. WITH FREE SHIPPING! Could u include that piece of info in this article or another if possible?
Here's the link:



Flowerlark said:

Just getting the Monster Hunter demo this week. I already preordered the cart of Etrian Odyssey at Gamestop. Trying to stop myself from downloading retail titles as they take up too much space on my SD card... plus if my 3DS gets broken/ lost I'll lose them.



Sonicfan11589 said:

Also is selling BOTH Monster Hunter games for $80 TOTAL, ($20 off) if u buy both versions by checking out in the same cart.



HeroOfCybertron said:

I will be downloading the Monster Hunter demo, updating Yoshi and I'm also interested in Picdun 2: Witch's Curse since I liked the first Picdun.



Zemus-DJ said:

Great week I'll be DLing Picdun 2, Viking Invasion 2, both Demos, EOIV (on the 26th) and updating yoshi



TwilightV said:

One step closer to all the NES Ambassador games being available. I'm gonna miss that jingle that plays when you start one up.



Everly said:

MH3U demo for me! Already have the game pre-ordered so this will be be a nice appetizer. Still no Zen Pinball, that means next week or bust.



Taya said:

I enjoyed the first Picdun game so I'm interested in the sequel. Getting F-Zero and the demos for sure.



AlmightyDerek said:

There are lots of cool demos to try. Where is Zen Pinball 2 though! Time is running out for the promised February release. I guess we are getting it and Runner 2 next Thursday.



Undead_terror said:

Nothing for me unless I win the Etrain contest which I doubt and doubt even more because I took a picture from a camara instead of saving it as a qr code, oh well didn't like the game anyway.



ultraraichu said:

Demo arigato, Mr, Rob.boto.

I already downloaded F-Zero yesterday (my skills have improved thankfully); Going to download MH3ds and Sonic during work to play traveling home and MH3U and Trine 2 when I reach. A nice week to sample life.



JayRydah said:

I already downloaded f-zero lastnight n it was great. Today I will probably download the monster hunter demo..TBH I never really seen what the big deal was with this game but im more than willing to give it a go n see for myself. We are about to get hit with a blizzard in a couple hours so ill need games to keep busy.



RantingThespian said:

Where the hell is Zen Pinball 2!?!?!?!

Seriously, where is it? February is almost over, and it's been available in the EU eshop for sometime. Is it delayed again for some reason?



SirQuincealot said:

glad to see the sonic demo, was curious about this game for a while, now get to see if it can compete with mario kart



SkywardLink98 said:

@Flowerlark If your 3DS get's broken, you can call Nintendo and they'll refund you up to $200 on your new system. Just wanna make sure everyone knows that.



Everly said:

@AlmightyDerek You foolishly believe things will happen just because the company responsible for making it happen and announcing they will make it happen will then make it happen.
According to the developers initial blog, I've been playing Zen Pinball on the Wii U since December.
@Svengoolie And that puts Nintendo in a bit of a bind because in last week's Nintendo Direct they said both would be available this month. I think the only solution they have is to delay both titles until Q2. Gezzz, too much Ubisoft rage still floating around.



MisterRJ45 said:

Definitely picking up F-Zero. Balloon Fight was worth every penny and F-Zero will definitely be worth that!



JayceJa said:

loved yoshi on the original gameboy as a little kid, dont think the game would be nearly as challenging and therefore fun to me now though



siavm said:

I got f-zero yesterday, so I will just be downloading the monster hunter demos. Still don't know if I want to buy them again.



XCWarrior said:

Wow great Week. Monster Hunter demos. F-Zero. That Picdun game sounds promising, and might check out the original if it got a 9/10. Trine 2 demo. Even Tower Defenses don't tend to be bad.

Probably the best week for downloads in a long time. Nice job Nintendo of putting out a good set of things the day after the Sony event.



ohhaime said:

@SkywardLink98 If you enjoyed Tri Don't write off MH3U,it has 4 more weapon types,about 3 times as many monsters as Tri,A new companion,New Masks for your companions,tons of new and harder quests, A revamped Mutiplayer system that lets you bring Companions if you want.
It's pretty much a whole new game rather then just an expansion.



Emaan said:

Great week! I downloaded F-Zero yesterday, and I'll be downloading some Wii U and 3DS demos today :3



rayword45 said:

You didn't mention the Crashmo discount? That's what I'm getting besides freebies.



Zantagor said:

@SkywardLink98 They don't really compare, Tri only had like 35 monsters total, while 3 Ultimate has over 72 or something. Not to mention lots more weapon types.



Lopezdm said:

I like monster but thats about it. I hope the PS4 was a kick in the pants that Nintendo needed to get there butts in gear.



idork99 said:

I don't see the Sonic demo anywhere . Plus, it says the release date is not until 3/29! What gives Nintendo?!



Lalivero said:

@SkywardLink98 #28 Which doesn't do diddly squat if you purchased far more than that worth, unfortunately. :/ Retail games(puchased digitally at retail price) will eat that up in literally no time. I've spent close to that, if not more by now, on eshop exclusives.

Also, as has been mentioned by several others, Where the hell is ZEN PINBALL 2!!??

Don't see the Sonic demo either.



AyeHaley said:

HOLY COW Monster Hunter is amazing on both Wii U and 3DS! Way more fun than I imagined it would be. You got 2 sales right here Capcom, due to releasing both demos.



Morpheel said:

Yoshi! Monster Hunter! Etrian Odyssey!

Nintendo, my birthday is not this week, but thank you!



CanisWolfred said:

Rather Surprised EO4 came early.

Gonna pick up the Monster Hunter Demo once I'm done with the EO4 demo.



paburrows said:

Darn, I was hoping that since Europe got Castlevania and since the 3DS version was coming out that we would have gotten it here in North America ether last week or this.



rjejr said:

Thanks for the update NL.

Just out of curiosity, is there a Nintendo based website equivalent to the PS blog to get this info in case the NL site isn't working or something? If Nintendo are going to continue to have weeks like this with so much on offer you'ld think they want to advertise it.

And I know it's eShop only, and you guys have a separate page for that, but I do think that "Operation Rayman Appeasement" post should have appeared on the Wii U page. 30% off is a pretty good deal and I think the more good Wii U news you can cover the better. There have been plenty of articles that have appeared on multiple pages, usually 3DS and 3DS eshop or 3DS and Wii U. Just a suggestion.



bluecat said:

Was anyone else surprised the Wii U Monster Hunter demo is less than a gig?



Tsuchiya said:

I'm not enjoying the controls of Monster Hunter. Maybe it's just me, I don't know.



Gen0neD said:

Los Angeles here and there's no Sonic demo. I love the WiiU version and was planning to get this if it was any good.



AVahne said:

20 minutes isn't enough time to kill a Plesioth WHO WON'T STOP RUNNING (swimming) AWAY.



Tsuchiya said:

Pick the wrong weapon and even on easy mode it's still a chore. It does look good in HD though, if still a little Wii-esque in places.



pariah164 said:

Okay, fine. I'll bite and play the MH3 demo just to see if it's worth all the hype.



herzausstein said:

MH3U played wonderfully on the WII U and the upgraded visuals are much better that Tri's. I own MHTri on the Wii but the demo has made me put in a preorder for MH3U. The expanded portions of the game alone are worth the price. I put in well over 100 hrs into tri and never really got into the online portions b/c i didn't like how the online features were set up. I'm really looking forward to the full release



Scottie said:

@Tethers - Retro City Rampage - It is confirmed to be out next Thursday in Europe and the US - see



Capt_N said:

Sonic demo, if it's available when I go into the eShop. Otherwise, nothing.



SirQuincealot said:

played monster hunter, seemed okay, needs work though, the combat is really uninspired, also more attacks or moves would have been nice, it just seems like you just run at the enemy, and spam the attack buttons, (also maybe run around it)



SirQuincealot said:

@Capt_N prepare for dissapointment, why even say its coming out when its not? you wold think that someone along the lines would have known about this



zenarium said:

Really, americans have Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed ? I want it on Europe!



Palom said:

I just updated Yoshi, and I noticed that it does have Download Play.




No Circle Pad Pro support for the Mon Hun Demo! Hooked up my imported XL version and was ready to go! Haha. Oh well....ready for the full version! Great demo though! Looks great!



slidecage said:


Picdun 2: Witch's Curse either its has to be way bigger then the first one or more pictures or something

picdun 1 was like 50 to 70 blocks...
Picdun 2 is 600 blocks what sounds BIG

should be able to play it later tonight hope its worth the 5



Lalivero said:

I like how Capcom is able to make games look a lot less jaggy than the screen really is.



Birdman said:

Only the free stuff. I wasn't impressed enough by the original Picdun or Viking Defense to warrant getting their sequels. I'll update Yoshi, obviously, but only free stuff for me this week.



Bucho said:

Been playing the Monster Hunter 3 demo all day, can't wait for the retail version on march 19! can't wait to dive into MH again years after i quit Tri.



PinkSpider said:

Have to say im really impressed with the castlevania demo, possible day one download for me.



Windy said:

This is a banner week! picdun 2 is really cool and in 3d I wasnt expecting that but my eyes popped out when I saw it. Then I downloaded the Monster Hunter demo and loaded that up to feel my jaw drop too the floor. omg it looks as good as the wii version but in 3d. prettiest game ive seen on 3ds so far. I think Nintendo is sticking in the dagger to the competition boys cause nothing but goodness has been been coming out lately. I will say this even as beautiful as Monster Hunter is im going to pass on it if I cant die online with my buddies. Some games are just meant to played co-op and thats one of them. Sorry but local wifi isnt co-op....well it is but getting peeps together is rough



Arren said:

@MYNISTA I SAW THAT. What if they removed it from the US version? If the circle pad pro does not make this game twice as good I will sell mine. Its the only thing keeping me from installing a bigger battery pack.



Captain_Toad said:

For those looking for the sonic demo, click on sonic and all stars racing logo on the 3ds eshop to get the demo.



eks said:

Yeah, I couldn't find it earlier either, but it is there now. I had to use the search at the top of the eshop to find the game though.



Zemus-DJ said:

@arren you don't need to install a bigger battery pack, just get the pro grip! It snugs on the 3ds without doing a thing, thou it does cost 30$ but the added hours is a Hugh plus for rpg's

Also, the sonic transformed is now live



odd69 said:

I tried to get into monster hunter, i jumped into the wii version way to late, and the community was very rude to noobies, so i got a bad taste in my mouth from Monster hunter, i may just ignore it altogether. not really a fan i guess.



Yrreiht said:

I can confirm, the Sonic Transformed demo is on the eShop, just not on the main menu or the demo category. You need to go on the game's page.



Tsuchiya said:

Tried the MH demo again. I'm not liking it at all. The controls at least to me, just don't suit the gamepad. I guessed it would look somewhat similar to the Wii version visually. I wasn't expecting a graphical blowout but it looks exactly the same.

Am I just playing the Wii version here albeit with new Barneys thrown in? I'd prefer Wiimote controls. Less fuss. And have I noticed lag? May need to cancel the pre order.



XCWarrior said:

Busy week for me. Downloaded both MH demos, Fzero, Crashmo sale which should be included in this news piece, and updated both Yoshi and Ice Climbers for ambassador games. Oh and Trine 2 demo.

Well done Nintendo, and considering EOIV down the road, and Picdun sounds good.



TheHeroOfLegend said:

It's getting close to the Bit Trip Runner release! Definitely a must buy for me! Commander Video all the way!



ReaperX30 said:

Got PicDun 2 and of course the Monster Hunter Demo. I'm so looking forward to that game.



Gen0neD said:

Played the MH demo... I dunno... I know Capcom made Dragon's Dogma as a westernized version of MH and I gotta be honest, Dragon's Dogma is infinitely better than this. Way better combat, cooler move sets, cleaner camera control and you can actually wander. In MH, you can't stray off the beaten path. Its like they took everything that was wrong and corrected/improved on it. Might still get it.



allav866 said:

Just tried the Sonic and All-Stars Racing: Transformed demo, and all I can say is if the frame rate in the full game is as bad as it is in the demo, then I'm definitely skipping this one. I haven't seen a frame rate this bad since I played the first Sonic & All-Stars Racing on my iPhone!



DrSlump said:

I tried MH3 demo, and the feeling is to play a 2001 pc game, with low res textures, no antialiasing no pixel shaders.. nothing! Even the pad interface is cut down to 4:3, as the 3ds touch display! And the gameplay: were is the story? A tuttorial... i don't even know how to kill this animals.. and why?? And what these little creatures that jumps around me are? Unbelievable.



RR529 said:

I know no one will probably be reading this article that much anymore, but if you see this comment, BUY Picdun 2! It's great!



ReaperX30 said:

@DrSlump You have to understand it's only a demo. There's a tutorial in the full game. I played all the games on PSP and of course if your looking for a story you will be dissapointed as there not much of a story in those games. If you like crafting, looting and grinding though you're in for a nice treat.



nathanbjohnson said:

I have never complained about framerate on anything ever; but damn, Sonic Racing on 3DS is so bad that it feels like I am using Google street view and downloading each frame rather than playing a racing game. I really enjoy the game on WiiU. Disappointing



RoboConker said:

For those complaining about the controllers, when your in game press the HOME Button then Manual, everything you need to know is there.



Tsuchiya said:

A basic tutorial should've been there. This is a demo of a 'new' game and it could've done more in the way of informing newcomers. It didn't. It's crap.

It's a wizz poor demo.



Windy said:

@RR529 Picdun 2 is great and unfortunately may go under the radar unless there is a review of the game. Lets hope not. I hope they make more like it. After playing picdun 2 I cancelled my Etrian Odyssey Pre-Order not because I think its better just to save money...Times are tough and Picdun 2 is a nice option for FPS dungeon Crawlers. The 3d effects are Fantastic



slidecage said:

dont know why people are saying picdun is just like etrian odyssey.. yes they are both dungeon crawlers but thats it... odyssey is a lot better and has tons more crap to do then picdun. as in quest.. making weapons fighting bosses... in picdun all your doing is holding the L button (to raise the shield) and then hitting B for the ai to attack

still say if you got the first one there is no reason to buy the 2nd unless you loved the first one



Windy said:

@slidecage I didn't see anyone say picdun 2 is just like Etrian Odyssey. where did you see that? I chose Picdun over Etrian Odyssey for one reason. to save money. which game is better? Etrian Odyssey of course. But Picdun 2 is a viable option if you cant spend the bucks right now



Windy said:

@nathanbjohnson Yup the Sonic Racing demo had a bad framerate. I hope its fixed in the full version. Imagine what online play will be like if the framerate is bad Im waiting on a review now when this was going to be a buy.

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