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Code of Princess Will Only Be Available On 3DS eShop In Europe

Posted by Andy Green

No boxed copy for this one, unfortunately

Action-packed RPG Code of Princess has been out in North America since October and has recently been made available for download in the 3DS eShop. It's all very nice for lucky North Americans but Europeans have been waiting for what seems like an age to get hold of a copy of the game.

There's still no solid date for Europe yet, however more information has been released confirming that the game will only be available as an eShop download title - so if you were hoping for a physical copy, you'll probably be disappointed.

Code of Princess was given a German USK rating just before the New Year listing the publisher as Agatsuma Entertainment, the game's developer, so surely we're close to seeing the game appear in the 3DS eShop. Long-time readers of the site will be aware that we gave the game a glowing verdict in our Code of Princess review - we really couldn't recommend it more.

Are you disappointed the game will be eShop only or are you just happy, like us, to see it come to Europe in any form? Let us know in the comments section below.


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Wonder_Ideal said:

There certainly have been a lot of articles today. It's getting hrad to keep up with all of them. That is a good problem.
On topic, I'm not sure why it's download only. Maybe it's similar to why Unchained Blades is download only outside of Japan.



magicsnake said:

I just hope they'll drop the price a little 'cause if they don't, nobody will since its eshop-only...



edhe said:

Fair enough.

Hopefully this can encourage publishers to release more risky games outside of Japan.

I for one will buy it on the eShop.



Bulbousaur said:

Any release is better than none I say. I hope more retail Japanese games which would normally have no chance of being released before come to the eShop. Here's hoping for Project X Zone next!



Einherjar said:

To be honest, if thats the "price to pay" that nieche games like that get released over here, im more than willing to pay it. If they absolutely MUST cut costs, its the best way to do it in my opinion.



Phle said:

Sigh. Sad really. I have yet to download a retail game, because I really like to own the physical copy. Maybe I'll buy this game. If I could have gotten a physical copy there would be no doubt.



SilentHunter382 said:

Well I am disappointed that were not gonna get a boxed version but I rather have the game available on the eshop then to never see the light of day.



BakaKnight said:

Seems that the "only download available" thing is making more and more gaming moving around: 3/4 of Guilty01, unchained blaide in NA and Code of Princess finally coming here.

Sure, boxies are nice (and even more limited editions!), but what really matter at the end is always the software, so all my thankies to the eShop for all this goodness



Spoony_Tech said:

Well considering a lot of atlus games take forever to come out in Europe this should be welcome news. It may also hold well for Etrain Odyssey 4 as well since it could take up to another year for it to appear in boxed form.



Doma said:

Screw it then. No account system/overpricing prevents me from taking notice of anything on e-shop, unfortunately.



Placlu said:

It's not the fact I can't look at the game on my shelf with 100 other games, its the pricing point.. Full Release Nintendo games are around $70 here in AUS, and to put that in perspective, I got Sticker Star on launch for $47 (That's Cheap here...sadly). I just hope, we don't get screwed over price wise..
It's times like this I wish we were over region lock.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Depending on how much it will be i assume i'll be waiting for a price drop then.
If the 3DS weren't region-locked i'd go for a US import now.



sillygostly said:

@Placlu : Unfortunately, there's no certainty that the game is going to be released in Australia at all (it hasn't been classified yet), and the fact that it's being released digitally only in Europe of all places makes me think that it won't come here at all.



Placlu said:

@sillygostly Aussie 3DS's can connect to the EU Store, just change your location to UK, and you will be able to acess it, granted it will cost more and you will need a credit card, but we will atleast be able to play it. You won't loose your Aussie store details too, I hot swap between them all the time.



Angelic_Lapras_King said:

Its better then nothing, and opens up releasing stuff on the 3DS without paying to make retail versions if that's an issue for the publisher. I just hope it's priced accordingly for this as no one's gonna pay £50 for it...



C-Olimar said:

I'm sure this will be much cheaper than it would be at retail, otherwise the developer can look forward to about 10 sales.



TheAdza said:

I think this is great. I won't mind paying a premium price for a niche game like this. Especially if it leads to other games from Japan and the US get a chance to be released here which otherwise wouldn't.



Chobi said:

It's good to see Europe is getting code of princess. Maybe now I'll see more people playing online. Every-time i pop in that game. The online is a dead zone.



Windy said:

My paranoid side says the start of digital only. Cant wait to see what is planned for Animal Crossing like a game shortage



WiiLovePeace said:

@Placlu @sillygostly Its better to change it to the Ireland eShop, its cheaper when converting euro to aussie dollar than pounds to aussie dollars, I've found.

& if its a good price I may get it, though I'd like to play a demo first so I know for sure the play style is for me.



Garo said:

No problem here. I'm getting all my retail games from e-shop anyway if they're there.



Magikarp3 said:

I don't mind. This seems to be the case for Virtue's Last Reward in Australia (I can't find the 3DS version in any store; either it was never released physically or it was a really limited one) and it's readily available on the eshop for $20 dollars less than another retail game.

also, it'd be nice if this game didn't get canned in australia. really nice.



darkgamer001 said:

Any release is better than no release. But the way some devs treat Europe disgust me. Were the strong sales of titles like Xenoblade Chronicles not a good indicator that rpgs are just as popular over here as in the US??



andreoni79 said:

Dont' forget that there are other countries in Europe than UK. I've paid 8 € for Crimson Shroud and I'm happy I can play such a game, but I can play it only in english. In Europe we already pay more than Usa because of the €/$ exchange, and we also get not localized games... I'll never buy this (and any other downloadable games) for more than 10 €!!!



RevolverLink said:

It's better than not getting it at all, I suppose. Physical copy or not, Code of Princess is really good.



seronja said:

and what if i buy this game on ebay from america would it work on a pal 3ds xl? i really don't want to buy this on e-shop since i can get better offers from physical copy's



seronja said:

@Beta well that's a shame =/ guess i'll wait about 2 years for a price drop on e-shop then... tnx for reply!



Marakuto said:

If it cost the same as the other e-shop games put onto there then I'll skip getting it for now and wait for a few months.



Banker-Style said:

I don't really buy games of the E-shop,I prefer boxed copies,so I'll leave it.
Because it'll have a high price.



Windy said:

@ThePillowGolem Unchained Blades was never released on Cartridge its Eshop only. There is a version on PSP sony online shop only and its also 29.99



Windy said:

This is a great game guys. is it worth Downloading at 39.99? As much as I like it I would have to say hold off for a physical copy if you prefer your games that way. Now 2 years from now if this game is still 39.99 in the Eshop which I think it will be cause the Eshop is not known for sales, It will be time for old windy to retire from gaming. I love gaming and have been doing it since 1976. Digital download and High prices of digital download have not sat well with me. No Boxes, No instruction, No Cost to the publishers to ship the product to stores. It's my oppinion that Retail games should be at least 10.00 to 15.00 dollars cheaper when they hit digital download. This is plain and simple Greed



BulbasaurusRex said:

Maybe it's greedy of the publishers with the lower costs of production, but does it really matter to the consumers? It's the same great game at the same price, so what's the problem if you would've bought the boxed copy at full price anyway? The instructions will be right there in digital format, so all you're missing is a dumb box and the ability to sell it if you hate it. Don't pass up on a great game like this just on some matter of principle to stick it to the greedy publishers.



Windy said:

@BulbasaurusRex You are Right this game is one of the most fun titles ive played on 3DS. It has just a hilarious storyline and Voice ins. The game will not only be fun it will make you laugh. Look at it this way if you can....if you put 40 hours of time into this game online and offline You payed 1.00 dollar per hour for some pretty good Entertainment. Personally I prefer a physical copy but if all I could do is download the game I would. There are not too many games I would do this for. But this is one of them. I still think this title should be 29.99 in the Eshop and it doesnt seem fair since this game can only be played on 3DS and there is nowhere else to get it. There will also be no future sale in the Eshop either and I think people will eventually get mad an even when this starts to happen enough. So Nintendo Remember what old Windy Said when you start getting minimal visitors and sales to your Eshop. Because this is not right. But hey your the experts. Gamers if you want to have a goodtime Suck it up pay the Extra 10.00 dollars to my estimate of what the game should sell for and have a great time



FonistofCruxis said:

Normally I prefer to buy games physically but this is probably better for me due to the boxart as I'd probably end up buying it physically if that was an option.



zbailey said:

annoyed about this, i want a hard copy not some silly software version i am a collector grrrrrr

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