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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Getting A Demo In February

Posted by Andy Green

Monster Hunter Try

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate will be released on Wii U and 3DS in North America and Europe on 19th March and 22nd March respectively. The full game is expected to be available in the eShop at around the same time.

Capcom has also revealed that a demo for the game will also be available to download for both the 3DS and Wii U versions on 21st February, meaning you can get a bit of practice in before the real deal comes out.

We've learnt over the past week that the Wii U version of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate will use the built-in microphone on the GamePad for voice chat as well as accommodating USB keyboards after a day-one update to enable users to chat via that method as well.

Are you looking forward to finally getting down to some Monster Hunting on your Wii U and 3DS? Let us know in the comments section below.


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User Comments (50)



Marakuto said:

Thank goodness, atleast the demo can be a helpful for practice before buying the full version.



Nardar said:

Maybe, but we will see. If there is a Collectors for Wii U I may buy it even though I don't have a Wii U yet. I could see a 3DS XL bundle or bundles. Wii U bundle might happen but unlikely. We will probably hear more about mid February.



cornishlee said:

I haven't played any of the games before. I understand the premise but I'm not convinced the game is for me. I was going to ignore it. Now I'll download the demo and give it a try.

The more demos the better. I don't understand why you'd imply that demos are worthwhile for some games and not for others.



JayceJa said:

i can see the 3ds game being bundled with a circle pad pro/xl, playing without one even with the new lock for the camera reset button is far from optimal

im hoping for a cool wii u collectors edition, nothing too expensive though



Sjoerd said:

The WiiU version is an instabuy, I probably won't get the 3ds version but I'll give it a try anyway.



Banker-Style said:

Like a need a demo to make me want this.
But I'll have a go to marvel at those beautiful HD graphics.



Windy said:

Im going to download the Demo if I like it enough I will get it for 3DS. No online play Turned me off But I also love good single player games and im sure this will be good



Gustoff said:

YESSSS! I was hoping this game got a demo. I've never played a Monster Hunter game, but videos i've seen were pretty good. Just like Fire Emblem Awakening, if it weren't for the demo, i wouldn't be convinced 100% to get the game, i'd be skeptical in getting it, not knowing what to expect. Can't wait!



Spoony_Tech said:

Don't need the demo to know ill like it. It will probably be just like the one released for the Wii a few years back. However I do want to see those monsters in glorious 3d! So I guess ill download it!



Nugus said:

Fire Emblem AND MH3U!!!! Just played the FE demo yesterday, and was very glad I preordered. Now I'll preorder MH3U since it finally has a date. Can't freakin' wait.



erv said:

Bring it on!

So happy about the keyboard thing! It's coming! Prepare! Exclamation mark! Buy the wiiU version! For online! It's awesome!

No, really, it is.




I'd get the demo if you could trade over your items and stuff you got form the demo to the full game... that'd be nice



ArcanaXVI said:

I'm glad for the demo, but I'm already convinced. I'll need to get copies for both systems...



hamae said:

Great news! I'm still debating which version to buy, so now I can try first



Megumi said:

@sir_Anthony: The series isn't doing that great over here, yeah we need a demo...
Otherwise people will think (for some odd reason) that its some boring shovelware, or something...I dunno xD) I also kept hearing things like "its a port of the Wii game." And this demo would be there to prove them wrong.



Weedy said:

A demo is great news, now I'll be able to try this and Castlevania to decide which to buy first. Very much in two minds at the moment, loved Castlevania for years and never played Monster Hunter before, but I have a feeling this could change...



Weedy said:

@Tantan :
You can actually watch a 3D trailer on the eshop, just search for Monster Hunter and it will come up.



Birdman said:

Hopefully the 3DS demo will be better than than the Wii Tri one was ... maybe it was because I didn't have a CC at the time, but that version wasn't doing itself any favors.



aronatvw said:

I almost bought the wiiU just for this, and the assumption of all top franchises. I am ecstatic about the gamepad voice chat. I was going to use game pad anyways, manage inventory nicely, now built mic for voice chat, pop my headphones in if I'd like, beautiful!! I played tri a lot, and I'm still going to play the demo just to satisfy cravings!



tabris95 said:

@Jgam Unless you're living in Japan, waiting for MH4 would be unwise. We may not see that game for a couple years if at all, especially if MH3U doesn't do well outside Japan. The way I see it, MH3U is already set to be a more complete game than whatever they will offer in MH4 so it's worth the buy.



ShortSleevedNook said:

YES!! We need more demos for games, Nintendo! If it weren't for demos, I probably would never even think of getting Fire Emblem or Monster hunter!



sinalefa said:

Of course we need the demo! If I can be convinced that this can be played decently on my 3DS without a CPP, I am more willing to part with my money.

And more demos for Wii U won't hurt.



Windy said:

I have no Doubts this game will be pretty good. I prefer to play this type of game with friends and no online multiplayer for 3DS may make it a deal breaker for me



Bucho said:

I'm happy about the demo but i really hope the eShop get's the game on launch day, retail stores here in méxico rarely get 3DS games in the first week of release and i hate waiting



Makkiez said:

@Bucho if i'm not mistaken you will be able to buy the game on Launch day

I can't wait for this game to come out really looking forward to it big chance i'll buy it for 3DS and WiiU since you can't play the game on the gamepad



Dunban said:

It would be great to be able to transfer your equipment from the Demo to the Full Version.... That you don`t have to start from the beginning.



s13g1313 said:

so for those who dont play this yet or do and have an issue with the controls try this method (it helped on psp and ive modified it for a 3ds without a circle pad)
shift your thumb down to the dpad to control the direction you look then shift your pointer finger to the circle pad and finally move your middle finger to the left bumper, im not sure how this will work for the 3ds and it will probably feel akward for awhile but it seems to help us. we affectionately call this the monster hunter claw. if this helps you well playing or doesnt please leave a comment. hope it helped and happy hunting to all.



s13g1313 said:

also to those psp hunters the original MH claw goes as follows.
leave your thumb on the control stick to move your character, shift your left pointer finger down to the dpad to control your camera, then move middle finger up to the left bumper again this may feel akward for awhile but give it time and the claw may also help you.
as for you who play tri, you have my codolences as for there is nothing even remotely helpful to you in the form of controls.
so again let me know whetner the claw helps you or not with comments cause im curious about the rest of the MH community.
hope it helped and happy hunting to you all.



Hairmanban19 said:

I pre-ordered this because the videos convinced me and the demo might hold off the long wait for the full game.

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