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3DS eShop Sale is Underway in North America and Europe

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Retail and download-only goodies included

As the eagle-eyed among you will have spotted, during its recent Nintendo Direct broadcast Nintendo of America launched a 3DS eShop promotion that will see one game discounted per week for the next six weeks. Some of the best downloadable offerings on the platform are included, with the first on sale now until 21st February; the schedule is below.

BIT.TRIP.SAGA — $9.99 until 21st February
Crashmo — $5.99 from 21st February to 28th February
Fractured Soul — $7.99 from 28th February until 7th March
Sakura Samurai: Art of the Sword — $4.99 from 7th March to 14th March
Ketzal's Corridors — $4.99 from 14th March to 21st March
Mutant Mudds — $5.99 from 21st March to 28th March

There will also be retail download sales in Europe, though at this stage only the first week has been confirmed, with The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D available until 21st February for £19.99/€29.99.

So, which of these discounts do you plan to pick up?

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TheHeroOfLegend said:

I might consider getting Bit.trip saga and Sakura Samurai: Art of the sword if possible, but so many games that I want for 3DS and Wii U, so that's gonna be pretty hard to decide what I should get.



MrWezzle said:

Interesting that there's no sale for Rolling Western, I figured they'd want to get some more people interested in the series before that sequel comes out. For example, me. I'd totally jump on that game if they dropped it a couple bucks.



Xilef said:

Why can't Europe get the same sale as the US? Please Nintendo.



Starzsixty9 said:

Im just getting mad because it seems like everytime I buy a game it goes on sale shortly after... Mario Land on the VC, Trine 2, Bit Trip Saga...



Fillytase said:

This is great, and I hope they keep up with putting eShop games on sale. I've got like 6 on my wish list just for the 3DS, and only one of them (Fractured Soul) is in this sale.



bboy2970 said:

I already have the retail version of Bit Trip but I think I'll be buying the digital version at the sale price. It'll be great to have at all times plus its nice to support a good dev!



BakaKnight said:

Too bad in Europe they only confirmed Zelda for now, really hope they won't stop there and discount more titles.

I still didn't buy some interesting games avaiable on the eShop and a discount would be the perfect thing for trick me in finally buy them XD



Haxonberik said:

Im getting Bit Trip and Mutant Mudds. I already own Crashmo and Sakura Samurai anyway. I was thinking fractured soul but Im already stuffed with platformers and Mutant Mudds has preference.



HandheldGuru97 said:

Already have Bit Trip Saga retail, but I may have to double dip for $10. If you don't have it yet...GO GET IT!



shimage said:

I have all of those already, except for bit.trip.saga--which I traded in a long time ago.



Pikachupwnage said:

Already own all but ketzals and bit trip

Sucks we barely have any sales and when we do I already all/most own the games....but still this is a good sale and I hope these games get MASSIVE bumps in sales so NIntendo will do more sales.



TimeGuy said:

I'll certainly be picking up Fractured Soul. It's at the top of my list of eShop games to get, but I've been turned off of getting by that high price.



Klimbatize said:

I'm buying the three that I don't already own: Bit.Trip (downloaded it for $10 last night), Ketzal's, and Fractured Soul. They all were on my Wishlist already, and the only reason I hadn't taken the plunge was because of their prices. Good move on Nintendo's part. I'm a little surprised to see Crashmo in this, since it came out fairly recently and seems to have sold well.



Sam_Loser2 said:

Crap, already have all of those. Should have held out; but I've enjoyed most of them, so not waiting is kinda worth it.



RevolverLink said:

I might get Sakura Samurai when it goes on sale, if I feel like I have the time to actually play it.



AJWolfTill said:

Is the Zelda thing a one off? Or did they say more titles would get this treatment? I would totally scoop up Mario Kart, Star Fox or Layton if they are discounted.



KnightRider666 said:

I have all 6 already:( I'm waiting for a discount on the pokedex 3D. No way in hell I'm paying $15+tax for it.



sinsalaca said:

Already own retail copy of Bit Trip and already own Samurai and Mutant Mudds. So those are out. No interest in Keitzel so that is out. Will defintiely pick up Fratcure Soul. Liked the demo, but couldn't justify the price. $7.99 seems more appropriate. Not sure abotu Crasmo since I never fnished Pushmo yet.



Aloth said:

Sakura is really nice, and I got bit.trip yesterday, already enjoying it very much!



OptometristLime said:

Will probably get one of BIT TRIP / Crashmo.
And Fractured Soul.
The rest of my money will go towards myriad other deserving games. @.@



MagicEmperor said:

Well, a sale is a sale. I got Bit.Trip Saga just to say I have it. It'll be a while before I play it, though, as I'm backlogged.



Bucbanzai said:

Saddly I have all of them already except bit trip beat. I will probably pick it up this week. Can't complain too much though as all of them are great games definitly worth the sales price.



shredmeister said:

Wow, I payed $29.99 for the cart version of Bit Trip Saga when it came out. I would have gladly downloaded it for 1/3 of that price. Fractured Soul, Ketzal's Corridors and Sakura Samarai are on my list. Already own the others.



Dodger said:

Get BitTrip Saga because you want the BitTrip games on a handheld, not because you want them in 3D. I've been playing them with the 3D off because the 3D is incredibly disappointing and distracting. Also really does mess with the frame rate in Runner. Other then that, not a bad collection.

Might get Fractured Soul. Not interested/already have (in) the other(s).



Gridatttack said:

I would get the bit trip saga if it wasnt for the choppy framerate...
Oh well, I guess its time to buy crashmo (despite not having played the first one)



millarrp said:

I just picked up BitTrip Saga, will probably pick up Fractued Soul & Mutant Mudds....



Tomires said:

Mario Kart 7 for 20 quid -> sold
Also, am I the only one who finds the conversion between pounds and euros a bit strange? You can switch between the regions but still...




I have all those downloads except BIT TRIP SAGA. OoT i have on retail cart and am happy with that as it is. I doubt EU will get the NA sales as that's what tends to happen with us. Look what happened to the Mahjong Emperors game -$9.99 in NA and a whoppin £17.99 in UK. Disgraceful.



FubumblR said:

Curious why NOA doesn't even send a message about stuff like this through the 3DS' notifications. Seems like a missed opportunity to reach as many 3DS owners as possible...unless they don't care THAT much.




By the way I recommend ALL those eShop titles on there for what its worth. Really enjoyed the. Quality.



Vallu said:

I finally bought OoT3D becauce of the discount. Never finished the N64 version (On Wii VC) so I'm enjoying this a lot!



Grodus said:

Bit trip saga. And I just realized I never bought crashmo, so I guess I'll be picking that up too.



Windy said:

It's nice to see Nintendo have a sale. I would prefer to see a sales section in the Eshop and have weekly sale games especially some of the older DSiWare games that have been left to rot. But this is a start and those are some very good games especially that Sakura Samurai thats an excellent price



zip said:

What a rip-off. Between £19.99 and €29.99 is a €7 difference. Is it possible to get the game from the UK eshop without being a resident of the UK?
Edit: Apparently it is possible, but each region has its own funds. So I need to buy £ eshop cards in order to purchase something from the UK eshop.



XCWarrior said:

Crashmo 100% sure. Pretty sure with both Ketzal's Corridors and Mutant Mudds. Had I not been recently laid off, I'd grab Fractured Soul and Samurai as well (own Saga already), but I must be somewhat picky with purchases.

Plus we got F-Zero coming in a week for $.30!



Ispheria said:

i'll be getting bit trip lol when it came out i was $1.03 short of being able to buy it, and never felt like buying a $20 eshop card (i don't have a credit card)



WiiLovePeace said:

@zip yes quite easily, go into "settings" then "other settings" then "region settings" then choose "United Kingdom" then "England". Then exit out of the settings menu & go into the eShop. It'll put you through a while of loading & some prompts & when it finally loads you're in the english eShop. Best part is they don't require an address so just put your credit (or debit) card details in & away you go Means I'll pay ~AUD$30 instead of AUD$40 this way haha

Edit: Sorry for the overly detailed explanation, just figured I'd cover all bases. Of course this process only works if you've got a PAL 3DS.



USMguy77 said:

It's Crashmo and Mutant Mudds for me.
I hope Nintendo is going to put OoT on sale sometime soon in the US, too. I haven't picked that one up yet. :



PixelatedPixie said:

I really hope NOE announces similar deals to those seen in America. I would definitely pick up Sakura Samurai at a reduced price, and I might even be tempted to get Bit.Trip Saga if it were a little cheaper.



BulbasaurusRex said:

Drat! I've already got Sakura Samurai, and I'm not interested in any of the others. Why couldn't it have been Liberation Maiden instead of Fractured Soul?



Bassman_Q said:

Will probably pick up Mutant Mudds; hopefully I will have beat Awakening by then.



rayword45 said:

Guild01 games, Fluidity or lazy Nicalis Ports would've been nice instead of Mutant Mudds, but im satisfied since I'm getting 3 games.



Marakuto said:

That's exactly the same price I got Zelda OoT 3D back in Summer 2011. I'm not too interested in purchasing any download software for now, as I'll have to save a little extra cash for upcoming 3DS titles.



millarrp said:

I've already got Crashmo and Sakura Samurai, but I think I'll snatch up the rest as they go on sale



zip said:

Alright, I got Zelda now but only because the download version was for once cheaper than the retail one.



retro_player_22 said:

Why can't they all be on sale on the same day, I got an extra $40 I would like to use to get them all. Well it's good that they are now on sale as these are great offering for the eShop.



Ren said:

i want almost all of these, this is perfect. 3DS is now doing what WiiU should be, but it took a little while, I hope theres still hope for it based on these great 3DS games.



Undead_terror said:

Got bit trip from the sale and probaubly will get crashmo, got everything else except fractured soul (might get it).



monsters9141 said:

yay crashmo c: i wanted this game when i got pushmo but noticed that it was 8$ when i only have 7 :c but now lucky me i can wait till the 21st and get it for 5 dollars. Im so happy <3



TromaDogg said:

@WiiLovePeace Just be warned that if you buy games from a different region, then you probably won't be able to transfer them to another console if you ever need to (say, if you upgrade from a 3DS to a 3DS XL).

I say this because I'm in the UK and bought Axelay from the Australian Wii Shop Channel Virtual Console because it's never been released on the EU Wii Shop...but when I did the Wii to Wii U transfer when I bought my Wii U, it refused to transfer Axelay along with everything else so Axelay is locked to my old Wii now



WiiLovePeace said:

@ToxieDogg thanks for the heads up. But nah, I have no need to worry about that since I already have a 3DS XL & I'll never transfer my data from one console to another since I always keep my old consoles (aka I never moved my Wii data to my Wii U).



LightSamus said:

As usual even though Australia is PAL, we don't get this. BIT TRIP Saga isn't even downloadable.



Grayjedi13 said:

@0-172 It's actually one of the more solid titles on the 3ds store IMO, and I'd say worth it even with the higher price. At the sale price it's a steal!



Capt_N said:

If i get Bit.Trip, I'll definitely get it in disc form on Wii, or cart/card form on 3DS. Today, & after, digital Bit.Trip is no longer on sale, so I might as well do as I always prefer, & get the physical copy(Wii, or 3DS) of the game. Edit#1 I only have Beat from Wiishop, so I haven't made a big enough investment in digital (Bit.trip), that I'd be wasting my cash to get a physical copy of the complete saga. As for Ocarina, part of me wants to get it, while the other part of me wants to save close to $10, & get it on the Wii VC instead. If I got a physical 3DS cart/card, I'd have to hunt down a cheap new copy, as I live in the U.S.A.(Edit#2 no OoT3d sale for us yet, if at all), & I like new, clean, & complete copies of my games. That's probably why I like eBay. Edit#3 Mutant Mudds, maybe, I don't know. I like the demo, but it seems almost generic platforming, & only platforming w/ little action.

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